97 - I became a landlord (end)
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97 - I became a landlord (end)

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Mou Yun and Chen Yang quarreled with each other again. She ran away and unconsciously arrived at Yan Shu's door. It had become her habit.

Just as Yan Shu was used to staying in place waiting for her.

Mou Yun stood at the door and hesitated for a while before knocking. The one who opened the door was a strange woman she had never seen before. She seemed to have just moved in.

When she went inside, she said, "Thank you."

The woman walked to her room and noticed Mou Yun was following her. A little alert, she turned her head.

Seeing her enter Yan Shu's room, Mou Yun was also surprised, "Excuse me, I want to ask, Yan Shu who lives here..."

"Yan Shu?" The woman interrupted her, "There is no such person. I moved in recently and live alone."

Mou Yun was a little confused. The opposite door opened, Zhang Ping, who was about to meet the courier, saw Mou Yun, and said enthusiastically, "You're looking for Yan Shu, he's just moved out."

Mou Yun was taken aback. She didn't know what expression was on her face as she turned around and went down the stairs.

For so many years, she has worked hard to run forward, never thinking about the men behind her silently supporting her. Tolerating her and protecting her was a matter of course, and she enjoyed it comfortably.

Mou Yun was standing on the street watching the cars coming and going. She stretched out her hand to cover her face and rubbed it hard. She was really selfish.

Yan Shu, I hope you're happy.

Happiness was for cats that ate fish, dogs that had meat, and when Ultraman defeats the monsters. It was a general term.

Yan Shu's happiness was Lu Shenxing.

This studio wasn't big. There were a dozen people in charge of the art and 3D, most of them were young and they all eventually noticed that the boss, who looked better than a celebrity, had a family or a very strict wife.

Yan Shu discovered this rumour early on. In fact, the young man didn't care about him much, it was purely his own fancy.

He didn't like someone restraining him, controlling everything, or interfering too much. But he liked that man controlling him, wanting his passionate eyes to fall on only him.

Yan Shu got up from his desk and was about to make a call home when his phone rang. It was his half-brother.

The other side was very noisy, and a deep voice could barely be heard, "Hello? Hello! It's me, I'm here, on the train, I'm going to be there soon, you, your address, hello—"

Yan Shuping's eyebrows slowly twisted, and he grabbed his car keys and went out.

The train station was bustling with people as they filed out the exits. There was a dark middle-aged man touching his pocket at the exit. There were people behind him pushing him forward, and the staff were a little impatient, but didn't say anything.

The middle-aged man flushed anxiously, and finally found the ticket, "Here."

The staff took a look at the ticket, "Go on."

The middle-aged man sighed, grabbed the two big bags by his feet, and looked confused as he walked out.

"Da Ge."

A voice came from behind, and the middle-aged man quickly turned his head and waved excitedly.

Yan Shu walked over quickly, "Why didn't you say you were coming?" If he was stuck in a traffic jam, or was on a business trip today, then he didn't know what would happen to him.

Li Xiang froze for a while, honest people knew how to pretend to be confused, "Dad asked me to bring you walnuts."

Yan Shu sighed, "You wait here, I'll make a call first."

He walked to the corner and asked amongst the noise, "Mingming, are you there?"

Lu Shenxing replied, "Here."

Yan Shu said, "My elder brother is here."

Lu Shenxing didn't ask, "I see."

After hanging up the phone, Yan Shu walked to Li Xiang, "Da Ge, there's something I've been keeping from you." He paused, "I have someone."

Li Xiang nodded, "It's Mou Yun, right? We all know, we're still waiting for your..."

"It's not Mou Yun." Yan Shu interrupted aloud, "It's a man."

Li Xiang opened his mouth wide, thinking he had heard it wrong, "What?"

There were people walking around, curious about the two people who were standing still. The younger man was very delicate, his nose, eyes and mouth were all striking.

At first glance, the middle-aged man looked like he had been doing farm work all year round. He was rough and honest. At the moment his face was blue and his eyes were red. It was hard to say if he was angry or unwell.

Yan Shu took a while to explain and Li Xiang was greatly stimulated, and he asked, "Can't you not?"

"No, I can't," Yan Shu said.

Li Xiang raised a hand and wiped his face, "Okay, I'll think of a way to tell Dad."

After solving the problem here, Yan Shu was nervous all the way back, would that man be unhappy?

When he entered the house, he found that Lu Shenxing was in a good mood. He didn't hide or lose his temper at all. Yan Shu was relieved.

Li Xiang kept staring at Lu Shenxing but Lu Shenxing wasn't at all uncomfortable. He could look at whatever he wanted. He knew what he cared about and what his purpose for looking at him was.

There was a stranger at home, and Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei barked vigilantly. Only after being soothed by Yan Shu did they dropped their heads and go to play.

Yan Shu put the bags on the balcony and went into the kitchen to boil water.

Lu Shenxing in the living room glanced at Li Xiang, who kept rubbing his hands, "You're very nervous."

Li Xiang touched the back of his head, "I'm not, I'm not nervous." He began to rub his hands again, "How long have you been with Yan Shu?"

Lu Shenxing smiled, "It's been a long time."

Li Xiang responded then he went to the bathroom and reached out to touch the innermost pocket of his shirt. He counted out two of the one hundreds, but he felt that they were not enough. He added two more, a total of four hundred. He held the four notes and flattened the corners.

Wuth the warmth of the four hundred in his hand, covered with a thin layer of sweat, he seized this opportunity to give it to Lu Shenxing.

"Take this money and use it to buy food."

"Thank you."

Lu Shenxing wasn't shy, Li Xiang grinned happily, "You can call me Da Ge like he does."

After about four seconds, Lu Shenxing spoke under Li Xiang's expectant gaze, "Da Ge."

Li Xiang, "Hey."

He came to think was that the man his younger brother talked about must be the kind of spoiled young master who cannot be played with, or would be too shy to come out to see people, lest he cry.

Now that they'd met, he found that he was not. He didn’t know how to describe it but he just felt that he was a good match for his younger brother.

"Are these the puppies you raised?" Li Xiang looked at the two dogs not far away.

Lu Shenxing stretched out his finger, "Xiao Bai is the one who is biting his tail, and Xiao Hei is watching him."

"Good names." Li Xiang knelt down to play with them.

Lu Shenxing went to the kitchen and stuffed the money into Yan Shu's pocket, "Your brother gave me a gift."

Sprinkling the salt in the pot, Yan Shu quickly grabbed Lu Shenxing's hand, "I didn't know he was coming until I received his call. I didn't hide anything from you."

He looked at Lu Shenxing deeply, "I thought you..."

Without giving him a chance to continue, Lu Shenxing teased, "What did you think I would do? Drive your brother out or drive you out?"

"I don't joke about that kind of thing." How dull.

Yan Shu pursed his lips, staring at Lu carefully.

Lu Shenxing tugged at the corner of his mouth, breathing a little hard, "Okay, don't look at me like that."

He squeezed Yan Shu's ass, "Or I'll want to fuck you."

Yan Shu, "......"

When Li Xiang saw Yan Shu bringing a bowl of noodles to him, his ears a little red. His gaze slipped behind and he glanced at the person in the kitchen.

"Xiao Shu, that guy is very nice."

The corners of Yan Shu's lips bent slightly, "Yes."

Seeing that he was satisfied, Li Xiang didn't want to say anything anymore. His health was more important than anything else.

In the afternoon, Yan Shu didn't go to the company, and went with Lu Shenxing to take Li Xiang to several tourist attractions in the city. Li Xiang didn't know where to put his excited hands and feet. Everything seemed strange and new.

"There are many people in big cities, and there are so many cars. It's noisy."

Yan Shu nodded, "It's quiet at home."

Li Xiang turned to look at Lu Shenxing, who had his hands in his pockets, "Will you come and visit in the future? The mountains are full of trees. We've planted a lot of walnut trees and raise rabbits."

Yan Shu also looked at Lu Shenxing.

Lu Shenxing raised an eyebrow, "Okay."

They went shopping until dark, and Yan Shu wanted to book a room for Li Xiang in a hotel. Li Xiang was unwilling, saying that it was expensive and a waste of money, and kept saying that he could sleep in the living room.

Yan Shu couldn't help but flattened the sofa in the living room, and grab a quilt and pillow for him.

Fortunately, it was already early summer, and wasn't too cold at night.

A door away, Lu Shenxing and Yan Shu hugged and kissed. As things started to heat up, Yan Shu held Lu Shenxing's hand, "My brother is outside, he'll hear."

Lu Shenxing narrowed his eyes at him, "But you still tease me."

Yan Shu blushed and whispered, "...just a little bit."

Lu Shenxing cursed in a low voice and pulled the quilt up vigorously.

The next morning, Yan Shu and Lu Shenxing sent Li Xiang to the station and put a sum of money in his coat while he was in the toilet.

Li Xiang got on the train and found the money. He looked out the window and let out a heavy sigh.

After leaving the station, Lu Shenxing said that he would take a taxi back. Yan Shu didn't want him to, and insisted on sending him back. When they passed the gate of the community, they were spotted by a passer-by on the side of the road.

The young woman who had just moved into her new house retracted her wide-eyed eyes and shook her hands and posted to Weibo.

I live in a community with my boss, and I just saw...

Then there was no more text, writing in halves can cause more panic, especially in those with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The woman was besieged as soon as she arrived at work. She caved to the pressure from their enthusiasm.

No one at the scene believed it as she swallowed her saliva and raised four fingers, "I swear, I can see with both eyes. The boss touched a man's face and smiled at him very tenderly!" It was definitely not his usual forbearing smile.

Everyone was in shock, they all became quiet.

So, Mrs. Boss was a man?

The next moment a woman's face changed drastically and she died. If she saw that Weibo post, the boss must have seen it too.

Yan Shu did see it. He walked into the studio and noticed something was abnormal. He swept around and stopped on the girl who was the most panicked, she quickly recovered.

He quietly put his briefcase on the desk, then went to make a cup of coffee, and finished the cup.

After a while, Yan Shu pulled the tie around his neck, let out a sigh, lifted his foot and walked outside.

The whispering stopped abruptly, leaving only the messy clacking of keyboards.

Yan Shu narrowed his eyes and said, "If you want to ask, ask now. I don't want to hear you talk about my private life behind my back in the future."

They all shrank their heads and didn't make a sound, each of them becoming extremely reserved. The images of stars flying around them were all hallucinations.

Someone finally gave in, "Boss, between you and him who is the top?"

Everyone else turned to look at the man, their eyes crazy.

Yan Shuqing coughed, his eyes were calm, "This question is pointless."

After a long time, everyone picked up their fallen chins and reconnected them. Boss, you totally exposed yourself.

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