87 - I became a teacher of the STEM class (13)
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87 - I became a teacher of the STEM class (13)

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Wu Dongqiang's death didn't hold back the flow of time.

Autumn passed by winter, and after winter followed another year. Year after year nothing changed.

Wu Yuan's career had been smooth sailing. Lu Shenxing taught in a middle school near the hospital where he worked, separated by only a few intersections traffic lights.

"Sir, you can have all the dishes you want tonight." Wu Yuan was used to calling this man like this.

Lu Shenxing brushed his teeth in the bathroom, and said vaguely, "Are you working overtime?"

Wu Yuan closed the refrigerator door, "Yes."

He was worried again and posted a post-it note to remind him.

Wu Yuan liked to plan everything, always be in control, and act in an orderly manner.

Lu Shenxing enjoyed life as he pleased. He was always pleasantly surprised.

They were two different people, complete opposites, but shared the same bed, and lived comfortably.

Lu Shenxing came out after washing his face. His shirt and pants for the day were all on the head of the bed, even his socks were laid out. Of course there was also someone there waiting from him.

"There will be heavy rain today, remember to bring in the potted flowers from your office balcony." Wu Yuan smoothed the folds of his coat as Lu Shenxing put it on, with his eyes down he fastened his buttons down, earnestly paying attention.

Lu Shenxing touched Wu Yuan's neck and slowly rubbed it, "Don't you ever get bored of this?" Three hundred and sixty-five days a year, every day, he never changed.

Wu Yuan chuckled softly, his brows twitched softly, "Sir, I like you relying on me."

Lu Shenxing lowered his head slightly. He looked at this man who was almost like himself, he'd changed from a young boy to a confident and steady young man, a brilliant transformation.

He was proud.

The temperature in the morning was a bit cold, Lu Shenxing got into the car and Wu Yuan turned on the air conditioner.

After a while, Lu Shenxing fell asleep in the passenger seat.

At the intersection, while he waited for the red light, Wu Yuan held Lu Shenxing's hand and woke him up, "I asked you to go to bed early last night, you just had to watch that TV show."

Listening to Wu Yuan's helpless tone, Lu Shenxing yawned, "Didn't you tell me to watch it?" He doesn't like watching TV at all. Wu Yuan recommended this show, an urban romance where the plot didn't feel contrived.

Wu Yuan's ears glowed suspiciously, "Then what part did you see last night?"

Lu Shenxing yawned again, "The guy and the girl proposed marriage, what else...I can't remember."

The next moment, Lu Shenxing suddenly turned his head to look at the young man next to him. A smile filled his eyes, it turned out that this was what he wanted him to see.

The proposal.

When the car stopped by the side of the road, Lu Shenxing leaned over to kiss Wu Yuan's face, opened the door and got out of the car, pretending that he didn't see Wu Yuan's disappointment.

As soon as the car left, Lu Shenxing turned around to buy a ring.

While he was picking out a ring, Wu Yuan had just checked his wards. Before he entered the office, he briefly did a routine operation. The patient had severe intestinal necrosis and hemorrhages. The family members hurriedly surrounded him and stuffed his coat with red envelopes, wishing to tear his pockets with the sheer volume.

The nurse next to him whispered, "Doctor Wu doesn't like gifts."

The family members were suspicious, and the old man bowed to Wu Yuan, "Doctor Wu, my grandson is thankful to you!"

Wu Yuan's eyelids twitched, he immediately lifted the old man by his arm and patted him lightly. Then he turned around to disinfect and clean himself off.

There were a few other male doctors in the wash room gossiping, when Wu Yuan came in, they smiled and said hello, "Morning."

Wu Yuan rolled up his cuffs, "Morning."

Surgery news accounted for most of the topics of their chats, in addition to politics and football. In their eyes, the human body was the same as data on a computer.

These people wanted Wu Yuan to blend in at first, and even brought him out to drink Later, they realised that it didn't work. Wu Yuan exuded a strong ascetic taste from the beginning and was too hard to approach.

"Wu Yuan, will you go to the meetup this weekend? I hear there will be models."

"You guys have fun."

Wu Yuan was easy to misunderstand. People who weren't familiar with him would think he was unkind. After getting along for a long time, you would know that his personality was just like that. He would help if he wanted to help, but he didn't need anyone to contaminate his life.

Wu Yuan changed into scrubs, put on a mask and a hat, and held both hands in front of his chest. He walked into the operating room under the watchful eyes of the family members.

The smell of medicine and a deep chill permeated the operating room.

With a wink, Doctor Ma stepped back.

In front of the operating table, Wu Yuan was in charge. His body was still, only his wrists and fingers moved as he removed about one metre of intestines, glancing at his assistant in his peripheral.

The assistant promptly wiped his sweat and handed him tools.

In the tense atmosphere, itinerant nurses were the most relaxed, strolling around and occasionally poking at their phones.

After more than an hour, Wu Yuan finished sewing the intestines. He let out a sigh of relief, and handed over the rest of the abdomen suturing to his assistant.

"Doctor Wu, do you have a lover?"

After the operation was over, everyone relaxed.

Wu Yuan nodded, "Yes."

A nurse asked strangely, "What kind of person is she?"

"Arrogant, bad tempered, lazy."

When Wu Yuan said this, his tone was indulgent, without any complaint.

Those present were stunned, they didn't understand, which part of her was worth loving?

Wu Yuan didn't explain that he loved everything about that person.

Do people think doctors are sexy still? I know most people imagine shirts, ties and lab coats, but all I can think of is iodine and scrubs...ahhh, really not appealling at all!

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