94 - I became a landlord (5)
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94 - I became a landlord (5)

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Yan Shu wasn't gay.

If male colleague from the company came over to talk to him, leaning too close, breathing on his neck, he would reject it. Don't even mention any physical contact.

But that one person was special.

This seemed to be something he was born with, but had just never been discovered before.

After he said, "Let's try kissing again," the kid's thin lips raised, and a smile appeared in his eyes. He saw it and felt that he had become a fish before Taigong Jiang.

He was hooked.

This kiss was not as fierce and rushed as in the corner of the stairs, but tender and soft.

In the cramped cubicle, that smelled of dampness mixed with blood. There was the sound of water from the urinal outside and two men joking and talking about where they would go after they get off work in the evening.

Yan Shu's legs were soft, his hands pressed on Lu Shenxing's shoulders, and his defined knuckles were slightly white.


The voice in his ear was hoarse and muddy, Yan Shu instinctively did so and drew oxygen during a short gap.

The sound of footsteps outside gradually moved away, and Lu Shenxing took his hand out of Yan Shu's clothes, squeezing it in dissatisfaction.

He went out first, bowing his head to adjust his somewhat messy clothes, and pulled his jacket down to block his crotch and washed his hands in the sink casually.

Yan Shu in the cubicle took a few deep breaths and tugged his coat. When he came out, he inadvertently glanced at his reflection in the mirror. His lips were swollen, his eyes were wet, and his cheeks were stained red.

He was taken aback for a moment, and his vertigo was stimulated by his disorientation.

After walking a few steps, Yan Shu's back arched an arc, and he slid down the wall to the ground, "I want to wait by myself."

Lu Shenxing didn't bother him, and gave him time to calm down and accept.

Yan Shu's mood was complicated. He had never kissed Mou Yun. He had never felt hot or crazy. The tip of his tongue was raging and painful, his mouth felt like it was on fire, every drop of blood in his body was boiling.

He was like a nervous child, but he knew what he'd done and felt terrible. Yan Shu needed to sort out his emotions.

Lu Shenxing didn't expect that Yan Shu would just shrink his head and his in his shell.

On the day Yan Shu moved away, Lu Shenxing stood by the window watching him walk out of the complex, sucking on a milk box in his hand.

He was really a rush to leave, he didn't even wait for the return on his deposit.

Xiao Bai grabbed Lu Shenxing's trouser legs and rubbed against him. Lu Shenxing bent over and picked Xiao Bai up and put him on the window sill. Xiao Bai's tail tucked and his fur trembled.

Lu Shenxing sneered, "Coward."

He also didn't know if he was talking to the puppy or someone else.

He was someone who liked to do whatever he wants. What he liked today, and he may not like in a few days, but he would like that soul forever.

Lu Shenxing hooked Xiao Bai's chin, you've been mine for a long time, where could you run?

Everyone knew about Yan Shu's move. His room was the only one with a small independent balcony. Although it was located to the north and there was no sunlight, it still attracted a lot of interest.

Everyone geared up and went to Lu Shenxing, saying that they wanted to change rooms.

"That room is not for rent." Lu Shenxing flipped through his book.

Zhang Ping’s mouth was the fastest among the people there,  "Why? Isn't it free?"

Lu Shenxing slid the mouse to the bottom, "I'm leaving it for my wife."

The shocked people, "..."

The reason was sound and they had nothing to say.

Everyone went back disappointed, but Zhang Ping still pestered him, "Landlord, now they're all gone, it's just us. So tell me, how much more is it?"

As long as the price was within her acceptable range, she would be fine.

Lu Shenxing said lazily, "Zhang Ping."

Zhang Ping's eyes lit up, eager, "Yes?"

She knew that housing prices were rising fast. The landlord must have been embarrassed because everyone had lived there for so long. No matter how much it had gone up, it would definitely be higher than her current bedroom price.

Just as Zhang Ping hit the peak of anticipation, she heard a laugh, "Your pants are inside out."

Looking down, the twenty dollar pants were showing their worm like seams on the outside. Zhang Ping blushed redder than a monkey's butt. She wasn't paying attention when she dressed.

Still she didn't run, "Are you really not renting?"

"Didn't I just tell you?" Lu Shenxing touched Xiao Bai's soft belly, "My wife wants to use it."

Zhang Ping still had hope, "When she comes, won't you live in the same room?"

Lu Shenxing nodded, "That one will be used for work."

Zhang Ping, "..." She left sadly.

After taking a shower, Lu Shenxing pulled at his hair twice. Yan Shu would definitely come back. He was used to eating his food in previous lives, except for that one time when he returned.

"Go, bring me my slippers." Lu Shenxing patted Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai jumped to the ground, grabbing one slipper from the bed, then turned his head to snatch the other one. One it was retrieved then both, he put the slippers at his feet, wagging its tail at Lu Shenxing.

"Good boy." Lu Shenxing rewarded Xiao Bai with a piece of dog food.

He pulled his slippers on, then opened the door to Yan Shu's place and looked around inside. The cactus and the bamboo on the computer desk were growing out of control  and there was a glass fish tank with a tortoise lying still.

The bedding on the bed was neatly folded. Lu Shenxing lay on it and took a nap.

The next day he moved to Yan Shu's room, he filled the small balcony with plants that needed sunlight, put a rattan chair on it, and relaxed there whenever he felt like it.

About half a month later, one night, Lu Shenxing found that the novel he had been writing, had gained many more readers, all of which commented on every chapter. Also, rather than just a sprinkling of words cheering him on, each reply was serious, very long.

For a moment, Lu Shenxing thought he had made a mistake, and was reading someone else's novel. Then he clicked on the reader's IDs one by one...

Lu Shenxing didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

It was all carefully orchestrated by the same person.

He finished writing the update that day, and underneath the article he added string of words: I'm going on a blind date tomorrow, I won't update for a day,  sorry.

There was wailing under the text. Some because Xin Liang had just confessed to the protagonist when he stopped the chapter, and the others because it was Valentine's Day tomorrow, the day of abused singles, and they wanted to be on a date too.

The next day, Lu Shenxing prepared dog food and water for Xiao Bai, then went out alone and strolled in the streets. He knew that someone was watching him, and that that person was Yan Shu.

He pretended not to know, and kept his hands in his pockets while walking and looking around, putting on the appearance of one looking for someone.

"Sir, do you want to buy some flowers?"

Lu Shenxing turned around and saw a little girl was standing behind him with a basket. He glanced at the roses in the basket, "How much is one?"

The little girl smiled immediately, "Ten yuan."

Lu Shenxing took out 10 RMB for the little girl.

The little girl collected the money and said dedicatedly, "Happy Valentine's Day, mister."

Lu Shenxing hooked his lips, "Thank you."

When he was turning a corner, a hand came from behind and pulled him by his wrist. The temperature of the palm was familiar, and he knew who it was immediately.

"That..." Yan Shu was speechless.

Lu Shenxing turned his head, looking surprised, then frowned, "It's you."

Yan Shu swallowed, "Yes."

There were no more words.

"Let go." Lu Shenxing looked at him embarrassed, "I'm going on a blind date."

So he was actually going to go on a blind date. Yan Shu didn't let go, and his grasp became tighter.

Lu Shenxing casually said, "I met a beautiful and sensible girl on the Internet. It feels nice to be with her." He showed a serious attitude, "I'm done with fooling around, I'm going to get married."

When these words were said, the atmosphere surrounding them changed.

Yan Shu seemed to hear a string in his head stretch to its breaking point, and it snapped. His brain went blank. When he saw the red rose, he suddenly exploded, "I don't allow it!"

Lu Shenxing suppressed the emotion that was about to rush out into his eyes, "What?"

Yan Shu's sanity showed signs of slowly returning to the basket. He was not as aggressive as he was before, but he was a little emboldened. "Didn't you say you would mind me?"

His voice was much softer, and he looked directly at Lu Shenxing, "I don't agree with you going on a blind date."

Lu Shenxing smiled sarcastically, and put on a mocking tone, "You fucking ran away, but now you want to care!"

Yan Shu's eyes drooped, "I'm sorry." The corners of his lips were tight, "I don't like men..."

Lu Shenxing heard the shy man seem to pluck up a lot of courage, "But I seem to like you a little bit."

He reminded him, "You're contradicting yourself."

"No." Yan Shu frowned and muttered to himself, "You're special."

"I thought I would be fine if I moved out." Yan Shu's eyes stopped shaking, and he sighed in frustration, that's proved it didn't work. He started thinking about things, constantly.

He actually drew the face of a game character to be just like him.

At that time, he had a guilty conscience and was afraid of being discovered by his colleagues around him. His hands shook as he turned off the computer.

From that day on, he was sure that he was finished.

It was strange to think that he had lived there for more than three years and never had any other feelings about the landlord before. But suddenly he changed.

What's even more ridiculous was that he ran to read the novel he write. He made a lot of accounts and left messages to encourage him. He was both hoping that he wouldn't be discovered, while expecting that he would somehow know who he was.

Even as a child he never done something so stupid.

Yan Shu's heart was troubled, as if he had been dropped into a pot and slowly boiled, it was torture. He used the corner of his eyes to secretly look at the young man he was holding.

"I want to ask." Lu Shenxing stared at Yan Shu, letting go of any subtle changes in his face, "Are you aware of the difference between Mou Yun and I?"

Yan Shu's Adam's apple rolled, and he said, "I'm aware."

He'd been spending these last few days trying to figure things out. Mou Yun was in the past, and whether he liked her or not was also in the past. He was also extremely certain that he wanted to give this man his future.

Seeing the man in front of him looking like he was waiting to be punished, Lu Shenxing's eyes darkened. He saw a hotel next to him, "Let's go, we can get a room."

Yan Shu's eyes widened, not yet registering his meaning, "What do you mean?"

Lu Shenxing raised his lips, "Exactly what I said."

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