99 - Outside (2)
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99 - Outside (2)

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Lu Shenxing caused a sensation across all the cities in China, and he even used his connections to get involved abroad, trying his best to sweep the globe.

Chen Fang was a little frightened, "Lao Lu, my son is telling a story at a reception, is this a sequelae?" The more she said, the more anxious she became, "What am I saying? Look, what should we do?"

The landline at home and their mobile phones were about to explode, so they simply shut them down.

"Why panic?" Lu Guomao, who was sitting there, knocked on the arm of the chair and said calmly, "Be quiet."

"The story is wonderful, clearly organized, and logical, which shows that he is not abnormal."

Chen Fang rolled her eyes. He was attracting major media outlets to tell them stories, is this normal?

There were all kinds of speculations at home, and people outside were also talking about it. Partly because they were rich and willful, and liked to gossip, and partly because they were immersed in the story, tangled that he hadn’t yet reached the ending.

Remembering them one-by-one, Lu Shenxing was still standing there, pulling at the collar of his shirt, a little irritable.

His assistant stepped forward and said cautiously, "Mr. Lu, everyone is leaving."

His voice was very small, as he realized that the man in front of him was particularly vulnerable now. He was probably tired of telling stories, or maybe he was stimulated by the jumbled questions of the media.

Lu Shenxing sneered coldly, "I’m not blind."

The assistant swallowed and backed away silently.

Lu Shenxing sighed deeply. He stopped when he reached the steps at the entrance, and turned his head reflexively.

He saw a strange man.

Across the distance, their eyes crossed. After that glance, Lu Shenxing's heart beat faster, and the surprise almost overflowed from his eyes.

The man with a firm and clear temperament spoke, he heard him easily but what he said made Lu Shenxing feel bad.

"Who are you?"

Lu Shenxing walked towards him step by step, "Lu Shenxing."

The man furrowed his eyebrows, he knew him, "Your story is very familiar."

Lu Shenxing's expression changed. He hadn't used his own name, and it was normal for him to be unfamiliar with his appearance, but why didn’t he seem to remember the past?

Since he had returned to the present world, this man should also be out of the system.

Lu Shenxing stared at the person in front of him, his eyes firm and fierce, fearing that he might suddenly disappear.

"Ding, Mr. Lu, I would remind you that the other party is already an independent individual."

Fuck, Lu Shenxing cursed in a low voice.

The man's eyebrows tightened. He must not have slept well last night, and he’d been driving for more than 30 minutes, and the person in front of him seemed to be upset.

Lu Shenxing roughly pulled his own hair, "Name." He tilted his head, his eyebrows were sharp, and he gritted his teeth, "Your name!"

The man didn't want to stay any longer, his time was precious and he had been wasting it.


The shoulder was grabbed by a hand, and there was a fierce voice behind him. The man was stunned and said, "Tan Yi."

Tan Yi...Lu Shenxing let the name roll around his mouth. His hand slid down the man’s shoulder, and squeezed his hand directly, "Don't think about going anywhere."

Feeling a hot and sweaty palm covering the back of his hand, Tan Yi vigorously broke free. His movements were fast and cruel, filled with anger and rejection.

Lu Shenxing watched the man walk ahead of him.

He was so angry he wanted to laugh, amazing.

He’d found him.

Lu Shenxing found Tan Yi's information without much effort. A criminal investigation team leader, thirty-two years old, local. He was responsible for the area where Lu Shenxing lived, a coincidence.

He narrowed his eyes and lowered his head to smoke. It seemed that Tan Yi was still drawn to him.

Lu Shenxing's cell phone rang, it was from home. Chen Fang asked, "My boy, when will you be back?"

"I’m heading back now." Lu Shenxing hung up, his tone brisk.

Chen Fang at the other end was suspicious, her son seemed to be upset.

She shouted to Lu Guomao, "Lao Lu, our son will be home soon, talk to him."

Lu Guomao was playing chess against himself, "I know." He thought to himself, if there was anything to talk about, it would be how an adult doesn’t need a significant other to survive.

In the evening Lu Shenxing waited for Lu Guomao to speak, before he took the initiative to mention, "Dad, call mum as well, let me tell you something."

In the back hall, the family of three sat around a table, talking for a moment.

The finale of the TV series that Chen Fang was following was about to be broadcast soon. "Son, what's the matter?"

Lu Shenxing turned the lighter, "Dad, mum, I like men." His voice paused, "I’m gay."

Lu Guomao's expression changed immediately.

"Gay?" Chen Fang reacted slowly and didn't understand, "What do you mean?"

Lu Guomao smacked the table, "He likes men!"

Chen Fang's expression also changed.

"Yes." Lu Shenxing sat back, leaning back in his chair, and spoke with a simple tone, "Just the one man."

Lu Guomao’s face darkened, what's the difference between one and two?

"No, you‘ve just been discharged from the hospital, how can you suddenly..."

Chen Fang couldn’t finish her sentence, she didn’t like the sound, he liked men. Wasn’t this the same as the problem Shi Nian had?

"Mum, I'm very conscious." Lu Shenxing said, "That's all,. I'll bring him back in a few days." He stood up after speaking.

Lu Guomao and Chen Fang sat in their chairs, they didn’t know whether they should be happy or sad. They were now sure that their son was normal but was resolutely wavering about who they liked.

Destiny was thoroughly thought out and completely unpredictable. There was a murder case in Lu Shenxing's company. The victim was a female worker in the Finance Department. Tan Yi received the news and led the team to investigate and they met again.

"Nine o'clock last night, where were you?"

"At home."

"Can anyone else corroborate this?"

"My parents, servants, butlers." Lu Shenxing put his hands on the table in a relaxed and calm posture, "and Haha."

The pen in Tan Yi's hand stopped, "Who is Haha?"

Lu Shenxing said, "I have a dog."

Tan Yi looked at him directly, "Are you fucking with me?"

Lu Shenxing asked back, "Can I?"

The next moment Lu Shenxing got up, his chair falling back behind him. He yanked Tan Yi's collar abruptly with a harsh rubbing sound, and forced his lips on his, fighting hard.

Unsurprisingly, Tan Yi was stunned.

Then came a fist.

He saw Lu Shenxing's bloodied lip, and felt a trace of confusion.

There was a loud knock on the door outside, as someone seemed to be worried about the situation inside, "Captain Tan, what happened?"

Tan Yi took a deep breath, "Nothing."

The beaten Mr. Lu raised his hand and wiped his mouth. He pulled up the chair and sat back, crossing his legs, "Let's continue."

Looking at the man in front of him, Tan Yi came to a weird idea for the first time. This was the first time this man had acted out in an interrogation room.

According to his data, Lu Shenxing was open-minded and easy to follow-up. His private life was chaotic, but his work was the opposite, serious and organised. He had never had any run ins with the law. He fell into a coma two years ago and was recently discharged from hospital and had avoided a brush with death.

But from the sudden meeting yesterday to just a few minutes ago, what he saw was nothing like the person in his information.

Because although the other person looked at him with explicit eyes, he wasn’t gay.

All of his contacts in the data were women.

"You can hire a lawyer."

His attitude was by the books and would take responsibility for his mistakes.

"Why should I hire a lawyer?" Lu Shenxing licked his lips and smiled deeply. "We just had a good time, didn't we?"

Tan Yi left the table with nothing.

After a while, a young man came in and took Lu Shenxing away, treating him with the same cold respect as Tan Yi.

"I want to see your captain."

The young man changed his face slightly as soon as he said this, "Mr. Lu, Captain Tan is usually a very principled person with a very good temper. You have a large number of employees that need to be spoken with, sorry."

Lu Shenxing looked to the left, and Tan Yi walked towards him. The leather jacket on his body was gray in some places from being rubbed against something.

Very naturally, Lu Shenxing stretched out his hand and patted him on his shoulder, "How old is this guy, he’s like a child."

Such intimacy made the atmosphere weird, and the young man inexplicably felt that he had become a third wheel.

All the veins in Tan Yi's forehead popped out. After spending so many lives together, Lu Shenxing was too familiar with him. As soon as he pressed his lips together, he knew what was going to happen next.

"It's rare for me to visit your building, why don't you take me to your office?"

Seeing their Captain and Prince Lu go into the office together and slam the door shut, everyone around was dumbfounded. Was something going to happen?

The office furnishings were simple. Lu Shenxing followed him in, running his fingers across the globe and playing with the toy soldiers next to it.

Tan Yi felt that he must be going crazy.

"Let me guess what you're thinking now..." Lu Shenxing smiled heartily. "You’re thinking that you’re going crazy?"

If someone can easily guess what you are thinking, it is a terrible feeling.

Tan Yi's eyes sharpened instantly, and his whole body ran cold, as if he might pull out the pistol behind his back at any time.

"Don’t be nervous." Lu Shenxing touched his pocket with one hand, then sighed, "Is there anything to smoke?"

After a long silence, Tan Yi picked up a cigarette box and threw one over.

Lu Shenxing didn't answer, he lowered his head and held it in his mouth, the meaning was clear.

"Serve the people." Lu Shenxing smiled with the corner of his mouth.

Tan Yi wasn’t sure what expression was on his face as he flicked open the lighter. A flame popped out, and was passed in front of the cigarette in Lu Shenxing's mouth.

Lu Shenxing held the cigarette and took two puffs, then raised his eyes and looked over, "Did you like it?"

He asked abruptly, but Tan Yi understood, "Disgusting."

Being unexpectedly kissed by a man, besides being nauseous, how else could he react? Anything else was impossible.

Out of self-protection, Tan Yi's can only react this way.

Lu Shenxing narrowed his eyes, and his voice was somber, "Disgusting?"

The other person's eyes were too complicated, there was anger, sadness, disappointment, and helplessness. In the end, the one that settled in was a sense of pity, and Tan Yi's Adam's apple fell and froze in place.

Why was there a sense of familiarity?

He frowned and consciously turned his head to look somewhere else. There were too many things in his heart that he had never felt before.

What was going on?

Lu Shenxing walked two steps when his arms were caught, and delight burst into his eyes. When he turned his head, he moved in and asked in surprise, "Captain Tan, why are you holding me?"

Tan Yi pressed the corners of his lips tightly, and his fingers with well-knotted joints squeezed together, he didn’t know either.

But he was sure that he couldn't let him go.

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