93 - I became a landlord (4)
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93 - I became a landlord (4)

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On the second floor of Nanshan Hospital, in the waiting room outside the Department of Orthopedics, Mou Yun sat in a daze on a chair. Yesterday, she had trouble with Chen Yang. She wanted to calm down and have a good talk with him.

But some things happened, but she got angry and slammed the door.

Mou Yun sighed. She felt that a man's heart was also a needle at the bottom of the sea. It was invisible and intangible. She could only guess where it was.

"No. 185, Mou Yun, please go to the third consulting room."

Mou Yun tossed her phone into the pocket of her suspenders, stood up and walked into the consulting room. She looked at the man in the white coat sitting behind the desk, her lips squirming a few times.

Chen Yang's eyebrows were cold, "What are you doing?"

Hearing his alienation, Mou Yun stopped getting angry, "Chen Yang, if you have something to say, what does it mean?"

Chen Yang felt frustrated, "Mou Yun, when did you start having an affair?"

He raised his eyebrows, "Are you still in touch with that man?"

Mou Yun froze.

Chen Yang's heart sank, he was only trying to get an answer.

"Go out."

Mou Yun didn't move.

The pen in Chen Yang's hand was thrown on the table, and Mou Yun was frightened.

"Mou Yun, don't play with me."

Mou Yun had red eyes, but she didn't move.

The bored Chen Yang left his chair, pulled Mou Yun, and dragged her out, the door snapped shut.

Mou Yun, "..."

After receiving a few curious glances, she lowered her head and ran out. Blushing with shame, she didn't look where she was going and hit someone.


Hearing the voice in her ear, Mou Yun immediately raised her head, "Yan Shu?"

She blinked, "Why did you come to the hospital? Are you injured?"

Yan Shu coughed awkwardly, "I have a cramped foot."

Mou Yun stared at Yan Shu suspiciously. If it's just your foot, why did your mouth break?

Yan Shu pursed his mouth and touched the bite. The roots of his ears became hot, and the heat spread instantly, covering the entire neck and face.

Mou Yun's eyes widened, as she saw an unimaginable scene, "Yan Shu, are you blushing?"

Yan Shu tightened the curve of his mouth, "No."

Mou Yun rolled her eyes. It was so obvious, she couldn't not tell how he was feeling, this man practically exuded the smell of happiness.

But not because of her, it was someone else.

"Yan Shu...I see you have..."

Mou Yun's hesitation was interrupted by a sudden voice.

"Yan Shu, I told you to wait for me, why are you running around?"

Mou Yun turned his head. Why did Yan Shu's landlord also come?  She looked at Yan Shu strangely and saw that the other party avoid her. Something was very wrong.

Glancing at Mou Yun, Lu Shenxing frowned. He passed over the notebook in his hand, "Don't you need your medical records?"

Yan Shu stretched out his hand to catch it, and sat down on the nearest chair without saying a word.

Just a little while ago, Yan Shu stood below the stairs and Lu Shenxing stood above, smiling and saying, "I'll take your care."

Then he forced him to a corner, grabbed his collar and kissed him.

Yan Shu pushed away Lu Shenxing vigorously. But after pushing away, he felt lost and regretted it.

He went upstairs in a hurry, and accidentally twisted his ankle.

In the end, he went to the hospital.

Mou Yun vaguely felt that the atmosphere between the two of them was weird, and Yan Shu seemed to be hiding something, "Did you register an appointment?"

Yan Shu affirmed.

Mou Yun muttered in her heart, it won't be Chen Yang will it?

She pretended to be casual, "Can you show me your registration?"

Yan Shu seemed to know that she was thinking, "It's Chen Yang."

Mou Yun looked embarrassed.

Her ex-boyfriend had come to see a doctor and would get treated by her current boyfriend.

Yan Shu was very depressed right now. The fact that the doctor was his ex-girlfriend's first love was fine and if the kiss just now was with a girl he would still be fine.

But, he wasn't gay.

After being forcibly kissed by a kid, he didn't push him away immediately, but only a few minutes later.

Mou Yun was embarrassed to stay, and said anxiously, "Yan Shu, I'm leaving now, you shouldn't worry and call me if you need anything."

She looked at Lu Shenxing, "Thank you for coming with Yan Shu."

His position felt similar to that of a girlfriend and Mou Yun felt a little embarrassed after she said that. She forced a smile, "I'm leaving."

As soon as Mou Yun left, Lu Shenxing and Yan Shu didn't speak. The waiting room was very noisy, and several children were jumping on the chairs, making endless trouble.

Sitting among a group of people, Yan Shu was beautiful and restrained, and attracted the attention of many women. Soon someone couldn't bear it and came up to talk.

"Hello, can I ask you, how do I know which clinic I'm in?"

"They'll call your number." Yan Shu motioned her to look, "The screen will also show it."

The woman smiled and said, "Thank you."

After a while she asked, "Where are you from? Are you local?"

Yan Shu was used to being dragged into conversations and he easily turned her away. Lu Shenxing pinched the bridge of his nose, got up anxiously, and went to get water from the drinking fountain.

When he came back, he brought a cup of water.

Seeing that disposable paper cup was handed to his face, Yan Shu shook his head, his voice indifferent, "I'm not thirsty."

The paper cup was a little deformed, and Lu Shenxing threw it directly into the trash can.

The atmosphere between them was getting worse and the surrounding activity couldn't distract them from their discomfort.

Lu Shenxing took out his cell phone and sent a text message.

In the next moment Yan Shu's pocket vibrated and he received a text message.

Content: Did you feel sick when I kissed you?

Yan Shu felt as though he was being burned, his fingertips tremble, and his mobile phone was quickly pushed back, his breathing a little confused.

The cut on his lip was like a button that kept looping, reminding him of what happened.

After a long time, the announcement called Yan Shu's number. He dragged his leg slowly to the consultation room. A hand stretched out from behind him to support his body, sharing most of his weight.

Yan Shu's body was stiff, and his lips were pursed.

Lu Shenxing sent him in and stood outside.

Yan Shu and Chen Yang, the rivals in love, would meet, but now, the plot was disrupted.

Across a desk, Chen Yang was calm, and Yan Shu was calm. The two didn't fight or argue with each other. They followed the procedure asking and answering, checking and prescribing the medicine.

The moment before Yan Shu closed the door, Chen Yang said, "How did she live during the years when I was away?"

"You should ask her yourself." Yan Shu's hand pressed hard and the door closed.

He turned his head and saw his young landlord leaning against the wall waiting for him. A lot of thoughts came to him, all strange, but he was unable to drive them away as they frantically gathered in his mind.

Lu Shenxing's brows were arched and he looked at Yan Shu with concern, "Did you damage the bone?"

Yan Shu said, "No."

He caught his opponent relaxing, and his eyes flashed.

The corridor was quiet, with only the sound of shoes stepping on the ground. Lu Shenxing suddenly walked in front of Yan Shu, raising his eyes to look at him, his eyes deep.

He asked the question that was without an answer, "When I kissed you, when you were sickened?"

Yan Shu was silent, and Lu Shenxing turned around.

Suddenly his hand was pulled, and the man behind him spoke numbly, "We...can try kissing again."

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