90 - I became the landlord (1)
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90 - I became the landlord (1)

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Lu Shenxing fell asleep with Wu Yuan. He went directly to the character world this time, skipping the stay in the virtual space.

This novel was called 《Don't Come For Nothing》, and it was about the urban love story of a reunion in the mirror.

Looking around, Lu Shenxing's eyes turned twice around the room. It was less than twenty square metres, with a damp and musty smell. The red-painted cabinet doors were wide open, and the clothes and pants inside were a mess.

Under his armpit was a small thing covered in yellow and white hair.

Lu Shenxing stretched out his hand and stroked the furry head of soft hairs, his mind swiftly moving. The original owner of this body was called He Ming. Just after he turned 22, his parents passed away and left him with a run down house with three bedrooms and one living room. A partition was added to the house to divide the living room into two, including the kitchen, and the other part was rented out.

He Ming was house bound, everything from furniture to bin liners was bought on the Internet. He wouldn't go out unless there was something he could only go out and buy. This lifestyle lasted ten and a half months.

He was a contracted author of Orange.com and between playing games, writing articles, and collecting rent, he had made his own little living.

The puppy stretched out and Lu Shenxing held its paws. The target of this mission was He Ming's tenant, Yan Shu, an honest man.

Yan Shu was the concept artist for a foreign game company and current boyfriend of the heroine of this world, Mou Yun. He would soon become her chief spare tire and He Ming would soon become her second spare tire.

Mou Yun had a first love, the male lead Chen Yang. After Chen Yang had gone abroad, she'd met Yan Shu.

Yan Shu was older than Mou Yun by almost ten years. He treated her as a baby and thought nothing was good enough for her. After an accident happened in her family, she went to college. After graduation, she tried her best to give her heart and take care of him in every possible way.

But there was something between Chen Yang and Mou Yun, and their old relationship revived.

Yan Shu quit the game.

As a male side character in a romance, Yan Shu, like the male side characters in all stories, never looked at the female lead when she was within grasp. Once the male lead appears, he can only send the her into the male lead's arms untouched.

He could only send his blessings, silently guard her, with or without regret.

What was even more frightening was that whenever the female lead had difficulties, it was usually the male side characters who appeared to help first.

When Mou Yun was heartbroken, she called Yan Shu, when she quarreled with Chen Yang, she went to find him. Yan Shu continually switched between hope and disappointment.

He waited for Mou Yun all his life, alone.

The sadness index was three stars.

Lu Shenxing rubbed his forehead. Under the halo of the heroine, He Ming also fell in love with Mou Yun. He was also a spare tire but he was different from Yan Shu. Yan Shu had a position and kicked off his pedestal, but he never had any position in her heart and was just a dusty spare tire.

A knocking at the door made Lu Shenxing's nerves tense in an instant. He flipped off the bed and opened the door quickly.

Standing at the door was a very young woman. She was wearing pink bunny pajamas, and her short hair was held back with red rabbit ear hairpins. A pair of black lenseless glasses sat on her small face and her long false eyelashes trembled constantly, as if they would fall off at any moment.

"Landlord, what's going on, there are cockroaches in the refrigerator, it's disgusting!"

She was one of the pair of young lovers who lived in the master bedroom, Zhang Ping. She ran a Taobao shop  and like He Ming, she always lived at home and walked around in her slippers.

Lu Shenxing opened the refrigerator door, and a strange smell assaulted his face. He almost vomited. He glanced at the little cockroach digging into a plastic bag and his stomach rolled.

"Did you see it? There was more than one!" Zhang Ping stretched her neck, she screamed suddenly, "Look, there's another little shit over there!"

Lu Shenxing died a little inside.the refrigerator was filthy, filled with unknown soup and oily substances, just like a garbage dump. It wasn't surprising that there were cockroaches.

He reached out and flipped through the various plastic bags each as disgusting as the next, and found a disposable transparent box squeezed into the corner. There were little yellow hairs and long gray hairs growing on it.

Lu Shenxing's stomach rolled, "Whose is this?"

Zhang Ping took a look and said without thinking, "It looks like mine."

"Why do you put in it when it's moldy? As a specimen?" Lu Shenxing had a bad tone. Did she just stuff everything into the refrigerator, then forget it and let it sit there quietly, waiting for its hair to come in.

Zhang Ping was unable to refute, she twisted her lips quickly.

"Tonight, we'll wait for everyone to determine who owns what in the refrigerator. Then everyone can throw their stuff away and clean up."

Lu Shenxing left when he finished speaking, the ground was already crunchy.

He went to his room and slammed the door, frightening the puppy on the bed. He barked with his tail upright, after seeing the it was only Lu Shenxing, he nestled down again.

Lu Shenxing looked around the room and didn't know where to even start to clean it. He turned to a bag of dried noodles, some carrots and Chinese cabbage, threw them into a pot, and ate them directly from the pot with chopsticks.

"You want to eat?" Lu Shenxing kicked the puppy away. At some point he had ran over, standing on his slippers with two paws and grabbing at his trouser leg while pushing himself up, looking cute.

Lu Shenxing fished around the soup in the pot, and took out half of the noodles. "That's it, you can eat more tonight."

The puppy licked his mouth after eating the noodles, wagging his tail at Lu Shenxing, still wanting to eat.

Lu Shenxing touched its head, "Tonight." He thought for a while before adding, "You'll be called Xiao Bai from now on."

It took about an hour to clean up the room. Lu Shenxing carried two large bags of garbage and went out. Xiao Bai followed him. Zhang Ping, who was standing at the sink and washing her cups, saw that Lu Shenxing was had clean up, "Landlord, are you going out?"

Lu Shenxing mumbled something random and hooked the door with his feet. He went down the stairs and looked around, his mouth twitched.

On the top of the stairs, Xiao Bai stood, his big and round eyes looked at Lu Shenxing. His little legs were trembling and he didn't dare to go downstairs.

Lu Shenxing, "..."

He freed up a hand to hold the puppy's butt, and let it cling tightly to his clothes being with its paws.

The community was a six-story building with nice greenery. Lu Shenxing threw away the trash and took Xiao Bai for a stroll. Leaving it by the supermarket doors, he bought a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, and grabbed some snacks along the way.

He sat on a chair directly opposite the building, put Xiao Bai next to him, opened the cigarette box and lit a cigarette.

In the winter, as soon as the sun goes down, the temperature drops.

More and more people were getting off work. Lu Shenxing stuffed the potato chips into his mouth, holding the bag in one hand and Xiao Bai in the other, as he strode towards the man walking ahead of him.

"Yan Shu."

The man turned his head when he heard his name, and the corners of Lu Shenxing's lips rose. His was the most beautiful face he had seen since he started these tasks. It wasn't stunning, and it lacked offensive power, but it was beautiful, simple and comfortable.

Lu Shenxing's eyes deepened, "Just get off work?"

"Yeah." Yan Shu didn't pay much attention to him, he looked at Xiao Bai in Lu Shenxing's arms, "Landlord, what kind of dog is this?"

Lu Shenxing smiled and said, "A mongrel."

Seeing the puppy's wet eyes, Yan Shu's heart softened, and he couldn't help but stretch out his hand and scratch its chin.

"What's its name?"

"Xiao Bai."

"...it's soft."

Lu Shenxing's eyes narrowed slightly. He no longer needed to touch his ankle or check the door to confirm. After so many times, the familiar throbbing couldn't be ignored.

Yan Shu seemed to have noticed Lu Shenxing's gaze. He tilted his head, his clean and clear outline seemed to be coated with light from the street lamps.

Lu Shenxing smiled at him, "The weather forecast said there would be snow."

Yan Shu turned away and spoke as he went up the stairs, "Really?"

Lu Shenxing followed slowly, "Yep."

Yan Shu touched his nose. He usually communicated very little with this young landlord. He only spoke to him when he paid the rent, or nodded when he passed by. He still had an impression he was an immature child.

Seeing Yan Shu opening his briefcase to find the key, Lu Shenxing walked closer, his breath swept behind his ears, intentionally or unconsciously, "I'll get it."

Yan Shu didn't have time to stand aside.

As soon as the door opened, he entered his room, that was to the left of the door and the one closest to the refrigerator.

At eight o'clock, Lu Shenxing called everyone out of their rooms, "Check the garbage in the refrigerator, take care of whatever is yours."

Everyone was daunted and squirmed, "You go first, I'm not in a hurry."

Lu Shenxing ate a cucumber, "There are already cockroaches, so hurry up."

As soon as his words fell, except for Zhang Ping who had seen cockroaches, the other girls showed disgusted expressions and stepped back, pushing their men forward.

There was the sound if swearing for a while as the stench spread from the refrigerator.

Lu Shenxing's face twitched. The refrigerator was so dirty, they just threw whatever in it, but didn't want to tidy it up. These people really lived freely.

Xiao Bai seemed to like Yan Shu very much, and ran from Lu Shenxing to him, and circled him.

Yan Shu also liked Xiao Bai, and squatted down to tease him.

Lu Shenxing looked at the back of the man's head, "Yan Shu, aren't you going to look?"

Yan Shu looked up, "I don't have anything in it."

He felt a little weird, although he couldn't quite put his finger on it, this guy seemed to be using his name for the first time.

Everyone took their own things and Lu Shenxing removed the shelves from the refrigerator and took them to the sink to clean them.

Yan Shu came over to wash his vegetables in a basin. He bends down slightly, picking the vegetables leaves piece by piece with his slender hands.

Lu Shenxing asked casually, "Yan Shu, your girlfriend didn't come back with you?"

Yan Shu felt a subtle feeling of pressure, "She has been busy recently."

Lu Shenxing thought to himself, that's because Chen Yang is back in the country, and you've been downgraded to a spare tire.

After cleaning the refrigerator, Lu Shenxing was so tired that he lay on the bed until ten o'clock. After he woke he asked Xiao Bai to take care of the house and went to knock on the doors one by one to collect the rent.

As soon as the door of Zhang Ping's room opened, there were piles of express parcels everywhere, some even escaping out the windows.

She ran to the computer and tapped on her keyboard, tak tak tak tak, "How much do I owe?"

Lu Shenxing looked at the notebook in his hand, "1035."

Zhang Ping said, "Got it"

Lu Shenxing glanced at the young man who was standing by an induction cooker cooking vegetables. He said politely, "Landlord, come in and sit down?"

Zhang Ping rolled her eyes. Then she handed over the money.

Lu Shenxing found change for her and turned to another door. He finally walked to the door of Yan Shu's room and knocked on the door.

Yan Shu stood inside the door, the smell of food drifted from behind him into Lu Shenxing's nose, and there was the scent of soap on his body.

Lu Shenxing said suddenly, "You have rice on your lips."

Yan Shu was taken aback, he stretched out his hand and touched his lip, smiling unconsciously. His smile was extremely warm.

Lu Shenxing showed him the notebook, "This is your rent for this month."

"The electricity bill for your room is 42, the utility bill is evenly spread at 28, and the water bill is 15." Lu Shenxing added, "The internet bill is 25 per person."

"Adding the rent of 700, the total is... 810."

Yan Shu said, "Wait a moment."

Lu Shenxing admired Yan Shu's room through the half-open door. It was 15 or 16 square meters, with a computer desk, bed, cabinet, and a small table on the small balcony. The pots and pans were all neatly arranged. His person was always the same.

There was a huge picture on the wall, almost occupying half of the wall space. It was of Mou Yun, who had just signed a contract and become a model, young and beautiful.

Lu Shenxing took a deep breath, pretending that he hadn't seen anything.

Yan Shu, who walked over, counted the money in his hand, “Landlord, I forgot to withdraw the money tonight. I owe you a hundred. I can give it to you tomorrow.”

Lu Shenxing said readily, "That's fine."

Watching Lu Shenxing count the money, Yan Shu continued to eat, he suddenly remembered that the young man had written a novel on a website before asking them to check out out and comment.

Yan Shu pondered for a moment, then opened the website and found the novel he was looking for. He clicked to give a tip and he entered 100.

There was only one bathroom in this house, and everyone had to line up. Lu Shenxing's head hurt. When Yan Shu develops affection for him, he and Yan Shu will go and rent a small place, somewhere clean.

Before going to bed, Lu Shenxing took off his coat and suddenly wanted to read a novel written by He Ming. He took his laptop to bed and put Xiao Bai aside.

Entering the username and password according to his memory, Lu Shenxing saw a row of small trees in the background, he had nearly ten novels. The latest update was yesterday, 《If you don't love me, get out》, the title was simple and rude, it was a science fiction novel.

Lu Shenxing opened the front page. Below the text was the comments section. He had never read novels before. After being cheated by 222, he read the task books but he'd never been on a website like this. It was kind of novel.

The top comment was a gift: Landlord, I'll transfer the remaining funds to you.

The comment was posted at 10:23:16. In less than a minute, some readers below responded to it.

First comment: having an affair?

Second floor: I seem to have discovered something

Third floor: Ha ha, lemme see

They all held the tone if 'I know, but I just don't want to say'. Then suddenly there was an interjection: what about today's update?

The comments built up one after another, and soon stacked up to a skyscraper of comments.

Lu Shenxing rubbed his forehead helplessly, "Idiot."

Wow...just ended the last arc like that...

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