40 - Can't I?
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40 - Can't I?

After Hu Yinyin had her honeymoon, she asked Wei Ruxia to meet her again before returning to England. Hu Yinyin went to Hawaii on her honeymoon, her skin was tanned, but she was very happy, and she was full of joy.

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After Hu Yinyin had her honeymoon, she asked Wei Ruxia to meet her again before returning to England. Hu Yinyin went to Hawaii on her honeymoon, her skin was tanned, but she was very happy, and she was full of joy.

The two met in a terrace cafe, which was near Anjiang. The third-floor terrace just happened to be able to see the freight ferry in Anjiang, and the whistle of the ferry could be heard from time to time.

In the evening, the setting sun was golden and red, the sky was full of vibrant clouds, and the pedestrians were coated with a layer of colour. Wei Ruxia sat with her legs crossed and took a sip of coffee. Within a month, she had recovered from her jet lag, but soon she would be going back to the UK to stay there for half a month, and she would continue to suffer from jet lag again. In the end, the best sleep she’d had recently was in Luo Tang’s car on the day of Hu Yinyin's wedding.

"So you took a taxi back by yourself that day?" Hu Yinyin was so shocked Wei Ruxia could see the whites of her eyes after telling her the follow-up of Luo Tang sending her back to the hotel.

Although she went on her honeymoon after getting married, during her honeymoon, she and Han Junsong talked a bit about their time in high school. During those years, Luo Tang and Wei Ruxia were inseparable, and they naturally came up in their conversation a few times.

Han Junsong had objectively analysed that Luo Tang and Wei Ruxia would be difficult to reunite with each other, while Hu Yinyin still thought subjectively that the two were still in love and would definitely be together again. But after hearing what Wei Ruxia said, Hu Yinyin doubted her intuition for the first time.

"I was asleep when he drove home." Wei Ruxia explained, "Later we talked about advertising for his company's new game. He’ll be shooting next month, but I want to return to Britain and stay with my dad."

The matter was indeed Wei Ruxia's fault. After all, Luo Tang was a client and she actually tried to call the shots in terms of timing. Although afterwards, Luo Tang agreed to postpone shooting the commercial for half a month, and she would be paid for the travel.

After hearing Wei Ruxia tell the whole story, Hu Yinyin accurately grasped the main points. She leaned against the table, patted the tabletop and said, "He wants you to stay."

Wei Ruxia's heart was itchy, but she quickly lost the feeling again. She smiled and said, "No, the advertising director for his company seems to have some problem, so he let me pick up the work. Also this game has a British setting, and I’ve lived in the UK for eight years and have more experience than other directors."

With this explanation, she gave Hu Yinyin pause. However, she still felt that Luo Tang and Wei Ruxia would be together. She said to Wei Ruxia, "Then I’ll tell you about Luo Tang's situation first, in case you two do want to get back together, I’ll help. He studied his undergraduate and master's at Qingchuan University. Started the LO game company in his second year of his master's degree and the company has just gone public two years ago. He’s now a major player in the Internet industry and is one of the top ten outstanding young people in the country. But..."

Hu Yinyin paused, and she laughed, revealing two cute little pear shaped cheeks.

"But he has never had a relationship since his undergraduate degree until now. I think it’s because he’s waiting for you."

Hu Yinyin rattled everything off like a gun and Wei Ruxia lowered her head and laughed, rubbing her fingers against the cold coffee cup, and said, "Perhaps he’s just too busy to date."

She didn’t just say this to Hu Yinyin, but also to herself. She wanted to suppress the restlessness and longing in her heart, but Hu Yinyin's few words provoked her again.

It was the rainy season in the UK, Wei Ruxia got out of the taxi under an umbrella and pushed her father into the hospital.

She came to pay her father's medical expenses. The remuneration offered by Luo Tang's company was five times higher than the industry price, and half of it was paid in advance. After this job was done, the generous remuneration would be enough to cover her father's medical expenses for half a year.

She was very material minded at the moment, everything she did was just to make money. After her father recovered, she wanted to open a studio. Her father was a drama actor and her mother was a photographer. Wei Ruxia was a mixture of the two and she wanted to be a film director. Even if she didn't have the ability, she still wanted to hold onto the small dream in her heart.

After paying the fees, Wei Ruxia accompanied her father for the treatment, and the two returned home talking and laughing. Their home was a small rented loft, fifty square metres with two bedrooms and one living room, crowded but cozy, it was enough for one father and one daughter.

Wei Ruxia made Chinese food today. She could now cook Ancheng's local dishes just like her grandmother and her father liked it very much.

After father and daughter had lunch, her father went to take a nap as usual. Wei Ruxia was also sleepy, but she wanted to write up an outline for LO's new game ‘Ice Language’.

She had downloaded WeChat on her new mobile phone to facilitate contact with the domestic filming team. LO company was worthy of being called a big company. Wei Ruxia had seen the resumes of several people in the advertising department, and they were all powerful people with actual achievements. Comparatively speaking, she seemed a little green. Therefore, she had to show her 100% enthusiasm for this advertisement, otherwise she would feel unworthy of Luo Tang’s money.

There was a small window in the living room, with a chair and a small square table in front of the window, where Wei Ruxia usually worked. In the rainy season in Britain, the air was very humid and it was especially comfortable to feel a breeze on the face. Wei Ruxia used the computer to knock out a plan, and as the keyboard clacked, she heard a knock on the door.

Stopping the movement of her hands, Wei Ruxia rubbed her eyebrows and got up to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, Wei Ruxia saw a delicate rose. She raised her eyebrows slightly and said softly, "Wow." After receiving the rose, she lowered her head and sniffed it. Wei Ruxia raised her head from the light rose fragrance to say thank you to the person who gave it.

Alan was only nineteen years old, but he was 1.85m tall. With his slender figure, even with his height, the youth looked a little immature. His hair colour was like linen, but in preparation for his new role, his head was shaved, fresh and hearty. The young man had deep eyebrows, and his pale blue eyes were as clear and beautiful as the blue sky and the sea.

He wanted to be an actor in the future, and his temperament and looks were naturally good. Alan listened to Wei Ruxia's thank you, and laughed, opened his arms to hug her, and then the two entered the apartment one after the other.

"My dad is taking a nap." Wei Ruxia took the glass vase and put the rose on the table. Alan sat on a chair across from her and watched her place the rose and continue to work.

"You're more beautiful." Alan smiled innocently. "The rose is a bit eclipsed."

This rose was the first rose off his family's rose bush. Wei Ruxia always received it. After meeting Wei Ruxia, he would give her the first rose off his family’s bush every year.

Any woman would be flustered when she heard the praise of a good-looking man, and Wei Ruxia was naturally not an exception. She raised her eyes to look at the boy and smiled, "Your mouth is sweeter."

"Only when I see you." Alan said seriously.

He had always spoken like this, and Wei Ruxia was used to it. She laughed and lowered her head to continue writing up her plan.

Alan wasn’t lying, he could see that Wei Ruxia was different after returning from China. When she spoke, there was something sweet in her expression. Although she was beautiful before, now she seemed to be afflicted with emotion, she had a touch of charm, a woman's alluring charm.

"Were there any gains in China?" Alan asked.

After a pause, Wei Ruxia looked up at him, smiled and asked, "So obvious?"

Alan shrugged, his expression self-evident.

Foreigners generally matured prematurely. Wei Ruxia didn’t avoid Alan's question. Maybe she wanted someone to give her an answer in her heart. She clasped her hands, rested her chin on it, and said to Alan, "I meet my first love."

"Wow~" Alan sighed, then asked, "What happened after that?"

"There was no after that." Now Wei Ruxia shrugged.

Alan smiled and said that he didn't understand, he asked, "Do you still love him?"

This question was asked straightforwardly but not abruptly. Wei Ruxia had an answer in her heart, so she nodded frankly and replied, "Yeah."

"Then he’s very lucky." Alan looked at Wei Ruxia and said softly.

The corners of her lips raised slightly. Wei Ruxia let go, she breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the drizzle outside the window, saying, "Actually, I’m lucky."

Wei Ruxia felt satisfied just to meet him and to see him again next time.

"You should go after him." Although Alan was young, he’d already had a few romances. He didn't overthink things, and just said, "He makes you shine."

Wei Ruxia was indeed shining, and within fifteen days, she had already written up a draft for the commercial. After flying back from the UK, she went directly to the LO company.

It was now July and Ancheng was getting hotter and hotter. Wei Ruxia couldn't adapt for a while, but she was refreshed after entering the lobby of the LO building.

When she got off the plane, she had contacted the people in the advertising department. They had said that she could start making arrangements immediately after she arrived. She had just arrived in the lobby, and soon after the receptionist made a call, someone came down to pick her up.

Internet companies were in an emerging industry that started with creativity and technology, so the company atmosphere wasn’t as rigid as an ordinary commercial company. The decoration in the building was also very modern, somewhat like something out of a science fiction movie.

Wei Ruxia knew very little about the style of the office, but she felt that she would be very happy working at LO, because the air-conditioning was really good.

The person who came to pick her up was named Don. He was a man in a suit wearing glasses. His appearance wasn’t very conspicuous but he looked very easy-going. He looked older than Luo Tang, around 30 years old. He was very talkative and easy-going, after picking up Wei Ruxia and getting on the elevator, the two started talking.

"You just came back from England, you probably haven’t adapted to the weather in Ancheng." Don said with a smile.

When he laughed, the corners of his eyes curled up, a bit like a fox, with a sense of shrewdness. Wei Ruxia felt that his position in the company shouldn’t be low. Since he came to pick her up personally, Wei Ruxia didn’t dare to disregard him.

"Yes." Wei Ruxia replied, "I can't stand the heat, but your company's air-conditioning is quite adequate."

When Don heard her words, he smiled and said, "Would you like to work in our company? The salary of our advertising department is quite high, and Mr. Luo likes talents."

Being defined as a ‘talent’, Wei Ruxia felt a little awkward, and replied ambiguously, "Let's take a look after Mr. Luo has seen my work."

As soon as she spoke, Don gave a vague laugh. Wei Ruxia looked at the corner of his smiling eyes, and felt that he looked more like a fox.

The two chatted until the elevator finally stopped and they reached the 23rd floor. Out of the elevator, Don led her to an office door.

The office was very large, surrounded by glass and she could see the assistant's office outside, but not the inside.

After entering the glass door, Don knocked on the door of the office inside. After getting permission, Don opened the door and signaled Wei Ruxia to enter.

The one who let them in just now was Luo Tang, even though it was only a simple ‘hm’, Wei Ruxia knew who it was. After thanking Don, she walked in. Walking through the wide door, Wei Ruxia saw Luo Tang behind the desk with floor-to-ceiling windows behind him.

Luo Tang was also in a suit with his jacket on the office chair. He was holding the mouse in one hand with the other hand on the keyboard, calmly doing something.

It was only him in the entire office. When Wei Ruxia got off the plane, she thought that their advertising department would hold a meeting, but she didn't expect that she would only meet with Luo Tang.

She didn't know what Luo Tang was doing at first, but then she heard a sound from the computer, it seemed that Luo Tang was playing a game.

Luo Tang wasn’t playing a game, he was testing a game. LO mainly promoted a new game every year. He had a background in IT and was also involved in the development of the game.

Soon, Wei Ruxia heard the sound of celebration from the computer, it sounded like Luo Tang won.

To tell the truth, Luo Tang was too charming in a suit, even playing games in a suit he was simply full of charm.

After playing the game, Luo Tang's expression remained the same. He raised his head and glanced at Wei Ruxia. His dark black eyes were clear, and he said solemnly, "Sit down."

The two sat in the meeting area in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, where there was a small table and two chairs facing each other. Wei Ruxia sat down with her drafts, but Luo Tang walked to the bar next to her, took a cup and asked, "What do you drink?"

Luo Tang really liked wine. There was a wine cabinet in the office, and the collection was full of good wines. Wei Ruxia glanced at it and said, "A dry red."

Hearing her answer, Luo Tang raised his eyes. He pressed his lips together slightly and picked up the milk next to him.

Wei Ruxia, "..."

He had picked a strawberry flavoured one. When the cup was put down in front of her, Wei Ruxia smelled the faint sweet fragrance of strawberry. The evening atmosphere was quiet and lazy. Wei Ruxia smiled and drank a sip of strawberry milk, feeling a little sleepy.

She naturally couldn’t be sleepy now, so she raised her head and glanced at Luo Tang, who poured himself a glass of lemonade and sat opposite her. Wei Ruxia opened the draft to explain it to Luo Tang.

Wei Ruxia herself was quite satisfied with the planning of this advertisement, but she still had some requests regarding the location of the filming. She asked Luo Tang, "Would this kind of location have to be built by the company or rented?"

"Which?" Luo Tang asked.

When he finished asking, Wei Ruxia was about to hand over the draft, but before she could start, Luo Tang had already stood up. After he stood up, he walked to her side, supported himself on the back of her chair with one hand, and put his other hand on the draft.

He stood beside her and leaned over, as if he had always been speaking to her like he used to. He looked down at the plan and asked, "This part?"

Adolescents were obviously restless, but when Luo Tang leaned over to help her with her homework for the first time, she didn't feel much. But now, Luo Tang was standing next to her, surrounded by the scent of strawberry milk and the faint fragrance of lime from the man, she felt very conscious of him.

Passion and desire, only when she felt something did she feel desire.

Wei Ruxia's throat was dry.

She turned her head slightly, and the corner of her lips almost touched the man's cheek, Wei Ruxia whispered, "You could just take it to have a look."

After she finished speaking, Luo Tang turned his head, and the two of them looked at each other, the tips of their noses almost touching. Luo Tang looked at the woman's light brown eyes, and his throat moved slightly although his eyes were as quiet as water.

"I like to stand here, can't I?"

Half of Wei Ruxia's body was numb with his breath, she smiled at Luo Tang, turned her head back with heat in her ears, and laughed softly, "You can."

Luo Tang was chasing her.

The author has something to say:

Tangtang: I like to go in, can't I?

Go in where?

So, we are now 10 chpaters from the end, yes, it's a short novel! There is fanwai (omake, if you prefer Japanese) but I'm not really in the habit of reading fanwai so I probably won't be uploading it here (or reading it at all, I'm one of those terrible people who kind of lose interest in a couple once they get together).

Since this novel will be over next week, I thought I'd start asking now if anyone had any recommendations for my next one.
I was going to to 'Sir, Your Tie is Loose' (先生,你领带松了) but I got up to a point where the FL starts getting all bashful and her kind of 'shameless' personality that I liked at the start falls apart.

If I can't find anything better I'm just going to read through 'My Demon King Plush' (我家妖王毛绒绒) which is a BL romance between a eons old demon dog hunk MC and a modern cultivator/ghost hunter ML. No-dogblood, no abuse, and despite the demon dog, no weird furry/cat-boys/borderline-beastiality stuff. I'm just a little apprehensive about uploading this one because it's a modern fantasy with demons and celestial...stuff and I don't want to butcher the plot by mistranslating stuff (like, I'd try to do it as accurately as possible, but there's a risk).

Anyways, if anyone has a recommendation, comment below or on any chapter really, I see all the comments, or send me an email from the contact page. I could also pick-up a dropped project, I don't think I've seen anything on NU that has caught my eye recently, but I definitly haven't scoured the whole site, so who knows.

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