29 - A'Mang, I'll protect you
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29 - A'Mang, I'll protect you

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The mid-term exam was conducted one month after their monthly exam, and Wei Ruxia had made rapid progress in her studies moving from 30 to 16. Luo Tang's help was indispensable, and Luo Tang, while helping her a lot, did his part and squeezed into the top three of the class. Every time Li Yiting ranking was encroached upon was very dramatic.

In mid-April, Wei Ruxia moved into Luo Tang's house. Her tastes hadn't yet fully adapted to Ancheng's diet, so Auntie Li still took care of her meals every day. After eating, she would go to Luo Tang's house to do homework with him.

As they approached June, the weather was getting hotter and hotter. After Wei Ruxia finished her homework, she picked up the textbook and leaned against the window in Luo Tang's room.  There was a clean rug by the window and the air-conditioning vent was directly above it, making Wei Ruxia particularly comfortable.

She had a physics book in her hand and was doing the physics problem that Luo Tang had just taught her. After her mathematics scores went up, physics became her shortcoming again. After reaching the sixteenth place, Wei Ruxia hadn't been able to progress, and her head ached every day.

As she was calculating, her face suddenly felt something cold, and the ice made her shiver slightly. She raised her head and glanced up, Luo Tang stood there with an icy pole in his hand and A'Mang following behind him.

The coolness on her face hadn't dissipated. Wei Ruxia smiled and put the book on her lap. After rubbing her face with the back of her hand, she reached out and took the icy pole, unwrapping it, and taking a bite. The chill melted away on the tip of her tongue, and Wei Ruxia was refreshed.

After handing her the icy pole, Luo Tang grabbed a comic book and sat by the window. The two of them were sitting side-by-side next to the window sill. Sitting next to them was A'Mang who had followed Luo Tang back when he went out to get the icy poles.

While she was racking her brains to do the questions, Luo Tang reading comic books had become the norm. Wei Ruxia was envious of his clever mind. She bit the icy pole, looked at Luo Tang and asked, "You're not eating one?"

The boy was wearing a simple white T and black shorts and sitting against the window. Hearing Wei Ruxia, he turned the pages of the comic book in his hand and said, "I don't like it."

Luo Tang had a sweet tooth and usually ate sweets, but he didn't seem to like cold things very much. After she moved into his house, he gave her ice cream a lot but he never ate it himself.

The cool air above their heads blew down vertically, and the breeze swept their exposed necks, keeping them dry and cool. Wei Ruxia's tongue was sweet, and she looked at Luo Tang and talked while biting the icy pole, "If you don't like them, why buy them?"

This question made Luo Tang turn his head. The girl beside him was wearing a cotton-linen tank and shorts. Her clavicle was straight and delicate, following from her slender neck. The girl’s eyes were curved and her light brown eyes were curled up, she was clearly poking fun at him.

Slightly pursing his lips, Luo Tang closed his comic book, looked down at her, and said solemnly, "I can take it back, if you don't want to eat it."

After saying this, Luo Tang stretched out his hand to grab the icy pole in Wei Ruxia's hand. Wei Ruxia raised it up and said with a smile, "I like it! I asked why you don't..."

Wei Ruxia was now 172cm, but compared with Luo Tang, who was 185cm, she had no advantage in keeping the icy pole away from him.  She changed her strategy, tilting her body away from him, to keep the icy pole away. But she didn't control her strength and angle, and when Luo Tang was about to reach her hand, her body suddenly lost balance, and Wei Ruxia fell on the rug.

Luo Tang was in front of her, afraid of crushing her, he had stretched his arms out beside her, and stopped trying to take the icy pole from her hand.

The atmosphere seemed to change. Luo Tang looked down at Wei Ruxia underneath him. He had stretched his arms straight, so the distance between the two wasn't too close, but in the chilly air. Their breath was warm as it intertwined, and the roots of his ears became hot.

The young man's eyes were as deep as the sea. Wei Ruxia looked at his pure and gentle face, and her heartbeat accelerated slightly. She turned her face to the side and smiled at A'Mang who was still sitting on the side, "A'Mang, he's bullying me."

A'Mang didn't understand her, but hearing Wei Ruxia call him, he got up and walked in front of Wei Ruxia, then lowered his head and ate the icy pole in her hand.

Wei Ruxia, "..."

Looking up and seeing A'Mang eat the icy pole, Luo Tang propped up his body and pulled Wei Ruxia up, the corners of his eyes raised lightly and he said, "I'll get you another one."

Looking up at Luo Tang, Wei Ruxia licked the corners of her lips and said with a smile, "Okay."

It took a long time for Luo Tang to get another icy pole. After Wei Ruxia finished the physics problem in her hand, Yang Shuru knocked on the door and walked in. When Wei Ruxia saw Yang Shuru, she smiled and called, "Auntie Yang."

"Hey." Yang Shuru responded with a smile, watching her studying, and said, "Your Auntie Cai is here to look for you."

Auntie Cai referred to her father's assistant Cai Xinpei. When Wei Ruxia heard her, she got up from the rug and went out. When she got to the door, Wei Ruxia asked Yang Shuru, "Where is Luo Tang?"

He said he went to get an icy pole. Why was he gone for so long?

"He said it was hot, so he went to take a shower." After Yang Shuru said this she opened the door of Luo Tang's room to test the temperature, and muttered, "This room is air-conditioned."

It was almost dinner time, in addition to telling Luo Tang’s mother, she would also tell Luo Tang that she was going home, but Wei Ruxia decided not to worry about it. Cai Xinpei was waiting for her in the living room of Luo Tang's house. After Wei Ruxia saw her, she smiled and greeted her, then the two of them returned to Wei Ruxia's house.

The tour of 'Wind and Sand' had been going on since April 15th, and they had been performing in various cities. Wei Zishan came back once in the middle of the journey, looking very tired.

Wei Ruxia was a little worried about Wei Zishan's health, but every time she watched videos of him, he was in good condition. Wei Zishan liked the theatre a lot, and he also liked acting in the theatre. So long as he was doing what he loved, he would be happy no matter how tired he was.

Cai Xinpei returned from vacation with Wei Zishan. In ten days her son would have his college entrance exams. On such an important day, she wanted to come back to be with her son.

While she was there, Wei Zishan asked her to visit Wei Ruxia, so she came over as soon as she got off the plane.

At home, Wei Ruxia poured Cai Xinpei a glass of juice. Cai Xinpei took a sip to relieve the heat and asked Wei Ruxia about how she was at home.

She was at home by herself, but her auntie cooked for her. The cleaning and the flowers in the yard were also being taken care of by someone. She basically lived in Luo Tang's house, and besides the absence of her father, everything else was fine.

Cai Xinpei listened to Wei Ruxia's words, smiled, and said, "Do you have a holiday during the college entrance exams period? If you have time, you could visit your dad, I'll book you a flight."

"We don't have holidays." Wei Ruxia sat next to Cai Xinpei and replied, "The school has arranged for us to visit the gallery and science and technology museums for the two and a half days."

"Oh, is that so. Then you won't be able to go." Cai Xinpei asked again, "When is your summer vacation?"

"On July 19th, the holiday is quite late, but it's long." After Wei Ruxia said that, she thought about it, then added, "I think later..."

"Go over early in the holidays. Your father misses you very much. He's so tired after the show every day, but he doesn't forget to post a video every day. I couldn’t imagine it before, but he's really a doting father." As Cai Xinpei said this, her eyes flashed with a hint of hesitation, in the end, she only said one more sentence, "He loves you very much, really, go stay with him."

Cai Xinpei finished speaking, only to realize that she had cut Wei Ruxia off just before. She looked up at her and asked, "What did you want to say?"

"Oh, nothing." Wei Ruxia returned to her senses. She smiled at Cai Xinpei and said, "I miss him too."

Since the death of Li Suhe, Wei Zishan's spirit hadn't been as good as before. Fortunately, his daughter was supporting him. Seeing that the relationship between the father and daughter had eased and improved, she was also very happy. After drinking the fruit juice, Cai Xinpei got up and said, "Okay, then that's good. I'll go first. I should also go home to see my son."

By seven o'clock in the evening, Wei Ruxia hadn't returned. Luo Tang took A'Mang out and saw Wei Ruxia, watering the trees in her yard. After A'Mang saw Wei Ruxia, he barked twice. Wei Ruxia looked up and smiled when he saw Luo Tang. She was standing on the soil around the young saplings with her bare feet.

Luo Tang took A'Mang to the courtyard wall of her house, looked at the little sapling, and asked, "What kind of tree?"

"A pear tree." Wei Ruxia stacked up the tools and turned on the tap to wash the mud off her hands, feet, and legs.

The infinity flowers in his yard had already bloomed, so she'd planted a pear tree in her yard.  Luo Tang watched her wash the mud off her legs with her hands. She was standing by the wall, the light was blocked by the wall, forming a shadowed corner, which just shrouded her within it.

Although the shadow was dark, her legs were snow-white, and he could clearly see the slender and straight outline in the dark shadows.

"Do you like to eat pears?" Luo Tang couldn't think of a reason why she would plant a pear tree.

"Hmm." After Wei Ruxia washed the mud off her body, her legs were blown dry by the night wind. She stomped her feet and walked to Luo Tang's side. The two stood on either side of the courtyard wall again. Wei Ruxia smiled and said, "No, my mother likes pear blossoms, so I planted a tree. Next month is her memorial day."

Wei Ruxia wasn't someone who liked to transfer her negative emotions to others, so even when she mentioned her mother's memorial day, she was still smiling. She wasn't sad, but she knew how to hide.

Luo Tang looked at her and asked, "Do you want to go back?"

Wei Ruxia's mother was buried in Dongzhen, a few thousand kilometres north of Ancheng. The distance between Dongzhen and Ancheng spanned the entire country.

"No." Wei Ruxia touched her nose and said, "It happens to be the final exam that day."

She had wanted to return to Dongzhen after the exam, but Cai Xinpei's words made her decide not to go back this year. Being a companion to her living relatives was more important than being a companion to her relatives who had passed away. Her grandma had just passed away this year, and her father's spirit and body weren't at their best, his work was also busy. Before her death, her mother had told her that she was sorry to Wei Zishan and asked her to pay him back. It was a debt she would find difficult to repay, but she would do her best to accompany him as much as possible.

"Next year." Luo Tang said suddenly.

"Huh?" Wei Ruxia looked up at him, the hot wind blew, causing her hair to tickle her face.

Luo Tang looked at her hair floating on her cheeks, and said plainly, "There will be time next year."

After hearing his words, Wei Ruxia smiled and responded, "Yes."

After they took their college entrance exams, there would be a three-month vacation, and she would definitely go back to Dongzhen then.

The three days of suffering for third year students may seem a bit far for the first years, but it was relatively close for the second year students. Once summer vacation was over, they would be promoted to the third year of high school.  Therefore, during the three-day torture of the college entrance examination, the students in their first year of high school were obviously more excited and active than those in their second year.

In the past few days, most teachers had participated in the proctoring of the college entrance exams, so only a few teachers took them to the galleries and science museums. At first they went as a large group, but later they were scattered, with different guides in different places.

The museum visit in the afternoon was only two hours. After the visit, everyone went home separately, with the students who lived on campus arranging accommodation together. As soon as the teacher mentioned dismissal in the hall on the third floor, the students all ran away.

After Wei Ruxia and Hu Yinyin bid farewell, they found Luo Tang and planned to go home with him.  They were now on the third floor and they had to take the escalator downstairs. Before going downstairs, Wei Ruxia stopped Luo Tang.

"Luo Tang."

When the school organized excursions it was required for them to wear their uniforms. Luo Tang wore his school uniform and the white shirt made him look full of youthful spirit. He had headphones around his neck and a backpack on his shoulders. After hearing Wei Ruxia's call, he turned his head.

As soon as he turned his head, his delicate features and youthful spirit merged together. Several girls passing by saw them, smiled at each other then blushed and ran away.

Wei Ruxia looked at Luo Tang's face with a smile, and said to him, "I'm going to the bathroom."

After Luo Tang answered, Wei Ruxia went to the bathroom. Most of the restrooms were full of first year students. Wei Ruxia walked inside and was about to open the door to go in when the corner of her clothes was caught by the person next to her.

Wei Ruxia turned her head, there were two long-haired girls standing beside her. The closer one was holding onto her. She saw that the words embroidered on her school uniform stated she was in her the first year of high school.

The girl grew up beautifully, with long eyelashes, big eyes and white skin with cherry lips. Seeing Wei Ruxia turned her head, she was still a little shy. After pursing her lips, she plucked up the courage and said, "Senior, I want to ask you for help if you aren't busy."

When Wei Ruxia came out, Luo Tang had just finished a game. Wei Ruxia hadn't been in there for a long time, but her expression seemed to have changed a little. When she approached, Luo Tang put away the phone and asked.

"What happened?"

Wei Ruxia let out an 'uh', then shook the envelope in her hand, and briefly reported to Luo Tang what had happened in the bathroom, "A junior just asked me to hand you a love letter."

It was common for Luo Tang to receive love letters. He used to be a school bully and a school grass, but he was a school tyrant plus a school grass and a school bully. The triple identity blessing was enough to make the girls in No. 1 High School crazy for him.

After Wei Ruxia finished speaking, she smiled at Luo Tang. Luo Tang looked at her smile, and then glanced at the pink envelope in her hand. He didn't need to look closely to know what the envelope was.

She actually gave him a love letter on behalf of someone else.

The sun on the third floor of the Science and Technology Museum came in obliquely, making Luo Tang feel a little dry in his heart. He retracted his gaze, turned and walked towards the escalator.

Luo Tang suddenly turned around and left, and Wei Ruxia didn't recover for a moment. Luo Tang's legs were longer than hers, and Wei Ruxia panted slightly after chasing him.

‌"I hadn’t finished talking yet." Wei Ruxia looked at Luo Tang's back, the corners of her lips were already pulled up. She caught up with Luo Tang and reached out to hold him.

The two stood in the corridors of the Science and Technology Museum, and the sunlight illuminated the youth's fair skin making it somewhat transparent. With dark eyes, he looked at Wei Ruxia quietly, and asked, "Say what? About the thing you're holding?"

Luo Tang's voice was calm, but he could feel his emotions were like A'Mang's fur, bristling with static electricity. Wei Ruxia put her expression away, waved the envelope twice, and said, "Um, this junior's love letter, she asked me to help her throw it away."

The exterior of the Science and Technology Museum was made of glass, and the corridor where they were standing was exposed to the sun. Although the air-conditioning in the hall was very high, Wei Ruxia was still from the heat.

Luo Tang looked at her quietly, turned and stood in front of her, blocking the sunlight. His back was a little hot from the sun. He asked Wei Ruxia, "Why?"

The boy was half a head taller than her, and she was covered by his shadow. Wei Ruxia looked up at his slightly twisted eyebrows and replied with a smile, "Because I told her that we both live together now."

Her one sentence seemed to have opened a bottle of iced soda in his heart, hissing as it extinguished the dryness in his heart. Luo Tang's throat moved, his eyebrows relaxed, and looking at Wei Ruxia, he asked again, "Why?"

Hearing his second 'why', the smile on Wei Ruxia's lips gradually increased. She blinked and said, "Like A'Mang, I'm guarding you."

As soon as she finished speaking, Luo Tang, who always looked unhappy, instantly filled his dark and clear eyes with a smile.

"Wei Ruxia." Luo Tang called.

Seeing the change in his mood, Wei Ruxia laughed and responded, "What?"

After receiving her response, the boy in front of her stretched out his hand. He rubbed her hair like when the two of them met for the first time. The boy's palm was slightly cold and his voice was gentle, "Do you want to eat ice cream?"

Wei Ruxia touched her lower lip with her tongue, nodded and said, "Yes~"

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