02 - I like long legs
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02 - I like long legs

By the time Wei Ruxia recovered, Luo Tang had already taken his hand back. The temperature of the boy's fingertips still remained in her hair. They were even hotter than the afternoon sun.

He asked for her name just to prove that what she said was wrong.

He really didn't like losing.

Wei Ruxia wasn't a cautious person. She reached out and touched the hair that Luo Tang had just rubbed, then smiled as if she didn't care at all.

The girl's slender, pale fingers looked like polished white jade against her dark hair.

She was tall and thin, and under the white t-shirt her collarbone connected with her thin shoulders to form a nice straight line. Her long legs that extended from her high-waisted shorts were also thin and straight.

The weather was very hot, so she had tied up all her hair and gathered it a ball on top of her head, revealing her small face. Her features were delicate but profound, the bridge of her nose was high, her thin lips were slightly pursed, and she had long eyelashes and starry eyes, giving her an unforgettably heroic aura.

Luo Tang blinked slightly, and the thin shadow of his eyelashes swept across his lower eyelid. His pupils were jet-black, and his deep double eyelids became thin as he looked down, revealing a faint pink colour.

He could still recall the soft touch of the girl's hair on his palm, and his hand gradually became itchy as Wei Ruxia smiled. Luo Tang bowed his head and called A'Mang. Then he turned around, opened the courtyard door and went inside.

As Luo Tang opened the door and entered the house, A'Mang followed him in.

His father, Luo Qinggu, was still at work, and his mother, Yang Shuru, had gone to the publishing house to discuss the publication of a new book she'd translated. So today he was the only one at home.

As soon as he closed the door, Luo Tang pulled off his white t-shirt revealing the young man's strong body.。

Luo Tang looked white and thin, but because he exercised all year round his figure was actually quite fit. On the youth's fair torso, his muscles were well-proportioned and tight. He walked into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and took out a bottle of cold water. As he leaned against the dining table, the already clear lines of his abdominal muscles became smoother and fuller.

After unscrewing the bottle cap, Luo Tang raised his head, and his Adam's apple rolled on his slender neck. In the blink of an eye, half the bottle of water was gone.

Putting the bottle down, Luo Tang supported himself on the dining table with his hands behind him. He looked down at A'Mang who was sitting beside him with his tongue sticking out. His head tilted slightly, and his collarbone made a beautiful shape with the movement.

His well-knotted fingers squeezed the plastic bottle in his hand, making the plastic click. Luo Tang's expression was calm as he said to A'Mang lightly, "A'Mang, you're a German shepherd. You can't let people pet you from now on."

Li Suhe didn't argue with Wei Zishan for long. Fearing that Wei Ruxia would get heat stroke outside, she quickly went out and called Wei Ruxia home, then she began to help her organize her luggage.

Wei Ruxia's room was arranged by Li Suhe from the beginning. The location was next to a small living room on the second floor, which was connected to the attic on the third floor, which also happened to be Wei Ruxia's study.

Li Suhe had styled the room in a pink-blue tone, like a girlish dream.

While the two were unpacking her luggage, Li Suhe looked uncomfortable, and she looked at Wei Ruxia several times like she warned to say something. In the end, it was Wei Ruxia who spoke first.

"Are things with my dad okay?"

As if she finally found the right to speak, Li Suhe silently breathed a sigh of relief, and then sighed again, "He’s just a bit temperamental. If he says anything nasty these next few days, don't take it to heart."

Wei Ruxia could hear Li Suhe's embarrassment and worry, so she nodded and said, "I'll be fine."

Wei Ruxia's words made Li Suhe's heart distressed. She was only sixteen years old, but when she had a conflict with her father, she turned out to be the one who tolerated the other.

Reaching out and touching Wei Ruxia's face, Li Suhe said gently, "Don't worry, grandma is here with you."

Li Suhe didn't live with Wei Zishan. She had a bungalow with a courtyard in the outskirts of Ancheng. Since her retirement, she had been living there alone.

Li Suhe's words relieved Wei Ruxia's tight heart a little. She nodded and said, "Thank you, grandma."

In the blink of an eye, school started. Li Suhe drove Wei Ruxia to school early.

Ancheng's No. 1 High School was a provincial-level competitive high school and it was built in a magnificent manner. The entrance was twenty to thirty metres wide, with a large stone monument surrounded by flowers. On the monument 'Ancheng's No. 1 High School' was written in large characters.

School started today. Cars weren't permitted on school grounds, so Li Suhe parked her car in a parking lot not far from the gate. In the parking lot, luxury cars, big and small, came in and out to send students off to school.

Education was always the top priority for children. Since Ancheng's No. 1 High School was also the best school, it was inevitable that children from rich families dominated the applications.

Looking at the passing cars, Li Suhe took off her sunglasses and said to Wei Ruxia who was getting out the car with her schoolbag on her back, "Our neighbour's child Lan Tang is also at this school. It seems he's also in his second year this year. I've seen him several times, he's very quiet. When I have the opportunity to introduce you, you can be friends with him in the future. It’s good to have someone to take care of you at school."

Wei Ruxia had arrived only recently, and had no friends or classmates with her. Li Suhe was afraid that she would become withdrawn.

Wei Ruxia responded to her grandma's instructions, but she didn't take it to heart.

Last time she met with the boy named Luo Tang he was indeed quiet and clean, but he didn't seem to have a very nice personality. Like with her biological father, more contact wouldn't necessarily cultivate affection, but may aggravate him.

Wei Ruxia decided to apply for science units in the first semester of high school, so when she got to Ancheng she was placed in a STEM class.

There were forty classes in Ancheng's No. 1 High School, the first ten were liberal arts and the last 28 were STEM classes. Class 29 was a special class for competitive students and cooperated with major universities to provide teaching for talents in mathematics, physics and chemistry. The remaining classes were art classes.

Of the 28 science classes, Class 11 was for the top students in the district, Class 12 was for the top students in the city, and the rest were general science classes.

Wei Ruxia was in the twenty-fifth class, and the head teacher was Ke Wenzhen, a short woman with gentle brows. She looked very kind.

Like a baton, Wei Ruxia was passed from Li Suhe to Ke Wenzhen and then taken to the classroom for Class 25.

Classes hadn't officially started yet and the classroom was noisy. Ke Wenzhen went to the podium, took the blackboard eraser and knocked on the table to calm everyone down, then she turned and spoke to Wei Ruxia, "Come up and introduce yourself."

As soon as Wei Ruxia took the stage, there was a small exclamation below.

"Wow, she’s so tall."

Wei Ruxia heard them, but didn’t respond. She turned around and wrote her name on the blackboard, then introduced herself.

"Hello everyone, my name is Wei Ruxia."

Ke Wenzhen took the lead in applauding and said with a smile, "Welcome."

The applause in the classroom lingered as Ke Wenzhen glanced about the classroom, and finally said to Wei Ruxia, "You can sit next to Hu Yinyin."

As soon as the teacher made the arrangement, a girl in the back row who had dimples when she smiled beckoned to Wei Ruxia and said, "Deskmate, come here."

Wei Ruxia glanced at Hu Yinyin, she was very cute with a round face and white skin, like a chibi version of an anime character.

Wei Ruxia smiled, walked over and sat beside her. As soon as she sat down, Ke Wenzhen said to Hu Yinyin, "Wei Ruxia hasn't studied in Ancheng No. 1 High School before. Hu Yinyin, take her around the school and help her get familiar with the environment."

"I know~" Hu Yinyin readily accepted the task.

Ke Wenzhen gave a brief lecture then a perfunctory encouragement to study hard, and left. As soon as she left, all eyes in the classroom gathered on Wei Ruxia.

Her new textbooks hadn’t been sent out yet, so Wei Ruxia only took out her stationery from her schoolbag and placed them on the table. As soon as she put her pens down, Hu Yinyin couldn't wait to grab her and say, "Let’s go, I'll take you around."

"Okay." Wei Ruxia smiled and replied, and then got up with Hu Yinyin. As soon as she stood up, Hu Yinyin suddenly had to look up at her.

She froze for a moment, then giggled twice, and said, "I think you’re the tallest girl in our class."

Wei Ruxia wasn’t only tall, but also well proportioned. Hu Yinyin glanced down briefly, her legs were really long. Long, thin and straight, she really envied her.

Catching the glances from her classmates, Wei Ruxia didn't deny it, she just said, "My parents are tall, it’s genetic."

The two chatted on their way out of the classroom. Hu Yinyin took Wei Ruxia to get acquainted with a few common areas, the classrooms, teachers offices, the administration building, arts building, playground, gymnasium...

While the two were walking, Hu Yinyin glanced at Wei Ruxia's legs from time to time. Hu Yinyin was spirited and didn’t hold anything back. She asked Wei Ruxia as soon as she came out of the gym.

"Do you have any hobbies? There are a few clubs at our school. Those who like model airplanes have an aeromodelling club, those who like painting have an art club, and if you like sports, there are various clubs. If you want, you should join one, you can make some new friends."

Wei Ruxia's previous school didn't have so many different kinds of clubs and after listening to Hu Yinyin she became quite interested. But now she thought about it, she really didn't have any particular hobbies.

She shook her head and asked Hu Yinyin, "Do you have any recommendations?"

This was what Hu Yinyin was waiting for. After she asked, Wei Ruxia felt that Hu Yinyin's round eyes lit up as she said earnestly, "Do you like Hanfu?"

Just as the words left her mouth and before Wei Ruxia could answer, the conversation between the two was interrupted by a school-wide announcement.

"During the beginning of semester today, some students gathered for a fight in the school gymnasium. We are now making the following announcement: Senior Class 25, Han Junsong..."

Hearing the announcement, Hu Yinyin let out a ‘ah’ and said, "Fighting on the first day of school, the head teacher probably lost it.”

After speaking, Hu Yinyin let out a ‘hm’ and murmured to herself: "Why didn’t they mention Luo Tang?"

Wei Ruxia, who hadn't paid too much attention to it, gave her a look after hearing her words.

Luo Tang?

As in the Luo Tang from the house next door to hers? Although Luo Tang seemed hard to get along with, he looked clean and fresh, and not really like someone who would get into fights.

"What does Luo Tang look like?" Wei Ruxia asked.

Hu Yinyin really liked Wei Ruxia so much, asking questions that completely followed the topics she wanted to bring up. Wei Ruxia saw her lovely brow jump and her round eyes fill with light.

"Super handsome! Incredibly good-looking!"

Listening to Hu Yinyin's exaggerated evaluation, Wei Ruxia suddenly felt that the Luo Tang who got into fights might actually be her neighbour Luo Tang.

Han Junsong and Wang Silai went to the table tennis room on the second floor after being lectured. Inside a teenager in the school uniform was leaning against the window.

The teenager had a tall slim body, excellent bone structure, broad shoulders and narrow waist. He wore the dull school uniform with style.

Just after the fight, he’d loosened his tie, showing a little of his collarbone at the neckline, which was delicate and beautiful.

Han Junsong touched his nose and glanced at Wang Silai next to him. They obviously just fought, but why did he still look the same, while they were tousled.

However, with a face like Luo Tang, even if he was roughed up by a beating, he would still be handsome.

As he thought this, Han Junsong smiled, and had just raised his hand to say hello to Luo Tang when he suddenly heard a girl's voice.

Han Junsong stopped, he glanced at Luo Tang and winced in his heart. Wasn't that Li Yawen, the goddess of Xu Lingzhou who they’d just had a fight with?

Li Yawen was a woman of the world, and a dancer. You could find fault in her figure, she was petite and lovely, and her face was also beautiful. Even among the beauties of the art class, she was still the best.

"Then, what kind of girl do you like?" Li Yawen looked at Luo Tang, her eyes were watery but full of admiration.

Luo Tang didn't look at her, but looked down from the window, leaving her with a view of his handsome profile. In his sight, downstairs in the gymnasium a slightly fat girl and a tall girl were discussing something with joy.

The tall girl listened quietly, looking bright and dazzling in the sun.

Because she was too tall, the plaid skirt of the school uniform was a bit short. So beneath, a pair of long white legs could be seen.

Luo Tang watched those legs, although his black eyes didn’t show any interest.

"I like long legs." Luo Tang said.

The author has something to say:

Wei Ruxia: Are my legs sufficient?

The long decriptions of how beautiful the female and male leads are do drop off in frequency. XD

Also, I have a question regarding 'head teachers'. I would actually call them 'home room/group teachers' or 'coordinators' but I'm not sure if other schools in Australia call them that, let alone other English speaking countries...so I'm curious, do other people have a title for the 'head teacher' of a class?

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