30 - Are you willing to come back with me?
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30 - Are you willing to come back with me?

During the hottest part of summer, the final exams for their second year of high school arrived. For the final test of their second year, their tests would be arranged to mimic the style of the college entrance exams, which took two and a half days in total.

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During the hottest part of summer, the final exams for their second year of high school arrived.

For the final test of their second year, their tests would be arranged to mimic the style of the college entrance exams, which took two and a half days in total. In the second semester of their second year of high school, even if the teachers weren't putting pressure on them, the students would be anxious. After all, they were beginning their final year of high school.

The final exams were scheduled over three days. After the exams each day, the school arranged for students to have two evening self-study classes in the school just like they would during the college entrance exams.

At 8:30 in the evening, self-study classes ended, and the students returned home from school one after another.

Wei Ruxia and Luo Tang passed through the entrance where parents were waiting to pick up their children, and entered the subway station. At half past eight on the subway station, there were fewer passengers and they could find places to sit.

Wei Ruxia had experienced Ancheng's July heat in Yizhen last year. This year she was in the city and it was much more oppressive than the heat in a small town. It wasn't until she was sitting on a cold seat with a cold air blowing over her head, that the sultry heat from outside the subway station gradually abated.

After sitting down, Wei Ruxia put her schoolbag on her lap, took out the question that she hadn't finished, and asked Luo Tang next to her, "How did I solve this question differently than the answer."

The question was on the physics homework that was issued a few days ago. On the last day, there would be a comprehensive examination, and it would feature Wei Ruxia's weakness, physics.  She did well in the first two days, so if she could pass physics, she would likely advance a few ranks. It was just that she was afraid that she would make mistakes when the time came.

Luo Tang had folded his arms and leaned back on against the subway. He was closing his eyes and resting, when Wei Ruxia spoke. He opened his eyelids and his eyes were dark under his thick eyelashes. Looking sideways at the question Wei Ruxia was holding, he reached out and took the homework, and then took out a pen to calculate.

The problem she couldn't solve at first was as simple as a slip knot in Luo Tang's hands. His working wasn't too complicated and after writing the three or four lines, the answer was calculated.  After he finished, the pen tip drew a circle on the main formula on one side, and he said in a deep voice, "You used the wrong formula."

The boy's eyelids drooped slightly, and his brow arch and the bridge of the nose were high, making the contour of his facial features deep and delicate. Wei Ruxia looked at the formula he had just written, smiled, and said, "No wonder the result is always wrong."

Using Luo Tang's method, Wei Ruxia solved it again by herself. The young boy leaned on the subway, tilting his head slightly to watch her solve the problem bit by bit.

After finishing the question, Wei Ruxia didn't continue with the homework, she was tired from the exams and self-studying for the past two evenings. She already had a headache. No longer doing questions, Wei Ruxia looked back at Luo Tang and said, "I'll be going to the airport after the exam tomorrow afternoon."

Her luggage had already been packed two days ago and tomorrow afternoon, someone had been arranged by Wei Zishan to come and take her to the airport.

She was going to visit her father during the summer vacation. It seemed that she had just made the plan not long ago, but she was already leaving in the blink of an eye. This year's summer vacation was a month and a half, and Wei Ruxia wouldn't be returning home until the end.

When Wei Ruxia spoke, there was no change in her expression and tone. She had already experienced two separations at a young age, and didn't care about this short-term separation.

Luo Tang glanced at her, then closed his eyes and leaned his head on the subway, and said, "I'll give the ice cream in the refrigerator to A'Mang."

If she was gone, there was no one to eat the ice cream at home. Hearing what he said, Wei Ru Xia realized that the two of them were a little bit different after living together. Feeling a little regretful, she also leaned her head on the subway and said, "Then I'll eat more when we get back tonight."

Leaning her head on the subway, the cold and hard touch passed through her hair to her scalp. Wei Ruxia's mind gradually relaxed, and after a while, she fell asleep.

Luo Tang didn't hear any more movement from Wei Ruxia next to him, so he opened his eyes and took a look at her. She was still holding the open homework between her fingers, and a pen in the other hand as she slept peacefully with her head against the subway.

Sitting upright, Luo Tang took out the paper in her hand. There were two long form questions on it, she had made a mistake and hadn't yet revised it.  Luo Tang raised his eyes to look at Wei Ruxia, then took the pen from her hand, and spread the homework on his lap to start calculating.

There weren't many people on the subway. Most were just returning home after working overtime, and no one had the energy to speak. There was only the sound of the subway moving in the carriage.

The subway didn't run smoothly and after a turn, the carriage was turbulent. Wei Ruxia tilted her head forward, then she leaned back on the subway. Because of inertia, her strength as her head moved back was a little bit stronger. Wei Ruxia slept ignorantly, and subconsciously buffered her strength. Finally, the back of her head hit something softer than the carriage wall.

Luo Tang held his hand behind the back of Wei Ruxia's head and supported her head, watching her frown then relax as she seemed to fall asleep again. He held the homework and pen in his left hand, and continued to solve the two questions for her.

As they got closer and closer to the stop for their community, there were even fewer and fewer people on the subway. The two students in school uniforms were particularly conspicuous among the scattered passengers.

The girl slept peacefully and the boy with long legs had the back of his right hand against the subway, resting the girl's head on his hand, and was holding a pen in his left hand to solve the questions on the paper on his lap.

Young boys and girls in the rainy season often brought people back to times when their feelings were at their purest.

Opposite them were two women, about twenty-five or twenty-six years old, who kept watching their movements. When they arrived at the next stop, the two women got off the subway, Luo Tang heard one of them sigh.

"The feelings of high schoolers are too pure. It would be nice if they never grew up. When they grow up, they'll go to university and start working. Most likely they'll be separated in time..."

Looking up in the direction of the two women, the subway door just closed, blocking the remaining words. The sound of the door closing made Wei Ruxia frown and she opened her eyes. Her posture remained unchanged and she felt the palm of Luo Tang's hand behind her head. She asked, "Are we there yet?"

"No." Luo Tang said. He lowered his head and continued to solve the problem, and said as he worked, "You can sleep. When we get there, I'll call you."

Wei Zishan stood in the airport pick-up zone. He was making a call on his mobile phone while waiting for Wei Ruxia. He'd come early and had been standing there for a while.

"Ask her for her opinion, you can't drag it any longer." At the end of the call was a woman's voice, her voice suppressed and eager.

Moving the fingers of his right hand, Wei Zishan changed his phone to his left hand. Before he could answer however, he heard a familiar and sweet voice.

"Dad." Wei Ruxia carried her schoolbag and ran out of the crowd smiling.

The two hadn’t seen each other for two months. Wei Ruxia seemed to have grown taller. She was still wearing her school uniform for Ancheng No. 1 High School. Her gait was long under the plaid skirt, and her pace was wide and rapid as she ran, quickly appearing in front of him.

Seeing Wei Ruxia appearing in front of him in person was completely different from seeing her through his phone. Wei Zishan put down his phone, and when Wei Ruxia walked in front of him, he moved his eyebrows and raised his hand to touch her face, but in the end he only patted her on the shoulder and smiled, "Are you hungry? I'll take you to eat."

Compared with the video or phone calls, facing the real person, the pair's emotions were felt much more strongly. And when they were actually face-to-face, they tended to be more alienated.

Wei Ruxia looked at her father withdrawing his hand. She laughed, raised her hands and hugged his arm. Ignoring the surprised eyes of her father, Wei Ruxia walked and said, "I'm hungry. But I want to take a shower first, it's too hot~"

Compared to him, Wei Ruxia was more relaxed. She was full of optimism and vigour, which made Wei Zishan's kind heart let go. He let her take his arm, put his phone away, and said as he walked, "Okay, let's go back to the hotel first."

After Wei Ruxia got to the hotel and changed her clothes, she was taken by Wei Zishan to a restaurant he chose that made northern styled dishes. Actually, it was a northerner restaurant, but it also catered to southern tastes. Wei Ruxia liked to eat, and couldn't bear to be hungry. While she was eating, Wei Zishan also ate a little. He would perform that night and couldn't eat too much.

"How did you go on the final exam?" Wei Zishan passed Wei Ruxia some food and chatted with her.

On the topic of the final exam, Wei Ruxia smiled. Before she could even tell him, Wei Zishan laughed and asked, "Went well, then?"

"Yeah." Wei Ruxia nodded. She thought about the final exam and said, "My physics is the weakest, but this time the physics questions were ones that Luo Tang taught me the day before, so I could do them. After I got through physics, it took a weight off my heart and I got through the rest no problem. I was lucky."

After hearing Wei Ruxia's words, Wei Zishan's smile deepened. He didn't have the kind of satisfaction of parents who just heard their children got good grades. He just saw that Wei Ruxia was happy, and he was happy too. He didn't communicate with Wei Ruxia a lot, but he still knew Wei Ruxia's grades. Since her last mid-term exam, her monthly test scores had been improving every month. Seeing that she was so confident this time, she might be able to make the top ten in the class.

Her college entrance exams would be next year. Those who could make it to the top ten in her school would have a wide choice of universities.

"Do you want to take the exam?" Wei Zishan asked.

Her current wish was just to know that the scores she wanted to reach were within her grasp. Although she would only choose a school after she knew her final score. She should still set some goals before the college entrance exam.

Faced with this question, Wei Ruxia didn't say much, she just responded with a smile. Looking at her, it seemed that she had already decided but if she didn't want to say then there were probably reasons why she didn't want to. Wei Zishan didn't ask again.

With a slight movement of his finger, he looked at Wei Ruxia and asked, "Have you ever thought about studying abroad?"

Wei Ruxia raised her eyes when she was eating. She looked at Wei Zishan and replied first, "I've never thought about it."

"Okay." Wei Zishan replied. He looked at Wei Ruxia's eyes then smiled and explained, "The troupe had a meeting yesterday, after the domestic tour in the first half of the year, we'll go to Austria to perform. I hear that the schools over there are quite good, so I wanted to ask if you wanted to go."

Wei Zishan's reason was like a fan and it calmed Wei Ruxia's restlessness. After listening to his explanation, she suddenly smiled and said, "But you still have to come back after the show."

Hearing what she said, Wei Zishan seemed to understand. He smiled and said, "Yes."

After Wei Ruxia had eaten, she was sent back to her room by Wei Zishan. Her father's room was a suite with two bedrooms, so she was able to live with him. While he was busy rehearsing and performing, Wei Ruxia could read in the room.

After sending Wei Ruxia off, Wei Zishan was notified by the crew that he was going to perform.  Wei Ruxia returned to the room, unpacked her luggage, and took out her textbook.

Whether it was the exhaustion of the journey or of just finishing her final exam, Wei Ruxia's brain wasn't at its best. She just looked at two questions and got stuck. Without even thinking about it, she sent a video call request to Luo Tang, and he quickly picked it up.

It was eight o'clock in the evening, and Luo Tang should have just returned from his nightly run.  When Wei Ruxia was there, he only ran after helping her with her homework. When the weather was cold, Wei Ruxia ran with him, but in the current weather, Wei Ruxia couldn't stand the heat.

Video calling one-to-one, the boy got up from the rug by the window and the video camera swept around, capturing the suitcase next to him and A'Mang sitting in front of the suitcase.

"Are you going away?" Wei Ruxia asked.

Pulling a chair out and sitting at his desk, Luo Tang looked at the physics book in front of her, pulled out his own physics book, and then said, "Yeah, I'm flying to Switzerland tomorrow afternoon."

Luo Tang's father, Luo Qinggu, had a partnership with a company in Switzerland, so he has been there for a few months in the past. Luo Tang was on summer vacation, so this time he would go with him.

When it came to going abroad, Luo Tang had experienced it many times and didn't think much of it. Hearing his reply, Wei Ruxia smiled suddenly and said, "I've also been abroad. Dongzhen is on the border of Russia. My mother and I went to the exchange markets over the border."

After she said it, Wei Ruxia herself found it funny. In a real sense, it didn't really seem to count as going abroad at all.

At the other end of the video, Luo Tang's fingers were flipping through the book. After listening to her laugh, the corners of his lips were slightly pulled.

Wei Ruxia looked at Luo Tang and suddenly remembered what her father had said to her in the restaurant. She asked him, "Have you ever thought of studying abroad?"

By the second semester of their second year of high school, two or three students in their class had already left the country in advance. Wei Ruxia had noticed, but never thought about it herself, and had never discussed this topic with Luo Tang. As he listened to Wei Ruxia's words, his fingers turning the book paused slightly, and looked up at her. He said, "Do you want to go?"

Seeing Luo Tang's expression, Wei Ruxia narrowed the corners of her eyes. She smiled and said, "Yes."

She knew Luo Tang, and Luo Tang knew her too.  Looking at her expression, Luo Tang also knew that she was just being contrary. Luo Tang turned the book to the page where Wei Ruxia was at and looked up at the smiling girl in the video.

"You can go if you want, either way, in the end, I'll definitely bring you back."

The young man's eyelids drooped slightly, and his dark eyes were shining like stars under his thick and curly eyelashes.

"Are you willing to come back with me?" Luo Tang asked.

The corners of the girl's lips on the screen were raised, and her smile was determined and warm. She nodded and responded softly.


The author has something to say:

Tangtang: You can't go without me

The author wrote on this chapter that the plot is about to speed up, not sure what that means...I wonder what will happen~

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