72 - Short short short (20)
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72 - Short short short (20)

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The wine shop and teahouse in Bailan City were full, and the shouts of vendors on both sides of the street rose and fell.

On the second floor of a restaurant, at a table by the window, Lu Shenxing held his head to look at the bustling market, while Ning Que on the opposite side looked at him.

"Da Shixiong, does the food not match your appetite?"

"It's spicy."

Ning Que twisted his eyebrows, how could he still feel weak.

Lu Shenxing opened his eyes when he saw a man dressed as a tradesman holding his child passing by, he blurted out, "Wei Jian!"

The man stopped and glanced suspiciously at the strange luxuriously dressed stranger, "Gongzi, do you know my father?"

Lu Shenxing's expression changed slightly, "We met by chance, how is he?"

"My father passed away more than 40 years ago."

Watching Wei Jian's descendants go downstairs and leave, Lu Shenxing's heart was quite emotional. He had been in that room for a hundred years, and the people he knew were no longer there.

Ning Que, who was about to eat some food, suddenly retched.

Lu Shenxing frowned, "What's the matter?"

Suppressing the nausea, Ning Que shook his head, "I'm fine."

Maybe three...these are so short > > >

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