34 - I'm your boyfriend
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34 - I'm your boyfriend

Wei Ruxia had always known Luo Tang's intentions, but when she heard him say it unexpectedly, her heart beat twice as fast. She could still feel the temperature and touch of his lips. Wei Ruxia listened to her heartbeat pounding in her eardrums, and the roots of her ears became hot.

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Wei Ruxia had always known Luo Tang's intentions, but when she heard him say it unexpectedly, her heart beat twice as fast. She could still feel the temperature and touch of his lips. Wei Ruxia listened to her heartbeat pounding in her eardrums, and the roots of her ears became hot.

This was the biggest surprise Luo Tang had ever given her. Wei Ruxia didn't admit her nervousness. She was still smiling with a blush on her cheeks, when she said, "I've known it for a long time."

Luo Tang looked at her earlobes that were turning red quietly, and his Adam's apple moved slightly. He lowered his head slightly and leaned his forehead against Wei Ruxia's. Their eyes met, their skin touched, and they didn't know whose skin was warmer.

"What about your answer?" Luo Tang's eyes were gentle, and his voice was soft as water.

He was confident that her answer was what he wanted, and his pitch-black eyes were filled with expectation. His high spirits would fascinate anyone, and even Wei Ruxia couldn't tease him anymore.

"I like you too."

The relationship between the two of them went smoothly and even after showing their hearts, they looked the same as usual. As for their respective moods, they were surging but unspeakable.

Their movements just now were fast and abrupt, and no one noticed them. Luo Tang straightened up, a smile between his brows, and stretched out his hand to hold onto Wei Ruxia and they entered the ice rink.

After skating, Wei Ruxia and Luo Tang returned to Dongzhen. There were urban and rural buses from the county towns to Dongzhen. It was four o'clock in the afternoon and there weren't many people on the bus. They sat in the back holding hands.

Wei Ruxia was familiar with the trip. As soon as she started studying in the county, she took this bus every time she went home for a big break.  The scenery along the road was full of good memories, but none of the memories were as good as those she made in the skating rink that day.

Luo Tang was sitting next to her, holding her hand held. He was born with cold white skin, and his cold hands were slightly sweaty. Wei Ruxia's heartbeat was a little fast. She looked out the window, but all her thoughts were concentrated in the hand that he held.

"What are you looking at?" Luo Tang said.

She had been looking out of the window the whole time, and even when Wei Ruxia said 'Ah' she didn't look back. "I'm looking at the road, it doesn't seem to have changed much."

The road really hadn't changed much, let alone the past two years, it seemed that since junior high school, when Dongzhen first built the road to the county, this road hadn't changed.

The border towns had few people and bad weather, so their development was slow. But it was so slow, that people in the small town could pay more attention to getting along with each other.

She answered, but Luo Tang didn't think she was being sincere. The girl looked out the window, leaving only her profile. Her hair was combed into a ponytail, and the hair around her ears hung loosely and the exposed ears were small, white and ruddy, like milk-white strawberries.

"Are you shy?" Luo Tang smiled softly.

Even before he knew what Wei Ruxia wanted, Luo Tang was like a proud little puppy. After confirming her feelings, he would obviously take the initiative, and even became a little wolf dog to tease Wei Ruxia.

Although in fact, his heart had been pounding non-stop.

This feeling was too serene and too beautiful, and he was too agitated, Luo Tang would probably only ever experience this feeling when he was with Wei Ruxia.

She was usually the one who teased Luo Tang, ao when Luo Tang teased her, Wei Ruxia opened her mouth slightly and stretched out her hand to pinch Luo Tang's fingers. The teenager’s fingers were well-proportioned and slender, and they were comfortable to hold. Wei Ruxia’s heartbeat seemed to be on her lips. She laughed and said, “I like to sit in this position and look out the window. After school, Wu Yu always got on the bus first for me, so I could grab this spot, then he would sit next to me."

"Who is Wu Yu?" Luo Tang stared at her and grasped onto the main point.

Wei Ruxia turned her head, raised her eyes, and smiled, "The boy from my neighbour's house, a childhood sweetheart who grew up with me."

She emphasized the words 'boy' and 'childhood sweetheart', and as expected, Luo Tang's eyes grew darker and he didn't speak.

Wei Ruxia smiled in her heart, looked at him oblivious, and asked, "What's wrong?"

Luo Tang watched her smile and asked, "What do you think?"

As soon as he finished asking, Wei Ruxia immediately countered, "Are you shy?"

The girl's eyes were full of cunning, she was fighting back against his teasing. Looking at the gleaming light in her eyes, Luo Tang stretched out his arms over her, and closed the window curtains.

After that, Luo Tang turned his head back, closed his eyes and leaned on the back of the chair.

Watching him doing all this, Wei Ruxia tilted her head and looked at Luo Tang and said, "What can I look at if you close the curtains?"

"Me." Luo Tang said with closed eyes.

From now on, there should be no memories of Wu Yu on this road, only memories of being with him.

Wei Ruxia couldn't hold back, she laughed softly. Looking at the boy's profile, Wei Ruxia's heart itched and she smiled, "You're better than A'Mang."

After she spoke, the corners of the young man's lips moved, and he raised his hand and rubbed her head.

The two chatted about Wu Yu on the way, and they ran into him when they reached her house.  When Wei Ruxia saw Wu Yu standing in front of her house, she was overjoyed, smiled at him and ran over, calling out, "Wu Yu!"

After two years of absence, Wu Yu seemed to be a little taller. He and Luo Tang looked to be about the same height, but his skeleton was bigger than Luo Tang's. He looked like a young man, with wheat-colored skin, deep facial features, and a well-rounded appearance.

When Wu Yu saw Wei Ruxia, he laughed. When he smiled, he had two dimples on his cheeks, which made him a little innocent and cute. After he greeted Wei Ruxia, he saw Luo Tang standing next to her.

At first glance, he could tell Luo Tang was a city kid, with delicate skin and a handsome appearance. He looked like an idol that had just walked out of the TV.  The two had just walked over together, looking like they were filming an idol drama. He nodded slightly to Luo Tang, and said hello, and Luo Tang also politely returned the gesture.

Wu Yu was the first acquaintance she had met after she came back, and she was delighted. She looked up at Wu Yu, smiled and asked, "How did you know that I'm back?"

Wu Yu touched the back of his head and said with a smile, "My mother went to Baihualin to deliver food to my grandfather and saw someone burning paper at your mother's grave, so I guessed you might be back. I wasn't sure but since you're here, my mother said you should come to my house for dinner tonight."

Wei Ruxia's family and Wu Yu's family were close. When they were young, they went to the mountains to play together, and when they came back, they would go to each other's places to eat.

Wu Yu was one year older than Wei Ruxia, and also had an older brother. Wei Ruxia's mother was younger than Wu Yu's parents, so she called Wu Yu's parents uncle and auntie. She and Wu Yu were in the same grade and grew up together. Their family had no daughters, so they treated Wei Ruxia as half a daughter.

Wei Ruxia immediately agreed and took Luo Tang to Wu Yu's house. While on the road, Wei Ruxia introduced the two of them. When Wu Yu heard her introducing Luo Tang as her boyfriend, he was obviously shocked, while Luo Tang, who was walking beside Wei Ruxia, looked calm.

Auntie Wu saw Wei Ruxia, her eyes became wet.  She didn't understand anything about what a DINK was, she only felt that Song Suyun had a hard time taking care of the child by herself. After Song Suyun's death, she was still worried that Wei Ruxia would be bullied if she went to Ancheng, but seeing her cheerful now, it seemed that there was nothing wrong, and she was relieved.

She talked with the people in Wu Yu's family and ate the meal quickly. Wei Ruxia was afraid of boring Luo Tang, so the two went home. When they returned, it was already dark, and the two of them walked the dirt road in the village holding hands. Accompanied by their gentle footsteps, Wei Ruxia told Luo Tang about her childhood.

Wei Ruxia didn't think she had so many memories before, but after meeting Wu Yu, the memories surged forth. She was actually a wild child. She followed Wu Yu up the hill to climb trees and dig out bird nests. She became calmer when she grew up. But the wildness in her bones was still there, so in Ancheng, she would be different from ordinary girls.

Luo Tang liked Wei Ruxia, and she also liked him.  She was the kind of girl who thought she was gentle and calm, but in fact, her every move made people think that she was different. She knew what she wanted, and she knew what he wanted, so she could easily pinpoint the thoughts in his heart.

Back home, Wei Ruxia boiled the water. My mother's hygiene habits were very good, and she took a bath every day. There was a room at home for the bathroom with a bathtub and shower.

"You wash first, I'll clean up the bed." Wei Ruxia said to Luo Tang.

Before going to Ancheng with her grandma, Wei Ruxia said that she would come back, so she only put everything away. Before going into town that morning, she took out all the bedding to dry. The north was very dry, even in summer, and bedding and other things wouldn't smell after a day of drying.

She stopped sleeping with her mother after attending junior high school. The bedrooms of the two were on the left and right, with a corridor in the middle. She went to sleep in her mother's bedroom, and Luo Tang slept in her room.

"Xiao Xia." Wu Yu's voice sounded outside.

Wei Ruxia smiled, hurriedly responded, and went downstairs. When she got downstairs, Wu Yu had just come in. He had a melon in his hand, which he had just picked from the melon field.

Wu Yu’s melons were delicious. Wei Ruxia always followed him to look at the melon fields in the summer. The two of them watched the melon fields in the shed while eating melons and playing cards. It was wonderful and carefree.

"Wow." Wei Ruxia hadn't eaten it for a long time. She didn't hesitate at all and grabbed one to wash and took a bite. The melon was crispy and sweet in her mouth. Wei Ruxia said, "I haven't eaten this in so long."

Wu Yu watched her eating with silly joy on her face. He asked Wei Ruxia, "Where is Luo Tang?"

Wei Ruxia held the melon and pointed upstairs, and said, "Taking a bath."

"Are you two staying together?" Wu Yu asked.

Knowing what Wu Yu meant, Wei Ruxia blushed slightly and said with a smile, "Yeah, I'll use my mother's room, and he's in mine."

"Oh." Wu Yu didn't say more.

"By the way, where are you going to study for university?" Wei Ruxia said, taking another bite of melon. When he was in school, Wu Yu's grades were average. Wei Ruxia asked this, because she wanted to check his scores and see if she could apply for a school or something for him.

After going to Ancheng, she gradually realized that there were too few resources in her hometown.

"I'm not going." Wu Yu smiled and said, "I want to be a soldier."

He had wanted to be a soldier since he was a child, and of course his size was good for it. Wei Ruxia laughed and said, "Okay, one of my classmates also wants to be a soldier."

After hearing from Hu Yinyin that day, it seemed Han Junsong was going to be a soldier too.

Wu Yu was lacking in interest in classmates who weren't the two of them. He watched Wei Ruxia eating a melon, moved his lips, and then asked, "When will you leave? Soon?"

Although she couldn't say right away, they wouldn't stay here for long. Luo Tang came with her, and Auntie Yang wasn't feeling well before they left. She only wanted to accompany her mother for two days.

"Mm, in a few days."

"I'll only see you for a few days. I haven't seen you in two years." Wu Yu said.

"Yes, time flies so fast."

After chatting with Wei Ruxia for a while, Wu Yu left. After he left, Wei Ruxia washed two melons and took them upstairs. As soon as she went upstairs, she found that Luo Tang, who had finished his bath, was sitting on the bed in her room and playing games. Hearing her footsteps, he raised his head and glanced over. Wei Ruxia smiled at him, threw a melon over, and Luo Tang reached out to catch it.

The bed was already made, flat and clean. Wei Ruxia went into the room, sat on a chair next to him, and asked, "When did you get out of the bath?"

Luo Tang put the melon aside and looked at Wei Ruxia and said, "When Wu Yu came."

Wei Ruxia, who was biting the melon, was startled. She laughed and asked, "Why didn't you come down?"

With the light on in the room, Wei Ruxia sat in a chair with a faint smile on her face. Luo Tang looked at her smile and replied, "You haven't seen each other for a long time. If he had something to say, it'd be awkward for me."

Luo Tang's answer made Wei Ruxia look at him somewhat admiringly. She deepened her smile, teased, and asked, "Aren't you jealous?"

"No." Luo Tang said, "You're with me from now on, he is the only one who should be jealous."

Wei Ruxia laughed, but Wu Yu didn't have such feelings towards her. The two grew up together, and they had affection beyond friendship for each other.

"He's my childhood sweetheart."

"So what? I'm your boyfriend."


After spending a few days with Luo Tang in Dongzhen, the two took a plane back to Ancheng.  The plane was fast, and within a few hours, it went from the far north to the far south of the country, and the weather changed from cool to humid.

When they got home, it was Yang Shuru who picked them up. As soon as the two kids came out of the airport and she looked at their smiling faces, she noticed something was different.

"Luo Tang, Xia Xia~" Yang Shuru smiled and waved.

Wei Ruxia, who was talking with Luo Tang, heard Yang Shuru’s voice, and immediately raised her head. After seeing Yang Shuru, Wei Ruxia felt comfortable in her heart. She and Luo Tang walked over and she asked with a smile, "Auntie Yang, have you been feeling well these few days?"

She was still thinking about her holding the toilet and throwing up after the exams. Yang Shuru touched her face tenderly, and smiled, "I'm okay. Is it hot? Come, let's go home."

Yang Shuru spoke with Wei Ruxia, obviously forgetting her own son. But her son didn't care at all. The two women were talking in front, and he followed behind with his luggage.

After getting in the car, Yang Shuru said while putting on her seat belt, "What were you two talking about earlier that made you look so happy?"

Wei Ruxia sat in the back. After she fastened her seat belt, she looked up at Yang Shuru, smiled and replied, "Just about my birthday tomorrow."

"Oh, yes~" Yang Shuru suddenly remembered and said, "Xiaxia's birthday is tomorrow. Is there anything you want..."

As she spoke, Yang Shuru changed her tone of voice and smiled, "I'll make Luo Tang buy it for you."

When Luo Tang heard her, he replied, "You also want to buy something for her."

"Oh?" Yang Shuru was startled and joked, "Then you and Xiaxia will buy things for me for my birthday."

Yang Shuru had obviously regarded her as a part of the family with her words. Wei Ruxia's face was slightly red, with a little shyness, but at the same time she was full of joy.

"No, let Luo Tang buy the gift for me." Wei Ruxia said with a smile.

"Haha." Yang Shuru laughed with her.

The three people talked and laughed all the way, and soon arrived back at their community. When she first arrived at the door of her house, Wei Ruxia saw the dazzling red BMW and Lin Ling who was still wearing a red suit.

When Wei Ruxia got out of the car, Lin Ling smiled at the three of them and said, "I have something to discuss with Ruxia."

Looking at her posture, it was likely a private matter, and it wasn't easy for Yang Shuru to intervene. She smiled at Wei Ruxia and said, "Then you talk first. Luo Tang and I will go home and wait for you."

"Okay." Wei Ruxia agreed. She glanced at the file protector in Lin Ling's hand, frowned slightly, and said, "Auntie Lin, come to my house."

Luo Tang watched the two enter Wei Ruxia's house in tandem, pursing his lips slightly, then went home with Yang Shuru.

Yang Shuru looked at her son's anxious eyes, smiled and said, "Are you two together?"

"Yeah." Luo Tang replied indifferently, then asked, "Is there any ice cream at home?"

"Yes, I bought it in advance~" Yang Shuru replied with a smile.

She had been away for four or five days and there wasn't anyone living in the house, so there was no freshly squeezed juice in the refrigerator. However, Lin Ling was obviously not here to drink juice. Wei Ruxia poured a glass of water, and the two sat in the living room. Wei Ruxia said, "Auntie Lin, what's the matter?"

Lin Ling didn't take the water. She looked at Wei Ruxia with a little hesitation, and finally handed Wei Ruxia the file in her hand.

"I haven't introduced myself properly to you. I'm a fan of your dad and a neurologist. This is your dad's case file..."

The author has something to say:

Tangtang: Let me explain to everyone that my old man isn't getting a parting gift.

This is kind of a translation note for the Tangtang thing above. 'Parting gift' was actually originally a 'bento'/'boxed lunch', which is apparently a colloquialism for the parting gift an actor receives when they are killed off a show. The author has actually said something like this before concerning Ruxia's dad, I think she just wants everyone to know that she isn't going to kill off all of Ruxia's family. Well, maybe...I'm just guessing.

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