88 - I became a teacher of the STEM class (14)
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88 - I became a teacher of the STEM class (14)

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Lu Shenxing was awakened by the bed to pee in the middle of the night. He turned his head and didn't find anyone beside him, most of his sleepiness faded in an instant. The rest went when he realised that the area beside his pillow wasn't warm.

"Wu Yuan?"

As soon as Lu Shenxing spoke, there was a string of footsteps in the living room. Wu Yuan's figure appeared at the door, and then the light in the room came on.


Lu Shenxing looked at the young man by the bed, his eyes were very bright and he didn't look tired at all. He rubbed his forehead and said, "It's late, why are you running around the living room instead of sleeping?"

The young man pursed his lips and showed a smile, somewhat shy, "I can't sleep."

The ring on his ring finger was like a love song played on loop. He sunk into it, intoxicated, fascinated, unable to sleep.

He was afraid that it would affect Lu Shenxing's sleep, so he stayed in the living room, slowly reminiscing in his joy.

Lu Shenxing lifted a corner of the quilt and ordered, "Wu Yuan, sleep now!"

Wu Yuan raised his eyes and took a peek at him, then took off his coat, slipped under the quilt, and lay still.

When Lu Shenxing came out of the bathroom the person on the bed immediately closed their eyes, their long curly eyelashes trembled.

"..." Lu Shenxing lay beside him, "You're so happy?"

The corners of Wu Yuan's lips curled up slightly, "Yes."

Lu Shenxing rubbed Wu Yuan's hair, rolled over to kiss him, and rubbed his body.

When Wu Yuan went to the hospital the next day, he saw Liu Yihan standing outside his office, and a feeling of nausea enveloped him.

Liu Yihan smiled as if he couldn't see the coldness on Wu Yuan's face, and said, "Wu Yuan, Doctor Wu, good morning."

Wu Yuan said a word of acknowledgement then pursed his lips and closed his door with his backhand to change clothes.

Liu Yihan bumped his nose, his face dropped and he cursed.

A young nurse at the nurse station came over and said, "Sir, please register at the desk if you feel uncomfortable. There's a queue."

Liu Yihan lowered his head and showed her a charming smile, "I'm an old classmate of Doctor Wu."

The little nurse blushed, "I'm sorry."

The smile on Liu Yihan's face froze, and he swore as he registered.

When they called his name, Liu Yihan couldn’t wait to rush into the consultation room.

Wu Yuan didn't even look up, his tone was stiff, "Medical records."

Liu Yihan put a book on the table, then rested his chin on his hand and said with a smile, "I haven't seen you in almost a year, Wu Yuan, I really didn't expect to meet you again."

Wu Yuan closed the medical record and leaned back, his eyes narrow and cold.

Liu Yihan, with a hot face and a cold butt, smiled, "What's with you? I didn't come to collect debts."

He suddenly leaned towards Wu Yuan's face.

Wu Yuan grabbed Liu Yihan by the collar and pressed his face into the cold table.

This posture made Liu Yihan embarrassed and he shouted, "What the hell are you doing? Let go!"

Wu Yuanju let him go, and the coldness in his eyes passed by, returning to his place quietly. He sat back on the chair and said quietly, "Get out."

Liu Yihan snorted and slammed the door as he left. He walked out of the hospital, and a car came from the other side of the road to follow him.

Lu Shenxing in the car pressed the cap down on his head and turned the steering wheel while checking the original plot over and over. He was trying to find a way to completely push Liu Yihan down without destroying the world.

Lu Shenxing had never read a book so seriously, he almost read it backwards.

Liu Yihan was the lead singer of a band. He was tepid and often hung out in the Imperial Tide Bar. There he accidentally ran into a manager of a brokerage company. He didn't eat him straight away but he kept thinking about his arse.

That person was the one who had an affair with Liu Yihan and was caught by Wu Yuan who came home suddenly.

The mistress who caused the murder.

Lu Shenxing parked his car on the side of the road. Unbuttoned two of his shirt buttons, ran a messy hand through his well-mannered and meticulous hair and followed Liu Yihan into the bar.

His new look didn't detract at all from his erotica nature as Lu Shenxing sat at the bar counter and ordered a cocktail. His posture was skillful, with an evil spirit that didn't match his upright and gentle face.

The bartender swallowed shallowly, his eyes fixed on Lu Shenxing, presumptuous and direct.

Lu Shenxing's lip twitched, "You don't suit my taste."

The bartender shrugged and continued to strike up a conversation, "Sir, you are very direct, is it your first time here?"

Lu Shenxing smiled, "Just give me the drink and shut up."

The bartender hit a closed door again. Did he get him wrong? The wild aura exuding from this man was particularly attractive. With his experience, he was definitely looking for an easy place to stay overnight.

Lu Shenxing looked sideways through the twisting crowd, and found Liu Yihan's position. He narrower his eyes, he should be close.

After a while, an older man walked in, dressed like a very successful person. Although he himself wasn't much to look at, the head to toe name brand clothing was very eye-catching.

The dim lights flickered and Liu Yihan was tired. He sat on the stool on the bar counter and yelled, "Bring me a Bloody Mary."

The bartender pushed a drink towards Liu Yihan. At the same time, Lu Shenxing stood up abruptly, bumping into him accidentally, and spilled a finger of powder into his glass.

Lu Shenxing chose a remote corner to sit down and witnessed Liu Yihan being taken away by the other man with his arms around him. He advanced the progress of the story a bit, it could be regarded as a gift.

According to his introduction in the novel, the boss had some special preferences. Among his bed partners, Liu Yihan was his favourite. Even if Liu Yihan and Wu Yuan got closer, they would still wait on the sidelines. Finally, when Liu Yihan threw himself into his arms, the man insisted on doing it with Liu Yihan at Wu Yuan's house, and so they were discovered by Wu Yuan who came back unexpectedly.

This alteration should be enough.

"Ding, Mr. Lu, the box of Soul Eater you used requires 3,000 love points. Remember to pay within two hours."

I too rufie my enemies and pat myself on the back for it afterwards. (jk jk, I kid, don't do drugs kids, and don't drink Bloody Marys, blergh!)

Also gold star to whoever guess Liu Yihan would be back.

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