84 - I became a teacher of the STEM class (10)
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84 - I became a teacher of the STEM class (10)

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The next day, Wu Yuan, who wanted to support his family, woke up very early. His body clock always started at five o'clock, and it became a habit.

Slowly removing the hand from his waist, Wu Yuan lightly stood up and went for a run around Siyou Lake. He came back with breakfast to find the man on the bed had kicked off the quilt leaving one leg exposed.

Wu Yuan pulled the quilt, "Sir, get out of bed."

Lu Shenxing opened his eyes and yawned, feeling sleepy, "What time is it?"

"A bit before seven." Wu Yuan took the clothes and pants piled beside the bed, folded them one by one, then went to kiss Lu Shenxing. He said with a smile, "Let's go shopping."

"Shopping?" Lu Shenxing opened his eyes and closed them again. "Who said last night that he had a backache and couldn't even turn over?"

Wu Yuan stretched out under the covers to catch him, his smile undiminished, "I'm not in pain anymore."

Lu Shenxing held down Wu Yuan and warned him, "Don't start things."

Not only did Wu Yuan not withdraw, but he also played with him, Lu Shenxing was so angry that he played back.

After a while, Wu Yuan was flushed red and went to wash. Lu Shenxing was completely refreshed, sitting at the head of the bed and putting on his clothes.

The two wandered around before going out. There was only their footsteps in the silent corridor. Suddenly the door to a room suddenly opened, and a tall man walked out.

Seeing who it was, Lu Shenxing stopped and narrowed his eyes without saying a word. Wu Yuan pursed his lips, the nervousness of being discovered having an affair disappeared before they had rushed out.

Wang Hui opened his mouth wide in surprise, his words were uncomfortable, "Sir?"

He brought his girlfriend Lin Lin to stay over last night. He decided to stay until the day after tomorrow and was going to pay the extra money. He didn't expect to see his old teacher and Wu Yuan show up here.

This was a hotel. They didn't come on a whim, so they booked a room to play table tennis, right?

Also, shouldn't his teacher be in the next town? Why did he show up here?

Wang Hui didn't have enough brains and stared at Lu Shenxing and Wu Yuan.

Ten minutes later, in a small park near the hotel, two handsome young men with outstanding temperments were sitting on the benches, attracting the attention of the aunts and grandpas who were doing morning exercises.

Wang Hui didn't know what to say, it was too difficult to explain in a few words, and he couldn't digest it. He suddenly thought of what happened in high school, and it opened his eyes.

"Your girlfriend is our teacher?"

Wu Yuan didn't hide it, "Yeah."

Wang Hui was shocked and speechless.

After a long time, he squeezed out a single word, "Fuck!"

He didn't resent Wu Yuan's feelings, but couldn't understand them either, "He's a teacher!"

Wu Yuan raised his eyes, is that all?

Wang Hui was choked. There was also a homosexual couple in his class. He already knew gay men didn't necessarily have AIDS, but he still felt weird.

Every time he met with those two classmates, Wang Hui pretended to ignore it, but it was a different matter when it concerned his childhood friend.

"Nothing to say?" Wu Yuan was about to leave, "I won't leave him."

When Wang Hui heard Wu Yuan's tone, everything was laid out plainly, there was no cure for him.

"The teacher isn't right for you. You're young and go to a prestigious school, and you'll definitely get better and better in the future. The teacher teaches in a small town and he'll feel inferior and become stressed." Wang Hui understood that normal people would usually behave this way. Although, Lu Shenxing wasn't a normal person, and low self-esteem wasn't in his dictionary.

Can that man feel inferior? Wu Yuan's lips were pressed lightly, and there was a slight smile in his eyes.

Wang Hui looked at Wu Yuan who was smiling, speechless.

He felt that he wasn't taking this seriously, and couldn't help but complain.

"The teacher is divorced, he was much older than his wife, his job is average, and he isn't that handsome. How can he be a good person?"

Wu Yuan said, "He isn't." He stood and said, "I'll go back, talk to you next time."

Wang Hui, "..."

There were people crowded by the lake, and Wu Yuan's face changed drastically when they heard their voices, the blood completely draining from his face.

The two children sat wet and shivering beside a man, his pale face blurred by the lake water.

Wu Yuan was cold all over. He strode over  shaking and patting the man's face, panicking, "What's going on? Are you injured?"

Lu Shenxing squeezed Wu Yuan's shoulders, and coughed a few times, "I'm fine, it's just a foot cramp."

He was hugged tightly after he finished speaking.

"I'm all wet, let go, don't get your clothes wet." Lu Shenxing said helplessly, he rubbed the boy's hair, "Don't cry."

Wang Hui stood in the crowd, a lot of things stuck in his throat, but after filtering one by one only blessings remained.

After taking a hot shower in the hotel, Lu Shenxing changed into dry clothes and wiped his hair, "Why are you still wearing wet clothes? Go and change."

Wu Yuan stood still, his voice hoarse and his eyes a little red, "Are your legs better?"

"It was just cramping, it's all right." Lu Shenxing kissed the corner of his eye, he had probably scared back there.

Wu Yuan closed his eyes, and for a moment he was extremely frightened. He tried his best to restrain himself from crying.

By mid-morning, the people by the lake had forgotten the incident, but it had left an indelible mark on Wu Yuan. He would work hard to achieve medical achievements and keep his man healthy.

Lu Shenxing ate a bowl of pork noodles, and after walking around the streets with Wu Yuan, they went to ride the Ferris wheel that overlooked the city.

Today, the sun was shining, and the person in the photos looked lazy. Lu Shenxing was a bit sleepy. He pinched his eyebrows and let Wu Yuan play with the buttons on his cuffs.

"What did Wang Hui say to you? Did he say that I wasn't worthy?" Lu Shenxing was half joking.

Wu Yuan frowned, "You're good."

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