35 - Only have you
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35 - Only have you

After Luo Tang went home, he went to the bedroom and took a shower. After washing, A'Mang followed him, and they went to the window sill one by one.

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After Luo Tang went home, he went to the bedroom and took a shower. After washing, A'Mang followed him, and they went to the window sill one by one. With the air-conditioning blowing over his head, the young man’s hair was still wet, and he wore a white towel around his neck and looked out the window.

Outside the window, Lin Ling had just come out of Wei Ruxia's house, but only she came out. Every time Lin Ling appeared, it affected Wei Ruxia's mood, so Luo Tang didn't like her from a personal perspective.

Wiping his hair clean, it seemed Wei Ruxia didn't intend to come to his house. He faintly felt something was wrong in his heart, so Luo Tang pulled the towel off and took A'Mang downstairs.

He just arrived at Wei Ruxia's house, when Wei Ruxia came out of the house. She didn't look good, her lips were a little pale, and she seemed absent-minded. When she looked up and saw Luo Tang, she twitched her lips and smiled, and said, "Auntie Lin just left."

Luo Tang looked at her lip colour and asked, "What happened to Uncle Wei?"

"Ah." Wei Ruxia's heart tightened. She looked at Luo Tang, touched the sweat on her head, and said, "It's nothing, the air-conditioning at home wasn't high enough. I'm a little hot, it's probably just a bit of heatstroke."

Her mind was a little confused, and didn't want to say something that couldn't be taken back. So she only planned not to tell Luo Tang for now.

Luo Tang had always respected her privacy, so he just stretched out his hand and said, "Come to my house, I have ice cream inside."

The thought of ice cream eased Wei Ruxia's bitter mood. She walked to Luo Tang's side, took his hand and said, "Okay."

With the things in her heart, Wei Ruxia was muddle-headed all day. After eating ice cream, she went back to her room and took a shower.  The cold water gradually eased her emotions and after washing, she took out her mobile phone and prepared to call her father.

Lin Ling came to her behind her father's back. Since she came to her, she wanted her to make a choice.

Wei Ruxia stayed for a while, the phone screen turning on and off, and on and off. In the end, she didn't make a call and fell asleep on the bed.

Wei Ruxia slept unsteadily, and her consciousness was hazy. For a while, she dreamed of her mother dying, telling her that she owed her father and asked her to make up for it.  Then for a while, she dreamed of her grandma dying, telling that she wanted to make their father-daughter relationship better, and asked her to help her take care of her father. In the end, she dreamed that her father had gone...Wei Ruxia opened her eyes, the room was covered with dark shadows, and Wei Ruxia was covered in a cold sweat.

At dinner time, the Auntie had already prepared dinner. Today, when the two kids came back, Yang Shuru didn't want to let Wei Ruxia go home to eat, so she asked her aunt to cook another four northern-style dishes for Wei Ruxia.

As soon as Wei Ruxia left her room, Yang Shuru in the living room downstairs got up and walked over and asked with concern, "Why did you sleep for so long? Are you unwell?"

Wei Ruxia had a very good physique and rarely felt unwell.

She had come out after washing her face, and she didn't look so bad. When Yang Shuru was speaking, Luo Tang, who was playing with A'Mang, also looked over. Although he was playing, Luo Tang was still wrestling with something in his heart. Wei Ruxia was upset after Lin Ling left. Her current mood was probably related to her father.

"I'm okay." Wei Ruxia laughed. She went downstairs and rubbed her eyebrows. "It should just be heat stroke."

"Then take some medicine after you've eaten." Yang Shuru said, holding her hand with a smile and said, "Let's eat."

Luo Tang's father had a meeting at the company tonight, so he wouldn't come back to eat. There was no patriarch at the table, and the atmosphere was much more lively. Yang Shuru told Wei Ruxia to eat, and then quietly asked Luo Tang how thry should celebrate Wei Ruxia's birthday tomorrow.

"After your birthday, there is a class reunion the next day, right?" Yang Shuru asked.

After they'd returned Luo Tang had told her about it. When Wei Ruxia heard this, she looked up at Luo Tang and smiled, "Are you going?"

He had always disliked this kind of event. When Hu Yinyin called her and asked her to bring Luo Tang, it was because no one else in the class dared to ask him.

"Yeah." Luo Tang drank a spoonful of soup, looked up at Wei Ruxia, and asked, "Aren't you going?"

With a move of her eyes, Wei Ruxia pursed her lips, laughed and said, "I'm going."

Wei Ruxia received birthday wishes from three people at the same time in the early morning.  One was Hu Yinyin, one was Luo Tang, and the other was her father.

Knowing that it was early morning where she was, her father sent a WeChat message, and the blessing was also very simple, only four words.

Happy birthday, my daughter.

After Lin Ling told her everything, she hadn't contacted her father. Wei Ruxia stared at the words on the screen for a long time, and finally dialed her father's number.

Getting up early the next morning, Wei Ruxia ate breakfast and looked at Luo Tang, who was drinking milk opposite her. The young man's expression was quiet, fair and gentle in the morning sun.

"Did you set your alarm clock?" Wei Ruxia asked with a smile.

Luo Tang sent her birthday wishes early in the morning, but Wei Ruxia didn't get up and she didn't reply to him until 7 o'clock in the morning.  At that time, he had already ran back with A'Mang.

Luo Tang raised his eyes and looked at Wei Ruxia. The girl smiled happily and arbitrarily. Those who knew they were blessed were always confident, but he liked Wei Ruxia like this. She was confident precisely because she knew what he thought of her.

"No, I didn't sleep." Luo Tang said.

"Oh~" Wei Ruxia's smile deepened after a trace of guilt flashed in her eyes, and she said, "Then next time I won't sleep, we can both be tired."

Luo Tang looked at her light expression, she was no different from before. Seeing her feeling better, Luo Tang lowered his eyes, drank some milk, and said, "Next time you'll still fall asleep."

Being poked by Luo Tang, Wei Ruxia wasn't embarrassed, she just smiled again.

After the two had eaten, Wei Ruxia was taken away by Luo Tang. He paid more attention to her eighteenth birthday than she did herself.

Compared with Wei Ruxia's gift to Luo Tang for his birthday, Luo Tang's gift was excessive. The gift he gave wasn't bought, but made by himself.

Luo Tang arranged her first birthday stop at a pottery studio.

The spinning wheel went round, and the wet clay rubbed her palms. Wei Ruxia looked at Luo Tang who was sitting next to her dreamily.

The boy was wearing a light gray oilcloth apron and his slender fingers were covered by gray clay. He lowered his head slightly and his profile was delicate and beautiful. He blinked slightly, his eyes were dark and shiny. Obviously this wasn't the first time he'd done pottery and his technique was very skillful, coupled with his outstanding appearance, the people around him more or less just watched him.

Most of the people who came here to try it out were young girls, they watched Luo Tang discussing in hushed voices.

"That boy is so handsome, look how good he is."

"His fingers are so beautiful, my hand fetish is about to kill me."

"Is the girl sitting next to him his girlfriend? They're a pretty good match, good-looking people really only play with other good-looking people."

Wei Ruxia smiled as she listened to their discussion, she looked sideways at Luo Tang in a daze. While she was in a trance, Luo Tang turned his head slightly, and the two of them looked at each other. Wei Ruxia's heart moved and her hands followed, and the clay in her hands instantly deformed.

"Oops, I ruined it again." Wei Ruxia looked at the deformed clay and said. She had no idea how many times she had messed it up.

Looking down at Wei Ruxia's clay, Luo Tang pursed his lips but kept moving his hands. He asked, "What are you looking at?"

While pinching the clay together again, Wei Ruxia replied frankly, "You."

His Adam's apple moved slightly, and he laughed.  Listening to his laugh, Wei Ruxia pinched the clay in her hands, and suddenly said, "This must be my most memorable birthday."

The spinning wheel hadn't stopped, and she hurriedly fiddled with the clay, her expression still indifferent. No matter what accidents happened, she could always keep calm.

Luo Tang watched the clay in her hands collapse again, and stood up. Wei Ruxia noticed his movements and looked up at him. Luo Tang pulled his seat over and sat behind her.

As soon as he sat down, Wei Ruxia smelled the fresh scent of mint. The scent of mint tended to cleanse people, but Wei Ruxia fely a little hot. With her back pressed against the boy's chest, she could feel his strong and slightly disturbed heartbeat.

The girls who had just chatted about Luo Tang let out a small squeal after Luo Tang sat down. As they lost it, Luo Tang stretched out his hand to cover the back of Wei Ruxia's hand.

The first time she tried it, the clay on her hands didn't stay together at all. Luo Tang held her hand and moved the clay into shape. He breathed very lightly and tickling the back of Wei Ruxia's neck. The boy's voice was low, like a clear spring in a mountain stream, "Is it more memorable now?"

Feeling Luo Tang's breath, Wei Ruxia was sensitive to the heat and the roots of her ears were gradually dyed with a layer of pink. The clay on her hands gradually formed a shape. Wei Ruxia didn't deny it, and responded with a chuckle.


Luo Tang made a small cup for her, and she drew two rabbits on it, because she and Luo Tang were both rabbits. She was so good at painting, it made the cup even uglier.

Yang Shuru was preparing a birthday meal for the evening, so the two of them had to go back for dinner. After finishing pottery, Wei Ruxia wanted to skate. There weren't any ice skating rinks in Ancheng, so Luo Tang took her to the roller skating rink.

Wei Ruxia didn't want to skate too much, but in the skating rink, she always reminded of the scene when Luo Tang confessed to her.

Wei Ruxia’s 18th birthday was a very happy one, like the kind of happiness that would set the bar for all happiness of the future. She would celebrate her birthday every year in the future, but none of them would compare to the happiness brought to her by her eighteenth birthday.

Before dinner, Wei Ruxia and Luo Tang took the subway home. When leaving the subway station, Wei Ruxia saw that there were Kongming lanterns at the entrance, so she paid for one.

"Is there a place to put it?" Wei Ruxia asked Luo Tang as she walked holding the Kongming lantern.

Looking at her happy face, Luo Tang responded, "You can put it behind the community, on the Anhe River."

"Let's do that." Wei Ruxia said with a smile, "I want to use the Kongming lantern to make a wish. I hear that Kongming lanterns are better than birthday cake wishes."

Wei Ruxia had never believed in these kinds of things. But today, she wanted to make a wish that must be realized.

After having dinner at home, Wei Ruxia took Luo Tang's hand to visit the Anhe River. On summer nights, the Anhe River occasionally gave off a cool breeze, but there were still very few people here to enjoy the air, only a few scattered on the river bank.

"This is the first time I've used a Kongming Lantern." Wei Ruxia took a marker and wrote her wishes on the lantern. While she was writing, she glanced at Luo Tang next to her. Luo Tang also wrote on a Kongming lantern. Seeing she was looking, he stretched out his hand to cover it.

Between her look and his block, Wei Ruxia saw his blushing face under the street lamp.

Her heart moved, and her brain buzzed, making her feel a little impulsive. But this impulse was soon suppressed by the breeze from the river.

"Release it." Wei Ruxia took a match and lit the Kongming lantern.

Although she bought it from the station, the quality wasn't bad. After the light was ignited, the Kongming lantern quickly took off. Wei Ruxia laughed and said, "It's off."

Luo Tang let go of her hand as Kongming's lamp slowly flew into the sky. The Kongming's light flickered, as if lighting up the dark night sky. Those walking around didn't notice what was floating on the Kongming Lantern.

"What wish did you make?" Wei Ruxia asked, leaning against the railing on the river bank and looking back at Luo Tang.

Luo Tang, who had just block her from looking, was willing to tell her his wish after the Kongming lantern flew far away. He turned his head to meet her gaze and said, "To always be with you."

This was Luo Tang's most straightforward confession to her, a simple sentence which made people tremble.

Wei Ruxia smiled slightly. She didn't look at him again, but turned her head to look at the Kongming lantern floating away in the night sky, and smiled, "I wished you happiness forever."

After speaking, Wei Ruxia frowned slightly and bit her lower lip.

"Then our wishes are the same." Wei Ruxia was hidden in the dark shadows, and Luo Tang couldn't see her expression.

"Huh?" Wei Ruxia smiled and asked, "What did you say?"

Luo Tang turned his head and looked at Wei Ruxia with clear eyes.

"I'll be happy forever with you."

Wei Ruxia took a breath, and the surrounding cold air cut her throat like ice, making her speechless. Even so, she still had to tell Luo Tang the decision she made.

"Luo Tang..." Wei Ruxia called him, and after calling his name, she seemed to have used up all her strength. Wei Ruxia sank, she looked up at Luo Tang and said, "I can't be with you forever. I have to fly to Britain tomorrow afternoon."

The evening breeze was rustling the leaves and the Anhe River under the street lamps was billowing with ripples, like Luo Tang's crumpled heart. Everything seemed to be like a dream. Luo Tang looked at Wei Ruxia and asked calmly, "What happened?"

His calmness caused Wei Ruxia's breathing to stagnate. She was like a stranded fish. It took a long while to turn her mind around, and she said concisely.

"My dad hasn't been on tour for the past six months. He has been seriously ill and has been undergoing treatment abroad. Auntie Lin said that it will continue to drag on, and it's very likely that the right side of his body has deteriorated and will become paralyzed. He'll have an operation very soon. After the operation, rehabilitation abroad. It should take at least ten years, although he may not be cured after ten years...I'll go and accompany him."

Ten years wasn't a short time, and more importantly, he may not be cured after ten years. Her going to England was basically to settle in England with her father. She wouldn't let Luo Tang wait for her, let alone let Luo Tang go with her. When she celebrated the Spring Festival at his grandmother's house this year, they had mentioned that Luo Tang could study abroad, but couldn't settle abroad. The roots of their Luo family were in Ancheng, and his parents and grandparents were in Ancheng. Luo Tang was their only child. He couldn't accompany her.

She wanted to go abroad to accompany her father and fufill her mother and grandma, while he had to accompany his family in here. The future of long distance relationships was very slim. They were only at the beginning of their relationship, and long-term pain would be worse than short-term pain, they must cut it off quickly.

Wei Ruxia was very selfish. She had already made a decision when she talked with her father on the phone in the early morning, but she still only told him after she had enjoyed her birthday with Luo Tang. She wanted to spend her eighteenth birthday with Luo Tang, and she wanted to always remember this boy who gave her everything.

It wasn't until Wei Ruxia finished speaking that Luo Tang gradually believed her. She was still the same, and her words were simple and easy to understand. After the incident, she considered all the circumstances, and then made a decision simply and decisively, without even giving him any chance to stay.

Luo Tang remembered the first time he saw Wei Ruxia, her eyes had seen everything and accepted everything indifferently. Wei Ruxia was very decisive. She had always been able to handle everything clearly, knowing what she wanted and what she had to give up.

"You abandoned me." Luo Tang felt that knowing Wei Ruxia was like a dream. Now Wei Ruxia had broken the illusion, and he'd woken up and Wei Ruxia was gone.

His eyes locked on her tightly, Wei Ruxia's heart seemed to have been slashed, she shook her head and said, "I didn't, Luo Tang, you're too good. Everyone likes you, and no one would abandon you."

"Except you." Luo Tang said.

The two words seemed to hit her chest with a dull thud and Wei Ruxia couldn't answer.

Luo Tang looked at Wei Ruxia, his eyes were surging with emotions that Wei Ruxia had never seen before, and his voice was gloomy, like the sea before a storm.

"But I would rather be abandoned by everyone, and only have you."

The author has something to say:

Tangtang: Okay, you abandoned me today, so you can't chase me tomorrow.

I've prepared for this moment, our father didn't receive his parting gift. I didn't lie. Don't scold me.
Reunion tomorrow. After the reunion, they will be adults. Can do something that only adults can do. Don't scold me.
The virginity of the two is still there, so don't scold me for the ball.
I’m sorry, and I’m sorry for those who abandoned the novel, but don’t tell me orz

I don't understand all the author's note but I left it in, since it made me laugh. Poor girl, trying to create a plot with tension and people drop her novel. Round of applause for the author on finding a problem that can't just be overcome by the stupidly large amount of money that Luo Tang has in his family.

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