13 - No need to delete, I'll do it
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13 - No need to delete, I'll do it

After sending Hu Yinyin back to the room and confirming that she was okay, Wei Ruxia, Luo Tang, and Han Junsong walked out of the room and walked towards the elevator. As soon as they entered the elevator, Wei Ruxia heard Han Junsong breathe a sigh of relief. He smiled helplessly...

After sending Hu Yinyin back to the room and confirming that she was okay, Wei Ruxia, Luo Tang, and Han Junsong walked out of the room and walked towards the elevator. As soon as they entered the elevator, Wei Ruxia heard Han Junsong breathe a sigh of relief. He smiled helplessly, and said to Wei Ruxia and Luo Tang, "I'm sorry, Fatty cried so much, I really didn’t know what to do. Ah, I even dragged Luo’ge out here."

Luo Tang was here because of her, but Hu Yinyin was in trouble and he came with her to accompany Hu Yinyin, so Wei Ruxia didn’t think of it as a burden. She said, "Yinyin should be fine, right?"

She was happy again before they left, but she didn't know if she would become upset once she was left alone.

"Yeah, she has a big heart. She just needs to eat and watch the movie, and she can sleep peacefully. She’d been like that since primary school. When I used to pull her hair and she cried, she’d forgive me for a piece of candy." Han Junsong spoke very confidently.

As soon as he finished speaking, Wei Ruxia looked up. Han Junsong noticed Wei Ruxia’s sight and was a little uncomfortable, "Wow, Fatty didn’t tell you that I lived next door to her when we were little? We were classmates in primary school for three years, and then my family moved to the city and we didn’t really stay in touch."

Hu Yinyin hadn't told her. Usually, whenever Hu Yinyin talked about Han Junsong, it was either complaining about his bad taste or that he stopped functioning whenever he saw a beautiful woman.

Han Junsong didn't really complain that Hu Yinyin didn't recognize him as her ‘neighbour’. He was mostly recalling what Xu Xian said to Hu Yinyin at the Starbucks today. He got so angry when Hu Yinyin was crying.

"Hu Yinyin looked pretty when she was a child, with a round face, big eyes, and a tiny nose. She had a car accident in third grade. After the operation, there were hormones in her medicine that made her gain weight."

After mentioning it, Han Junsong sighed a little.

"She looks pretty good now," Wei Ruxia said.

Han Junsong said with a smile, "You’re biased."

When she was a child, she was chubby and cute, but when she grew up, she no longer conformed to the public’s aesthetics.

Wei Ruxia smiled but didn’t refute Han Junsong's words. She really thought Hu Yinyin was cute, but boys and girls had different perspectives on people.

After parting with Han Junsong, Wei Ruxia and Luo Tang went to the subway station. The subway station was very deserted after ten o'clock, and they were the only two people in the whole carriage.

As soon as he got on the subway, Luo Tang folded his arms, leaned his head on the carriage wall and closed his eyes to rest. Wei Ruxia looked at the back of the seat in front of her, and remembered what Han Junsong had said.

No wonder she felt that Han Junsong and Hu Yinyin always had a special sense of intimacy. It turned out that they were childhood sweethearts who grew up together.

No matter who you were, it was common to make friends with your neighbours. Even if they separated later, they still had a place in their hearts for the little friends who they grew up with.

Wei Ruxia looked back at Luo Tang. In the empty subway, the lights were extraordinarily white, and everything blended with Luo Tang's skin, making his facial features indistinct.

When Wei Ruxia looked back at Luo Tang, Luo Tang’s thick eyelashes quivered, and he opened his eyes, his dark eyes lit up his entire face. He turned his head to meet Wei Ruxia’s gaze and asked, “What’s wrong?"

The way Luo Tang looked at the moment reminded Wei Ruxia of an idiom - dian jīng zhī bi.

Although all of him looked good, his eyes were the best part, cold and deep and bottomless.

Wei Ruxia looked into his eyes, smiled, and said, "Han Junsong and Hu Yinyin are also neighbours. Even though they were separated for a long time, they still regard each other as friends. When we’re separated in the future, do you think we’ll be the same?"

Luo Tang's eyes were dark, looking at the corner of the girl's eyes, he asked, "You want to leave?"

"It's not that I want to leave." Wei Ruxia realised that Luo Tang had misunderstood her. She leaned her body on the handrail on the door and explained to Luo Tang, "It’s inevitable we’ll separate when we grow up, we might not go to the same university, and we won’t necessarily work in the same city, and in the future..."

"I’ll always be here."

Wei Ruxia didn't finish speaking, before Luo Tang ended the topic.

After being interrupted, Wei Ruxia glanced at Luo Tang. Under the blazing fluorescent lamps, his skin was glowing with cold white light and his eyes were as black as ink.

His words seemed to have another meaning, but Wei Ruxia couldn’t decipher it. Since Luo Tang was unwilling to continue the topic, she didn't go on and joked after smiling, "You’re quite dedicated."

When they arrived at their station, the two of them got off the subway one after another. It was almost eleven o'clock. Auntie Yang would probably be worried about Luo Tang, so Wei Ruxia unconsciously speeded up when she got out of the station, but Luo Tang stopped her from behind.

"Let’s go and eat something."

Wei Ruxia stopped and looked back at Luo Tang. The two boxes of popcorn in her stomach had been digested, and her stomach was complaining. Wei Ruxia looked at him and said, "Let's go home, your mum will worry."

"I sent her a text." Luo Tang looked at Wei Ruxia calmly, and added, "My mother also passed the message to Uncle Wei."

Luo Tang's handling of the matter was really excessive. Wei Ruxia looked at the young man under the streetlamp, her heart that was originally floating seemed to have been caught by a warm hand.

She didn’t refuse, walked to Luo Tang and said, “Okay, let’s go, I'm pretty hungry."

After Wei Ruxia had a burger, she returned to the housing estate with Luo Tang. There were lights in both of their houses coming out from the windows, and when the fingerprint lock on Luo Tang's house beeped, A’Mang barked and Yang Shuru's voice came from inside.

"You’re back? Where's Ruxia?"

"Auntie Yang." Wei Ruxia yelled, confirming that Luo Tang had indeed gone out to accompany her.

Yang Shuru heard Wei Ruxia's voice and took a look outside. She was wearing a silk nightdress with a shawl over her shoulders and in the night, the woman looked intellectual and soft.

"Hello." Yang Shuru responded softly, and said to Wei Ruxia, "It's late, go to bed. Have a good night."

After Yang Shuru finished speaking, she watched Wei Ruxia enter her house, before also going back inside.

Standing in the living room with the night light turned on, Wei Ruxia raised her eyes to look in the direction of Wei Zishan's bedroom on the second floor when she heard the sound of the door closing next door.

After taking a look, Wei Ruxia turned away.

What was she waiting for? She was no longer with her mother in Dongzhen.

Wei Ruxia smiled, changed her shoes and went back to her bedroom.

Since they were out a little late yesterday, Luo Tang didn’t wake up at six o'clock as usual. He was awakened by Yang Shuru's knock on the door.

Even though he’d just woken up, Luo Tang didn’t look sleepy. Yang Shuru looked at her son, then handed him the phone, and said mysteriously, "Someone is looking for you."

Luo Tang took the phone then took a look at the caller ID and decoded the caller's identity.

"Grandma Li."

Hearing Luo Tang's voice, the other party smiled kindly, and after two coughs, she said to Luo Tang, "Luo Tang, your grandma wants to trouble you."

After speaking for a while, she finally got to the thing she wanted to trouble Luo Tang for. She asked, "Do you have time?"

"Yes." Luo Tang stood in front of the window and looked outside. The old roots in the lotus pond next door had been cleaned up. Luo Tang said into the phone, "Don't worry, I’ll tell her when the time comes."

After hanging up, Luo Tang went to the bathroom and took a shower. After his shower, he had breakfast, and he went outside to go for a morning jog. As he left the house, he looked up and saw Wei Ruxia in the yard next door.

They had just entered October and it was still very cool in the early morning. He wore a thin sports jacket for his morning jog, but Wei Ruxia was still wearing the cotton shorts from last time when she was harvesting the lotus root.

She has white skin and a tall figure. Under the light blue striped shorts, her legs were straight and slender. She was watering the flowers with a hose in one hand and was reading a document with the other. She tilted her head slightly, and under her slender neck, her collarbone was beautiful and delicate.

The sound of the door opening next door caught Wei Ruxia's attention. When she looked up she saw Luo Tang. He was wearing a long-sleeved sports jacket with light gray shorts underneath. The hood of the jacket was on his head, only revealing his clean face. He seemed to be going for a run.

When Wei Ruxia greeted him, she thought he would go off on his run, but Luo Tang walked over to her house and stood still.

"What's the matter?" Wei Ruxia turned off the hose and walked to the courtyard wall. One of them was outside and the other was inside, separated by the low wall.

"What's that?" Luo Tang asked, looking at the document in her hand.

"The script." After taking a look at the script, Wei Ruxia said to Luo Tang, "Do you want to read it?"

Luo Tang had rejected Wei Ruxia's first proposal on the spot, but Wei Ruxia hadn't given up yet. She wanted Luo Tang to try it out. Firstly, it would solve the Hanfu club's urgent need for a substitute, and secondly, she felt that Luo Tang would suit the role well. His features were so beautiful, with long eyebrows and narrow eyes, a high nose and thin lips, cold white skin, and cold and gentle temperament. He absolutely suited Hanfu.

Luo Tang didn’t refuse this time. He took over the script in Wei Ruxia's hand and flipped through it.

The drama was quite simple, with only a few scenes and a few lines for the main characters.

Luo Tang flipped through it, and finally stopped at the last act on the last page.

[Wen Ziran stared blankly after seeing who had come, he walked forward...]

This was what Xu Xian wrote at the beginning of the ‘ambiguous scene’.

Luo Tang read the scene in silence, Wei Ruxia thought he didn't like it because it was too ambiguous. She stretched out her hand to get back the script, and while she reached, she said, "This part can be deleted. Actually, we never rehearsed..."

Wei Ruxia had her hand out but before she could touch the script, she was stopped by Luo Tang. Luo Tang's gaze was still on the scene. He lowered his head slightly, the morning light made his features a little gentle.

"You don’t need to delete anything, I'll do it." Luo Tang said.

The author has something to say:

Tangtang: It’s not bad, I kind of like it.

Fifty red envelopes in this chapter, announcing that the violent girl will come online tomorrow~ I want Kukuxia to give Luo Tang the feeling of ‘wow, she really is my wife’

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