28 - I cannot leave you
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28 - I cannot leave you

The boys from the sports school didn't break their promise. During the club meetings on Thursday, Hu Yinyin stood in front of the window of the activity room for the Hanfu Club and saw a group of people storming in downstairs. The leader was the bully Wei Ruxia fought yesterday.

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The boys from the sports school didn't break their promise. During the club meetings on Thursday, Hu Yinyin stood in front of the window of the activity room for the Hanfu Club and saw a group of people storming in downstairs. The leader was the bully Wei Ruxia fought yesterday.

"Xiaxia, hide!" A dozen people were coming to the art building with a clear goal. It was obvious that they were looking for Wei Ruxia.

Hu Yinyin hurriedly pulled Wei Ruxia out to hide. As she was being pulled out Wei Ruxia also noticed the group of people from yesterday were looking for her. He brought more than a dozen people, he really thought highly of her.

As soon as they left the room, they heard the chaotic footsteps and voices of several people in the corridor. When Hu Yinyin heard it, she pulled Wei Ruxia back in the door and said to the people in the Hanfu club, "Hurry up and hide her."

Before Wei Ruxia could react, a few girls from the Hanfu Club squatted her down in the innermost corner of the Hanfu Club. Hu Yinyin looked back to see that Wei Ruxia was hiding, then opened the door and ran out.

The young ladies from the Hanfu Club apparently had never seen this kind of battle before, and their faces turned pale with fright when they heard the shouts and curses outside.

When the door of the Hanfu Club was finally kicked open, several of the girls trembled with fright.

It was the little eyed guy from yesterday that kicked the door open. Although his eyes were small, it didn't affect his arrogance in the least.  When he entered the door and saw a row of girls standing there, he glanced around, then said to the person behind him, "Huang'ge, not here."

After he finished speaking, he turned and was about to leave. Before the door was closed, however, it was pushed open again. Small Eyes quickly flashed aside and the boy called Huang'ge came into the room. He looked at the girls and smiled, and said, "Little misses, let me look at you."

Hearing his voice, Wei Ruxia recognized Huang'ge as the boy who hit Wang Ming's face with the bank card yesterday. His voice didn't match his appearance, it was a little sharp.

The girls from the Hanfu Club looked at each other, but no one left. At that time, Small Eyes also noticed something was wrong, he stood on his tiptoes and glanced at the back. He wasn't tall and still couldn't see, so he stretched out his hand to push away the girls next to him.

"Fuck me...ah!"

When he was about to grab the girl, his wrist was suddenly clamped. The grip was so powerful that he thought his wrist had been crushed. His body bent with pain, he looked up and saw Wei Ruxia.

Wei Ruxia squeezed Small Eye's wrist and stood in front of the frightened Hanfu club members. She looked at the dozen or so people at the door with a faint expression.

"If you have some business we can go outside, it has nothing to do with them.  "

This was really the first time Huang'ge had seen such a tough girl. She fought hard and managed her facial expressions very well. Seeing so many people coming for her, she didn't look panicked at all. How? Did she not realise she was one against ten?

Huang'ge looked at Wei Ruxia, sneered, and asked, "Aren't you Luo Tang's neighbour? Do you think you can deal with me? If you actually could you should just call Luo Tang!"

As soon as he spoke, someone's foot slammed into the back of his waist. This kick was so powerful that he couldn't react, and he staggered in front of Wei Ruxia.

There was a loud noise behind him, but Huang'ge could only see a pair of basketball shoes appear in front of him, blocking Wei Ruxia's long legs.  Huang'ge hadn't raised his head before his shoulder was stomped on, and a boy's cold voice came from above his head.

"Call me for what?"

"Ah, ah, Luo...Luo'ge!" Huang'ge's right shoulder was stepped on and his left hand was pounding on the ground with pain. He looked up, cold and sweaty.

The back that appeared in front of her caused Wei Ruxia to raise her head. Luo Tang seemed to have grown taller, his back straight and sweat ran down the back of his white neck. He seemed to contain the restlessness and strength that belonged to his youth.

He held her hand tightly. His sweaty palms were cold and pressed tightly against her palms. She seemed to feel the beating of his blood vessels, causing Wei Ruxia's heart to beat in time.

This subtle feeling made her stunned for a moment, and she only recovered when Luo Tang looked back at her. She looked at the boy's dark and clear eyes and said with a smile, "They are here to find me."

He'd quickly ran from the gym to the art building, and the intense exercise intensity made his heart bang in his chest. Luo Tang's face was slightly hot, and the strength in his foot gradually increased, but his voice was still cold.

"Why are you looking for her?"

The battle in front of them made Huang'ge and his group completely believe that Luo Tang and Wei Ruxia were neighbours. Not even just neighbours, they all believed that she was probably Luo Tang's ancestor.

They had obviously provoked someone who shouldn't be offended. Huang'ge was in so much pain that he yelled and said, "No...nothing, nothing, Luo'ge, we made a mistake!"

At the door, Han Junsong and Wang Silai blocked the few who wanted to escape, and said with a smile, "Don't, since you're here, let's clear the air. We have been deeply disturbed."

While they were playing a basketball game, Hu Yinyin said that people from the sports school had come for Wei Ruxia. Luo Tang had stopped the game and ran to the art building after throwing away the basketball. If they just say it was nothing, how could they accept it? They had still disturbed their basketball game.

Listening to the howl of the boy on the ground, Luo Tang retracted his foot and looked at the boy on the ground coldly, concisely.


Huang'ge got up from the ground and ran away in fright.

The matter was settled and the school bell rang. After saying goodbye to the people from the Hanfu Club, Wei Ruxia and Hu Yinyin went out.  Outside Luo Tang and Han Junsong were waiting for them. Luo Tang was standing against the window sill, still wearing his white basketball uniform. He was a boy with a very good bone structure and his exposed shoulders and calf muscles were firm, long and powerful.

Seeing Wei Ruxia coming out, Luo Tang got up and said, "Let's go."

Just before, while she was waiting for Hu Yinyin to change clothes, Hu Yinyin told her about what had happened when she went to call Luo Tang over. Thinking of him running to help her in the middle of his basketball game, Wei Ruxia looked at Luo Tang with a smile in her eyes and heart.

"What about your basketball game?" Wei Ruxia asked, "Was it a loss?"

"Yeah." Luo Tang replied indifferently as he went downstairs, "If you lose, you lose, it's nothing."

Luo Tang had always been competitive, and listening to him, Han Junsong thought he had gone mad. He walked beside Luo Tang and asked Wei Ruxia, "Long Legs, why were they looking you?"

Wei Ruxia was a very strong fighter, but she had a mild personality and didn't make trouble unless someone provoked her first.

"A few of them bullied Big Eyes and snatched his bank card, so Xiaxia drew her sword to help!" After returning to class yesterday, Hu Yinyin hadn't had time to tell Han Junsong the gossip.

"What's Big Eyes?" Hu Junsong asked.

Outside of the art building, the scorching sun made Wei Ruxia squint slightly, she said casually, "A student from the sports school, we often meet him when Hu Yinyin goes to buy barbecue bibimbap."

As soon as she finished speaking, Hu Yinyin, who was behind her, smiled and added, "I only figured it out after Big Eyes confessed to you yesterday. He must have wanted to see you and bought barbecue bibimbap deliberately to have a chance encounter..."

The four people were walking on the way to the gym. Luo Tang and Han Junsong had to go back to the gym to change their clothes. They had just reached the entrance of the gym and Luo Tang stood in front of the steps, stopped, and looked back at Wei Ruxia.

"What confession?"

His voice was very quiet and his eyebrows were soft, but there was a strange emotion in his eyes that Wei Ruxia had never seen before. The atmosphere fell into silence. Hu Yinyin and Han Junsong also felt it, so they stopped and also fell silent.

She didn't think it was a big deal, but when Luo Tang looked at her that way, Wei Ruxia's heart wandered. She looked away and said lightly, "He just told me that he likes me."

"How did you answer?" Luo Tang asked.

Wei Ruxia smiled, looked at Luo Tang and said, "I refused."

The emotions condensed in the eyes of the young man in front of her eased slightly. Wei Ruxia's tongue touched her cheek as she said, "I haven't graduated from high school. I can't fall in love so early."

"Pfft." Han Junsong next to them was amused by her remarks. Hu Yinyin hit his chest with her elbow. Han Junsong widened his eyes, opened his mouth and drew in a breath, "What was that for?"

The little movements of the two didn't affect Luo Tang. Wei Ruxia's words were like a door, which separated him from her at once. Luo Tang retracted his gaze, turned and left.

"You just haven't met anyone you liked."

Only Wei Ruxia heard the fluttering sentence, and her heart also felt a little dry. Wei Ruxia watched the young boy's tall back disappear into the gymnasium. She later realised that Luo Tang was angry.

After Luo Tang changed his clothes, the two took the subway home together, and the feeling became even stronger. She combed through her conversation with Luo Tang this afternoon, but couldn't figure out the reason. Eventually two arrived home.

Wei Zishan and Yang Shuru were standing at the door of Luo Tang's house and chatting. Yang Shuru looked up and saw the two children had returned from school. She smiled and said, "Is school over?"

"Hello Auntie Yang." Wei Ruxia smiled and said hello, and Luo Tang next to her also greeted, "Uncle Wei."

After the two adults smiled and nodded, Wei Zishan and Wei Ruxia made to go home. Yang Shuru smiled and said, "That's it." Before he left, Wei Zishan nodded and thanked her, and then took Wei Ruxia back home.

Auntie Li had already prepared their supper, and Wei Zishan had waited for Wei Ruxia to come home to eat with her. They washed their hands and went to the dining room to enjoy a father and daughter dinner.

Her father had been very busy lately, but he would take time out of his rare breaks to spend with her. Wei Ruxia looked at his hand, and there didn't seem to be anything wrong with it, so she was satisfied.

Wei Zishan saw that she smiled while eating, and he smiled himself, and said, "Your Auntie Yang wants you to live in her house while I'm away. Do you think it's okay?"

He had been troubled by it for a while, and he didn't expect Yang Shuru to take the initiative to bring it up. Although the security of their housing community was good, she was afraid that Wei Ruxia, a girl who slept at home alone, would be afraid. Also, she was at home all the year round, and the guest room next to Luo Tang's was always empty. Letting Wei Ruxia live with them would just move her a little closer, and the two children could study together.

Yang Shuru had always been enthusiastic, and there was a kind of motherly feeling to her, which made Wei Ruxia feel particularly close to her.

"I will start touring in the middle of the year. When I'm at home, you'll live at home, and when I'm not at home, you'll live at Luo Tang's house." Wei Zishan said, "If you feel that it's too awkward, I can think of something else."

Although she and Luo Tang were close, in the end, Luo Tang was a boy and wouldn't be as comfortable to live with as a girl. Wei Zishan was still mindful of this.

"There's no trouble, I can live in his house." Wei Ruxia didn't want to bother him any more, and it wasn't a problem for her to live with Luo Tang. With the matter dealt with, Wei Ruxia looked at Wei Zishan's hand and asked, "Is your hand okay?"

Wei Ruxia really still remembered his hand.

Wei Zishan smiled, moved his chopsticks hand, and replied, "It's fine, just tired."

"You have to rest more, and you don't have to come back every day to accompany me for dinner." Wei Ruxia said. He ran home from the theatre every day, and then went back to the theatre to perform, it was a lot of tossing back and forth.

"I want to have dinner with you." Wei Zishan said.

Wei Ruxia looked at her father, smiled and said, "I also like to eat with you."

After eating, Wei Ruxia returned to her study and took out her textbooks to do her homework. Just as she pulled her textbook out, Wei Ruxia's phone rang suddenly. She glanced at it, it was Hu Yinyin.

"Hey." Wei Ruxia was arranging her homework with both hands, so she clamped the phone between her ear and neck, and asked with a smile, "What's up?"

"What are you doing?" Hu Yinyin asked with a grin.

The two usually contacted each other through WeChat, Hu Yinyin rarely called her. Wei Ruxia held her phone and said, "I'm about to do my homework."

"Oh." Hu Yinyin replied. She had been thinking about what had happened today, and had this feeling that she should do something. She paused for a while, with hesitation in her tone, and said, "Actually, there's nothing up. I just wanted to talk to you about Luo Tang..."

After eating, Yang Shuru also talked to Luo Tang about what she'd discussed with Wei Zishan. After she'd explained it all, Yang Shuru looked at her son's expression and asked, "Are you sure you agree?"

Luo Tang teased A'Mang with a ball, and gave a casual, "Yeah."

Yang Shuru looked at her son's cold face. She smiled and said, "Hey, are you unhappy? If you're unhappy, then your Uncle Wei told me not to let Xiaxia live here..."

Before she finished speaking, Luo Tang put his hands down, then put his elbows on his knees and looked back at her, "Mum..."

Seeing her son's expression, Yang Shuru snorted twice and said triumphantly, "Hmph, I know what you're thinking."

Even his mother could tell.

Luo Tang threw the ball aside and A'Mang went over to pick it up. He called A'Mang back and got up to go back to his room.

After returning to his room, Luo Tang sat at his desk and opened a textbook. He actually had nothing to study. He had studied the entire high school curriculum, and had even completed several sets of college entrance exam papers over the years. He knew what his level was.

While reading a book, A'Mang who was standing by the window barked suddenly. Luo Tang returned to his senses, walked over and touched the dog's head, and asked, "What's wrong, A'Mang?"

"Tangtang!" Wei Ruxia's call came from outside the window.

After getting his permission last time, she saved him some face in front of others, and didn't call him 'Tangtang' in public. She would only call him this when the two were alone together.

The girl's voice was crisp and nice, and the call of 'Tang Tang' was particularly sweet.

Luo Tang glanced down and saw Wei Ruxia looking up at him and smiling. Seeing him looking over, Wei Ruxia pointed to his yard and motioned that she was there to wait for him.

He got up and went downstairs. When he went out, he saw Wei Ruxia waiting for him with her arms on the low wall of his yard. At this time, the spring breeze was slightly warm, there was still a little bit of light from the setting sun, and the red sunlight covered her body with a warm glow.

Luo Tang walked over, he also placed his arms on the low wall, and the two stood there with a wall between them.

Seeing Luo Tang standing there, Wei Ruxia was still smiling. She looked at Luo Tang and said, "My dad told me that he'll let me live in your house when he is away. Did Auntie Yang tell you?"

"Mm." Luo Tang replied, looking up at the setting sun behind Wei Ruxia.

After returning home he'd changed into a white hooded sweater, and his cold white skin looked warmer in the sun. Luo Tang wasn't a cheerful person, but Wei Ruxia could tell he was off.

Wei Ruxia looked into Luo Tang's eyes and asked, "Are you unhappy?"

The setting sun disappeared under the skyline a little bit and Luo Tang looked back at Wei Ruxia. His throat moved slightly and he said lightly, "Yeah."

After getting an affirmative answer, Wei Ruxia's expression changed. She looked at the little infinity flower that had blossomed in the courtyard of Luo Tang's house, and said, "My dad just asked me what plans I have for high school. I told him I just want to study hard and get into a good university."

In her plan, she only went to high school to study, nothing else.

Luo Tang pursed his lips slightly, his eyes deep.

But Wei Ruxia hadn't finished speaking yet. She pulled her lips together and laughed openly and kindly. She looked at the flowers and said to Luo Tang, "You're too good, I want to do well in my exams. Otherwise, there'll be no way we can share a university or a city in the future."

Luo Tang's eyes softened.

Wei Ruxia's gaze shifted from the infinity flower to Luo Tang's face. She looked at the teenager in front of her and continued, "It doesn't matter how close we are in the exam. You have to do your college entrance exams seriously."

With a 'pop', the street lights in the community turned on. The hissing street lamps illuminated the girl's face and at the same time illuminates her smile. What she said just now seemed to be superficial, but also contained a deeper meaning.  She seemed to know everything, but also she didn't seem to know anything.

Luo Tang met her eyes, his voice calm, "Why do you want to share a city with me?"

Wei Ruxia let out a 'hm' and then with a big smile, she looked down at the moss on the low wall, tapped her fingers, and said frankly, "I can't live without you."

It was like a heart wrapped in silk, which was covered in syrup without any restraint. Their heartbeats beat fast and vigorously. Luo Tang lowered his eyebrows. He looked at Wei Ruxia and asked, "What did you ask me just now?"

"Huh?" Wei Ruxia was taken aback, and replied, "If Auntie Yang told you that I was going to live at your house?"

"After that."

"Oh, are you unhappy?"

"No, I'm very happy."

It didn't matter if she can't do without him, as long as she didn't leave him, he would be satisfied.

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Tangtang: What part of me can't you do without? The spirit or the flesh...
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