77 - I became a teacher of the STEM class (3)
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77 - I became a teacher of the STEM class (3)

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Lu Shenxing thought it would be over after half an hour, but Wu Yuan told him they needed to walk for ten to twenty minutes after getting off the van.

The cement road was bumpy, dusty, and there was criss-crossed farmland on both sides.

Lu Shenxing followed Wu Yuan on the left-hand path. It was the first time he'd walked in the countryside and he couldn't help taking a few more glances.

The two were silent.

Wu Yuan just kept walking forward. While he was walking, he suddenly realized something was wrong, and when he looked back, his teacher was gone.

He backtracked a bit and found the man sitting in the peanut field, half-squinting his eyes, as if he was admiring the scenery.

"Sir, what are you doing there?"


Wu Yuan didn't hear him, he said, "What?"

Lu Shenxing, "I'm tired!"


Wu Yuan choked. This man was usually stern and grumpy, with everything written on his face. Now he had become very weird, and his behavior was unpredictable...

Thinking of the situation in the car of being crushed, Wu Yuan felt a fire burning in his crotch. It was like he was being scratched by something, it was a little painful.

Lu Shenxing pushed the slightly wet hair on his forehead back, revealing his clear eyebrows, "Do you have any water?"

Wu Yuan pressed his lips together, "No."

Lu Shenxing lifted his chin toward his schoolbag, "I saw, don't you have a green bottle."

Wu Yuan's ears were red and his cheeks were hot. He didn't like other people using his own bottle to drink water.

Lu Shenxing stood up and patted his trousers. He deliberately stood to the right of Wu Yuan and said lazily, "You stand here and wait for me. I'll go to the store to buy water."

"Wait." Wu Yuan unscrewed the cup lid of the thermos bottle, poured water in and handed it to Lu Shenxing.

Lu Shenxing took it helplessly. After he finished drinking, Wu Yuan filled it up again, three times in a row.

Wu Yuan then turned around and quickly wiped the lid with the hem of his clothes. Feeling that it was not enough, he also poured out a little water to rinse it.

Lu Shenxing's eyes were sharp, and he caught him. His forehead twitched. You actually dare to dislike me, soon you'll come over and eat my saliva.

After walking for nearly an hour, the two men stopped.

In the field in front of the door, a middle-aged man was weeding. He saw Lu Shenxing and Wu Yuan, and ran up with his hoe greeting them.

He shouted at Wu Yuan, "You do the weeding."

Wu Yuan threw his schoolbag on the table and went to the field without saying a word.

Lu Shenxing was standing at the door, looking at Wu Yuan's back, his face was even more ugly.

Wu Dongqiang rubbed his hands nervously, "Sir, did Wu Yuan cause trouble at school?"

Lu Shenxing frowned. He didn't doubt at all that as long as he nodded, the hoe at Wu Dongqiang's feet would swing at Wu Yuan.

"No trouble, I'm here this time to talk to you about Wu Yuan's make up class."

"Make up class?" Wu Dongqiang's face pulled back.

In his eyes, make-up lessons are money.

No one in his village had ever gone to college, so Wu Dongqiang had no concept of the education system. He thought that when Wu Yuan graduated from high school, he'd get his diploma, learn craftsmanship again, marry a wife, and he could get rid of his child for life.

Lu Shenxing explained his intentions, "Wu Yuan's grades are very good, but his English is poor. I plan to give him supplementary lessons every weekend afternoon. I don't need money."

As soon as he heard that he didn't need to pay, Wu Dongqiang changed tunes immediately, "Okay, thank you sir."

Lu Shenxing glanced, then turned to look at Wu Yuan.

Wu Yuan's mother came back from the vegetable field, and she was polite enough to invite Lu Shenxing to dinner before he left.

"No need, I have something to do tonight." Lu Shenxing refused.

Wu Dongqiang showed his blackened teeth, "After dinner, I'll have Wu Yuan take you to town to take a taxi. It's too late." He told Wu Yuan's mother to kill a chicken.

Wu Dongqiang went out with Wu Yuan to have a chat. When Wu Yuan came back, one of his arms was slightly red with a palm print on it.

When Lu Shenxing saw it, he felt uncomfortable, but he didn't leave.

"Where is your toilet?"

Wu Yuanjun said, "Big or small?"

Lu Shenxing, "...big."

Why is he asking? Lu Shenxing was surprised. When he saw the toilet, he understood everything.

Small could be directly done on the ground or under a tree, while big had other requirements.

The toilet was made of soil, with a roof of random materials on top, and a large tank underneath. A thick piece of wood in the middle divided the tank in two. A small part in the front was covered with wooden boards, and the back was covered by mosquitoes. Completely surrounded.

The smell of shit was overwhelming.

Lu Shenxing, "..."

Is this really a toilet?

With a faint pain in his stomach, Lu Shenxing returned to his senses, "Am I squatting or sitting?"

Wu Yuan pointed to the wood, "Sit there."

When he stepped on the wooden board, there was a crunching sound, and Lu Shenxing's scalp numb, "You're sure I'm not going to fall into the pit?"

Wu Yuan looked calm, "No."

Seeing the man's entangled expression, Wu Yuan said in a awkward manner, "I won't go." As soon as the words went out, he himself was stunned.

Lu Shenxing saw the strength of the mosquitoes, and as soon as he was done, he rushed out without even wearing his pants properly.

Wu Yuan turned his head in a panic.

Damn, there were so many bites on his butt. Lu Shenxing cursed in his heart and scratched his butt hard. He couldn't help but want to take off Wu Yuan's pants to see if it was all covered in mosquitoe bites.

"Your toilet is so special."

Wu Yuan wasn't surprised, "It's always been like this."

Lu Shenxing turned his back calmly.

Wu Yuan glanced up and down, "What?"

Lu Shenxing's tone wasn't very good, "Check if there's anything splashed from the tank on my back."

Wu Yuan pursed his lips, "Nothing."

"Mr. Zhang, come and eat some peaches!"

Wu Dongqiang's voice came over, and Lu Shenxing adjusted his clothes and left quickly.

Countryside dining was all simple cooking. This time because of Lu Shenxing's visit, meat and chicken were specially added. Each of them had piled up big bowls full.

Wu Dongqiang took out a bottle of liquor, but Lu Shenxing said he wouldn't drink. He drank it by himself, drinking glass after glass, just like he was drinking plain water.

Wu Yuan's mother also poured wine for him considerately.

Lu Shenxing couldn't think of an adjective to describe Wu Yuan's parents. He knew the original plot, but after experiencing it personally, he was speechless.

When returning, Lu Shenxing smelled safflower oil on Wu Yuan, "Does your father often beat you?"

Wu Yuan said, "Not often."

Lu Shenxing turned his head to look at him, "With your grades, the college entrance exam is passable. You won't have a problem to getting a degree."

Wu Yuan's face that was tense all night finally showed a hint of lightness.

A motorcycle whizzed past, Lu Shenxing's eyes were quick and his hands were quicker, he vigorously pulled Wu Yuan into his arms.

Wu Yuan's chin knocked into his firm chest. His breath was full of strange smells, and he forgot to struggle. He couldn't hear anything in his left ear and his breath slowly grew hot.

In his right ear was the man's soft voice, "Watch where you walk."

Lu Shenxing spoke slowly, "Wu Yuan, you have something for your teacher."

This is second last arc, btw. I think next novel will be something sweet, maybe a campus setting, I'm in the mood for shoujo-style book, the kind where you can feel the bubble screentone come off the characters hahaha.

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