11 - Thank you
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11 - Thank you

The lead up to the holidays always went quickly but also slowly. The last class on Friday was a class meeting and the students had already collapsed. When the final school bell rang, there were cheers from other classes in the corridors. ...

The lead up to the holidays always went quickly but also slowly.

The last class on Friday was a class meeting and the students had already collapsed. When the final school bell rang, there were cheers from other classes in the corridors.

A few of the classmates in their class also cheered. Ke Wenzhen lifted the textbook and knocked it on the desk, pointing at the shouting students, and said, "Han Junsong, did I say school was over?"

Han Junsong had a quick tongue, and he smiled and said, "It’s okay, the school bell said school is over."

There was a rather tolerable laugh in the class.

Ke Wenzhen had a headache and pointed to the date written on the blackboard during the class meeting.

"October 14th, the monthly exam is in the second week after school starts. Did you all study well? Why is there no sense of urgency?"

As soon as Ke Wenzhen emphasized this point, the joy of class vacation was instantly pressured by the mountain of exams. Wei Ruxia looked at the date, feeling a little bit stressed in her heart. She hadn't finished studying the textbooks for the first year of high school, and she could barely keep up in class. When the time came, her results would be terrible.

As she was thinking about studying, she glanced at Luo Tang, who was reading comics next to her. Ke Wenzhen's words didn't seem to have any effect on him. He turned a page of his book, calmly waiting for Ke Wenzhen to explain everything.

Students before the holiday were like fireworks ready to explode. Ke Wenzhen finally reminded them to do their homework, then said that school was over.

As soon as the words ‘school is over’ were spoken, the classroom exploded instantly. Everyone hurriedly cleaned up the desks, some were already packed, and picked up their school bags and ran away.

During the seven-day National Day holiday, the teachers of each subject assigned a lot of homework, with each subject having at least one set of papers to complete per day. Wei Ruxia took the homework and sorted out her textbooks. Her bag was packed full. Luo Tang watched her tidy up, then put his comic book into his schoolbag, not taking any of the textbooks or test papers.

This was indeed in line with Luo Tang's style. Not doing homework was a trivial matter compared to what he usually did.

And even if he didn't do his homework, he still got good grades in the exams. Wei Ruxia was deeply aware of this, as every question she asked him, there seemed to be nothing he couldn't solve.

When the two of them were ready to go home, Hu Yinyin came over with her schoolbags and stopped Wei Ruxia.

"Xiaxia, remember to come to Wuyin in the square to rehearse tomorrow afternoon."

Wuyin was a dessert and milk tea shop that also provided small private rooms that could accommodate five to six people.

On the weekend was the comic expo, and Hu Yinyin had arranged with her family to stay in a hotel on Saturday. After everything was over on Sunday, her parents would come to the comic expo to pick her up.

It was Wei Ruxia's first performance, she asked Hu Yinyin, "We don’t need to rehearse in the morning?"

Hu Yinyin let out a ‘um’, but didn't answer, Han Junsong suddenly came over from behind, "She’ll be with her boyfriend in the hotel in the morning~"

Any girl would explode after hearing this kind of joke, so when Hu Yinyin swung at him, Han Junsong dodged dexterously, and said to Luo Tang, "Luo’ge, I’m off~ Call me anytime you want to hang."

Then, he hightailed it out of the classroom.

Hu Yinyin was so embarrassed by Han Junsong that her face was pink. After she scolded him, she took Wei Ruxia by the arm and said awkwardly, "I have a date with Xu Xian in the morning, but he’s just shopping with me, it’s not at the hotel. "

Wei Ruxia naturally didn't take Han Junsong's words seriously. She smiled and said, "Okay, have fun."

After parting with Hu Yinyin, Wei Ruxia and Luo Tang left the classroom. They walked side by side, past the students gathered in groups in the corridor discussing what to do during the National Day holidays, feeling every now and then someone glancing their way.

Because of Luo Tang, Wei Ruxia was now also known by most people in the school. Almost everyone knew that Wei Ruxia and Luo Tang were neighbours and apart from going to school together, Wei Ruxia also called Luo Tang ‘Tang Tang’ and he didn’t get pissed off, which showed that Luo Tang had a high amount of tolerance for her.

As for the relationship between the two, they didn't look like a couple, rather just very good friends. Either way, the students of No. 1 High School didn’t dare to talk about Wei Ruxia and provoke him.

Wei Ruxia didn't care about the gazes of the surrounding students. She walked beside Luo Tang and asked, "Do you have any plans for the holidays?"

Regarding the holiday, the two had never discussed it. There were so many days off over the National Day holidays, Luo Tang should also have some plans, right?

"I don’t have any plans." Luo Tang said.

Hearing his answer, Wei Ruxia gave a suggestion, saying, "Then you can come to our show on Sunday. At the Minghong Exhibition Centre, you can take the No. 3 subway there directly."

While talking, the two left the school building. Luo Tang stepped onto the stairs and spoke as he walked, "You want me to go?"

"Yeah." Wei Ruxia nodded, "I'm performing for the first time, and I want to find a friend from the stage."

Walking on the road back from the campus, Luo Tang stood on Wei Ruxia's left side. She was in the shade of the trees, her face mottled with shadows, and her eyes were shaded from the sunlight.

Luo Tang stopped to look at her, his eyes darkened, and he said, "Then don't call me weird names."

Wei Ruxia turned her head to meet his eyes, and the corners of her lips were already raised.

"Tang Tang?"

"I’m not going." Luo Tang refused, straightened up and left.

Wei Ruxia laughed and followed after him.

When Wei Ruxia got home, Auntie Li, who cooked for them, was carrying a bag and preparing to leave. Seeing Wei Ruxia coming back, she said to her, "Your father is in the study today, and he didn’t eat lunch. I just finished the dinner. You should tell him to come down and eat."

Auntie Li was hired by Li Suhe. According to Li Suhe's request, she cooked two kinds of dishes every day. Wei Zi was a picky eater and he needed to pay attention to his figure, so he usually didn't eat much. But when she came this afternoon, she found that Wei Zishan hadn’t touched the food she had cooked at noon.

Regarding the relationship between Wei Zishan and his daughter, Auntie Li had a fairly good idea of it after cooking them for so long, but Wei Zishan had a bad temper, so she didn't dare to bother him rashly. She was just a cook and didn't want her employer to be angry. So she could only ask Wei Ruxia.

After seeing Wei Ruxia nod, Auntie Li finished up and left after saying goodbye.

She was left alone in the huge room again. Wei Ruxia looked up at the study on the second floor. She first returned to her bedroom with her heavy schoolbag on her back, then took out her mobile phone and called Li Suhe.

Li Suhe quickly picked up the phone, and a kind voice came through the phone line. Wei Ruxia smiled and spoke to her grandma.

"What time are you free on the weekdays? Have you packed your luggage? I'll go directly to your house to pick you up...cough cough..." Li Suhe's voice was a little low, and after speaking, she coughed twice.

Wei Ruxia heard the cough and asked, "Are you feeling well? Do you need to see a doctor?"

"It's okay, cough, just an old problem." Li Suhe coughed again, her voice was a little hoarse. As if she didn't want her to worry about her, the coughing was very suppressed.

Wei Ruxia sat at her desk and put the textbooks away, saying, "Don't come to pick me up on Sunday. I’ll take the bus by myself."

The outer suburbs where her grandma lived were several hours away from Ancheng. She wasn’t feeling well and Wei Ruxia didn't want her to drive over, because it was too tiring.

"It's okay." Listening to her granddaughter caring about herself so much, Li Suhe's heart felt sweet. She hadn't seen Wei Ruxia for more than three weeks and she missed her especially, "If you don't want me to drive, I won't worry you. You can come here by bus."

Like this, the love in their familial relationship was mutual.

Wei Ruxia hummed, then raised her eyes to look at the time. Her grandmother mentioned a few other things over the phone, that the outer suburbs were hotter than the city, so she should bring more clothes. After she finished, Wei Ruxia said she understood.

"Auntie Li said that my dad didn't eat at noon." Wei Ruxia said this after her grandma had stopped speaking.

On the other end of the phone, her grandma was silent for a long time, then after a while, she said in a quiet voice, "Honey, thank you, thank you for helping me take care of your dad."

Hearing her grandma thank her, Wei Ruxia still couldn't stand it, she had much more to thank her grandma for.

After hanging up the phone, Wei Ruxia took out her homework and started doing a practice test. After a while, she heard the sound of the door of the study on the second floor opening. Li Suhe had called Wei Zishan and he went downstairs to eat.

When the sound of footsteps disappeared on the first floor, Wei Ruxia retracted her gaze, sent a text message to her grandma, and continued to work on the questions.

Wei Ruxia thought that her plan for the next few days was to go to rehearsal on Saturday afternoon, perform at the comic show on Sunday, and then go to grandma's house for a vacation after the performance...

However, plans could never keep up with life.

After Wei Ruxia finished half of her physics homework, she heard Wei Zishan's voice as he went upstairs after eating. She gathered together her homework and went downstairs to eat. Before she entered the kitchen, there was a knock at the door.

She turned around and went to open the door. The door opened and Luo Tang was standing outside.

After returning home, she seldom saw Luo Tang unless she encountered him outside. Wei Ruxia looked at him and asked, "What's the matter?"

There was nothing the matter with Luo Tang, he handed his mobile phone to Wei Ruxia and Wei Ruxia took it. She took a look at the caller ID on it, it was Han Junsong.

"Hey." What did Han Junsong want her for?

"Hey, Long Legs, come to Yujiang, something happened to Fatty."

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