12 - Do you want to do it?
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12 - Do you want to do it?

Xu Xian asked Hu Yinyin on a date on Saturday morning and rehearsal was on Saturday afternoon. As for Friday night, he had something at home, so he couldn't accompany Hu Yinyin. ...

Xu Xian asked Hu Yinyin on a date on Saturday morning and rehearsal was on Saturday afternoon. As for Friday night, he had something at home, so he couldn't accompany Hu Yinyin.

They were in different schools and they only meet once a week. Although Hu Yinyin liked to be clingy and act like a baby, she was also reasonable. Xu Xian couldn’t hang out with her, but she didn’t feel dissatisfied. After leaving her things at the hotel, she took the subway to Yujiang to eat.

Yujiang could be called a paradise for food. In addition to the various restaurants, there were also high-end brand name clothing and cosmetic shops. The reason why Hu Yinyin went so far to eat was because she wanted to go shopping after eating and buy a set of skin care products for her mother. The location for her date with Xu Xian tomorrow was near her hotel, and she wouldn't be able to go so far.

Having eaten on the third floor, Hu Yinyin was going to the beauty section on the first floor. She was riding on the escalator and she could just see the movie billboard in front of the theater. Recently, a new Japanese anime film ‘Listen to the Wind’ was released. She and Xu Xian were both fans of the director and they were going to watch it together tomorrow morning.

Thinking of Xu Xian, Hu Yinyin pursed her mouth with some grievances, but thinking they would be meeting tomorrow, she immediately adjusted her mind and became happy and took out her mobile phone to call him.

When she was on the phone, Hu Yinyin’s escalator happened to reach the second floor. She was about to take the escalator to the first floor, but found that when her call connected, there was a beep, and the sound of ‘Blue Bird’ from ‘Naruto’ came from the store next to the escalators.

This was her exclusive ringtone set by Xu Xian. Hu Yinyin subconsciously looked towards the store and saw a girl buying clothes with a boy's arm slung around her.

The ‘Blue Bird’ ringtone came from the boy's cell phone. Hearing the ringing, the boy took out his phone, and when he turned around to answer, he saw Hu Yinyin standing at the door looking at him.

It was Xu Xian.

Hu Yinyin was a simple-minded girl. If she liked someone, she would like them with all her heart, giving him her absolute trust and absolute love.

Therefore, when she caught Xu Xian cheating on her and her trust completely collapsed. She had no reaction, no thoughts, no goals, it was as if she had frozen. Finally, Xu Xian came out and took her to the Starbucks on the first floor.

It was dinner time and there weren’t many people at Starbucks. Xu Xian found a place by the window and let Hu Yinyin sit down without any reaction.

He wasn’t embarrassed to be caught. Instead, he acted first and blamed her for his dissatisfaction with Hu Yinyin. Finally, he told her that he cheated because he couldn't stand her. Since she’d caught him, they should just break up peacefully, right?

The bitter aroma of the Americano in front of her gradually awakened Hu Yinyin's heart. The dissatisfaction that Xu Xian blamed her for was like a cold sharp blade, piercing her heart with a single cut.

He was annoyed that she was so fat and didn’t care about her diet. He called her shameless to be so ugly and still wear Hanfu, causing others to look at her and look at him like he was a monkey. He also wasn’t satisfied with their long-distance relationship and only seeing each other once a week. He didn’t like that she went to his Weibo every day and of course, what he was most dissatisfied with was that his fans said that his girlfriend was ugly...

Over time, the things Xu Xian thought was cute at the beginning had now become a burden that embarrassed him. She was just like this, and never changed, and now everything she had was an original sin for her.

Xu Xian forgot that he when made a cosplay movie over Summer, she was waiting for him with a fan and water, forgot that when he had no money to buy cosplay to dress up in, she saved her pocket money for him, he forgot that when he was sick, she took time off to take care of him, and even forgot how much she liked him...

Hu Yinyin didn't respond when Xu Xian was chewing her out, but when the word ‘breakup’ came out of Xu Xian's mouth, it was like the dam that had been holding back the flood all day and finally collapsed.

The two met during their Summer vacation after the entrance exams for high school. They started dating on the day of the first year of high school. More than a year had passed quietly and she felt that Xu Xian had integrated into her life and become part of her routine. She couldn’t imagine life without him for a while.

Xu Xian looked at her in disgust, then he got up and left. At that moment, Han Junsong appeared.

Han Junsong had originally come to watch a movie. When he went to buy a coffee at Starbucks, he overheard the whole conversation between Xu Xian and Hu Yinyin. He wanted to ignore them, but when he saw Hu Yinyin cry, he went up over and beat Xu Xian up.

After beating Xu Xian violently, Xu Xian covered his face and said that it was over between Hu Yinyin and him and left. Hu Yinyin was lying on the table and crying while Han Junsong sat opposite her and watched. In the end, he didn’t know what to do so he made a call.

When Wei Ruxia and Luo Tang got to the Starbucks, Hu Yinyin had stopped crying. She was holding a small spoon and eating the chocolate crispy rolls that Han Junsong bought her, bit by bit.

Looking up and seeing Wei Ruxia coming over, Han Junsong's tired eyebrows relaxed, and he said with a sigh of relief, "Long Legs, you’re just in time, this fountain has just stopped running."

The ‘fountain’ eating the crispy rolls raised her head and glared at him, then looked back at Wei Ruxia. Her chin wrinkled, and her eyes were red, as if she wanted to continue crying.

"Xia Xia~"

Hu Yinyin was a very ‘shallow’ person. She could vent her negative emotions in a short time, and then continue on with her life. This allowed her to recover quickly after being emotionally injured.

Wei Ruxia sat next to her, before Hu Yinyin had been crying on the phone when she finished talking to her. When Hu Yinyin asked her what she thought of Xu Xian, Wei Ruxia's instincts were correct. Hu Yinyin had actually noticed Xu Xian's strangeness, but because she trusted him too much, she didn't take it seriously.

Han Junsong wasn’t surprised to see Luo Tang also come over. The two were often together, but he didn't think much about the relationship between them. After all, he knew that Luo Tang had been told to take good care of Wei Ruxia.

"Xia Xia, watch a movie with me, I was going to watch it with Xu Xian tomorrow..." Hu Yinyin hugged Wei Ruxia's arm and leaned on it, accompanied by her, plus the healing of chocolate, she felt a lot better.

The movie took more than two hours. It was seven o'clock, and it would be past nine o'clock after watching it.

Wei Ruxia could accompany her, but Luo Tang came with her and she would have to let Luo Tang go back first. When she raised her eyes to look at Luo Tang, Luo Tang also glanced at her. They looked at each other, but Han Junsong was the one who spoke first.

"Is it ‘Listening to the Wind’? I'll watch it with you. Long Legs and Luo’ge can go back first."

"I don't want to watch it with you." Hu Yinyin murmured. She cried in front of him for half an hour. She really didn't want to be alone with him anymore.

When Han Junsong heard this, he was so angry that he huffed and stared, "You don't want to watch it with me but aren’t you the one who stopped me from seeing it in the first place. I originally came here to watch ‘Listening to the Wind’ at 6:30, but it's too late now."

Hu Yinyin was uncomfortable, and Wei Ruxia definitely wanted to stay with her, she said to Han Junsong, "It’s fine, I can watch it with her."

After she said that, Wei Ruxia turned in Luo Tang's direction, but before she could speak, Luo Tang had already taken out his mobile phone. The screen of the mobile phone was bright, and his facial features were illuminated by the light. Luo Tang said, "Let's go together."

Luo Tang bought four tickets for 7:15, and there were still ten minutes left. Hu Yinyin adhered to Wei Ruxia like a siamese twin, and healed from her emotional injury, she sighed to Wei Ruxia, " Luo Tang is so handsome."

Wei Ruxia listened to her joy, and gradually let go of her worry. She looked in Hu Yinyin's direction, and with a glance she saw Luo Tang, the most conspicuous person in the crowd.

He wore a simple white tee and black shorts. He was tall with fair skin, dark black hair, a clean face, and his temperament was very cold, as if he had walked out of a remote mountain. Fortunately, the popcorn and Coke he held in his hand softened his edges and grounded him reality.

Luo Tang bought two single sets. He had big hands and could carry a bottle of Coke and popcorn in one hand. There were a lot of people around watching him but he ignored those people's gazes, met Wei Ruxia's eyes and walked over.

Different from Luo Tang’s delicacy, Han Junsong bought a large popcorn. Hu Yinyin asked him why he only bought one. He smiled widely and said, "I only eat one-tenth, the remaining nine-tenths are all yours."

Hu Yinyin was in a good mood after hearing this, it turned out that friends were the best.

Wei Ruxia had rushed to find Hu Yinyin without eating dinner, and after the movie started, the popcorn in her hand was empty and there was a faint cry from her belly. When she was about to go for her Coke, another bucket of popcorn was stuffed into her hand.

Luo Tang's popcorn was still full, and filled with the scent of cream and corn. Wei Ruxia looked back at him. Luo Tang leaned back on his seat, his facial features were highlighted by the movie screen, deep and three-dimensional. Under his long eyelashes, the eyes reflected the light of the movie, making him look much warmer than when she saw him usually.

Wei Ruxia smiled and thanked him quietly, then stuffed a kernel into her mouth, and went back to watching the movie.

After watching the movie, it was already half past nine in the evening. The three of them sent Hu Yinyin back together. After watching the movie, Hu Yinyin's mood had improved a lot, and the knot in her heart had gradually unfolded. When she was sent to the hotel lobby, Hu Yinyin's round face collapsed, and suddenly she let out a cry.

Han Junsong heard her sigh next to him, and asked, "Thinking of that scumbag again?"

Hu Yinyin shook her head, then she said to Wei Ruxia with a sad look, "I broke up with Xu Xian, what am I going to do about the performance? The girls in the club have been looking forward to it for a long time, I can't cancel it."

Xu Xian was one of the protagonists in the play, but the drama wasn’t complicated and there weren’t many lines. Wei Ruxia asked, "We can’t get a substitute?"

"No." Hu Yinyin said, "It's National Day. It's not easy to find guys who are willing to dress up. Where can I find someone to do it on stage?"

While they were speaking, the four of them got into the elevator together. Her nose was almost wrinkled with sorrow, so Han Junsong offered himself, "Why don't I go?"

Hu Yinyin was very grateful for Han Junsong's enthusiasm but she turned to look at Han Junsong next to her, and said, "Our protagonist also has to meet certain requirements. To play an ancient dandy boy you have to be handsome!"

When Han Junsong heard this, he was dissatisfied, "Xu Xian isn’t that handsome. He couldn’t even compare to Luo’ge."

As soon as Han Junsong's voice fell, Hu Yinyin glanced at him then looked at Luo Tang who was standing in the other corner of the elevator.

They both had a bold idea in their hearts.

Of course, ideas were just ideas, and they dared not put them forward.

As Han Junsong and Hu Yinyin withdrew their gazes, Wei Ruxia next to them suddenly asked, "Luo Tang, do you want to do it?"

Han Junsong and Hu Yinyin: "!!!"

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