71 - Tell me how I spent 100 years in a little black room (19)
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71 - Tell me how I spent 100 years in a little black room (19)

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For the cultivator, hundreds of years could passed by in just a few seconds. Lu Shenxing wasn't good at cultivation, he had no distractions, and the time felt especially long and boring.

Ning Que didn't notice. He was very busy every day trying his best to satisfy Lu Shenxing. Except for those few words that were taboo and would cause him to lose his mind at the mention, he was gentle and considerate and responded to any requests.

Quarrelling didn't make any sense, Lu Shenxing would became angry and Ning Que would just take it, and nothing would change afterwards.

Once Lu Shenxing tried to open the barrier, and Ning Que vomited blood with a pale face. Only then did he realize that this room was a part of Ning Que, making it clear that he was betting his life.

If the hard technique didn't work, Lu Shenxing used the soft one. When he rode Ning Que he kissed his moist lips and gave him gentle and lingering deep kisses.

"Shixiong, beauty is useless to me." Ning Que stretched his hand around Lu Shenxing's neck. He rubbed his sweaty hair with his fingers, kissed his chin, and the corners of his eyes showed he affection.

Lu Shenxing's mouth twitched, sending out the final blow he had been holding back for a long time.

Ning Que groaned and hugged Lu Shenxing with a shudder.

Retiring from the door, Lu Shenxing wiped off what he had brought out, turned over and lay down beside him. His solid chest rising and falling, and his body was sweaty.

Ning Que was still not exhausted, lying there licking his chest.

Seeing that he was eating with relish, Lu Shenxing held down the top of Ning Que's hair, "What's so delicious about beans, they aren't nutritious, go eat a cucumber."

Ning Que lifted his eyelids and put on a very puzzled expression, "What nutrition does a cucumber have?"

"Juicy and sweet." Lu Shenxing gave two reasons.


Ning Que loved bathing him the most. From the strands of his hair to his toes, it was like he was doing something sacred.

"You seem to be thin."

The half-dead Lu Shenxing ignored him, he hadn't expected his Shixiong could become skinny.

Ning Que wiped the back of Lu Shenxing's neck, running a damp cloth along his spine. He couldn't help but give him a lick when he saw the droplets of water. "Da Shixiong, are you asleep?"

Lu Shenxing lay on the edge of the bath, resting on his arms, with a weak look, "Sleeping."

Ning Que wiped him again with a dry cloth towel, "Da Shixiong, why are you unhappy?"

Lu Shenxing was annoyed with existance, "Your Da Shixiong is dying."

Ning Que sighed, "Are you blaming me?"

Lu Shenxing sneered, "How would you like it if I locked you in such a dead place with no sunlight?"

The corners of Ning Que's lips curled up, "I'd be very happy."

Lu Shenxing, "..."

After taking a bath, Lu Shenxing appeared to be lying on the ground. Ning Que lay on his back, Lu Shenxing pushed him. Ning Que put his arms around his neck, spread his fingers, and grabbed some damp hair in the palm of his hand.

Not everyone can give up freedom for love. Lu Shenxing resented someone controlling him. His tolerance and pampering of Ning Que was unprecedented.

But in the end, a person's patience was limited. When that critical point was reached, Lu Shenxing became anxious and had a bad temper. He was distracted while practicing and almost exploded his inner core.

Ning Que frowned, vaguely knowing the reason, and pretending not to know.

"Ning Que, I admit that I like you very much." Lu Shenxing's voice was low and sternly stated a fact, "But if this continues, my feelings for you will disappear."

"Do you understand what I'm saying?"

The joy in Ning Que's eyes shattered a little, and he shook his head blankly.

"You know." Lu Shenxing pushed away a strand of hair in front of Ning Que's forehead, and printed his lips in the space. It was a very soft kiss, "I don't want to bore of you one day."

Ning Que left, and Lu Shenxing stayed in the house alone. No matter how much time he took, it was more lonely without a voice in his ear.

A few days later, Ning Que appeared, his complexion wasn't very good, but his eyes were bright, "Shixiong, do you want to go out?"

Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows imperceptibly. With a few words he actually made Ning Que give up his obsession?

Ning Que stroked Lu Shenxing's face, "The peach blossoms are about to bloom, let's go to the human world for a walk."

He stared into Ning Que's eyes, trying to find some clues. Lu Shenxing had a bad premonition in his heart, it couldn't be so easy.



Kissing Lu Shenxing's lips, Ning Que opened the bottle and a small bug penetrated into his arm. A small red spot appeared on his white skin.

Lu Shenxing could almost see the worm wriggling in Ning Que's flesh and blood. It was more disgusting than concerning.

With blue veins bulging in his arms, Ning Que's face gradually distorted. Fine sweat dripped from his nose, and the blood in his face drained away little by little, his eyes full of determination never left Lu Shenxing.

After a while, Ning Que swallowed the blood oozing from his mouth and took out another small worm, a gentle smile on his lips, "Shixiong, this one's for you, let this worm enter your soul, and I'll take you out."

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