The Doors Keep Getting Smaller and Smaller [Complete]
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The Doors Keep Getting Smaller and Smaller [Complete]

The Doors Keep Getting Smaller and Smaller [Complete]


Quick-transmigration, gong-mc but the worlds have plots this time (re:SNWWW)! The author makes her own novel covers, I love them.

This author writes a lot, so if you enjoy this you can check out I'm Almost Dead which is being translated on Chrysanthemum Garden or I Have a Secret which...might've been dropped? Disclaimer: I have read neither.

ShittyMTLer's opinion:

This wasn't my favourite QT novel but I did enjoy it. The worlds do have some depth and a variety of side characters but everything is resolved quite easily. The best part is easily the protagonist Lu Shenxing, he's got a fun personality and is extremely consistent as a character and when you find out about his background and family life I completely had a feeling of 'yeah, actually, that makes a lot of sense'. Also, although things resolve easily, he isn't protagonist who is good at everything, from the get go he's obviously a bad actor, which is a trait that comes up often and in cultivation arcs his world-sinner personality makes it obviously impossible for him to actually practice daoism. What I'm trying to say is he feels a bit more down to earth than some protagonists out there and I like him better for it.

The main thing I disliked was the male lead. He can be quite yandere, and while he's fine in some arcs, in the ones where he's underaged...things get really...creepy/gross. His personality does change from arc to arc as he has different characters, so I guess one upside of this novel is that you can definitely skip an arc if you don't like some elements within it (in bold for new readers, with the exception of the big brother arc the overarching plot is not developed much within the worlds).

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