15 - You didn't tell me either
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15 - You didn't tell me either

Wei Ruxia hit hard with the mop handle. The pain from hitting the ground spread to Xu Xian's nerve endings and he let out a cry, then pointed at Wei Ruxia and shouted, "Why are you idiots spacing out while she beats me to death!"

Xu Xian gave an order and the group reacted, and seeing Wei Ruxia was so fierce, they had no intention of pitying the fairer sex. The boy closest to Wei Ruxia punched out with his fist, but before he could touch Wei Ruxia, a kick landed on his chest. The tremendous force caused him to take two steps backwards before falling to the ground. Looking up, the tall boy who had been leaning on the dressing table stood behind Wei Ruxia and retracted his long leg.

His temperament was already cold, and looking down at the man on the ground, his eyes were even colder. Luo Tang straightened up, glaring at the crowd that was half head shorter than him, and said coldly, "Who are you going to fight?"

His words were like an icy ballast and no one dared to move. They all witnessed Luo Tang's kick just then, he was definitely a ruthless individual.

There was no movement from those behind him, so Xu Xian stood up from the ground and shouted, "They’re only four of them and dozens or us. What are you afraid of? Go!"

The people who followed Xu Xian were all Xu Xian's friends. He’d brought them to beat up a girl and her friend. They thought there would only be one boy, so they agreed to come and help. But now not only was there one more boy, but also one more girl who could fight.

But Xu Xian was right. How could a dozen of them be afraid of four people? For the boss, rush them!

Wei Ruxia looked at the violent crowd indifferently, and instead aimed at Xu Xian who was hiding behind them. She swept away two people with the stick and walked towards Xu Xian.

Xu Xian saw that Wei Ruxia was coming towards him, and his legs softened in fright. He once again fell to his knees, quickly dragging the person next to him to protect him.

"Hit this bitch! Hit her!"

In the brawl, no one could tell who was hitting whom. The two people who were dragged over by Xu Xian raised their legs and kicked towards Wei Ruxia. Wei Ruxia raised the stick, just about to make a move, when Luo Tang next to her swept their legs, and the two fell to the ground in response.

Luo Tang’s reflexes were very fast, always beating them to the punch. Wei Ruxia looked back at him. He still had the same pure and gentle temperament and he looked at her with eyes as clear as gems. His slender arms were slightly bent, and his elbow drew back vigorously as he slammed it into someone coming at him from behind, calmly dealing with them.

Like an invisible shield, the teenager seemed to be cleaning up the people around her, escorting her.

Wei Ruxia retracted her gaze and walked to Xu Xian who was kneeling on the ground without any opposition, swinging the stick at his shoulder. Xu Xian felt the bone in his arm seemed to break, as the pain caused  his eyes to roll backwards.

"Ah!" Xu Xian screamed again.

When Xu Xian was defenseless on the ground, Wei Ruxia grabbed the back of his collar and pulled him to Hu Yinyin's side like a dead pig.

Hu Yinyin had been pushed into a corner by Han Junsong, and was watching the brawl in front of her with a worried expression. Han Junsong said that he would fight off the scumbag and asked her to stay back, so she squatted in the corner trying to make herself smaller.

Seeing Wei Ruxia pulling Xu Xian over, Hu Yinyin looked at her worriedly, "Xia Xia, you didn't..."

Before she finished speaking, a stick was held in front of her. Wei Ruxia threw Xu Xian to the ground, and said to Hu Yinyin, "Hit him, beat him until he’s on his knees and apologises to you."

The girl was tall and thin, and stood in front of her with her heroic eyes filled with indifference. By the tone in her words she seemed like she was just asking her to go out for dinner.

Hu Yinyin had never seen Wei Ruxia like this before. She didn’t expect that with her gentle temperament, she would turn out to be such a cool girl, like a female warrior from an anime.

The people on stage hadn't finished cleaning up, and the security team, who heard the disturbance, blew their whistles.

The security captain pushed open the door and saw that seven or eight people were already lying on the ground, and several people were standing around and fighting three others. There were two boys, but why was it the tall girl who was grabbing the boy's head and kicking him to his knees? Not only that but there was also a chubby girl in the corner who was hitting the boy with a stick while he was crying and apologising. It was a lively scene.

These children were only fifteen or sixteen years old, why were they fighting so fiercely? The people lying on the ground were still wearing cosplay makeup, but the three people who were standing had clean faces. It was through this they could see the distribution between the two groups who were fighting.

And it was the three who had unilaterally beaten up the larger group.

As soon as the security entered the door, Xu Xian burst into tears, holding his head and crying, "Mister security guard, help, they’re going to beat me to death."

Security captain, "..."

The security guards came over to control the situation, and Wei Ruxia was also grabbed. The moment she was grabbed, the person next to her struck out and before the hand could hold her his wrist was instantly caught, and the joint made a 'crack' sound. The pain was severe, and the man knelt on the ground immediately and yelled.

The whole process took less than two seconds. Wei Ruxia looked at Luo Tang, who was still looking calm next to her. The security captain took out the rubber baton and said helplessly, "Oi, kid, stop it!"

Next to him, Han Junsong said to the captain of the security, "But mister, he grabbed her first."

The security captain had watched the whole process, and knew what had happened. He had a headache. These little children were making trouble but he couldn't turn them over to the police.

"Follow me to the security room, Xiao Zhang, check if there is any damage and report to Manager Sun."

He was taking them to the security room to reprimand them. A couple of children fighting wasn't worth calling the police for, and since it was the holidays, he couldn't call their teachers. With so many of them, it would also be too much trouble to call all of their parents.

"Okay, I checked and there was no property damage. You guys should just study hard in the future and stop fighting. Shake hands and make peace, and this matter is over." The security captain said while keeping the peace.

"I want them to apologize!" Xu Xian was lying in the security room, his knees still hurt so much that he couldn't stand up. He opened his mouth and looked at the four people on the opposite side.

"Xu Xian, are you shameless? You attacked us first!" Hu Yinyin flushed with anger.

Those without shame were immune to the world, Xu Xian straightened up and sneered, "Then are you injured?"

Not to mention the bystanders, even Hu Yinyin was miffed by his words. She sneered in disbelief, and cursed, "Isn't that just because you're too useless."

Xu Xian ignored her ridicule. Either way, he had been wronged and didn't care about their opinion of him. He leaned back on the chair, grunted with pain and said, "I'm going to the hospital for an examination."

The security captain looked at Xu Xian and laughed in his heart, but when Xu Xian first walked in, he was limping. If he really hurt his leg badly and they didn't take him seriously, they would have to bear the responsibility if something happened later.

Frowning in annoyance, the security captain raised his eyes and looked at Wei Ruxia and her group of four and said, "Then one of you can accompany him to the examination. I see his leg is indeed hurt."

Looking at the security captain, Wei Ruxia raised her hand and said, "I hit his leg. I'll do it."

When Hu Yinyin heard this, she said anxiously, "You have to go to your grandma's house in the afternoon. You go first. I'll take the idiot for an examination."

This had all started because of her, and she was already in debt to Wei Ruxia for her help. If she really had to accompany the scumbag to the examination, and delay going to her grandma's house, Hu Yinyin would really be upset.

"Whoever hit me should go!" Xu Xian spoke loudly and he narrowed his eyes at Wei Ruxia, thinking too himself, if he looked at Hu Yinyin now he felt disgusted, but this Wei Ruxia, although she had hurt him, she was handsome and cool, and he wanted to stay with her a little longer.

As soon as his words fell, he suddenly felt a cold sword-like gaze, splitting his body horizontally.  Xu Xian was shocked and raised his eyes to look in the direction of the pointed gaze. The cool and clean youth was looking down at him.

His eyes were as dark as night, cold and bitter.

"I hit you too." Luo Tang looked at him lightly and said, "I'll go."

Xu Xian was shocked by his words, and immediately turned to look at Hu Yinyin, "This whole affair caused by our business, you take me there."

Beside them, Han Junsong sneered as he watched his sudden change of face.

In the end, it was Han Junsong who accompanied Hu Yinyin and took Xu Xian to the hospital.  With Han Junsong, Hu Yinyin didn't worry about her parents knowing that she was already dating and getting into fights.

Sometimes, neighbouring friends were extra useful.

Now that everything was over, Wei Ruxia and Luo Tang took the subway back home.  When she arrived at the door of her house, she noticed that there was no car outside, she was relieved and hurried inside.

Her luggage was packed yesterday, not too big or small. She didn't pack many clothes, mostly homework. In fact, of the many inconveniences in travelling to the countryside. The biggest inconvenience was that if she couldn't do her homework, she couldn't discuss it with Luo Tang in person.

Wei Ruxia took a shower, changed her clothes, grabbed her suitcase and went out. She decided to wait for her grandma's friend at the door.

As soon as she left the house, Luo Tang's door opened and he walked out.

Luo Tang had also changed clothes. He wore a navy pinstriped short-sleeved shirt with a white tee underneath, and sand-colored slacks underneath. He also had a light gray bag on his shoulder.  He was tall with broad shoulders and straight legs, looking like a model in a magazine.

Looking at the backpack on his shoulder, Wei Ruxia wondered, was he going out too?

As Wei Ruxia thought about it, Luo Tang raised his head, revealing his clean and delicate face.  He looked at Wei Ruxia, straightened up and walked over.

The two met at the door of Wei Ruxia's house. When Luo Tang came over, Wei Ruxia was already smiling. The corners of the girl's eyes were slightly bent and her light brown eyes were clean and clear. She asked, "Are you going out too?"

Luo Tang stood beside Wei Ruxia, glanced down at her, and said softly, "Mm."

After Luo Tang answered, he didn't leave and stood beside her. Wei Ruxia thought he wanted to chat with her, so she smiled and said to him, "I'm going to my grandma's house. My grandma is ill, so she told her friend to pick me up. I'm waiting for them."

After speaking, Wei Ruxia asked, "How about you?"

As Wei Ruxia spoke, she kept smiling. She liked to smile a lot. She had a gentle and indifferent personality and she seemed to be able to calmly deal with anything that happened.

Luo Tang looked at her eyes and said, "I'm taking you to your grandma's house."

Wei Ruxia, "..."

To get to the outer suburbs, they needed to take the outer suburban bus. Wei Ruxia followed Luo Tang, watching him skillfully line up to buy tickets, and then look for the correct station to line up to get on the bus.

On holidays, many people from the outer suburbs come into the city for fun, and the buses to the suburbs were full of people. Luo Tang took Wei Ruxia into the bus, stuffed his luggage into the luggage rack with one hand supported on the back of the seat, then turned his head and looked at Wei Ruxia flatly and said, "Sit inside."

The bus was full of people talking but Wei Ruxia looked at the boy in front of her as if she could only hear his voice.  After she uttered an  'oh', she quickly sat down.

As soon as Wei Ruxia sat down, Luo Tang immediately sat beside her. After he sat down, he put the headphones on his neck into his ears, leaned back on the seat, and closed his eyes. His thick eyelashes cast a faint shadow on his lower eyelids.

The people in the bus gradually quietened down. Wei Ruxia leaned on the window and looked at the clean boy beside her who seemed out of line with the surroundings. Finally reality sunk in — Luo Tang was about to send her to her grandma's house.

Wei Ruxia felt heartwarmed and puzzled. She leaned back, tilted her head and looked at Luo Tang, then called, "Luo Tang?"

The boy's eyelashes trembled slightly, and the black shadow on his lower eyelid moved with it. He didn't open his eyes, but just responded, "Hm?"

"Why didn't you tell me about you going to grandma's house with me?" Wei Ruxia asked.

Hearing her question, the young man opened his eyes, revealing his dark irises with a thin layer of light over them. His head tilted slightly to look at Wei Ruxia, who was also tilting her head to look at him, his voice was as clear as a mountain stream.

Luo Tang said, "You can fight like that, and you didn't tell me."

The author has something to say:

Wei Ruxia: If I told you what would you do?
Tangtang: Buy insurance against domestic violence in advance.
Wei Ruxia: ...

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