98 - Outside (1)
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98 - Outside (1)

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Mou Yun and Chen Yang married, and Lu Shenxing completed the last one percent of his mission.

He was still thinking about how to say goodbye to Yan Shu when Yan Shu left first. There weren’t any signs, just like every time he left, it was like a light switch snapped off.

Lu Shenxing took Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei to Yan Shu's hometown and entrusted them to Li Xiang's family.

With nothing else, Lu Shenxing returned to the virtual world, ready to accept the last mission.

"Ding, Mr. Lu, you can go home."

Lu Shenxing didn't respond for a moment, "What did you say?"

Before the words completely left his throat, his consciousness suddenly became heavy, like being crushed by a heavy hammer, then gathered together bit by bit.

"Auntie, he moved his eyelids."

"Ah? Can you hear Mum talking? Doctor, doctor, he woke up—"

Lu Shenxing was awakened and slowly opened his eyelids. What caught his eyes was the pale walls and his mother's crying face.

"Mum..." His voice was hoarse and unclear.

Chen Fang's excited lips trembled, "I’m here!"

Bending over and stroking Lu Shenxing's hair, his face and hands were shaking slightly, "Baby, you scared me."

The young girl asked nervously, "Doctor, how is he?"

"It’s a miracle." The attending doctor looked at the man on the hospital bed with unconcealed shock in his eyes. He was a materialist but could only say it was a miracle as his patient, who had been in a severe coma for a long time, showed no signs of mental decline.

It was like he was dreaming, and had just woken up.

It was impossible to say whether it was a blessing from the gods, or that the underworld didn’t accept him.

The ward had been quiet for a while, but there were hurried footsteps approaching from far away. Lu Guomao, who had rushed from the company, stared at him with wrinkled eyes.

Lu Shenxing blinked, "Dad."

Lu Guomao's tough facade was shaken, and the old man burst into tears.

Looking at the girl who was also crying, he said, "Weiwei, you should send a message to the others to explain the situation." Their relatives had been waiting for news, and the difficult days had finally passed.

"Okay, I'm going now." Qi Weiwei took the phone and left.

Seeing this, Lu Shenxing was also uncomfortable. He didn’t know how he was caught in the virtual world, and didn’t know how he suddenly came back.

Losing what he wanted the most.

"Dad, mum, how long have I been here?"

Chen Fang stopped crying and raised a hand to wipe her tears. "It's been two years."

Two years? Lu Shenxing's pupils contracted a bit. Why was it so long? Didn't 222 say he’d only be gone for a night?

He shouted in his heart, "222? Are you there?"

No response.

He tried again almost every day. Lu Shenxing suspected that he had a mental problem, so he went to the psychiatric department at the hospital.

He spoke with a shrink and had various inspections done.

"You’re healthy."

Lu Shenxing twitched his mouth and took the medical record that was returned by the doctor. Are you out of your mind? My mother is worse than you and we still call it healthy.

Chen Fang and Lu Guomao weren’t the only ones who came to pick him up, but there was also a very beautiful woman, the kind of classical beauty particular to East Asians.

Lu Shenxing's eyelid twitched as he held back the woman who was trying to hold him on one side.

"Zhang Yao, let's talk."

His alienation startled Zhang Yao, he usually called her Yaoyao. Did this man know something?

She didn’t know whether he would wake up or fall asleep like that forever. Zhang Yao pursed her lips, there was also a destitute family dragging her back.

For the money, she promised a boss to stay with him for a month, just the one time.

Chen Fang thought that it was the two who had made up, so she said to Lu Guomao, "Forget it, don't tell him about Yaoyao, it will save his heart."

He rubbed the hair on his temples, and sighed, "Do you want them to look back and discuss it when they get married?"

That Zhang Yao was actually not his intended wife, and was totally incompatible with the style of the Lu family, but he liked her.

In the cramped car, the pendant with safety engraved on it’s sides swayed gently and the air was filled with the faint aroma of mint.

Zhang Yao pulled on Lu Shenxing's hand, "Shengxing, I missed you so much."

When she said that, she took the initiative to kiss Lu Shenxing, but was abruptly blocked by a hand two inches away, "Zhang Yao, let's break up."

Zhang Yao's eyes widened in disbelief, "Why?"

Lu Shenxing raised his eyes and said, "It’s impossible."

Men don’t say no easily, but once they say it, they really mean it.

Zhang Yao's face turned green and white, "I don't believe it!"

Then with red eyes, "Shenxing, don’t lie to me again."

Lu Shenxing rubbed his forehead, "I like someone else." He picked up the corners of his mouth, "It's a man."

"You’re lying..." Zhang Yao said with a smile, "You were in a coma and we were fine. How can you wake up and say that there is someone else you like. Did you meet him in a dream?"

How can he say it’s a man?

This man was surrounded by women, and she’d never heard of him getting involved with men.

The smile on Zhang Yao's face became stiff after seeing Lu Shenxing's indifference.

"Every word I’m saying now is true." Lu Shenxing's eyes were dark and deep, and he stated, "I am in love with someone."

His words were straightforward, just like his love, "It's not you."

At this stage, they were still young, and it would be absurd to already resort to escapism and self-deception.

Zhang Yao didn't know how she got out of the car, but she cried as she walked, ruining her elaborate makeup and looking like a ghost.

Sitting on the leather chair, Lu Shenxing stretched out his hand to support his forehead. If it weren't for the accident, he would have married Zhang Yao, had a family, and had a child.

It might’ve even been a pair of cute twins.

Zhang Yao had twin brothers, and there were several twins among her relatives.

But his life was no longer on that path.

Lu Shenxing sighed, everyone was gone, and his love had turned to shit.

On the 3rd day, Lu Guomao held a cocktail party. Those who came were business partners, relatives and friends from the business community.

Lu Shenxing was the main focus.

He had trouble holding any interest however, sitting on the stairs with a wine glass, looking through the brilliant crystal chandelier, not knowing what he was seeing.

At the lower left corner of the stairs, a man in a suit and leather shoes walked over with his long legs. Lu Shenxing smiled, "Da Ge."

He raised his head slightly, "This isn’t like you."

Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows, "How am I like?"

Shi Nian didn’t answer for a long time, just looked towards the hall. A few young women were talking and laughing, beautiful and lively.

Lu Shenxing shrugged, "I'm tired."

After a sip of wine, "Da Ge, why didn't Chu Yi come?"

Shi Nian’s complexion that was rarely disturbed, changed a little, "Not enough time."

Lu Shenxing turned his gaze away, it seemed they’d quarreled again.

Qi Weiwei also ran over, and greeted Shi Nian in fear, then went up to Lu Shenxing, "Biao Ge, I have a classmate who admires you very much. Let me introduce her to you."

Lu Shenxing didn't move, "Not going."

Qi Weiwei, "..."

"Biao Ge, haven't you already broken up with Zhang Yao?"

Lu Shenxing's eyelids lifted, and he glanced at her sideways, "Your Biao Ge wants to be alone."

Qi Weiwei swallowed, who the fuck would believed you.

‌More likely he’s wondering which one he’s interested in and planning his approach.

Lu Shenxing's calmness fell upon the people around him. He was a person who didn't understand the meaning of rules since he was a child, but now he was like an old man reaching the end of his life.

Chen Fang was very worried. After waking up, her baby would often be in a daze, and even split up with Zhang Yao. He wasn’t being difficult at all, as if he had changed souls.

He was worried about the sequelae, and spent manpower and material resources inviting domestic and foreign medical experts. They all said he was fine.

"Lao Lu, have you been possessed by something?" Chen Fang thought for a while, "Maybe...I'll go check with the monk in the temple."

Lu Guomao pressed his document onto the table, "Don’t be absurd!"

Chen Fang had a guilty conscience, "It was on TV."

The old couple were sitting in the study. It was nine o'clock, and their voices were low.

The wind was blowing outside the window, and the wind cried and howled.

In the room on the second floor, Lu Shenxing was sitting on the sofa with the remote control in his hand flicking through the channels. During prime time, there was either a bloody TV series or an obnoxious reality show.

Just when Lu Shenxing wanted to go to sleep, the voice in his head sounded, as abruptly as always.

"Ding, Mr. Lu, good evening."

Lu Shenxing had a lot of things to ask, and quickly grabbed one among the mess of his thoughts, "222, every time I do a task, I encounter the same soul, where is it now?"

As time passed, Lu Shenxing unconsciously started smoking, he smoked until the cigarette burned down to the butt and singed his fingers.

He was still waiting for the answer.

"Ding, that was just a fragment of your mind."

Lu Shenxing was stunned.

"What do you mean?"

"At the time when we reached an agreement and signed the contract, many parts of your mind were scattered, and there was a fragment of your consciousness caught inside the system. This caused the first encounter.

"The fragment was amazingly strong, it consumed the energy from the system overnight, and became independent.

"Every time Mr. Lu went to a world, it would exist there."

Lu Shenxing was frozen in amazement, that soul was extremely pious and in love with him, because he was a part of him.

After a while, Lu Shenxing heard his own voice had lost its usual tone, "Where is it now?

"As I just said, Mr. Lu, wherever you are, is where it is."

Lu Shenxing's breathing came rough and fast, where was it? The world was so big, without the task, there was only a huge crowd, how could he find it?

"222, I should still have a mission to complete." In order to avoid suddenly disappearing again in the future, he wanted to figure out why he’d come back.

“Ding, the children here are too naughty and paralyzed the system, so Mr. Lu's mission was terminated." The system's voice remained the same, "Isn’t it funny."

Lu Shenxing didn't ask any more, he hurried to turn on the computer, and his fingertips trembled as he typed in those names. The results were not ideal.

After a while, Lu Shenxing turned to a friend, "Do me a favor."

The man on the other end chuckled, "Lu Junior, don't hesitate to ask."

"I need to find a few people." Lu Shenxing said, "Xin Liang, Shen Cheng, Cheng Zi, Shi Changan, Ning Que, Wu Yuan, and..."

He said the last name, "Yan Shu."

"So many?" The man asked, "When do you need it?"

Lu Shenxing restrained his voice, "The sooner the better."

His friend was very efficient. In less than an hour, Lu Shenxing had all the information of all the people in the world that went by those names.

Early the next morning, Lu Shenxing drove out of the estate and went to the nearest person named Wu Yuan.

When he found them, they were chatting with several colleagues in an office.

When their eyes met, Lu Shenxing knew that he wasn’t the one he was looking for.

Almost half a month later, everyone on the paper was found, none of them were him.

Lu Shenxing had to try something else and held a press conference.

Standing in front of the camera, he smiled into the microphone, "I called everyone here to tell a story."

All major media reporters looked at him curiously.

"In the ninth year of the Changyuan period, General Changzhou led troops to guard West Wolf City, and the enemy..."

Lu Shenxing talked about the past, and a few blocks away, a man in a trench coat who was walking on the street, suddenly looking up at the big screen across the street.

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