20 - I'm not happy to see anyone
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20 - I'm not happy to see anyone

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As soon as Luo Tang got on the track, everyone's attention shifted from the finish line to the track.

When he pulled up Wei Ruxia, the spectators watched in doubt; when he pulled Wei Ruxia's collar, the spectators gradually became surprised; finally, when Luo Tang grabbed her side and picked up Wei Ruxia, the spectators uttered a 'wow' in unison. Then it was not only the spectators in the audience, but even the runners at the finish line looked over.

After being picked up, Wei Ruxia looked up at the finish line. Chen Yanming supported herself with one hand and drank a bottle of mineral water. She turned her head and looked at them, then after drinking, she laughed, turned back and said something to Li Yawen, who had handed her water to her.

Li Yawen also looked at them, but her face wasn't as good as Chen Yanming's, she looked at Wei Ruxia and Luo Tang and her brows furrowed tightly.

Wei Ruxia had just bruised her ankle, she had no major problems with her muscles or bones, she certainly hadn't reached the point of needing to be held like a princess. She had just finished a 100-metre race, her face was hot, she raised her eyes and glanced at Luo Tang who was holding her.

The distance he had just ran to get there also was not short, and his white cheeks were a little red, but his breath was steady. From the bottom up, the teenager's five senses were still able to withstand scrutiny, beautiful chin, tightly pressed thin lips, slightly wrinkled eyebrows, dark and clear eyes on both sides, bright water under his thick feather-like eyelashes.

Perceiving her gaze, Luo Tang lowered his eyes slightly, and his eyes became more and more beautiful.

‌"Should I let you down, can you  walk by yourself?"

"Hold on." Wei Ruxia thought of Li Yawen's expression and replied faintly.

Luo Tang hugged Wei Ruxia and walked to the infirmary. Since everyone was on the field, there was no one in the school infirmary. As soon as Luo Tang entered the door the school doctor, a woman in her fifties, saw Wei Ruxia's bloody ankle, twisted her eyebrows and said, "Quickly put her down, I'll sterilize it."

Pulling the curtain open, Luo Tang put Wei Ruxia on the hospital bed while the doctor went to get the medicine. Wei Ruxia looked down at the wound, and the rubber tarmac track hadn't rubbed her too badly.

"Have you got beef with her?" Luo Tang pulled over a chair and sat down. The chair was very small and his tall and slender body spread out on the chair, his posture looked very attractive.

Chen Yanming only helped Li Yawen attack her this time, and Li Yawen's grudges with her were mostly due to Luo Tang's relationship with her.

She couldn't recall ever having such a tortuous and bizarre 'grudge' for a long time, and it seemed Luo Tang couldn't see it. Li Yawen liked to remain composed, she liked Luo Tang but never gave anything like a love letter to express her affection.  She thought of herself as a school flower, but Luo Tang only thought of her as an ordinary girl. There were so many people in the school who had a secret crush on Luo Tang, how could he notice Li Yawen.

Even now, he only thought that Chen Yanming's attack was because of some grievance between her and Wei Ruxia.

"Something like that." Wei Ruxia answered ambiguously.

"Xia Xia!" Hu Yinyin pushed open the door of the infirmary and walked in. The school doctor who had returned with the iodine and cotton balls was taken aback.

"Ma'am, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Hu Yinyin quickly apologized, and then ran over.

When she ran in, she had a lot to say but when she saw Luo Tang, she swallowed it back.

Han Junsong followed her in. He glanced at Wei Ruxia's injury and said, "Is Long Legs okay?"

"I'm fine, it's just scratches." Wei Ruxia replied.

Hearing that she was okay, Hu Yinyin breathed a sigh of relief. Han Junsong looked at Luo Tang and said, "Coach Wang has come for you, he wants to continue talking with you."

The school doctor began to treat Wei Ruxia's wounds, and Luo Tang got up and walked out after taking a look.

As soon as he went out, Hu Yinyin hurriedly sat on the small chair he had just sat on. It looked totally different from when Luo Tang was sitting with her, Luo Tang sat down like a big praying mantis, while she sat like a little dumpling.

"I think Chen Yanming did it deliberately." Hu Yinyin was filled with indignation.

After they chatted a while and the doctor sterilized Wei Ruxia's cuts and went out. As soon as she left, Hu Yinyin approached Wei Ruxia and said quietly and firmly, "Chen Yanming hurt you, how are you going to get her back?"

Seeing Hu Yinyin's indignation, Wei Ruxia smiled, looking at the wound on her ankle, she said in a relaxed tone, "Retaliation isn't necessary. I don't deal with things so impulsively."

Han Junsong twitched his mouth next to them, as if he'd heard a big joke.

"Wasn't it you who used a stick to whip the scumbag last time?"

Wei Ruxia choked up and explained, "That was a special situation."

Hu Yinyin, who was labelled 'special', felt that Wei Ruxia had been spoiling her more and more. She held Wei Ruxia's arm and said coquettishly, "Xia Xia, you're so kind to me~ I want to marry you~"

Han Junsong, "..."

Wang Ye leaned against a window sill in the corridor outside the infirmary and looked up at the calm youth in front of him. Basketball players all want to play well, in addition to having a suitable figure and skills, they also needed to have a strong sense of resilience. The students on his basketball team had the first two, and all three seemed to be present in the Luo Tang before him.

He looked at Luo Tang and said, "If that girl wants to make a report to the track and field team, she might not be able to the Provincial Games. They are both students in the same school, such extreme action shouldn't be necessary."

Luo Tang had just agreed to participate in the basketball league, but his request was for Wang Ye to contact the track and field coach to impose a penalty on Chen Yanming. Among athletes, it was true that this kind of underhanded play was the most despicable, but it was just an event at the school's sports meet, a small conflict, and it wouldn't be treated very seriously.

Luo Tang looked at Wang Ye quietly, but didn't answer. Wang Ye was a little overwhelmed by him. He straightened up and said, "This may affect that girl's future."

"When she hit someone, she didn't think about her future." Luo Tang said indifferently, "I'm an outsider, why should I consider it for her."

Wang Ye looked at Luo Tang, them smiled after a long time, and said, "Okay, that's fine. I'll talk to Coach Li about this. You come to the school for training on Saturdays and Sundays."

Luo Tang's last words woke him up, the girl was indeed at fault and she should be responsible for her own actions. She didn't think about the consequences, why should they consider them on her behalf.

After the relay race, the morning events ended.  The closing ceremony for the sports meet was in the afternoon, the students who went out to play gradually returned to school. Just after lunch, the corridors were all noisy and full of students.

Compared to the ordinary classes below, the floor with the art classes was much more raucous.

After having lunch with Hu Yinyin, Wei Ruxia went to the door of the art class. During the sports meet the students in the art class didn't wear school uniforms, and Wei Ruxia in her school uniform seemed a bit out of place. Wei Ruxia didn't feel embarrassed. She pulled a small girl over and asked, "Are Li Yawen and Chen Yanming here?"

Li Yawen and Chen Yanming were sitting in the classroom talking, they were at the same table, sitting by the window. Hearing someone looking for them both, they both looked at the door together.

At that moment, a tall girl walked through the door. Before they could react, Wei Ruxia put her hand on the table next to theirs, blocking the two people inside.

The screech of the table being dragged was loud and harsh, and the students outside were shocked by Wei Ruxia crashing into the classroom. Hearing the movement inside, they immediately ran into the classroom to watch the excitement.

Wei Ruxia put her hands on the table and looked calmly at Li Yawen and Chen Yanming who were stuck inside.  Li Yawen was obviously frightened, and Chen Yanming was unhappy because she had just been reprimanded by the track and field coach. Seeing Wei Ruxia, she instantly went on the offensive.

The overall strength of the track and field team was amazing. She may be at a bit of a disadvantage to beat the boys, but she was more than enough to beat the other girls. After she yelled, "Little bitch", she swung at Wei Ruxia with a slap.

But her slap didn't hit Wei Ruxia's face. The other girl raised her eyes slightly, reached out and caught her wrist, then pushed her aside. Chen Yanming couldn't find her balance and fell to the ground.

Wei Ruxia watched her fall impassively. When Li Yawen reached out to help Chen Yanming, she pulled her arm back to make her look up at her.  She had a calm expression and a soft tone. She looked down at the girl who was trembling with fright but was still trying her best to keep herself elegant, and said, "You like Luo Tang, right. I can help you hand over a love letter, but if you do these little moves behind my back again, I won't be so polite."

The affairs of the three girls were handled under the watchful eyes of the other students in the class.

Li Yawen was a school flower, she was accustomed to holding the title. She liked Luo Tang but hadn't confessed to him for so long because she felt that she was different from other girls.

Today, Wei Ruxia spoke her own thoughts to her face and she shown to be just like the other girls who wanted to stick Luo Tang, Li Yawen suddenly couldn't maintain her facade at all.

"Who likes him?" Li Yawen gritted her teeth, her eyes were full of fire.

Listening to her question, Wei Ruxia's expression didn't change much. She nodded slightly and looked straight with Li Yawen, her light brown eyes were clear and translucent.

"Then why are you targeting me? Are you saying you like me?" Wei Ruxia asked.

After the principal gave his final speech, the sports meet was over. It was now five o'clock in the afternoon and school would end after they returned to their classrooms for a class meeting.

Everyone felt their homes calling to them and they all wanted to hurry back to listen to the head teacher summing up their class's sports meet results. The entire auditorium was in chaos, with discussions drifting across the room from time to time, and occasionally a trace of gossip.

"Fuck, have you heard? Luo Tang's childhood sweetheart went to the art class and tore Li Yawen a new one."

"Really? Fuck, who's side is Luo Tang on?"

"He must be with his childhood sweetheart. It turned out that Luo Tang wasn't interested in our school flower at all. It was just Li Yawen's unrequited love but she couldn't confess to his face."

"Luo Tang doesn't like Li Yawen? I thought all the boys in school liked Li Yawen. Then who does he like? Is it that childhood sweetheart? She's really pretty."

"But they don't seem to be together, right? It feels like there's no spark there at all."

The gossiping group was above the stands, in the crowd, and didn't notice that they were directly above the protagonists themselves.

Wei Ruxia was walking in front and Luo Tang followed her, stopping the students around them from standing too close, preventing someone from touching Wei Ruxia's ankle wound.

Her wound had been treated and white gauze covered the graze so her slender ankle seems to be dotted with a camellia.

Behind her was Luo Tang, Wei Ruxia touched her forehead, and said to Luo Tang, "I didn't do much, it was juat a personal grievance."

Looking away from her ankle, Luo Tang looked at Wei Ruxia. Although the girl was tall, she was still shorter than him. She didn't turn her head when she spoke, so Luo Tang could only see her dark ponytail and the white and slender neck underneath it.

With a slight movement of his Adam's apple, Luo Tang asked in a low voice, "About me?"

The matter had been settled and Wei Ruxia didn't want to involve Luo Tang again. She just smiled, looked back at Luo Tang and said, "No, she likes me."

The girl's face was clean and refreshing, her light brown eyes were bent into crescents, and the shape of the silkworm beneath her eyes was full and beautiful, making her smile very contagious.

This was the first time he'd had a rival in love.

Within their high school Class 25 had a mediocre record in this sports meet. After Ke Wenzhen briefly summed it up with, "Study well, just do it", she ended the class.

Today was Friday and the subway was particularly crowded. Despite being so crowded, Luo Tang still provided a small space for Wei Ruxia. Wei Ruxia leaned back on the subway wall and looked at the crowd behind Luo Tang. She reached out, grabbed Luo Tang's arm and pulled it to her side. As soon as the two of them were close, Luo Tang looked down at her and his youthful aura enveloped her.

Wei Ruxia looked up at him with a smile and asked, "What did the basketball coach talk to you for today?"

The distance between the two of them was too close, causing Luo Tang to bend his elbow and rest his forearm against the subway on top of Wei Ruxia's head. The cold subway walls suppressed the heat in his heart.

"He wanted me to participate in the basketball league."

Luo Tang often played basketball in the gym. The basketball coach should have noticed him after seeing him play basketball well. Speaking of it, Wei Ruxia hadn't seen Luo Tang play basketball seriously yet.

"That's great, are you going?" Wei Ruxia asked.

The two of them looked at each other, the young man's eyes were clear, his eyelashes trembled slightly, and he said lightly, "No. The league is in Mucheng for two days, and someone needs to accompany me. My mother has no time."

This answer made Wei Ruxia feel it was a shame. She glanced at Luo Tang and narrowed her eyes. After thinking for a while, she said, "The basketball league is on the weekend, right? How about I go with you?"

Luo Tang looked down at Wei Ruxia in his arms, and then cast his sight outside the subway door. Looking at the Mercedes-Benz billboard outside, Luo Tang responded softly, "Okay, I'll trouble you then. I'll talk to the coach tomorrow."

With regard to personal matters, Luo Tang could definitely take care of himself. If she followed, it would be nothing more than handing him water and towels, Wei Ruxia was confident she could do that much.

The two had become friends before she realised and Luo Tang helped her more than she helped Luo Tang. Wei Ruxia was happy to accompany Luo Tang to take care of him.

After parting with Luo Tang, Wei Ruxia entered the password and opened the door. As soon as she entered the yard, Wei Ruxia paused. She glanced at the flowers and plants that had just been watered in the yard and a smile appeared on her lips as she ran into the house.

"Grandma." Wei Ruxia called.

As soon as she called, Li Suhe responded from the kitchen. Wei Ruxia ran to the kitchen and found Li Suhe passing the last dish to Wei Zishan.

Seeing Wei Zishan, the joy on Wei Ruxia's face stagnated. She smiled, but immediately adjusted her expression.

"Perfect timing." Li Suhe took off her apron, reached out and tucked Wei Ruxia's hair behind her ear, then said lovingly, "Wash your hands and let's eat."

Wei Ruxia quickly put down her schoolbag, washed her hands in the kitchen, and sat next to Li Suhe who had been waiting for her.  Li Suhe looked thinner than she was during the National Day holidays. Wei Ruxia asked, "Why did you come to the city all of a sudden?"

Li Suhe had actually come to visit the hospital for a physical examination this time, but she was afraid that Wei Ruxia would think too much, so she only said one sentence, "I missed you so I wanted to come."

The two smiled at each other and ate dinner together.

Wei Ruxia hadn't eaten with others for a long time. She usually ate separately from Wei Zishan when she was at home. Now that grandma was at the table, she was very happy.

After eating, Wei Ruxia was still in a good mood. After chatting with her grandma, she took her schoolbag back to the study to do her homework.

The school held a three-day sports meet, so all the coursework they skipped was assigned as homework by the teachers of their various subjects. Wei Ruxia started with mathematics, and got stuck after doing just two questions.

Looking up to check the time, she estimated that Luo Tang should have already eaten and took out her phone to video call Luo Tang's WeChat.

Luo Tang seemed to have just taken a shower. He was wearing a white tee and his hair was wet and covered by a white towel, making his eyes more black and beautiful.

Seeing that he was drying his hair, Wei Ruxia didn't rush. She smiled and said, "Dry your hair first."

Luo Tang responded lightly, his back leaned on the back of the chair, revealing his thin chest. Staring at the video, Wei Ruxia buried her head in the next question, with a smile on her face.

"In a good mood?"

"Yeah." Wei Ruxia didn't conceal it, and smiled while writing, "My grandma is here, I'm glad to see her."

Luo Tang put his fingers through his hair and looked a little cold. He said to Wei Ruxia, "You're happy when you see anyone."

Hearing the teasing in his tone, Wei Ruxia glanced up at the screen of the phone. In her line of sight, Luo Tang had put the towel aside, and his white and slender fingers wandered through his black hair.

"Really?" Wei Ruxia looked at the boy and asked with a smile, "What about you?"

"I'm not." Luo Yuan raised her eyes to meet her gaze, and said in a deep voice, "I'm not happy whenever I see anyone."

Wei Ruxia lifted her lips and looked at the boy's picturesque face.

"Then are you happy now?"

In the video, the teenager's eyes drooped slightly, he lightly licked his lower lip, put the towel to one side, and leaned towards the table.

Luo Tang's face was suddenly magnified. He opened the maths homework next to him, and his thick and slightly curled eyelashes trembled slightly. The boy responded with a lightly and replied, "Yeah. Which question?"

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