78 - I became a teacher of the STEM class (4)
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78 - I became a teacher of the STEM class (4)

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Wu Yuanxian didn't know where to put his hands or feet.

Lu Shenxing straightened his waist and rubbed it incidentally. Wu Yuan was like a cat whose tail was stepped on, reaching out and pressing Lu Shenxing's chest, pushing himself away.

The boy was breathing erratically and his eyes were ablaze with anger, black and beautiful, like obsidian.

Not surprisingly, Lu Shenxing felt a flow of heat from within him. It suddenly gathered at a point and he raised his head faintly, forcing it back down.

"You're wet." Lu Shenxing opened his pocket and handed Wu Yuan an unused tissue.

Wu Yuan was wearing very thin beige trousers and the bulge that hit him just now was a bit raised and was particularly obvious.

Embarrassment, panic, and restlessness. Many emotions swarmed Wu Yuan and he ran away.

Lu Shenxing suddenly stopped the boy, "Wu Yuan."

Wu Yuan looked back reflexively.

Lu Shenxing curled the corners of his lips, "Good night." His voice swept across the night, which was very pleasant, his voice full of tenderness.

Wu Yuan was stunned.

He stood on the side of the road and caught his breath for a while before walking back. He stumbled while walking, his sneakers were black and gray, and he kicked his toes several times.

When it gets dark, the sounds of insects in the countryside come out. There were piles of straws, large and small, everywhere, emitting a thick smoke that was used to drive away mosquitoes. The smell was unpleasant and pungent.

Wu Yuan's pants were already dry, but he was still very guilty and walked home sullenly.

Wu Dongqiang smoked at the door, the smell of tobacco wafted, and even the grasshoppers in the crevices didn't want to approach him. "Did Mr. Zhang say anything when he left?"

He didn't hear a response, so he kicked him, "I asked you something!"

Wu Yuan was kicked unexpectedly and almost fell on the ground. He tilted his head and said coldly, "What?"

Wu Dongqiang didn't hit him again but he shouted, his mouth full of alcohol, "Are you deaf, I asked you, did Zhang Yan say anything?"

Wu Yuan's left ear felt a phantom pain, "No." He lowered his head and crossed the threshold.

Wu Dongqiang cursed behind him, "What an ungrateful brat!"

Wu Yuan’s mother, Wang Cuixiu, was feeding pigs in the yard. She whispered to Wu Yuan, “I picked some plums and put them in your room. After eating, take a shower and go to bed early.”

Watched by her son's indifferent gaze, Wang Cuixiu sighed uncomfortably, "Yuan'ah, your dad is under a lot of pressure to feed this family, and his temper is hard to manage. Don't blame him."

Wu Yuan looked at the woman with wrinkles on her face. His heart full of grievances.

He asked, "Mum, is it worth it?"

Wang Cuixiu said, "Silly boy, what's worth it."

Wu Yuan pursed his lips. He bent over and picked up the stick to stir the chaff in the pot, and added two handfuls of chopped vegetable leaves.

Wang Cuixiu stretched out her rough hand and secretly wiped her eyes.

"Cuixiu, go and pour me a glass of water!" Wu Dongqiang's voice came from the door.

"Yes, here." Wang Cuixiu wiped her hands, turned and entered the hall.

Wu Yuan threw the stick vigorously, a weak anger surged to his eyebrows. After a while he grabbed the stick again and tightened his hand.

Boiling Wu Dongqiang's bath water, Wang Cuixiu walked to Wu Yuan's room and took out a stack of banknotes. She counted them carefully, over and over again, twelve in total, "This is your living expenses next week."

Going into town was a bit cheaper than coming back. The inbound and outbound fees added up to five yuan, and the remaining seven yuan was for meal fors the week.

Considering that the child was still growing, Wang Cuixiu touched her pocket again, and took out two fifty cents coins after a long time. She said, "Eat when you should, don't go hungry."

Wu Yuan didn't take the two fifty cents, "It's enough."

At night Wu Yuan lay on the bed, tossing and turning.

What happened to him?

Wu Yuan couldn't sleep, Lu Shenxing wanted to sleep but didn't  have the chance to sleep. His good mood was completely destroyed by uninvited guests.

The woman in the kitchen came out with a bowl of winter melon, "Zhang Yan, what are you eating, why are you staring at me?"

Lu Shenxing closed his eyes. The woman in front of him had a face like a melon seed, long hair and shawl. Her white emerald shirt was tucked into high-waisted trousers, and she was tall and thin.

She was Xiang Shuzhen, his ex-wife who had originally arranged this banquet.

"We're already divorced." Lu Shenxing reminded this woman who stood there like she owned the place, gesticulating at will.

"Your place is really messy." Xiang Shuzhen said, "You eat first, and I'll clean up for you."

Lu Shenxing said in a cold voice, "Xiang Shuzhen!"

Xiang Shuzhen froze, she leaned over and whispered, "Zhang Yan, let's get back together..." She put her hand on Lu Shenxing's neck.

Lu Shenxing stood up suddenly, his eyes sharp. Xiang Shuzhen stayed overnight in the original plot. This was the beginning of their remarriage a few years later.

"What are you doing?" Xiang Shuzhen held the corner of the table to stabilize herself.

"Get out." Lu Shenxing's expression was gloomy.

Xiang Shuzhen felt cold. This man was introduced to her by her family. After getting married, she couldn't bear his lack of hygiene and unpretentious living conditions. Every day, except when they fought, it was like a cold war. Not long later, they went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to divorce.

After she left, Xiang Shuzhen felt lonely again. She got fed up at the factory today and wanted to come over and ask this man if he could help her find a job at the school.

Now the man looked at her like she was a stranger, disgusted.

Xiang Shuzhen suddenly asked, "Are you in a relationship?"

Lu Shenxing defaulted.

Xiang Shuzhen smiled strangely, "Who? Do I know her?"

She didn't get an answer, and feeling embarrassed, she took her bad and left.

Lu Shenxing called to her, "Stop."

Xiang Shuzhen, who'd only walked to the door, was overjoyed, thinking that he had reconsidered, but then she heard the unkind words from behind, "Leave your key."

"You dick!" Xiang Shuzhen angrily smashed the key to the ground, "Zhang Yan, from now on, there nothing between us!"

Lu Shenxing's forehead twitched. They were divorced, there hadn't been anything there for a long time.

Putting away the keys, Lu Shenxing still felt uneasy and asked someone to change the lock the next morning.

In the afternoon, Lu Shenxing was wandering around the school. Based on his understanding of several lifetimes, Wu Yuan would definitely not come to the make up lessons obediently. He should have pushed it to the corner of his mind.

Ten minutes later, Lu Shenxing stopped under the science and technology building and looked from a distance. There was a young man lying on the stone steps with his eyes slightly narrowed. His blue school uniform was open and his black hair was blown by the wind, sweeping his young and immature face. The shadow of a bruise remained on his face.

"Wu Yuan."

The young man opened his eyes suddenly, like a frightened rabbit. He jumped down from the stone steps, and ran into the science and technology building like a gust of wind, trying to avoid the claws of the evil wolf.

Lu Shenxing wasn't in a hurry. He didn't take his hands out of his trouser pockets. He raised his head to admire the blue sky and white clouds, then raised his foot and headed into the science and technology building, going straight to the rooftop.

Wu Yuan, who was lying on the guardrail, was still panting. When he saw Lu Shenxing, he was stunned. There was amazement in his eyes. How did you know that I was here?

Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows, with a cheerful expression, "Because I'm your teacher."

With nowhere to go, Wu Yuan's mind was blank.

Lu Shenxing walked over step by step, steady and firm. He grabbed the teenager who still wanted to run, "Why are you running, I won't eat you."

Wu Yuan couldn't hear, he was enveloped by the approaching aura, and he instinctively wanted to escape. But he forgot that this was the rooftop and behind him was hell.

Lu Shenxing's pupils shrank, and he tightened his grip on Wu Yuan, who had fallen backwards. He shouted angrily, "Are you fucking looking for death?"

Wu Yuan felt the force exerted by the man holding him, and hugged him tightly. The sound of a heartbeat throbbed in his right ear, he couldn't tell whose it was.


"Don't test me!"

Wu Yuan was stunned. In his inexplicably tantrum the other man seemed to be shaking, "Sir, are you afraid of heights?"


Lu Shenxing's fear suddenly disappeared. He dragged Wu Yuan to a corner of the roof, put his hands on both sides of the stone wall, lowered his head close, and directly sealed his breath with his lips.

Wu Yuan's eyes widened, and all those curses became ambiguous ** and hums.

When Wu Yuan's breath was weak, Lu Shenxing withdrew from his mouth, swiping it with the tip of his tongue lightly.

Regaining oxygen, air rushed into Wu Yuan's lungs. Does this man know what he did, is he crazy?

Lu Shenxing's eyes were dark, the thrilling scene that happened just now had disrupted his plan. He could no longer give Wu Yuan a chance to take the lead.

Wu Yuan looked grimly, "I'm a man!"

Lu Shenxing's gaze went down, inch by inch across Wu Yuan's body, "I can tell, and..." His voice paused, teasing, "You're well developed."

Wu Yuan said stiffly, "Don't you feel sick?"

Lu Shenxing asked back, "Do you feel sick?"

Wu Yuan slowly squatted down. He wanted to calm down, but he couldn't.

The tip of his tongue was still a bit numb, and his mouth was full of that man's taste. His body temperature was too high and his reaction was enthusiastic, reminding him that he enjoyed the kiss.

He even catered to him unconsciously.

Lu Shenxing spoke in Wu Yuan's right ear, "It's time for your make up lesson."

Fuck the lesson, he probably couldn't recognise the twenty-six letters of the alphabet right now, Wu Yuan didn't move.

Since his plan had advanced, Lu Shenxing didn't intend to let Wu Yuan go anymore. He forcibly grabbed Wu Yuan's arm and pulled him up, and said sharply, "Let's go back."

For two hours, the tape in the tape recorder kept spinning and Wu Yuan's mind turned around with it. He couldn't help peeking at the man but couldn't escape.

Wu Yuan didn't say goodbye, and left with his schoolbag sullenly.

Watching Wu Yuan go downstairs, Lu Shenxing leaned on the door and hooked his lips, almost.

Back in the classroom, Wu Yuan stared at his physics paper not writing anything.

Liu Yihan discovered that Wu Yuan was out of sorts. He also perceived that the other person had an aura that only people in love had.

It was really true.

Liu Yihan held his pen, a cold smile appeared in his eyes. So Wu Yuan had a girlfriend, what about it, what was together today, could break apart tomorrow.

Putting the paper away, Wu Yuan buried his head in his arms and fell asleep without noticing.

He had a dream in which he was pressed down on a desk by a man. When he saw who the man looked like he woke up.

"Wu Yuan, are you okay?" The girl next to him asked.

Wu Yuan ran out without saying a word, all the way to the playground. He felt like he was going crazy.

Why did he only fear and reject Liu Yihan's approach, but when that man touched him, he was only confused.

Wu Yuan kicked stones on the rooftop in the afternoon. When he'd almost fallen, the man's eyes were nervous, fearful, and caring. He saw it.

At 6 o'clock in the evening, just after dinner, everyone was talking lazily. Liu Yihan put a tape recorder on his desk, glanced at Wu Yuan, bit his lip, and resisted walking over.

Wang Hui was immersed in sweetness, and he didn't feel something wrong with Wu Yuan, "I'll show you the new tape I bought."

Pressing play, Wang Hui took out a tape from his desk and put it in.

A song 'You, My Deskmate' played in the class.

Wang Hui propped his head and twisted his neck to Wu Yuan, singing tonelessly, "Who married the sentimental you, who comforted the crying you, who put your long hair up..."

"..." Wu Yuan looked up, but his words left him when he saw Lu Shenxing walking to the door.

Okay, I'm 100% sure the author accidentally mixed up Liu Yihan and Wu Yuan's names at the beginning of this arc. I'll fix it over the weekend. Also, I'll double-check Lu Shenxing's identity, since he hasn't been referred to as Mr. Liu since the first chapter for the arc I think maybe the author changed her mind on his relation to Liu Yihan.

I'm actually translating this off a mirror site of the original because it's got all the 'redacted' content, but sometimes the version is a little outdated and the author changes things. Sorry for the errors!

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