85 - I became a teacher of the STEM class (11)
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85 - I became a teacher of the STEM class (11)

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The pavement was boiling on the streets, and Wang Hui was eating shaved ice on a bench. Beside him was a girl, cute and smart, his first love and his girlfriend, Lin Lin.

"Look at that boy, his pigtail is like a rat's tail."

"Look, look, the little girl being led by those two foreigners is so beautiful, just like a doll!"

Wang Hui was absent-minded, some things connecting but some things were still lost.

Lin Lin scraped the red bean paste clean, her tone restrained, "Are you listening to me?"

Wang Hui said, "Yeah."

Lin Lin snorted, "What did I just say then?"

Wang Hui didn't change his face, "Which part? What you want me to say?"

Lin Lin said, "Just the last sentence."

Wang Hui said slowly, "What did I just say then?"

Lin Lin stared at him, "Wang Hui!"

"I said it." Wang Hui looked innocent, "What did I do wrong?"

Lin Lin put the shaved ice cup on the chair, "You've been wrong all morning. You said you wanted to take me out to play so I didn’t go hiking with Yaoyao and the others. But look at you, you're just sitting there half-dead, like you don't care. And I'm just here watching you!"

Wang Hui laughed, gritted his teeth, "Then, don't watch!"

Lin Lin grabbed her backpack and left.

Wang Hui continued to eat shaved ice. After taking a few bites, he smashed the shaved ice on the ground vigorously. "This shit is ridiculous!"

The people on the other benches around witnessed the couple quarreling. The boy was handsome and the girl was cute, and when they bickered with each other, they seemed to be particularly skilled at it.

Wang Hui returned to the hotel alone, and stared at the TV from the bed. He kicked the table not knowing who he was actually upset with.

When a knock sounded at the door, Wang Hui stood up immediately, and as he reached the door, he quickly reined in his emotions and put on an indifferent expression, "You're finally..." The word 'back' disappeared as he saw who it was.

"Sir, are you looking for me?"

Lu Shenxing slipped his hands back into his pockets, "Do you think I would knock on the wrong door?"

"...it's not like that." Wang Hui turned sideways to let Lu Shenxing in.

Lu Shenxing didn't mince his words, "What did you talk to Wu Yuan about this morning?" Wu Yuan was acting weird. He'd taken him for a full-body examination, and started him on a nutritional diet.

Wang Hui touched the back of his head, "Nothing... much."

Lu Shenxing said nothing, he just looked at the teenager in front of him with a smile, watching his disguise of calm disintegrate bit by bit.

The man’s eyes were piercing and Wang Hui couldn’t bear it, “You're leading Wu Yuan for now, but soon he'll soon overtake you, and you won't be able to catch him. Eventually you'll grow farther and farther apart."

"The things you are worried about are still something of the future. " Lu Shenxing narrowed his eyes, "For now you should just mind your own business."

Wang Hui was embarrassed, "Sir, that... I just tend to carelessly say what I think."

Lu Shenxing's gaze flicked over Wang Hui, "Are you fighting with your girlfriend again?"

When he mentioned his lover, Wang Hui's attention was instantly shifted, along with his reason and IQ, "I don't get her."

Lu Shenxing looked at him, "Are you looking for a girlfriend who talks out of  love, or someone who makes sense?"

Wang Hui and Lin Lin were the protagonists, childhood sweethearts, from elementary school to high school. Their romantic relationship was only beginning, and they would continue to quarrel through college, work, until they finally reach the altar. They would love and fight, incisively and vividly.

Wang Hui choked and his face turned red.

Lu Shenxing pulled his right hand out of his pocket and took something out. He gave the note to Wang Hui, "Here is my phone number. Tell me directly if you have anything to say in the future."

Wang Hui twitched his mouth, took the note, and the blatant warning.

Closing the door lightly, Lu Shenxing walked back. In the original plot, Wang Hui advised Wu Yuan and Liu Yihan to separate. After the plot was changed, it seemed he had replaced Liu Yihan.

After spending two days in M ​​City, Lu Shenxing took the first bus home.

Wu Yuan's neck was sore from looking up at him. He hoped to graduate soon and stop needing to watch that man's back as he left.

Not long after, Wu Yuan bought a mobile phone, a sim card issued by the school with a monthly subscription of 10 yuan for 300 text messages and 400 minutes of domestic calls. His first call was to the landline in Lu Shenxing's dormitory.

"Sir, it's me, Wu Yuan."

Lu Shenxing was cleaning at the time, and his breath was a little short.

Wu Yuan noticed, his voice became slightly tight, "What are you doing?"

"Cleaning up, the room is messy, and I won't have time to clean it when you come back." Lu Shenxing smiled, "What do you think I'm doing?"

Wu Yuan's face became hot, and he stood at the window to cool himself in the cool breeze, "Save my number."

Lu Shenxing gkanced at the displayed number and wrote it down, "Got it." He freed up his hand and picked up the broom again, "Can I hang up, I still have most of the area left to clean."

A light "Yeah" came from the phone.

Hearing him a little disappointed, Lu Shenxing was helpless, "I miss you every day."

Wu Yuan said softly, "I know."

With his new phone, Wu Yuan called Lu Shenxing in the corridor every night, only reluctantly hanging up when the phone became too hot.

At the end of the winter, Wu Yuan got his first pot of gold, winning a job from the campus agency for tens of thousands of yuan. He was frugal and he also received a scholarship every year, in addition to doing a few little jobs here and there. The result was he'd saved a sum of money which could not be called small.

Starting from the second half of his junior year, Wu Yuan followed the dean around, using his free time to look for business opportunities that he was interested in, and to learn how to manage money. He wanted his man to come with him to live healthy and worry free.

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