76 - I became a teacher of the STEM class (2)
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76 - I became a teacher of the STEM class (2)

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When Wu Yuan returned to the dormitory, everyone was asleep. Liu Yihan slept in the bunk below his. When he passed by, the bed moved, revealing a black head.

"Why did you come back so late?"

Liu Yihan was back to being ordinary, as if the person who had no bottom line in the playground wasn't him.

Wu Yuan ignored him, finished washing quietly, and stepped onto his bed.

Liu Yihan maintained up in bed, and it took a long time before he retracted back under his covers.

The next day, Liu Yihan stuck to him like glue and couldn't be pulled off. Wu Yuan called him to the rooftop in annoyance, "Liu Yihan, what do you want?"

Liu Yihan's eyes were bright, "I like you."

"If you continue like this, you'll just annoy me." Wu Yuan said coldly, "and I'll go to the head teacher."

He was cautious, afraid that someone would find out that he liked men. The experience of being rejected, driven away, ridiculed, and treated as disgusting by the collective felt like it was only yesterday. He didn't want to experience it again.

Liu Yihan was different from him. He couldn't wait to tell everyone about himself. He didn't understand.

"Liu Yihan, I'm fine by myself." Wu Yuan turned and left. He was about to take the college entrance examination. He could leave the city soon. He couldn't allow any accidents to happen.

Liu Yihan gritted his teeth, "I don't believe I can't catch you."

Within two days, the class was spreading the news that Wu Yuan had a girlfriend. She often wrote love letters to him and everyone was envious.

Liu Yihan insisted, "Impossible."

"I didn't believe it at first, but then I saw it. Hey, her love is really intense. Dear Yuan, you are my heart, you are my life. I got goose bumps when I read it..."  His deskmate said, "Liu Yihan, are you jealous?"

Liu Yihan didn't say a word, he got up from his seat in a hurry. His movement was too great however, and a stack of books on the desk behind fell over and crashed to the ground.

"Hey, Liu Yihan, what are you doing!"

"I'm sorry." Liu Yihan said nonsense and walked to Wu Yuan, smiling stiffly, "Which school does your girlfriend come from? I heard that she looks good, when will you show her to us?"

The surrounding students all echoed, "Yes, Wu Yuan, bring her so we can meet her."

Wu Yuan was doing math problems, "Next time."

Liu Yihan stayed beside him then ran out of the classroom.

Wang Hui rubbed his arms, "Is there something wrong with Liu Yihan?" He squeezed and looked cautious.

Wu Yuan's speed in doing the questions didn't drop.

"I just remembered something, Wu Yuan, let me out." Wang Hui brushed part his chair and went out to look for his girlfriend in the next class.

Wu Yuan put his pen on the notebook, his eyes dimmed.

All day long, Liu Yihan was like a porcupine, prickling anyone he saw. His classmates were perplexed.

When studying in the evening, Lu Shenxing appeared like a ghost. The students by the window had no time to warn the others, and hurriedly stuffed their novels under their desks.

The mess in the class suddenly disappeared.

"What are you writing?"

There was a voice above his head, and Wu Yuan blurted out, "Love letter."

The next moment Wu Yuan raised his head, shocked.

Lu Shenxing raised an eyebrow, "Who is it for?"

Wu Yuan pressed the letter paper down and Lu Shenxing grabbed it. The harder he pulled, the harder Wu Yuan pressed. The pink letter split into two.

The nervous Wang Hui swallowed, buddy, you say you're just writing a love letter, why do you need to write it during evening study? If you're so easy to scare to a heart attack, hide in the dormitory and write, that’s what he did.

"Come out with me." Lu Shenxing took his half of the letter and left.

Wu Yuan left his seat under the sympathetic eyes of the others.

There was a yellowish light on the stairs. Lu Shenxing remembered that Wu Yuan couldn't hear from his left ear, so he walked around to his right and stood there.

Seeing the beginning of the letter, Lu Shenxing breathed a sigh of relief. He remembered that Wu Yuan had never had a girlfriend in high school in the plot. He was worried that something might have happened. Turns out he just wrote to himself.

"Dear Yuan..." Lu Shenxing read it, enduring his desire to laugh, "There are two typos."

Wu Yuan bowed his head, he was mortified and had an urge to jump off the balcony.

"Five hundred word review." Lu Shenxing confiscated the letter paper and said nothing else.

Wu Yuan was taken aback. He had already thought of the worst possible scenario. His teacher announcing his gambit, calling his parents to the school. Unexpectedly, he just had to write a review.

He felt a little weird, staring at the man in front of him without saying a word.

"What are you doing standing there? Go back." Lu Shenxing frowned.

Wu Yuan turned his head and turned.

There were only two classes on Saturday afternoon. The last one was English. Lu Shenxing packed his books and walked out of school with Wu Yuan.

Liu Yihan followed behind with his schoolbag on his back. Lu Shenxing turned his head, and he quickly lowered his eyelids, acting like he was guilty.

"I told your parents." Lu Shenxing glanced at the silent tall boy beside him.

Wu Yuan's tongue brushed his lips, kicking stones as he walked, not knowing what to think.

There were many vans in front of the school, and the drivers were making a lot of noise.

As soon as Lu Shenxing and Wu Yuan passed, several drivers gathered around and asked where they were going.

"Xingdian." Wu Yuan said.

A short man said, "I'm going there, I only have two places left."

Lu Shenxing followed and saw that the van was full.

The middle-aged man pushed and pushed, and after a while, a place was free. Lu Shenxing's eye twitched.

Wu Yuan wasn't surprised, he squatted inside. His figure and appearance were excellent, he was the kind of sunny and clean handsome boy that drew a few eyes as soon as he entered.

When Lu Shen walked in, he was greeted more with the sound of inhalation. The students from Class 305 wanted to cover their faces with their schoolbags.

Thirteen people were crammed into the seven-seater van. The bench in the second row was full, and there were people sitting on air on both sides. Stacked from left to right, they were like lamb skewers.

And amidst them was Lu Shenxing and Wu Yuan.

Wang Hui, who was walking along the road with his girlfriend, luckily missed it.

The road was uneven and bumpy and it was inevitable that their arms and legs would collide. Lu Shenxing noticed that Wu Yuan's body was tense.

In the car, all the classmates from several classes sat honestly, not daring to talk nonsense. Inside they kept complaining, regretting getting in this car.

Lu Shenxing who was being sat on by Wu Yuan, pressed his eyebrows and asked, "How long will it take to get to your house?"

If he knew he would've rented a car with what little money he had.

The breath of an adult man enveloped him and Wu Yuan was uncomfortable, "More than half an hour."

The air was muddy and humid. Lu Shenxing was a bit motion sick. He took out a mint and peeled it open and gave Wu Yuan one.

The car suddenly turned, Lu Shenxing's hand stretched over without support, and directly pressed against Wu Yuan's crotch. Wu Yuan seemed to be crushed to the car door.

Puff, a female classmate who happened to see this scene covered her mouth.

Wu Yuan's face flushed.

Lu Shenxing tilted his head subtly, and leaned close to Wu Yuan's right ear, "Does it hurt?"

The person who was talking was just showing his care, but the taste changed for the person who was listening.

Wu Yuan's breathing became thicker and his eyes were wide.

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