74 - One day I became a big brother (end)
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74 - One day I became a big brother (end)

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The years spent in their small world were quiet and good. Ning Que didn't spend a lot of time cultivating. He seemed to have lost interest in cultivation, or perhaps he had never had much interest.

His feelings were clear and strong, always appearing on his face, and his eyes were full, as if they would overflow at any moment.

Ning Que was most persistent about one thing, and that was using all of himself to love Lu Shenxing. He wanted to wake up in his arms and be with him when he fell asleep everyday.

Overwhelmed by this kind of almost suffocating emotion, Lu Shenxing was addicted and puzzled at the same time. Why was the soul living in Ning Que's body so loyal, pious, and submissive to him in every life?

Was it a curse? If it wasn't, he was definitely poisoned.

He'd once read the sentence 'No one loves yourself more than you' in a book before. The narcissist Lu Shenxing firmly believed that until he walked into these strange spaces and kept meeting the same soul.

Ning Que saw the person next to him laughing lowly. He had never seen that before and he was taken aback, "Shixiong, what are you laughing at?"

The curvature of Lu Shenxing's lips widened, flowing into the bottom of his eyes, "Am I laughing?"

The corners of Ning Que's mouth twitched slightly, "..."

"Come here, sit on my lap." Lu Shenxing stretched his hand across Ning Que's shoulders, and held him up. He patted his hips, circled him in his arms, and rubbed his ears and temples.

The person who kissed him was extraordinarily gentle, affectionate, and devoted today. Ning Que's slightly narrowed eyes showed a dazed color, and he couldn't help but take the initiative to cater to him.

Lu Shenxing had never thought that Ning Que would go before him, so in the evening on a certain day, when he went to shake the mam lying on his desk and found he didn't stir, he was dumbfounded.

"Ning Que?"

Ning Que's body was lifted up by Lu Shenxing and fell limply. He lifted him onto the bed with one hand, and pulled the quilt over him.

Putting away the unfinished paintings, Lu Shenxing subconsciously thought that Ning Que had something wrong with his cultivation. He convinced himself as quickly as possible, stubbornly believing Ning Que would soon open his eyes.

Day after day, from morning to night, Lu Shenxing sat next to Ning Que. Checking his face from time to time and testing his body temperature.

He didn't seem to come to his senses until Lu Shenxing discovered that Ning Que's body was beginning to rot. Ning Que had really left first, and without warning.

Lu Shenxing finally realized how Ning Que felt when he left, like the sky had become dark and dull.

You left so fast and didn't even say goodbye. Lu Shenxing suddenly had a thought, and in an instant it dominated his entire mind.

Ning Que was punishing him...

It was true that he usually left first. Lu Shenxing sighed and rubbed his forehead. "It turns out to be really painful."

He threw a torch and watched Ning Que's body melt into the fire little by little. It burned more and more, and the fire raged around, several houses turned into ruins before it scattered into the wind.

As soon as Ning Que left, Lu Shenxing became a lonely man, wandering around like a lonely ghost. He did countless good deeds, and no longer had to worry about his inventory problems.

The Hengyang Sect became the leader of among various martial arts schools. There were countless people who came to seek enlightenment there. The tests for entering the sect was strict. It was no longer the same as before. Lu Shenxing had heard many legends. The disciples under the sect were of extraordinary aptitude, and all of them were outstanding. Among them was Jiang Wangchu.

When they farewelled Liuyang a few years later, Lu Shenxing came uninvited, "Long time no see."

"You finally came to see me." The man sitting in the chair paused, "Da Shixiong."

Lu Shenxing acted freely and sat down on another empty chair, "I'm still used to calling you Liuyang, do you mind?"

The two sat face to face, separated by a table, silent.

This scene had happened many years ago. That time Lu Shenxing was open to Liuyang, persuading him to let go and choose a different path.

Under the dull atmosphere, Lu Shenxing said, "Ning Que is gone."

A wave flashed under Liuyang's eyelids, extremely subtle, almost impossible to catch, "No one can kill him."

He didn't know whether his tone was doubtful or surprised.

"There are some things in the world that you can't imagine." Lu Shenxing said with deep meaning. Liuyang was a smart man, he already understood this. Just like all who have cultivated, they had an indelible curiosity about things beyond three thousand worlds.

After a long while, Liuyang asked, "What is the difference between me and him?"

"He is obsessive and paranoid. Whatever he does is for me, including becoming a demon." Lu Shenxing said unhurriedly, "You cultivate to become immortal and a god. This is your goal. Liuyang, haven't you always been travelling this path?"

Liuyang's lips were pressed tightly, he couldn't refute him.

"Shixiong, you said that there was always cause and effect..."

Lu Shenxing was cautious with his words and thought over and over again. In the original plot, it was written that Liuyang was betrayed by his beloved, and love became hate and madness. He kept repeating the cycle life after life.

He and Liuyang didn't get together, so naturally there was no betrayal. Relatively speaking, it should be easier for him turn away from his attachments.

After some time, Liuyang said, "It's too late."

Lu Shenxing used his spiritual knowledge to pass something to him, "I got this accidentally, Shidi, keep training, and you are just around the corner."

After a while, Liuyang shook his body, "Why do you want to give it to me?"

Excited to have Liuyang take it, Lu Shenxing said lightly, "I'm leaving."

Liuyang's voice fell a little deeper, "Are you going to him?"

Lu Shenxing didn't give an answer, leaving Liuyang to think about it.

"Ding, Mr. Lu, those spells and formations are only available in higher worlds, don't forget the price you have to pay."

Flying in the sky, Lu Shenxing rolled his eyes, 222 was still so unfriendly, "Okay, I remember, I didn't forget."

Liuyang's epiphany was earlier than expected, and when the task was completed, Lu Shenxing was relieved. After he came to this world, Liuyang had benefited the greatest.

In a few hundred years, perhaps thousands of years, there would be one more god in the heavens.

Lu Shenxing lay in the virtual space, entering a tired state and not wanting to move, "222, how many tasks do I have?"

"Ding, the last world had a system error and two were credited. Mr. Lu is still three worlds away."

Lu Shenxing, "I have a compromise, say the last three are square, and let me go home and have dinner with my mother."

"Ding, no compromises."

"..." Lu Shenxing cursed, "I want to complain to your superior and ask for a replacement."

"Ding, the next world is ready, Mr. Lu, go."

Just like that, Lu Shenxing was pushed out of the virtual space and was forced to accept the sixth novel, 'After School, See You or Not'.

The literary and refreshing title didn't spark Lu Shenxing's enthusiasm. He looked around and found he was in an office with eight other people. The tables were arranged in rows of four and there were paper cards hanging in front of the window.

Lu Shenxing picked up the post-it notes on the table in front of him, 'One the way home from school buy milk.', 'Have two packs of cat food left. Buy more.', 'Take Yihan for a haircut.'. There were a lot of posted notes.

After reading the plot as fast as possible, Lu Shenxing was boring again. He leaned back in his chair lazily, staring at the ceiling above his head in a daze.

"Mr. Zhang?"

Lu Shenxing turned his head and saw a lady holding a mop standing next to him.

"Mr. Zhang, can you lift your feet?" The lady pushed the mop. "It's a bit dirty here. I'll wipe it quickly."

Lu Shenxing got up and pulled the chair aside.

"All good, okay, Mr. Zhang, carry on." The cleaning lady took her mop and went out, closing the door smoothly.

Lu Shenxing continued to be in a daze. The owner of this body was Zhang Yan, the head teacher of class 305 at Shinan Middle School. He had divorced once, it was a flash marriage.

His target was Wu Yuan, a student in his class.

Wu Yuan’s parents were laid-off workers. They ran a bun shop at home. His father was an alcoholic and he was often beaten when he was a child. Once his father slapped him into a wall and since then he couldn't hear anything in his left ear.

His hearing was worse than most and Wu Yuan didn't tell anyone to hide his inferiority. He studied hard, had excellent grades, spent several times more time on homework than others, and eventually became the best in his class. He just didn't want to be discriminated against.

Wu Yuan found out in second year that he was unlike other boys. When his deskmate was drinking water his clothes got wet. He saw two small hard spots through the translation fabric, and his body reacted. At the time, he scared himself and was afraid to go to school.

After transferring schools, Wu Yuan thought he was average. He didn't expect the class monitor Liu Yihan to have a crush on him. He repeatedly hinted at and confessed that the two did it. The taste of stealing forbidden fruit was so wonderful, and after doing it one time there was a second time. They would secretly go to the back of the playground every day after school.

Liu Yihan fell in love with Wu Yuan.

But there was no such thing as heaven on earth. Their affair was discovered, and they were ridiculed by their classmates, and reprimanded by the school. Wu Yuan was afraid, so he put all the blame on Liu Yihan, saying that he was forced.

Wu Yuan was the bottom and in order to gain the trust of the school, he took off his clothes. There were traces all over his body. Liu Yihan couldn't dispute it. He dropped out of school and started working.

When by chance they meet again, Liu Yihan had become a successful man with a family. Wu Yuan was in a band. His appearance gave colour back to Liu Yihan's monotonous life.

It took Wu Yuan half a year to break into Liu Yihan's world forcefully, to confess, and beg for his forgiveness. Liu Yihan's ruthlessness finally slackened. He liked Wu Yuan's simplicity and cleanliness, it reminded him of when they first met.

But life often beats you down when you least expect it, and this beating was fatal. Liu Yihan came back from a business trip one day and saw Wu Yuan sleeping with a strange man, he missed his shot and killed Wu Yuan.

Upon Wu Yuan's death, Liu Yihan was traumatised and became severely self-masochistic. He died in a mental hospital.

Liu Yihan's life was divided into two parts. The first half was desperate to get ahead, get rid of his family, and wash away the gloom and dirt of his past. The second half was given to Wu Yuan, to get closer to him, until he trapped himself in him.

The sadness rating was three stars.

The plot was now at the point when Liu Yihan was just beaten by his father because he suspected that he was stealing money from the drawer.

Looking through the textbook, Lu Shenxing's eyes twitched. Fortunately, he was only an English teacher, not math,  physics or chemistry.

Updated 31.01.2021: So I'm fairly confident Lu Shenxing is not Liu Yihan's dad, this chapter was definitely changed by the author, however it is locked on JJWXC and the mirror's are all out of date. Everyone calls him Mr. Zhang, his dad is Zhang Fu, he does have an ex-wife, but Liu Yihan doesn't seem to be part of it at all and is never mentioned to be related to him again.
Also what are we betting, Liu Yihan or Wu Yuan for ML? On one hand this author seems to be super into sudo-incest, on the other hand Wu Yuan seems to have more degenerate yandere potential to me.

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