19 - Unexpectedly, it became the truth
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19 - Unexpectedly, it became the truth

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Luo Tang went back to his own exam room, sat down and put the set square aside, next to his actual set square.

He just went to see how she went, Wei Ruxia's math test wasn’t bad. He had deliberately skipped several of the longer math problems because he wanted to calculate his points.

The two-day long monthly exams soon ended and the classrooms were full of joy and sorrow. Hu Junsong didn’t care at all since he always scored poorly. Hu Yinyin's performance often went up and down, so she had resorted to worshiping the gods.

Ke Wenzhen, who had been invigilating the exams and distributing test papers to the exam rooms the past two days, came into the classroom.

The room was very noisy. Everyone was discussing the English exam. Ke Wenzhen listened to the reading comprehension question they were discussing and asked with a smile, "You all chose A? For this question, it should’ve been C."

The class who chose A suddenly sighed.

Knocking on the table, Ke Wenzhen reigned in the class and asked, "How did you do in the exams?"

"Ahhhh, don't ask." Wu Jiajia was the class’s English rep and had the best relationship with Ke Wenzhen. When Ke Wenzhen asked, she frowned and let out a sweet voice.

This sixteen or seventeen-year-old young girl was too talented at playing tsundere. The more she acted like she didn’t do well in the exam, the better she did in the exam.

Ke Wenzhen looked at the frowning faces of her class and she guessed an average in her heart. She smiled and said, "Okay, we don't want to talk about the exams. I’ve just received the notice from the school that the school sports meet will be held next Wednesday. Everyone please enthusiastically sign up. Huang Xingqun, you can keep track of the numbers."

Huang Xingqun was one of the members of the student committee. Hearing the arrangement, he nodded and said, "Got it."

The first monthly exam was two weeks before the school sports meet, as was tradition at Ancheng No. 1 High School. As soon as the announcement was made, the originally quiet classroom blew up again.

"Woo, the sports meet is finally here, but I’ve only been playing the past two days!"

"Didn't you take the long jump last year? Will you do it again this year?"

"I don't want to participate, there are only some prizes, and we have to spend all our time preparing. I’d rather just go to school and hang out afterwards."

The school’s sports meet was a track and field event that was held over three days. They only needed to gather for the opening on the morning of the first day and the afternoon of the third day. The rest of the time, students were free to go between then events.

Listening to the enthusiastic discussion of her classmates, Wei Ruxia remembered the time when she was back up north. Her school’s study arrangements were very tight, there weren’t any sports meets, they were only for the junior high schools.

At the time, everyone liked participating in the sports meet and her classmates often cheered loudly. Part of the reason was that they could earn credit and prizes for participating.

The monthly test results were posted up before their PE class the following week. Their math class had just ended and Liu Naiwen hadn’t left. After a glance at their results, he turned back and said, "It would be great if you guys would get these scores on the math tests."

With an average score of more than 100 points, they should basically be able to score more than 100 points on the tests. After Liu Naiwen finished speaking, the class burst into laughter and jumped over to see the results.

Whether or not Hu Yinyin’s results were good would affect how much pocket money she’d be getting, so when she saw someone moving to check their results, she dragged Wei Ruxia in.

They were sitting at the back of the class and when they got to the board there was already a circle of people crowding it. Hu Yinyin was short and couldn't see, so she asked Wei Ruxia, "Can you see? What did I get?"

Wei Ruxia's height was just enough to see the results. She was aware of her level, so she looked at it from the bottom moving up. She saw Han Junsong first, then Hu Yinyin, and finally her own name at the twenty-fifth place. Wei Ruxia was about to scan from top to bottom to look for Luo Tang, but when she looked up, she saw that Luo Tang was right above her.

Luo Tang had placed twenty-fourth in the exam, which was nine places lower than his initial scores.

"You’re 30th." Wei Ruxia came out of the crowd and said to Hu Yinyin.

Hu Yinyin's performance remained stable, and she thanked the gods she hadn’t dropped.

Wei Ruxia went back to sit down, and said to Luo Tang, who was still reading his comics, "You took the 24th place in the exam this time."

Luo Tang didn’t seem to care at all about his grades. He turned a page of the book, his long eyelashes shifting lightly, and he responded, "Hm."

"Is it because I often got you to help me that you didn't have as much time to study?" Hu Yinyin said that he has very stable grades, was good at all sciences, and would definitely be ranked higher after the small subjects were added.

Luo Tang hadn't been out for a fight recently, and he would put away his comic books during class to listen to a class or two. He shouldn't have ranked so badly in the exam.

When Wei Ruxia asked, Luo Tang raised his eyes and looked at her. The teenager's face had deep contours and fair skin and Wei Ruxia was close enough to see the small hairs on his face.

"I forgot to bring a set square when I took the math test." Luo Tang said.

With that said, Wei Ruxia remembered what had happened during the exam. She thought about it, Luo Tang seemed to have a only lost points on math this time and only scored just over ninety points in the exam.

There were two long questions that required a set square, if she added those marks together, that would account for his lower than usual score.

Wei Ruxia felt it was a pity, she said to Luo Tang, "I'll remind you to bring a set square to the next exam. Since you lost points on the exam this time, you're next to me. Our midterm exams might be in the same exam room."

She had thought it was a joke before the exam, but now it seemed to have come true.

Luo Tang looked at her regretful expression, his eyes moved slightly, then he retracted his gaze, and went back to reading comics.

Everyone looked at the results. Huang Xingqun clapped her hands, gathered everyone and said, "It's time for PE class, let's go outside, everyone hurry up and gather downstairs."

In the end, it was impossible to get self-conscious teenagers to sign up for sports events.

As soon as the PE class began, Huang Xingqun explained the situation to the teacher. After getting the teacher's consent, she stood in front of the class and said to everyone, "There are still many events that have not been filled, and everyone seems to think that they aren't athletic. To make things fair, let’s have an internal competition today and choose those with the best results to participate in the sports meet."

Huang Xingqun was a girl who spoke quickly and had a bad temper. She was a little hot chili pepper.

"Urgh, isn't that too much." Someone in the class said.

Huang Xingqun frowned and said with displeasure, "Don't you have a sense of class pride?"

"Can class pride help me get to the lunch line early?" Someone else said.

Huang Xingqun got angry and shouted, "Chen Yisheng!"

This Chen Yisheng was the old fried dough stick of the class, he was different from Han Junsong and others, he studied well, but he didn't like to participate in any activities outside of study.

"Don't you care about our prime minister?" Huang Xingqun complained our Wang Anshi.

Wang Anshi, who was standing at the back of the  class was named. He uttered an 'uh' then said to everyone, "If everyone is enthusiastic about signing up, you don't need to be selected."

Chen Yisheng sneered and asked, "Then the class reps should take the lead and fill up those events that no one else wants to do."

"Chen Yisheng!" Huang Xingqun shouted again.

Wang Anshi felt that as the class rep, he really ought to take the lead. He pushed up his glasses and asked Huang Xingqun,"What events are people least willing to participate in?"

As a leader, Wang Anshi's personality was really too soft. When Huang Xingqun heard Wang Anshi's question, she was all out of anger and said, "Shot put."

Wang Anshi, "..."

Everyone laughed.

Although there was a lot of dissatisfaction, everyone finally cooperated in the selection for the events. They started with the women's events, the first was sprinting.

As soon as the class dispersed, Han Junsong walked over to Luo Tang, he was wearing a basketball uniform, and they had made plans to go to the gymnasium to play basketball.

"Luo'ge, let's go."

Luo Tang didn't move, his gaze stayed on Wei Ruxia in the middle of the track.

Hu Yinyin was next to Wei Ruxia on the track and she had her brow wrinkled with a frown on her face.

"Running is really killing me, I wanted to queue up to buy barbecue bibimbap."

Wei Ruxia was happy.

Huang Xingqun yelled 'on your marks' and everyone squatted to make preparations. As soon as the word 'go' was called out, Wei Ruxia dashed out with large strides.

When she started running, Wei Ruxia didn't put in too much effort. After the sprint, she looked back and found that everyone was behind her, Hu Yinyin next to her.

The results came out very quickly. Huang Xingqun ran up to Wei Ruxia, like she'd found a good seedling for the national team. She said to Wei Ruxia with a smile on her face, "Wei Ruxia, you can participate in the 100 metres, 400 metres and 4x200 metres relay."

After just running a hundred metres, Wei Ruxia's breathing was still even while Hu Yinyin was out of breath next to her. She hugged Wei Ruxia and said, "So much running!"

Huang Xingqun glanced at Hu Yinyin and said, "You can participate too, none if the other girls in the class were as fast as you."

"Wah." Hu Yinyin reacted, pointing to the tired and out of breath girls next to her and said, "You guys ran slowly on purpose!"

Wu Jiajia looked a little low on blood sugar. She leaned on the girl next to her and said, "You have long legs. One step for you is two steps for us."

Wei Ruxia didn't mind Huang Xingqun's arrangements, she thought it would be nice to be able to participate in the sports event. After she'd joined the class, she hadn't interacted with many of her classmates, and participating in the sports meet could bring her closer to her classmates.

"Okay." Wei Ruxia agreed.

Han Junsong also watched the whole race between the girls. Just now, when Wei Ruxia ran with her two long legs, she really looked like she took only one step for their two.

"Long Legs is pretty good." Han Junsong said with emotion.

Luo Tang glanced at him and Han Junsong fell silent immediately. Luo Tang straightened up and walked out of the track field with his schoolbag on his back. As he walked, he said, "Let's go."

Putting on the jersey from his schoolbag, Luo Tang came out of the locker room. Han Junsong and the others were already warming up on the court.

Class 25 and Class 24 all had PE class together. After slipping out, they would meet in the gymnasium.

Today not only were there the two classes, but the school basketball team was also training. The Senior High School Basketball League was going to be held in mid-November, and they were stepping up their practice.

"Luo'ge!" Han Junsong threw the basketball in his hand, Luo Tang reached out to catch it, and after bouncing it twice, he flicked his wrist and threw the basketball towards the hoop.

He was standing outside the three-point line, and the basketball flew in an arc and reached the backboard very calmly. Finally, with a 'clunk', the basketball fell into the basket.

"Wow!" Han Junsong was stunned. He watched the three-pointer then turned back to Luo Tang and said, "You're getting more and more disgusting."

Luo Tang didn't care, he straightened up and walked to the rebounded ball to start the game.

With Luo Tang there, Class 24 scored horribly. When Luo Tang made the last goal of the game Class 24 had no fighting spirit left.

When they were about to end the game, they suddenly heard a 'puff' falling to the ground from the other side of the court, and everyone looked over.

"Ah!" A boy screamed.

The basketball team who were just being coached by Wang Ye rushed into the crowd. The player in the centre was holding his leg, his face was pale, and his sweat was cold.

"Get out of the way!" Wang Ye gave the team members orders and shouted, "What are you doing in a daze, send him to the infirmary!"

There was chaos on the basketball court, and Luo Tang watched the whole process.

Han Junsong watched the player being carried away, and said sharply, "It's Lai Qing, the basketball team's vice-captain, right? Fuck, it looks like he's hurt badly."

Someone from Class 24 added, "He definitely won't be able to participate in the basketball league. I will finish reading the results of our school this year."

The reason why the Ancheng No. 1 High's basketball team was invincible was inseparable from the synergy between the basketball captain Li Haoshu and the vice-captain Lai Qing. The team would be paralyzed if one of their arms were broken.

"Mr. Wang is worried again." Han Junsong said.

After returning home from school that day, Wei Ruxia told her grandmother about her results and that she would be running at the sports meet. Hearing that her grades have improved, Li Suhe was very happy and encouraged, "That's wonderful, I think you’ve been working hard, you’ll definitely be able to catch up later. The standard of the students at No. 1 High School is very good, if you can be ranked in the mid-range, it shows that you are well within that standard."

Li Suhe used to be a teacher and after hearing what she said, Wei Ruxia gradually gained some confidence in her heart. She had no long-term plans for the future, but she definitely wanted to go to college. As for where she would go, what kind of university she would go to, that would all be determined by her high school grades.

"Yeah." Wei Ruxia replied and asked Li Suhe, "How are you doing these days?"

Hearing her granddaughter’s concern, Li Suhe felt sweet in her heart again. She smiled and said, “I’m okay. Today I took some Chinese medicine from Dr. Jiang. It’s just a matter of conditioning. Don’t worry about grandma."

When Li Suhe said that, Wei Ruxia felt relieved. She did cough badly during the National Day holidays, but during the whole call she didn't even hear her cough once.

By the end of October the days were getting shorter and shorter and the time passed faster and faster, the sports meet soon began.

Of Wei Ruxia's sprinting events, the 100 metres was on the morning of the first day, the 200 metres on the morning of the second day, and the 4x200 metre relay was on the morning of the third day.

Her events were relatively scattered and she was in a very good state during the competitions, taking the top three in the 100m and 200m. Huang Xingqun almost regarded her as a female warrior, massaging her shoulders and legs.

As a competitor who was also going to run the 4x200-metre relay, Hu Yinyin moved her leg next to Huang Xingqun and said, "Sports Rep, my legs are also sore."

Huang Xingqun knocked her leg aside and said in disgust, "Get up, you didn't even rank, you should be ashamed to ask."

"Then we won't even enter the finals." Hu Yinyin said dissatisfied.

Wei Ruxia smiled and retracted her legs, and said with a smile, "My legs are fine."

As soon as she pulled back her foot, Hu Yinyin stretched out her leg with a smile, and Huang Xingqun massaged her in disgust.

It was about time to prepare for the race. Some athletes had already entered the middle of the track and Wei Ruxia saw a girl with a high ponytail in the crowd.

"Chen Yanming, she’s a sprinter." Huang Xingqun massaged Hu Yinyin's legs and analyzed the situation. "They’ve all been training for the relay races, we definitely can't outrun them. For this event if our class can get fourth place it’ll do."

"Could you please have higher expectations of us?" Said another girl who was running in the relay race.

Huang Xingqun snorted and said, "If it weren't for Wei Ruxia, my only hope for you is just not to take the last place."

Wei Ruxia knew Chen Yanming, they’d met twice before the sports meet, and every day of the meet. She was a sprinter and the women's 100m champion was her.

While she looked at the tight muscles on Chen Yanming's thighs, Chen Yanming also looked over to their side, and then sneered and turned her gaze back.

She seemed to be Li Yawen's best friend.

When Han Junsong followed Luo Tang to the track, the women's relay race was about to begin. The two arrived at the place where their class was,Wang Anshi was already there sitting and watching. He still had a large number hanging on his chest. He didn’t participate in the shot put competition in the end but the long jump.

"Is Fatty running first?" Han Junsong took two bottles of mineral water from behind the class rep and threw a bottle to Luo Tang as he asked.

Wang Anshi nodded and said, "Yeah, Hu Yinyin is first, and Wei Ruxia is last."

While he was talking, the gunfire sounded and the runners started sprinting, the whole field was filled with cheering from their classmates.

In the golden autumn of October, the young boys and girls on the track raised their immature faces, their clear eyes were full of encouragement and expectation. Their shouting was inspiring.

When Wang Ye found Luo Tang, he was watching the race on the track. He walked to the boy, who had just finished playing basketball and hadn’t even taken off his wristband. His slender fingers held a bottle of mineral water, his bones distinct and beautiful, they were a good pair of basketball hands.

It was Han Junsong who noticed Wang Ye first. When he saw him, he was puzzled and said, "Hey, does Coach Wang like to watch track and field, too?"

Luo Tang turned around and found Wang Ye was watching him.

Wang Ye was a basketball coach, he used to play basketball and was 1.85 metres tall. Although he was middle-aged, his figure was still very good, and although he looked quite mellow, he was fierce on the basketball court. Han Junsong often heard him shout when he played. But getting angry wasn’t his main skill, it was the basketball team that he coached that was really amazing.

Wang Ye was actually there to find Luo Tang. He smiled at Luo Tang and said, "I'm here to find you."

"What's up?" He was focused on the track, and there was only one more pass before Wei Ruxia's run. In the 200-metre race, the students in the art class were about to overtake the students from the ordinary class.

Luo Tang was 1.8 meters tall, had slender and well-proportioned limbs, tight muscles and strong skills. In the three days of the sports meet, he’d played basketball everyday in the gym, and Wang Ye had observed him for three days.

"The basketball team's vice-captain Lai Qing is injured, and the center guard position is now empty. The skill of his alternate is also too poor." Wang Ye started and then asked Luo Tang, "Do you have any interest in filling the role?"

Wang Ye rarely talked to his players in such a calm manner. When he thought he was being particularly amiable, instead of answering him, the teenager in front of him ran away.

"Hey." Wang Ye yelled, and his gaze followed the young man as he sprinted away and looked over.

In the relay race it was arranged for Class 25 to run the second track which was considered the outermost track, and the third track was for students from the art class. The art students originally had a long lead on them, but at the third baten pass, it seemed they deliberately narrowed the distance. At the fourth baton, Wei Ruxia and Chen Yanming took the baton together.

In the relay race, each person only needed to run 100 metres, changing at each corner. Wei Ruxia and Chen Yanming were neck and neck, and at the turn, Chen Yanming swung out with her backhand and baton was about to hit Wei Ruxia. Wei Ruxia dodged subconsciously and stopped suddenly, but the sudden change in momentum caused Wei Ruxia to lose her balance and fall.

The sound of her own heartbeat pierced her eardrums, and the air that was knocked out of her felt like a knife, cutting her throat as she breathed. Wei Ruxia looked at Chen Yanming, who was running ahead to the finish line. When she gritted her teeth to stand up, her arm was suddenly pulled up and Wei Ruxia smelled the scent of mint.

Luo Tang frowned slightly, staring at the bruise on Wei Ruxia's ankle as he held her.

"It's okay, let me finish running." Wei Ruxia took the baton and started to run.

Before she could take a step however, the back of her collar was pulled.

"Why are you running?" Luo Tang pulled Wei Ruxia into his arms with a slight amount of force, and then lifted her up horizontally. His expression was tense, and his perfect face in the sun resembled a painting drawn by the artist himself.

"I'll take you to the infirmary." Luo Tang.

The author has something to say:

Tangtang: Showing affection in front of the teachers and students of the school.
Wei Ruxia: I’m not in love with you yet.
Tangtang: Eep~

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