95 - I became a landlord (6)
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95 - I became a landlord (6)

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On Valentine's Day, there was the scent of love everywhere, not only from roses, but also from hotels.

When paying for the room, Lu Shenxing and Yan Shu took out their money at the same time. The staff at the front desk looked at them, and in the silence, something subtle emerged.

The next moment, Yan Shu pressed the money in his hand onto the desk, and Lu Shenxing put his hand back into his pocket.

They didn't mess around in public.

How the staff behaved wasn't their problem.

Lu Shenxing walked in front and Yan Shu followed, two steps away. His heart was on a roller-coaster and the journey was extremely thrilling.

Why did he just follow him up like this?  Yan Shu held his forehead, he must be crazy.

Someone passed by, looking sideways at Yan Shu and Lu Shenxing, the handsome pair were particularly noticeable.

Yan Shu usually didn't care, but today, he felt that those eyes were like X-rays, seeing right through him, making him uncomfortable.

"Stop acting like we're having an affair." Lu Shenxing lowered his voice, with a helpless smile, "We're just here to watch TV."

Yan Shu looked at him out the corner of his eye, "...really?"

Lu Shenxing nodded solemnly, "Watching programs that aren't suitable for children."

Yan Shu, "..."

On the fourth floor, Lu Shenxing took out the card and opened the door, "Do you want to take a bath?"

Yan Shu was still stunned, and didn't respond.

Lu Shenxing closed the door, "Then don't wash." He breathed in Yan Shu's ear, "Relax."

His breath was warm, like a feather across his skin, itchy. Yan Shu's stiff body trembled and he stumbled into the bathroom.

Lu Shenxing smiled and shook his head, then lay on the bed and watched TV.

The sound of water in the bathroom lasted for a long time. Lu Shenxing suspected that Yan Shu would shower for a year. He shouted helplessly, "Are you almost done, you won't have any skin left after washing so long."

After Lu Shenxing finished urging him, it still took a while before the bathroom door opened. The man came out with his head lowered, his hair still dripping wet.

There was water vapor in his eyes, and his beautiful neck and face were washed into a faint pink, like a beautiful gift waiting to be opened.

Lu Shenxing got up and walked over. He lowered his head and sniffed Yan Shu's neck, the tip of his nose pressed against his slightly hot skin, "Fragrant."

Yan Shu's breath was tight, "That...that..."

"I washed before going out." Lu Shenxing opened his arms, blinked at him, and said jokingly, "Would you like to check?"

Yan Shu glanced at the young landlord in front of him. His protruding Adam's apple rolled as his throat became dry. He drank a glass of water.

"Why bother putting your clothes back on after showing?" Lu Shenxing took a dry towel and wiped Yan Shu's hair. "You won't be wearing them in a while anyway, isn't it annoying."

Yan Shu’s eyes don’t know where to look. They floated to the ceiling above their heads, and then down to the ground. Anywhere but the eyes that gazed at him with a scorching heat. His hands and feet felt numb and hot.

They were both adults, but he felt that he was the only one wanting to run away in shame.

Yan Shu's mouth hurt, Lu Shenxing had punished him for his wild thinking.

The strength of the towel in his hand was light from time to time, and Lu Shenxing squinted at him, "What are you thinking?"

Yan Shu blurted out, "Thinking about you."

The corners of his mouth twitched slightly,  he was clearly obsessed to say such a stupid thing.

"I'm right in front of you now." Lu Shenxing threw the towel into the chair, and he touched Yan Shu's beautiful chin, pinched and lifted it, "You should think less and do more."

Yan Shu suddenly grabbed Lu Shenxing's hand, "Do you like me too?"

Catching the expectation in Yan Shu's eyes, Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows, "Otherwise, why else would I be here with you?"

He smiled, "I don't fool around."

Yan Shu pursed his mouth and said in a low voice, "I'm not fooling around either."

Seeing his serious and cute appearance,  Lu Shenxing couldn't endure it and was about to burst.

His kiss came suddenly, and it fit perfectly again. Yan Shu froze for a while, then stretched out his hand to embrace Lu Shenxing, and completely encircled him.

The two figures under the chandelier intertwined.

Yan Shu looked erotic, and Lu Shenxing didn't hold back.

Just when Lu Shenxing was about to take him down in one fell swoop, Yan Shu frowned and stopped. His hanging eyelashes were wet.

When fighting, position was of the utmost importance and they had yet to decide who was the general and who was the pawn.

Lu Shenxing chuckled, "How about a game of paper rock scissor to determine the position?"

Yan Shu was taken aback, he coughed twice, unexpectedly he'd come up with a method that was indeed fair.

Lu Shen held out scissors, Yan Shu held out paper.

Yan Shu felt his scalp numb, "Best of three."

"Okay, but..." Lu Shenxing paused, curling his mouth and said, "If you still lose." He stretched out three fingers, "Let me do it three times."

Yan Shu's complexion changed.


In the next game, Lu Shenxing went scissors, and Yan Shu went paper, again.


After losing two games in a row, there was no need for a third.

"Did you want to go three of five?" Lu Shenxing looked very talkative, "Same rules as before, if you lose, I'll do you five times."

Reason told Yan Shu that he shouldn't gamble anymore, but then he thought, 'Guessing is all luck. You can't say for sure who will lose or win. And there's always next time.'

He heard his own voice answer before he could react, "Okay."

Then, Lu Shenxing won effortlessly, and Yan Shu lost effortlessly.

Five times was decided in just two minutes.

Yan Shu pinched the bridge of his nose, and he seemed to have fallen into a hole he could climb out of.

Lu Shenxing continued to kiss him, laughing in a low voice, "Don't be discouraged, you'll have many more opportunities."

Everything he felt made him hot and confused and Yan Shu was led into a ditch by the other man.

After a long preparation, cooperation, and struggle to live, Lu Shenxing went through the door again.

Looking from the bottom up, Yan Shu realized that if wasn't foreign to him at all, and he was shocked.

It felt like these movements had been done countless times before.

Affected by this strange comfort, Yan Shu forgot to feel any shame.

After sleeping in the hotel until the afternoon, Lu Shenxing and Yan Shu went to the movies and strolled the streets... They did what any couple would do.

Lu Shenxing stood in front of the photo booth and stuck on photo stickers. The state of his heart at that moment could not be described.

So he didn't think about it.

Yan Shu carefully put the photo into his wallet, and the corners of his lips couldn't stop from rising.

"Why are you smirking? Is a picture better than the person?" Lu Shenxing leaned over and gave him the black tea he bought.

Yan Shu said, "It's not the same." The photos can be taken with you.

He pursed his lips, "Landlord..."

Lu Shenxing interrupted Yan Shu, "Just use my name."

After a pause, Yan Shu said, "Mingming..."

Lu Shenxing turned his head and left.

Yan Shu, who was still in the same place, looked wronged. He chased after him with his long legs, "Xiao Ming."

Lu Shenxing gritted his teeth, "Say my full name!"

"He Ming." Yan Shu touched his nose, muttering to himself, "Mingming sounds nice, though."

Lu Shenxing rolled his eyes, speaking lazily, and simply followed Yan Shu.

In the evening, Lu Shenxing pressed Yan Shu against the door. On the other side,  there was a corridor and from time to time they could hear footsteps and conversation. His nervous heartbeat accelerated, and his breathing seemed chaotic.

His whole world was right in front of his eyes, swaying and shifting.

It was only the first time they had made love, the first time they were shoulder-to-shoulder in the cinema, the first time they walked through the streets...the first time they lay in a bed together and shared a pillow, touching each other intimately. But he felt as if they had been lovers for several lifetimes.

Too many firsts happened today, and Yan Shu suffered from insomnia.

Lu Shenxing had consumed a lot of physical strength. As soon as it was dawn, he was accustomed to cuddling his man with his arms and legs, and dragging him into his arms.


Yan Shu took out his hand from the quilt and ran it through his hair, "Morning."

"Morning exercises prolongs one's life." Lu Shenxing drew out a seemingly learned remark, and started something that was not very literate.

After Valentine's Day, Yan Shu moved back in. Everyone was surprised. Didn't the landlord say it was for his wife? Was he teasing them?

Gradually, they discovered that Yan Shu's beautiful girlfriend hadn't come for a long time. Instead the landlord often came out of his room, and the two seemed to have a very good relationship.

There was a glass bottle on Yan Shu's computer desk with a red rose in it.

He cared for it very well and checked on it every day after getting off work. He wanted to raise it for a few more days, but the rose still withered quickly.

That night, Lu Shenxing bought another one and put it in.

There was always a red rose in the transparent glass bottle, quietly occupying the place, a singular bloom.

This morning, Zhang Ping came back from shopping for food. When she opened the refrigerator door, she heard an imoact on the door of the room next to hers, accompanied by a sound, which she knew well, because she often made it with her man.

But this voice sounded like Yan Shu.

Zhang Ping walked lightly. Before she approached, the door opened from the inside. Yan Shu, covered in sweat, stood at the door, a few drops of sweat slipped from his chin down his throat, before being buried in a his cotton sweater.

Looking straight ahead, Zhang Ping swallowed subconsciously, her embarrassed face flushed, "I was surprised by a sound at your door, I thought something might be wrong."

Yan Shu stroked back the sweaty hair on his forehead, "I'm doing push-ups."

Zhang Ping questioned in her heart, and he kicked the door? Although outrageous, she really couldn't think of any other possibility.

"I'll leave you to it then."

She turned around and went back to her room, thinking, that man was really sexy just now. Zhang Ping immediately looked at her own man. It would be better not to put them side by side.

After closing the door, Yan Shu's sweater was thrown to the ground again.

Xiao Bai on the small balcony scratched at the door, hungry.

More than an hour passed before Lu Shenxing released it. It ran to Lu Shenxing and scratched him vigorously.

"After serving the big one, I still have to serve the little one."

Lu Shenxing found the dog food and poured it into the rice bowl that the dog used in Yan Shu's place. Xiao Bai rushed forward and almost knocked the rice bowl over.

Listening to his pitiful tone, Yan Shu's mouth twitched. Who was it that served whom?

Lu Shenxing leaned against the table, "Come and hug me."

Yan Shu cleaned up the floor with some toilet paper and stepped forward to hug Lu Shenxing, "Why are you more tired than me?"

He and this kid had played paper rock scissors before every round, he'd never won it once, evil.

It wasn't a question of whether you were tired or not. Lu Shenxing had a lot of troubles, the door was too small and it was tight every time.

"In the evening, the company arranged a dinner." Yan Shu kissed Lu Shenxing's forehead, "Can I go?"

Lu Shenxing didn't care, "If you want to go, go."

Yan Shu was upset, he wanted to hear him say he didn't want him to, and asked him to come home on time.

"You really want me to go?"

Lu Shenxing's eyes flashed, and he looked up at the man in front of him, and just as he wished, "You'd be better to come back and accompany me."

"Okay." Yan Shu's tone was filled with unbearable joy, "Then I will go shopping for groceries after get off work, and cook for you when I come back."

Paper scissors rock or paper rock scissors? Kai bai bo, Jan ken pon...I actually don't know what this is called in Chinese...wack...

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