96 - I became a landlord (7)
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96 - I became a landlord (7)

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Yan Shu did what he said. After he got off from work, he detoured to the vegetable market to buy vegetables.

He liked feeling that Lu Shenxing depended on him.

The other people in the building usually kept their doors closed when they weren't at work and they didn’t often come out. The relationship between everyone wasn't bad but it was impossible to be too familiar. So no one knew that Lu Shenxing and Yan Shu had became permanent residents in each other's homes.

Yan Shu washed a few chilies and cut them into cubes, "Mingming, you can go onto the balcony while you wait."

Lu Shenxing already smelled the spiciness, he pushed Xiao Bai onto the balcony, "Don't worry about me, just cook freely."

Yan Shu turned his head to look at him, and then put the hot chilies in the oil in the pan.

He squinted his eyes while cooking. Lu Shenxing hurriedly put down the glass if water in his hand and opened the window to the side. The chili was much hotter than he expected.

After three dishes were fried, the room was full of oily smoke, mixed with chili.

Lu Shenxing was eating edamame, his voice was vague, "We'll move out next month."

"Okay." Yan Shu put an egg into his bowl, his tone filled with the love and admonishment of an elder speaking to a junior, "Mingming, you're still growing, eat more."

"Cough—" Lu Shenxing was choked by the food in his mouth. He grabbed a cup and drank water. It took a long time before he recovered.

Yan Shu took two bites of rice, "Tell me if there's anything you want to eat or buy."

Lu Shenxing stuffed a cucumber strip into his mouth, and it was quiet instantly.

Yan Shu raised Lu Shenxing, and Lu Shenxing raised Xiao Bai, and the days went on smoothly.

So smooth that Lu Shenxing forgot about one thing.

System 222 diligently came out to remind Lu Shenxing, "Ding, the Item PLAY game will end in three days, please hurry up and complete the task, Mr. Lu."

At the time, Lu Shenxing was sitting in front of his computer browsing the web in his lounge pants. When he heard the voice in his head, and he felt as if his eyes had turned black and the screen seemed blurry.

Yan Shu, who was tidying up his clothes in the closet, saw the other man was motionless, and said, "What's the matter?"

Lu Shenxing turned and went to s drawer to get something.

Seeing him approaching him with the pink thing step by step, Yan Shu's eyebrows jumped up, and with an expression of shame on his face, "Impossible."

Yan Shu ran away, fast, the door snapping closed behind him.

Lu Shenxing's mouth twitched, was it so terrible? He lowered his head and saw that the shape and feel could really be replicated quite well.

He researched it himself and found that it had a lot of functions.

"Xiao Bai, go call Yan Shu."

Xiao Bai lay on the ground gnawing a bone and ignored him.

Lu Shenxing rubbed his slipper against the dog, "He is making you lazier and lazier."

After waiting in his room for more than ten minutes, Lu Shenxing took his thing to look for Yan Shu on the balcony. The sound he made wasn't small when he jumped down. Yan Shu, who was sitting on the chair, heard the movement and panicked. He quickly walked over and pulled Lu Shenxing up.

"Don't do that again, it's dangerous."

Standing up straight, Lu Shenxing rolled his eyes, "If you didn't run, would I need to jump?"

Yan Shu turned his face, his ears were flushed red, and he hesitated, "...that thing, it's really impossible."

Lu Shenxing turned on the button and a buzzing vibration sounded. He curled his lips and exposed his white teeth. He looked like a villain who abducted women from rich families, "It'll feel nice."

Yan Shu insisted, "I don't want it."

Lu Shenxing looked gentle and considerate, "Why not try it first, I'll put it away if you feel uncomfortable, okay?"

Yan Shu frowned and said, "It looks uncomfortable." That thing was only for auxiliary use. The material was only plastic...He coughed in embarrassment, his cheeks hot.

"That's definitely not as comfortable for me." Lu Shenxing adjusted the settings on the switch, smiled and blinked Yan Shu, "Let it open you up first, and then I'll follow."

Yan Shu want given time to react this time. Lu Shenxing grabbed his collar with one hand and leaned over to kiss the corner of his mouth, then slowly moved to his lips.

When Yan Shu responded with vigilance, Lu Shenxing suddenly attached to his ear and breathed, "Yan Shu, do you know how tight you are? I almost can't get out of your body."

Yan Shu's mind went blank for a moment, and Lu Shenxing's hand was surprisingly fast. He cleared all obstacles and pushed him down smoothly.

The whole world stopped for two seconds.

"He Ming!" Yan Shu used his first name and last name, then he took a deep breath, his face flushed with embarrassment.

Lu Shenxing looked at his wet eyes and his breathing became heavy. He couldn't help but leaned forward and kiss him again, "Be good."

These two words seemed to have some magical power. The moment before, Yan Shu had been struggling, wishing to slam the door and move out. Now, he stared at the young landlord in front of him in a daze.

Lu Shenxing observed him, "How do you feel?"

Mr. Yan, who didn't say a word, was nervous. He felt cool, a little full, but not uncomfortable.

He quickly accommodated the intrusion, groaning unconsciously, and twisting into a more comfortable posture midway, "It's still... okay."

"..." Lu Shenxing asked hoarsely, "Better than me?"

His legs were a little weak, and a drop of sweat fell from the tip of Yan Shu's nose. He lay on Lu Shenxing's shoulders and pulled Lu Shenxing's clothes and called in a hot and humid voice, "You're the best."

Hearing his voice, Lu Shenxing almost lost it.

So this activity became a daily routine, at most five times and at least three times everyday.

After the task was completed, Lu Shenxing gained two more abdominal muscles.

On the day of the move, Zhang Ping, who spoke with Lu Shenxing the most, was still a little bit reluctant. Who knows what kind of person would move in, maybe the house would become disharmonious.

A string of rapid footsteps approached, and Zhang Ping's figure appeared at the door, "I want it!"

Lu Shenxing was startled. He twitched his mouth and pointed to the storage box beside his feet, "Do you want this too?"

Zhang Ping nodded like a little chicken pecking at rice, "I want it! I want it!"

A few more repetitions and she'd have a hook.

Zhang Ping took everything Lu Shenxing didn't want to take away, including Yan Shu's things.

She was a little embarrassed, "Landlord, Yan Shu, are you moving to a community?"

Lu Shenxing said, "Something like that."

Zhang Ping stretched her neck, "So after this, will you come by and collect the rent every month?"

Lu Shenxing raised his head, "Yeah."

He took Xiao Bai, while Yan Shu held the tortoise, and the two went downstairs together.

The newly rented house was a two-room apartment, the design wasn't new, but it was still clean. The used one as a bedroom, one as a study, Xiao Bai ate and drank on the balcony, and usually slept at the end of their bed.

Yan Shu left the company and went back to freelancing. Lu Shenxing didn't understand his industry but he made ten to twenty thousand yuan per painting, so he assumed that the paintings were quite valuable.

When Yan Shu gave his chequebook to Lu Shenxing for safekeeping, Lu Shenxing looked at the numbers, and raised his eyebrows in a sharp arc, "Why didn't you move to a bigger place before?"

Yan Shu said, "Couldn't be bothered."

His requirements for food, clothing, shelter and transportation weren't high, the minimum was fine.

Lu Shenxing grabbed a spoon to dig into the watermelon with, "Don't leave money on my novel in the future."

Yan Shu looked up from the computer, "Why?"

"It's not a good deal." Lu Shenxing spit watermelon seeds into the trash can. "Me and the website go 50-50. Every time you donate, you give half to the website."

He continued, "Don't make dozens of users and leave comments either, it looks strange."

Yan Shu was embarrassed, "You noticed?"

Lu Shenxing didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "Who else would do something so stupid?"

Yan Shu touched his nose.

Lu Shenxing held his head to look at him, "How is the story?"

Yan Shu put down his paintbrush, "It's a good concept."

The fluctuation of memories appeared in Lu Shenxing's eyes, "They're all dreams I've had."

Dreams? Yan Shu was surprised, "How do the dreams end?"

Lu Shenxing stretched his voice, "The ending..."

Lu Shenxing didn't say anything for a long time, so Yan Shu asked, "Did you forget?"

Lu Shenxing took a deep look at Yan Shu, a smile at the corners of his lips, "Of course they found each other and are together now."

When Yan Shu saw him smile, and he felt happy, even though it was for the two protagonists in a story.

"Xiao Bai recently went into heat." Lu Shenxing said thoughtfully, "We should take him in to get sterilised."

Yan Shu agreed, "Let's go on Thursday." His trouser legs had all been humped by Xiao Bai and needed to be dry cleaned. Xiao Bai was in good health.

Xiao Bai in the nest curled around himself and licked vigorously. Then he shook suddenly and barked twice inexplicably.

On Thursday, Xiao Bai looked like he was dying, probably because he knew what he would lose. He hung his head sadly for a long time.

Lu Shenxing bought another mutt to accompany it as a companion.

Choosing a day with heavy snowfall, Lu Shenxing and Yan Shu went to climb the snow fields of Dashu Mountain. The two considered the possibility of having to stop halfway, so they took a hundred yuan to catch a ride up.

The transportation they chose was a bus, and Lu Shenxing stood at the stop sign, "How many stops are there?"

Yan Shu retracted his gaze, "Twenty-four stops."

Lu Shenxing nauseated when he heard it, "Let's walk it."

Yan Shu reminded him, "You only have one hundred yuan in your pocket, and you'd have to walk dozens of miles."

Lu Shenxing's eye twitched.

When the car came, Yan Shu gave Lu Shenxing two coins, and they sat in the back row.

Yan Shu's face was caught in the light, and several girls standing in the aisle looked at him after a while, using the meager light to take a peek.

Even Lu Shenxing wasn't indifferent.

They had become the elephant in the room, the gay aura was so strong that it couldn't be covered.

Lu Shenxing tilted his head to look out the window, and Yan Shu tilted his head to look at the back of his head.

The hands of the two secretly held.

Dashu Mountain was completely white with snow, quiet and cold, it was difficult to look at.

Lu Shenxing and Yan Shu climbed up from the foot of the mountain, and stepped on the snow. When they lifted up their feet they left deep footprints and the snowflakes bloomed around them.

Not knowing how long they had been walking, Lu Shenxing sat down in the snow, panting and tired.

Yan Shu's nose was red, and there was snow on his clothes and head. He ignored his own appearance and bent over to wipe off the snow that fell on Lu Shenxing.

"I'll carry you."

Lu Shenxing glanced at him, "You can't move with me on your back." He stood up and patted his clothes, "It would be the same as you riding on my back."

Yan Shu's eyes were earnest and pious, "I want to carry you."

He stared at the young man in front of him, his soft and melodious voice contained an irresistible tenderness.

It felt so indescribable that Lu Shenxing was memorized for the first time.

Yan Shu's breath was a little messy, "Hold onto me."

Lu Shenxing hugged him helplessly.

Carrying a 1.8 metre adult in the snow wasn't only not easy, but also laborious. Yan Shu's face was always smiling, as if he had everything he ever wanted.

It was all at his fingertips.

Lu Shenxing asked Yan Shu to carry him for a while before forcibly jumping off, Yan Shu was a little disappointed.

They saw some familiar faces at the top of the mountain. Mou Yun and Chen Yang were the and they seemed to be bickering again. They were red faced and arguing, and didn't see Lu Shenxing and Yan Shu.

The two were of the same mind and neither of them stepped forward to say hello. They just watched the two perform a scene where one runs and one chases.

Yan Shu pulled his gaze back from the direction Mou Yun had left. Life had really changed for everyone around him.

Everything was better now.

Lu Shenxing took his hands out of his down jacket pocket and rubbed them. Then he walked to a couple not far away, "Could you take a picture for us."

The little couple was very happy to.

Lu Shenxing put his hand on Yan Shu's shoulder and Yan Shu said, "Smile."

Yan Shu raised the corners of his lips.

In the camera, their happiness was preserved.

After staying on the top of the mountain for a while, Lu Shenxing and Yan Shu went down the mountain.

There were a lot of messy footprints where they played and two little snowmen, one for Mr. Lu and the other for Mr. Yan, standing next to each other.

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