73 - Thick and big (21)
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73 - Thick and big (21)

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The opening of a sect in the realm of cultivation was a major event. In addition to the royals, all the big sects would also send their disciples to send gifts, plus some cynical congratulations.

However, when they saw Ning Que this time, his sense of oppression was too strong. They could only swallow back their cynicism and sarcasm. The deeper the burial, the better. All the smiling mouths cramped and they flattered for their lives, lest they not return.

Serving as the treasure of the sect, Ning Que's eardrums were cocooned, and his face was frosty.

Lu Shenxing looked up at the three characters for Hengyang Sect with dragons and phoenix dancing about them on the door, everything seemed to be back to where it started.

There were dozens of young and delicate disciples wearing long gray robes, with their waists as straight as green bamboo, and their faces stern. They stood in two rows in a manner that seem to overlap with that of the past.

"Ning Zhangmen, everyone is a fellow Daoist, and will take care of each other in the future."

"Ning Zhangmen, this little serving girl is sixteen."

"I don't know from which school Ning Zhongmen teaches?"

To those people tried to come over and cling to him, Ning Que turned his back. His eyes fell on the figure standing at the gate. Why did Da Shixiong insist on asking him, the master of the demon world, to be the head of the Hengyang Sect?

Lu Shenxing heard Ning Que's question in the evening, and he snorted, "The entire Hengyang Sect has been destroyed by you. Who else is left to do it?"

After a while, Ning Que pursed his lips, "Never mind."

Karma, in the Three Realms, there was no one who could escape it.

Lu Shenxing shook the quilt, "Follow me tomorrow to find the reincarnation of San Shidi."

Ning Que didn't answer, whether he didn't hear it, or he was self-consciousness and filtered out his words, was hard to say.

Lu Shenxing squinted, and said lightly, "You don't need to go, but don't expect me to feed you cucumbers in the future."

Ning Que's face and ears were red, "..." This person was too serious while talking nonsense, and his skin was thicker than a wall.

His trick was too ruthless, it succeeded impeccably.

Lu Shenxing lifted a corner of the quilt.

Ning Que got in sideways, curled his hands and feet into Lu Shenxing's arms, and rubbed his face against his shoulder, making the series of movements seem extremely natural.

"Go to sleep." Lu Shenxing reached into Ning Que's shirt and put his arms around his waist.

Early the next morning, Lu Shenxing and Ning Que went down the mountain.

In Dafeng Town, a gentle breeze ran through the streets. Six or seven people gathered in front of the pork shop, mostly women carrying baskets with vegetables.

A thumping sound was made under the shop owner's wide knife, and the minced meat flew.

A sleek little fat man squatted at his feet, with white and tender arms and legs, devoting himself to gnawing on chicken legs, with a mouthful of fat.

"Look, go, go, go, don't squat here, go home and find your mother!"

The little fat man wiped his mouth carelessly, licked his fingers, yelled, "A'Die, you can buy me another chicken leg."

"Eat, eat, eat all day long!" The middle-aged man kicked his butt when he lifted his foot. "You brat, go back!  "

The little fat boy staggered, he curled his lips and ran to the river, kicking stones into the river.

Lu Shenxing looked at the little fat man in front of him but his thigh was covered in oil and he had a shiny mouth. He was really a dog that couldn't stop eating shit. He had been a pig for so many consecutive lives, it would be hard to be human for one lifetime. At least it was a delicious and lazy life.

"Child, do you want to be immortal?"

Generally, children of this age had a dream of being an immortal, but the little fat boy's head shook like a rattle, "I don't want to!"

An oily chicken drumstick appeared in Ning Que's hand. The chicken drumstick was especially big and smelled very fragrant. He didn't need to say anything. He turned around and left the little fatty.

His eyes were caught, and he chased up behind him innocently.

A chicken leg was enough to steal him away. The corners of Lu Shenxing's mouth twitched. If Jiang Wangchu could become an immortal, God must have taken a nap.

At the east end of the village, the little fat boy chewed on chicken legs and said, "This is my home!"

Ning Que stood in the air, his black sleeves fluttering, like a god.

The villagers were frightened, "It's an immortal!"

Everyone knelt on the ground religiously one after another, one by one, none of them daring to look up.

Ning Que smiled sarcastically. The world was stupid. He was a heinous demon and they knelt and worshiped him as a god.

He wondered what expression the people in the immortal world would have if they saw this scene, it would certainly be very exciting.

"This lord intends to accept him as a disciple." Ning Que's voice was cold, and he looked at the stupid little fat boy.

The little fat boy's legs trembled so much that he urinated.

A woman raised her head, her mouth opened wide, her throat seemed to be tight.

Lying on the top of the mountain, Lu Shenxing heard a scream, and he immediately flew over. Rather than a bloody scene, he saw the tearful woman holding the fat boy and crying. Other villagers also cried.

In their opinion, there was going to be an immortal in their village, and one day they could follow him.

Jiang Wangchu successfully entered the Hengyang Sect, and Lu Shenxing allocated most of his energy to assisting Jiang Wangchu in entering the Dao.

Ning Que acted as if he had overturned a vinegar jar. He wasn't as noisy as when he was angry, but from night to dawn, he hardly gave Lu Shenxing a chance to breathe.

Lu Shenxing sweated profusely, and said coarsely, "Are you trying to tie me to bed?"

His curled toes moved and pushed the damp bedding. Ning Que lay on Lu Shenxing and kissed his chin. Without stopping, he grabbed more cucumber.

Lu Shenxing grabbed his waist and pulled him over.

Below him, Ning Que's face was scarlet, and his ears were red when he moved.

Lu Shenxing reached out his hand to wipe off the things he spilled. He wiped it with a cloth towel, a little bit dumbfounded and a little bit overwhelmed.

Afterwards, Ning Que's whole body rested on Lu Shenxing, his complexion wasn't very good.

Lu Shenxing went to pour water for Ning Que. He smoothed his back, frowned and asked, "Did you catch a cold?"

Ning Que shook his head, "Just sleepy."

Lu Shenxing touched his forehead, relieved that the temperature wasn't abnormal.

He was squeezed dry at night, so Lu Shenxing was listless during the day, exuding an air of excessive indulgence from head to toe.

"You aren't worthy of him."

Such a sentence was suddenly spoken to him. It was just like TV, Lu Shenxing's eye twitched, and he almost threw out the corresponding sentence 'And you think you deserve him?'

The figure of the man in black came out from behind the pillar, still in a black cloak, but this time he lifted off his hood.

As a protagonist, him skin must be perfect.

Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows. It was not an easy task to connect the green fleshy worm with the man of great temperament in front of him. His imagination was enriched.

"Without you, he..."

Lu Shenxing interrupted without hesitation, and said with a sneer, "He wouldn't be yours without me."

In the original plot, Ning Que was arrogant and indispensable. This person was simply the incarnation of justice, and Ning Que was his mortal enemy. His goal was to destroy Ning Que's bones and ashes, so he practiced hard, collected magic weapons, and finally killed Ning Que.

The black-clothed man was breathing fast, he gritted his teeth, "You are just a magic salve, how can you get all of him!"

"Fatty." Lu Shenxing said his name maliciously, "You were cuter when you were an egg."

This time it was a genuine mockery.

The murderous man in black suddenly changed his face and disappeared from where he was standing.

Since then, Lu Shenxing never saw the man in black again.

Ning Que didn't mention it, and he didn't ask.

Little children don’t necessarily understand everything, they also don’t necessarily not understand everything. Jiang Wangchu just arrived on the mountain, and he was very new to everyone and everything. He relied on the fact that Shifu had brought him to the sect personally, and  even gave him chicken legs, to show off in front of the other disciples.

Ning Que couldn't tolerate people around Lu Shenxing. From the very beginning, he hated Jiang Wangchu, but the other party wasn't aggressive at all. He was lazier than the other disciples and had a poor foundation. He had always been awkward, intentionally or unintentionally, and he received no less punishment.

Jiang Wangchu heard from several seniors that his Shibo was older than his Shifu, and he went to complain.

"Shibo, Shifu punished me to meditate again."

Lu Shenxing was sitting under the tree to bask in the sun, "Your Shifu is doing it for your own good."

Jiang Wangchu curled his lips disapprovingly, "Shibi doesn't punish me, you're very good to me."

Lu Shenxing looked weird, "How am I to you?"

Jiang Wangchu nodded like a little chicken pecking at rice, "Good!"

Lu Shenxing's eyes narrowed slowly, and he did ln't speak for a long time.

Jiang Wangchu said firmly, "I know that Shibo likes me, better than my parents."

Lu Shenxing smiled, "Shibo likes your Shifu more."

Jiang Wangchu leaned back in disbelief, "More than you like me?"

Lu Shenxing curled his lips, "A lot more."

Little Jiang Wangchu knew that Shibo was even more kind towards Shifu.

Later, Jiang Wangchu became more sensible, and he could feel that every time he was near Shibo, Shifu would be unhappy. His appearance was scary, like he wanted to kill something.

Sharing this experience, the other disciples also felt that everyone should tacitly stay away from Shibo, the farther the better.

It wasn't easy for Lu Shenxing. He was always worried that Ning Que would be upset and kill Little Fatty. Finally, he heard the system prompt, "Ding, congratulations, Mr. Lu, the side mission is completed."

To Lu Shenxing, that voice was divine.

Lu Shenxing was in a good mood, so he picked up Jiang Wangchu and lifted him up.

The held Jiang Wangchu saw a figure. He put his head next to Lu Shenxing's ear and said anxiously, "Shifu is here, Shibo, let me down quickly!"

A cold chill came from behind. Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows and threw Jiang Wangchu, who was curled like a loach, to the ground.

"Shifu, Shibo, I'm leaving now."

Jiang Wangchu greeted them politely, then ran away. Before he made it around the pillar, he ran into something tough. He looked up and was confused on the spot.

There were two immortals.

The slightly taller man's firm face showed surprise, "San Shidi?"

Jiang Wangchu looked around. He scratched his fleshy face and blinked strangely, "Are you calling me?"

Hao Lian's voice was whispering, "Liuyang, he is the reincarnation of your Shidi."

Suddenly, Liuyang took an object from his sleeve and gave it to Jiang Wangchu.

Hao Lian coughed, "That thing is too precious, and his cultivation base is too low. Giving it to him, may not be a blessing."

Liuyang said blankly, "It may not be a curse."

Hao Lian wanted to say a few more words but he saw the two people who came over and paused.

"The immortals are here."

Ning Que's eyes were cold and stern, full of disdain, his aura one that put the world beneath him.

Hao Lian looked at the strange man next to Ning Que, and his expression suddenly became a little weird, "Are you that monstrous beast?"

Lu Shenxing didn't pay him much mind but turned to look at Liuyang, "It's me."

Liuyang's expression changed clearly and he lifted his chin slightly, "Shixiong, you're here unharmed."

The tone was alienated and flat, Lu Shenxing was sure that this Liuyang was ruthless and without attachments.

Only Hao Lian was stunned. It turned out that this was the situation.

The atmosphere was stiff, and Hao Lian was caught between the sect brothers, neither leaving nor staying. It was embarrassing and uncomfortable.

"I'll walk around." He took a step after he spoke, and after passing Ning Que, he involuntarily took another look. That man was always watching the person beside him, and there was a touch of gentleness in his usual indifference.

He sighed deeply in his heart. The catastrophe his Shifu had spoken of was actually a love catastrophe.

Lu Shenxing said in a deep voice toward Liuyang, "I want to talk to you alone."

Liuyang nodded, "Okay."

Ning Que's fingers moved lightly, his bloodless lips straightened, and he stood still on the spot without saying a word.

Lu Shenxing was helpless, "You can come too."

When they walked to the study, Lu Shenxing said straightforwardly, "Liuyang, your love roots hasn't been cut."

Liuyang was stunned. He looked at Lu Shenxing deeply, "It's sealed in my body."

Back then, he used a magic weapon obtained from the secret realm to cultivate his body and successfully stripped the root of his emotions. The pain of the process wasn't one he wanted to recall.

Lu Shenxing immediately asked, "Where is it?"

Liuyang shifted his gaze to Ning Que.

There was no shift in Ning Que's voice, "I killed him."

Lu Shenxing, "..."

Liuyang's avatar was affected by his attachment of love, unable to become an immortal.

All creatures in the Demon Realm were under Ning Que's control. When Ning Que discovered Lu Shenxing again and figured out he really was his Da Shixiong, he didn't keep Liuyang alive.

After a devil dies, it doesn't enter into reincarnation, but re-condensing into a demon, perhaps for a thousand or ten thousand years.

He didn't care whether people are dead or alive. The problem was what to do with the task. Lu Shenxing held his forehead, he'd been thrown into an inescapable pit again. This time the system didn't pit him, but when he thought it was about to be completed, Ning Que pitted him.

"Go to the Abyss Between Life and Death and find a demon." Ning Que said quietly, "His name is Liuyang."

"Good." The ghostly aura rising from behind Ning Que disappeared.

The Abyss Between Life and Death? Lu Shenxing feared that something might happen again, "I'll go and see."

Ning Que followed Lu Shenxing, and Liuyang's voice came from behind them, "Where is Shifu?"

Just when Liuyang had no hope, he heard a cold voice in his mind, "With Xu Ling."

Anything trapped in the Heiyao Ding would inevitably die in ashes. Ning Que guarded Wan Guanqian's soul and sent it to reincarnation, after all, he still took care of his teachings.

The Abyss Between Life and Death was a gathering place for demons expelled from the Demon Realm. There they struggled, in pain and beyond hope.

Lu Shenxing thought it was an abyss of nothingness. Only when he got there did he realise that it was a place that carried all the darkness and negative aspects of the Demon Realm.

Ning Que's aura was no longer restrained, and all the demons in the entire Abyss were trembling on the ground, fearing from the depths of their souls.

At that moment, Lu Shenxing realized how terrifying the person lying under him every night was.

Lu Shenxing was the closest to Ning Que but he didn't feel the slightest fear because he was by his side with day and night.


Following Ning Que's call, a group of black shadows floated over, slowly condensing into the outline of Liuyang.

A stern cry came from his mouth, he fell on the ground and convulsed more than ever. If he was alive while removed the root of his emotions, the pain he would suffer now would be far greater. The surrounding demons still maintained a kneeling posture, pressing their faces against the ground, no one dared to take a peek.

"Give it back...ah..."

Lu Shenxing calmly watched him crying and begging, cutting off your attachment of love was the best for you and me.

After a while, Ning Que shook his head slightly towards Lu Shenxing.

Hundreds of years of waiting and searching didn't only change Ning Que's mind and nature, but Liuyang's longing had also increased many times over. The root of his love was deep and he could only destroy it himself.

His attachment had formed a perfect consciousness, and was a brand new individual, he even has his own name, Wubian.

Lu Shenxing brought him back to Hengyang Sect, and Ning Que gave up his position.

Everything was done according to the task.

The Liuyang who was with Hao Lian suddenly spewed a mouthful of blood. His eyes were dull, that person was too cruel to him.

Hao Lian asked weirdly, "How are you?"

Liuyang wiped his mouth with a handkerchief, there was no expression on his face, "It's nothing."

Hao Lian was very worried. He learned from his Shifu that he was Ning Que's proud Shixiong in his previous life. It was impossible to report his connection until the immortals gathered at the entrance of the demon world and the barrier was broken.

He waited for an opportunity.

The event occurred exactly as it did the original plot, even the same person took the lead in attacking the demon realm. It was the man in black who should have been obliterated by Ning Que, the protagonist of this world.

Lu Shenxing was Ning Que's only weakness, and it was fatal. This was something everyone knew.

He became public enemy number one. Mortals don't know that immortals weren't always open and upright. They also used any means to achieve their goals, no matter how depraved.

Liuyang couldn't take care of himself, his other half wanted to merge with him and replace him.

The man in black wanted Lu Shenxing dead and had him besieged by the immortals. Ning Que couldn't go all out. He needed to worry about Lu Shenxing's safety.

Hao Lian made a bet and blocked a blow for Ning Que.

This kindness was reported to the heavens and Hao Lian suddenly enlightened, and went into retreat.

The battle was a nightmare for both immortals and demons. There were countless deaths. The man in black was completely obliterated as Ning Que personally sent him on his way.

Liuyang lost his struggle, he was replaced by Wubian, half devil and half immortal, sitting in Hengyang School, waiting for his Da Shixiong to return.

Ning Que and Lu Shenxing went to a small world outside of the Three Realms, where no one could come between the two of them.

One afternoon, when the sun was shining brightly, Ning Que turned over the millet in the courtyard and suddenly said, "Da Shixiong, I sent that child into reincarnation."

He said calmly, as if he was saying something ordinary.

Sitting in the sun, Lu Shenxing didn't react for a while. He put the teapot on the table, "I remember you used to be a boy."

Ning Que coughed, "...I'm still one now."

Lu Shenxing knocked on the wooden table, "Then what was the matter with the child?"

A serious atmosphere filled the courtyard, Ning Que said softly, "I can't tell you for a while."

Lu Shenxing pointed to the wooden chair next to him, "Then sit down and speak slowly."

Ning Que pursed his lips and loosened them again. He repeated this several times before explained what had happened. When he discovered the child, he couldn't allow its existence and couldn't accept anyone to sharing part of his man with him.

So he went to the ghost world, took the unformed child, and sent it to reincarnate. It went to the human realm and became a mortal.

"Do you blame me?"

Lu Shenxing sighed, it didn't really matter whether it was sent to someone else's family. He wasn't from this world, and he would leave sooner or later. As for Ning Que...

As soon as he left, Ning Que would definitely follow.

"Shixiong, do you blame me?" Ning Que asked softly again.

"No," Lu Shenxing said, knowing that his answer was especially important to the person in front of him.

"We can go and see him."

The young emperor of the human realm had a strange dream. When he woke up from the dream, he burst into tears. He felt something unreasonable in his heart, and bowed down three times to the south.

Okay, two things:

  1. I have no idea what child they are talking about at the end. They only refer to it as 'haizi' which just means 'child'. My best guess is the beast Lanlan had his child, but it's really not clear. Any other ideas?
  2. The thing with Liuyang...(please note I know diddly-squat about 'Daoism', this is mostly vague randomly aquired tidbits which could very well be wrong)...so in 'cultivation'-based settings humans can have 2 (sometimes even 3, depends on author I guess) souls, one is a mortal soul, which is usually attributed to having all your emotions like anger, fear, lust, happiness, etc and one is your divine/immortal soul which is able to 'ascend'. Both souls are part of the same person so it's usually a bad thing if they are ever separated. I think Liuyang used the artifact he found to split his mortal soul off thus removing his love, then his divine soul became an immortal while Ning Que captured his mortal soul which eventually became Wubian.

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