81 - I became a teacher of the STEM class (7)
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81 - I became a teacher of the STEM class (7)

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Hello, yesterday I re-uploaded chapter 80 rather than a new chapter because I realised the version I was translating off was outdated and the author had made considerable changes to this arc. If you haven't already you may want to go back.

"Wu Yuan, come up and recite the second paragraph."

Wu Yuan stood up slowly with his hands on the desk. When he finally reached a thousand words, his liver and intestines felt like they were broken, and his whole body hurt everywhere.

Taking advantage of the moment when the Chinese teacher turned his back to write on the board, Wang Hui lowered his voice, "Do you want me to report to the teacher and go to the infirmary?"

When he saw he didn’t react, he nudged his shoulder and repeated himself.

Wu Yuan put on a relaxed expression, "‌." It was hard to tell where he was injured, but it hurt so bad even other people had noticed.

In the last class, Liu Yihan walked into the classroom and drew everyone’s gaze. He straightened his chest and showed a big smile. "The head teacher said that he won’t be in class today and to go to the Science and Technology Building to watch ‘Roman Holiday’."

The classroom went quiet for a second, followed by an enthusiastic cheer, "Woo--"

Wang Hui sighed, "Fuck, I'm still afraid, I thought I would be picked to recite the text today!"

"I’m going to the corner to buy melon seeds and bring them, do you want anything?"

Wu Yuan didn’t hear him.

"No wonder people in love are stupid......" Wang Hui murmured, except for himself.

The girls in the class left in pairs and soon the classroom was empty.

Liu Yihan, who walked with a few other classmates, walked backwards. Wang Hui walked alone, which was strange to him.

"Wang Hui, why are you alone, where’s Wu Yuan?"

"He has a backache." Wang Hui took out a note from his pocket, "I have his leave slip, can you take it and hand it to the head teacher."

Liu Yihan opened the note, pursing his lips.

Backache? He squeezed the note.

Wu Yuan had taken three classes, before he’d had enough and went back to the dormitory to lie down. He took off his clothes and shoes, feeling weak.

"Does it still hurt?"

After some time, he heard the sound of footsteps, accompanied by the voice. Wu Yuan quickly covered his head in the quilt and said, "Go away!"

"Take the quilt off." Lu Shenxing stood by Wu Yuan's bed with his arms folded, and said lightly, "Get out of the bed."

Wu Yuan tore off the sheets and shouted, "Why was I the one getting done?"

It turned out he minded this. Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows, leaned next to his right ear, and raised his volume, "Height, weight, technique, size, is that enough, or do want me to list more?"

Wu Yuan twisted his face and laid down on the head of the bed, "If I surpass those conditions in the future, will I still be the one being done?"

Lu Shenxing shrugged, "See if you can."

Wu Yuan was furious and stared at Lu Shenxing carefully.

Lu Shenxing stretched out his hand to press the back of the boy's head, and kissed the corner of his mouth, rubbing his fingers through his hair.

Wrapping him in intimacy, pampering. Lu Shenxing was a natural.

Wu Yuan was stunned.

Lu Shenxing looked at the boy, his eyes narrowed, "I’m also hurt."

Wu Yuan's face was dark, "What hurts?"

Lu Shenxing showed a confused expression. His little brother almost couldn’t stand the pain. Luckily he still had a stockpile. If he had run out, he would be lying in the hospital now.

"Do you often get constipation?"



Lu Shenxing's scrutinising gaze wondered back and forth on Wu Yuan's face, he was lying.

Then why was the hole he entered so small that he even started to doubt life?

"Leave." Wu Yuan looked at the door behind Lu Shenxing cautiously, "Someone will come."

Lu Shenxing minded their surroundings, but put on a facade of nonchalance, "My student is unwell, the head teacher is checking up on them, is there any problem?"

Wu Yuan grabbed the big hand that was exploring under the quilt, "Then stand further away."

Lu Shenxing said, "Do you feel embarrassed being with me?"

“Yes.” Wu Yuan responded. The man's face became cold, and he panicked and explained in a hurry, "If people know what we are, I won’t be able to take the college entrance examination, and you won’t have it easy. "

Lu Shenxing only grasped a few words, "So what?"

"That's what." Wu Yuan was angry, "Don't pretend to be stupid."

Lu Shenxing laughed, Wu Yuan also laughed, and time seemed to stop at that moment.

"You like me...what do you like about me?" Wu Yuan lowered his eyes, his long curly eyelashes trembling.

Lu Shenxing's forehead twitched. There would actually come a time when he would be asked such a pure question.

"I like everything." Lu Shenxing said, "All of you."

Wu Yuan's lips curled up, and his eyebrows followed the arc. He waited for a while, maintaining a half-prone posture, "Are you going to ask me?"

"No need to ask, it’s all written in your eyes." Lu Shenxing glanced at him, "You like what I like."

Wu Yuan, "..."


Liu Yihan came in with a plastic bag, and the ambiguity between Lu Shenxing and Wu Yuan disappeared without a trace.

Lu Shenxing raised his head slightly.

"Sir, I feel a little bit uncomfortable, so I went to the infirmary to buy medicine." Liu Yihan lowered his head, he was right to skip this class.

Lu Shenxing quickly kissed Wu Yuan's neck, using a lot of great strength. Wu Yuan felt a bit of pain and itching where he was kissed.

"Then have a good rest." Lu Shenxing walked out of the dormitory.

Liu Yihan stretched his neck out, making sure he’d actually left, then put the bag in his hand on Wu Yuan's bed.

"I heard that you had back pain, so I bought a bandage."

Wu Yuan said, "Liu Yihan, I have a girlfriend." In order to stay away from Liu Yihan, he’d made up a girlfriend. When others asked, he was vague and admitted little, but now it was different.

Although it was a boyfriend instead, the meaning was the same.

"I know." Liu Yihan smiled innocently, "You like her, I like you, doesn’t she get in the way?"

Wu Yuan was silent for a while, "You really don’t understand what ‘like’ is."

"How don’t I understand?" Liu Yihan slammed the door, and he said coldly, "I already told you I wanted to fuck you, isn’t this a kind of liking?"

Wu Yuan calmed his face, turning his left ear towards Liu Yihan, not wanting to hear those dirty words.

"Want water? I'll pour it for you." Liu Yihan smiled crazily again, and eagerly went to get Wu Yuan's cup to pour him water. After pouring, he drank along the mouth of the cup, licking it intoxicated, like he was kissing him indirectly.

He often did this secretly and got a rise out of it.

Wu Yuan caught Liu Yihan in the act this time. Disgusted, he grabbed onto the ladder and climbed down.

Liu Yihan realised that something was wrong, and turned around to Wu Yuan's angry face. He trembled with fright and blushed.


"Give me my cup." Wu Yuan roared, "Give it!"

Liu Yihan swallowed. They had been in the same class for almost two years, sleeping on the same bunk bed, but he’d never seen him so angry, he looked murderous.

Wu Yuan smashed the cup on the ground, his movements disturbing his appearance, and the red mark on his neck was exposed.

Liu Yihan's eyes widened, feeling perturbed, "Your girlfriend has a big mouth."

Wu Yuan was expressionless, not knowing what Liu Yihan meant.

"Let me kiss you." Liu Yihan rushed forward, his jealous anger making him lose his mind. He smiled and said, "My kisses are better than hers."

Wu Yuan had injuries on his body, and he was much weaker than usual. Liu Yihan also realised this, and became excited and was about to strike, when there was a scolding from outside the door.

"Wu Yuan, Liu Yihan, what are you doing?" It was Lu Shenxing, who hadn’t left at all, stuffed the door key back in his pocket. His tone was stern and angry. "I lost something, so I wanted to come back and find it. But I find you two hugging each other, is that true?"

Wu Yuan sorted out his clothes.

Liu Yihan blanched, panicking by himself.

His lips trembled, bewitched by his own sense of self-preservation, he pointed his hand directly at Wu Yuan, "Sir...teacher...is...he...he forced me..."

Wu Yuan's eyes rolled, his sarcasm was obvious. Liu Yihan's back was cold, as panic overcame his shame.

"Sir, it’s really nothing, don't tell my parents." Liu Yihan was scared, crying from his eyes and nose.

Wu Yuan didn’t know what to say and his hanging hands trembled slightly. He feared Lu Shenxing would misunderstand.

Lu Shenxing noticed his expression, "Liu Yihan, go out."

Liu Yihan ran away immediately, not even turning his head back.

Lu Shenxing closed the door and turned to Wu Yuan.

Wu Yuan pursed his lips, "I didn’t force him."

"I know." Lu Shenxing touched his neck. "I fed you so full, why would you find snacks behind my back."

Wu Yuan's face was red.

"This matter should be over, Liu Yihan won’t bother you again."

Lu Shenxing hooked his lips, he’d finally smoothly advanced the plot in the way he wanted it to.

As long as he was there, Liu Yihan definitely wouldn’t appear in Wu Yuan's life later.

After that incident, Liu Yihan hid away from Wu Yuan, not even daring to look at him when collecting his homework and giving out papers.

Too embarrassed to stick to Wu Yuan again.

Liu Yihan regretted even starting it. He was afraid that if everyone knew that he liked Wu Yuan, they would laugh at him and alienate him. He was even more afraid that his parents would cast him out. He didn’t expect the head teacher would actually turn a blind eye, and didn’t escalate things.

If he had known it would turn out like this, he wouldn’t have come forward in the first place.

Wu Yuan relaxed and continued to live day by day writing love letters to his girlfriend, and receiving love letters, showing his affection in a low-key manner.

Everyone envied him, but also discovered something else. Wu Yuan's lower back pain became regular, basically most afternoons, and it was even worse on weekends.

After more than a month of living with a sore waist and butt pain, Wu Yuan's listening performance improved. His English scores improved by leaps and bounds. Lu Shenxing was helping him from start to finish, but the increase in his scores was still incredible.

"This must be the power of love."

Wu Yuan, "..." He immersed himself in the questions every day, and spent his spare time improving his listening skills. If he wasn’t progressing, he couldn’t forgive himself.

Lu Shenxing snorted coldly, "You don’t think so?"

Wu Yuan shook his head, "I agree." The power of love.

Years passed and time moved quickly. The pressure to study in the third year of high school doubled, and the atmosphere was full of tension. Only success would be treated kindly.

Wu Yuan went all out in order to study, and rarely visited Lu Shenxing.

Lu Shenxing was lonely. He looked for a chance to catch Wu Yuan alone in the classroom, put a few desks together, and walked into the Tiger's Den in Longtan in the dark.

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