91 - I became a landlord (2)
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91 - I became a landlord (2)

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The next morning, Lu Shenxing checked Yan Shu’s work hours and took Xiao Bai downstairs to buy breakfast. After a night of strong winds, the trees shivered and dead leaves were scattered across the streets. A gust of wind came, the man and the puppy both shivered.

Yan Shu bowed his head and tidied the gray plaid scarf around his neck. He walked towards the bus stop on the same road as Lu Shenxing.


Yan Shu turned his head and smiled at Lu Shenxing. He didn't know if it was because he slept well last night or something else but he couldn't help but tease, "I've lived here for so long, but this is the first time I've seen you up at 7 o'clock in the morning."

After the words came out of his mouth, even Yan Shu himself was stunned, coughing awkwardly.

Lu Shenxing smiled, showing white teeth, he had a handsome sunny appearance, "You can see me every day from now on."

Unexplained flavours could be tasted in his words.

Yan Shu stared at him unconsciously, and it took him a long time to return to his senses, cursing that he must have been drowsy still.

Lu Shenxing laughed lightly, and Xiao Bai followed his steps. He was curious about everything in this world, but he dared not leave his master.

"I saw your gift on my novel."

This man even wrote his real name in his ID. Apart from being speechless, Lu Shenxing couldn't find any other words to express his feelings.

Yan Shu showed a very shallow dimple, "When I finish my work, I'll read your novel."

Lu Shenxing didn't care, he didn't read it himself. Those novels were a few million words and were very long.

"Next time if you owe extra, don't go online, jusy give it to me in person.

Yan Shu nodded, "Sure." He faintly felt that this young man was a little angry, but he didn't know why.

Watching Yan Shu get on the bus, Lu Shenxing took a bite of a warm steamed bun and returned home with two red bean filled buns.

Yan Shu stood by the bus window, looking at the young man on the side of the road. He felt unclear, as if something was lingering in his heart.

He thought that the other man was just talking casually, but he didn't expect that they would see each other every day.

The initial embarrassment slowly faded and it became a natural process that was both short and beyond his imagination. Before Yan Shu realised it himself, he'd accustomed to looking behind him.

Was the smiling young man and the cute puppy following today?

One morning on the weekend, Mou Yun came to see Yan Shu. Lu Shenxing knew the original plot, and he left his room door open. He was typing on the keyboard and watching the movement outside. The two would quarrel today.

The reason was some mixture of Mou Yun being on her period plus her desire and reluctance to be separated from Yan Shu. She was conflicted and became irritable as a result.

"Yan Shu, my stomach hurts."

Yan Shu stirred the brown sugar water and passed it to her, "Is it that bad? I'll take you to the hospital."

Mou Yun held the glass and said, "It's not enough to go to hospital for." She blew on the sugar water, her lips pursed a little, "Yan Shu, let me talk."

Yan Shu wiped the water off his hands. Mou Yun stared at his hands and couldn't help but sigh, this man's hands were better than those of the models in her company.

When holding a pen, they were especially pleasing to the eyes, and put her in a good mood.

"Do you remember that I wanted to attend a class reunion last time?" Mou Yun lowered his head and picked at her nails, and whispered, "I met Chen Yang."

Yan Shu suddenly raised his eyes, "Really?"

Mou Yun grabbed Yan Shu's arm, "Yan Shu, it's impossible for me and him."

Yan Shu's gaze caught the red rope on Mou Yun's neck, and he suddenly stretched out a finger to hook it, "Where did this jade come from?"

Mou Yun batted his hand away, "I bought it myself!"

Yan Shu's eyes narrowed slightly, and he remained silent.

Mou Yun became more and more upset looking at him him, her face was ugly, "Yan Shu, I can never understand you!"

Yan Shu looked at the girl in front of him tiredly. I always told you everything, it was you who hid things.

Outside Zhang Ping opened the refrigerator to take out some food, eavesdropping with her ears erect. Suddenly there was a voice in her ears, "Are you finished?"

When she turned her head, she was startled, she patted her chest quickly and complained, "Landlord, don't you make any sound when you walk? Are you trying to scare me to death?"

Lu Shenxing hugged his arms, "What do you sell?"

Zhang Ping was excited, "Children's products." She smiled and said, "Landlord, do you have anything you want to buy? Gifts for your relatives' children? I'll give you a 20% discount and a small gift."

Lu Shenxing said, "No."

Zhang Ping stared, "Then why did you ask me what I sell?"

Lu Shenxing downplayed, "Just asking."

Zhang Ping, "..." She took a bottle of milk and snapped the refrigerator door shut before going back to her room.

Standing in place, Lu Shenxing looked at the closed door. After a while, the door opened from the inside, and a long-haired beauty ran out. She clutched her purse and didn't turn her head back.

Yan Shu who was sitting by the bed suddenly raised his head, Lu Shenxing stood at the door, his eyes gloomy, but when he looked again, the gloom was gone.

"Have an argument?"

Yan Shu pulled at his hair, "Yeah."

Lu Shenxing said slowly, "My laptop won't turn on, do you have time to help me look at it?"

Yan Shu wanted to say that he wasn't very good with computers, but what he said was just one word, "Okay."

Was he crazy?

When he walked into the room, he was a little stunned. He had seen it when he came to pay the rent before. It was very messy then, not as clean and tidy as it was now.

Lu Shenxing circumvented Xiao Bai who was rubbing him all over, and gave the notebook to Yan Shu, "Have a look."

Yan Shu recovered a little and asked, "Is there a screwdriver?"

Lu Shenxing overturned the cabinet then pulled out a small plastic box from under the bed. He took a rag and wiped off the dust on it. There were various gadgets for the house inside, including screws and everything else.

He looked at Yan Shu’s profile. In a few years, he would go out on his own and have his own studio, his career would thrive but his romantic affairs would remain stagnant in place. Lu Shenxing’s eyes were full of emotion, this was the reason why he was determined not to be a spare tire in real life.

Yan Shu didn't pay much attention when screwing the screw and the screwdriver slipped, cutting the skin of his index finger.

Lu Shenxing, who was watching him from the side, frowned instantly when he saw it. He turned around and opened a drawer to take out a band-aid.

Yan Shu spoke nonchalantly, "No need, it's just a little skin off and it'll be better soon."

The young man stared at him with burning in those dark eyes. He turned away for no apparent reason, then stretched out and answered, "Thank you."

Later that morning, Yan Shu received a text message from Mou Yun: Yan Shu, let's break up.

One sentence, simple and direct, nothing else.

He swallowed a few times, then pressed the keyboard in silence, and typed a word: Okay.

After that, Yan Shu got up and put the phone on his desk. He thought he would be sad. However, at this moment, there was nothing.

It seemed that it was no longer important, but rather...

Within a few days, Mou Yun called Yan Shu, "I'm in Beicheng, are you free? Want to have a drink together?"

Yan Shu was adjusting his painting, "No."

Mou Yun on the other end of the phone was silent for a while, "Yan Shu, are you blaming me?"

Yan Shu sighed, "Mou Yun, you're no longer a kid, so I understand that you aren't just playing with me, I don’t blame you."

Mou Yun’s lips trembled a little, “You're too good, really. Yan Shu, I know how good you are to me, thank you very much for the past few years. You're the person I'm the least willing to hurt in my life, but I..."

"Sorry." He hung up.

Yan Shu stretched his eyebrows, he was almost thirty-five years old and someone tried to call him a nice guy.

When he returned after getting off work, he saw the young man downstairs. Every day was the same, he didn't know what had changed but Yan Shu actually had the illusion that the young landlord was waiting for him to come back.

Laughing a little bit at the thoughts in his heart, he raised his foot and walked into the corridor, and the young man followed.

At that moment, Yan Shu felt a dull pain in his head, which disappeared before he it became unbearable, as if nothing had happened.

Lu Shenxing held a cigarette between his lips and said in a casual tone, "Yan Shu, you got off work today forty minutes later today."

Yan Shu was startled, "There was something wrong with the art."

Lu Shenxing uttered a syllable from his nose, indicating that he understood.

After climbing more than half the stairs, Yan Shu stopped. He felt that he was walking too fast, thinking about the young man inexplicably.

Lu Shenxing was keenly aware of his movements, the corners of his lips hooked up and he slowed his pace so Yan Shu stayed in place for several minutes.

After a month, Lu Shenxing was able to fish with patience, and fortunately the fish was about to catch the hook.

Lu Shenxing was lying in bed watching a movie. During the buffer period, he poked the website and received a warning. It was a small black house.

If you're receiving this notice, unfortunately comrade, your listing is 10,000 characters short, and your time is running out! Keep going!

Lu Shenxing's mouth twitched.

He didn't have a good concept of 10,000 words, but the 800 words he could read were still fresh in his memory. He didn't want to go on.

If he remembered correctly when he read those rules, he would be fine if he didn't apply for ranking. So Lu Shenxing did nothing.

Lu Shenxing quickly looked at the lower right corner of the screen, the avatar for his word editor was jumping there endlessly. For two minutes, the phone rang, the caller ID told him it was his editor. He was about to get up, eat something and calm down, when suddenly there was a sound in his head.

"Ding, Mr. Lu, on the company's 70,000 celebration, every customer has a chance to enter the lottery. The prizes are generous, first come, first serve."

Lu Shenxing felt that he should have heard of something like this before, "I refuse to participate."

He never believed in his luck, what good could be drawn out of the lottery.

After a while, the system's voice came out again, "Ding, rejected, you have been defaulted to number 1."

Lu Shenxing, "..." He gritted his teeth, "What are the numbers?" Following his thoughts, a dense number of numbers appeared in the air, tens of thousands, and his eyes were dazzled.

"I choose number seven hundred and seventy-seven."

In the next second, Lu Shenxing had a sex toy that appeared out of thin air. Are you fucking kidding me?

After a long time, Lu Shenxing squeezed out, "This should be used by women."

"Ding, anyone can use it, regardless of gender."

It was pink, and Lu Shenxing was about to shove it in a corner when a Yan Shu's voice came from the door.

"Landlord, I'm sorry, I left my key in my room, can you open the door....for me."

The last two words were low and barely audible, obviously he was shocked by the scene before him.

Lu Shenxing who was still holding the sex toy, "..."

Yan Shu who was looking at the sex toy, "..."

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