42 - I think of you
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42 - I think of you

On Monday, Song Meng joined the team. Wei Ruxia was adjusting the cameras with the photographer when she heard a noise at the door. She looked up and saw the dark face of Song Meng walking towards her.

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On Monday, Song Meng joined the team. Wei Ruxia was adjusting the cameras with the photographer when she heard a noise at the door. She looked up and saw the dark face of Song Meng walking towards her.

Her assistant Xiaoyuan handed Wei Ruxia a coffee, and shrugged, "Her ego is huge."

No matter how big the ego was, she should come to greet the director, but Song Meng wasn't coming over. It was her manager who came instead. The agent's name was Zhang Xue, a woman with short hair in her thirties. When she came to greet Wei Ruxia, her face was cheerful. Agents were all human beings, but their superficial acting was always their strong point.

"Hello, Director Wei, I'm Song Meng's agent Zhang Xue." Zhang Xue smiled and handed over her business card, and then said to Wei Ruxia, "Song Meng filmed all night last night, and she just rushed back from another province today."

Suddenly put into the role of one unable to strike when the other already admitted their faults, Wei Ruxia took the business card, smiled and said, "Then Miss Song is going to rest first?"

Zhang Xue had looked into Wei Ruxia before she came, and knew that Wei Ruxia wasn't too young but was a newcomer, and seemed to have something to do with the senior management of LO. She thought that she would be very immature, but she didn't expect her to speak so well.

This unremarkable sentence had some irony in it. Song Meng was here to shoot the commercial, so naturally she wouldn't take a break. Zhang Xue smiled slightly, and then said, "No, our Song Meng is still able to persevere, she's very tough."

"That's good." Wei Ruxia wasn't polite, clapped her hands with the script and greeted everyone, "Let's start."

Song Meng was indeed able to persevere, and she had some tenacity, but her perseverance and tenacity were all concentrated on not falling asleep. After all, she hadn't slept all night, and her state wasn't good at all. When Wei Ruxia called 'cut' for the third time, Song Meng's face instantly dropped.  Zhang Xue didn't stop her as Song Meng walked up to Wei Ruxia's face and asked aggressively, "Excuse me, director, you don't want to finish filming today, do you?"

Song Meng's popularity was high. Although her external image had always been easy-going and pleasant, there was also some gossip that she had an inflated ego. After all, she was such a big celebrity, she could naturally be very arrogant, and it would be normal to develop a sense of self-importance.

Wei Ruxia lowered her head and confirmed the shot with Lao Wai, then raised her head and smiled at Song Meng, and said mildly, "It may not be finished."

The woman in front of her was really capable of triggering her arrogance subtly. Song Meng's pretty brows wrinkled and there was a sneer in her throat as she said, "It's stated in the contract that I'll only participate in one day of shooting. What, do you want to break the contract?"

There were many people around and also photographic equipment at hand. Zhang Xue grabbed Song Meng and said to Wei Ruxia, "Director Wei, Director Wei, she is a bit upset. She was filming all night yesterday and is in a bad condition. I'm also anxious. Would you like to take a break?"

As soon as Zhang Xue finished, the smile on Wei Ruxia's face disappeared. She folded the script in her hand, raised her eyes to look at Zhang Xue, and said, "She chose to book work back-to-back. This is not my problem. The only problem I have with her is that if she accepts the money to take part my work, she has to show her best state and be able express what I want most."

After that, Wei Ruxia turned her attention to Song Meng and said, "Since the contract was mentioned. Miss Song you're required to cooperate with my work. However, you have been passively sabotaging the production, so it would be you who broke the contract, right?"

To be honest, if Song Meng dared to treat Wei Ruxia with this attitude and bully her as a new director, then she must have someone in LO. But she naturally had someone too.

Wei Ruxia’s words were thorny, and Song Meng could hear that she wasn't a good-tempered person. She pulled the headdress off her head, threw it on the ground, then pushed Wei Ruxia away, and said, “Stop shooting!"

Song Meng's strength was enough that Wei Ruxia was pushed back and staggered. Zhang Xue, who was next to her didn't care about her at all, and hurried out to find Song Meng. Wei Ruxia was helped up by Lao Wei and Xiaoyuan. Xiaoyuan was so angry with Song Meng that she asked Wei Ruxia, "Should I call the Manager over? This is too much."

"Calling the Manager may not be enough to control it," the clerk standing at the door said, "Song Meng has gone to find Mr. Luo."

"Fuck!" The entire advertising department wailed.

Wei Ruxia handed the script to Xiaoyuan and got up to go out. Xiaoyuan grabbed her and asked anxiously, "Director, where are you going?"

"I'll go to Mr. Luo." Wei Ruxia said calmly.

Xiaoyuan took a look at Lao Wei, and everyone in the department came up, babbling in surprise, "Let's wait for the manager to come and go together, otherwise..."

Otherwise, Wei Ruxia would be the one who suffers. Song Meng had a scandal with Mr. Luo. It definitely wasn't groundless. She must have something with him.

"I didn't do anything wrong." Wei Ruxia had a headache. Song Meng was too uncooperative when filming. She could feel her contempt and casualness. How could this kind of person become a top traffic beauty.

Or was it deliberate? And she wanted to take the opportunity to find Luo Tang and act like a baby?

Realising this, Wei Ruxia added, "I believe Mr. Luo will handle this matter fairly."

Everyone in the advertising department, "..."

Director Wei was really foolish but sweet!

When Wei Ruxia arrived at Luo Tang's office, Don was already waiting at the door. Seeing Wei Ruxia, he wasn't surprised at all and opened the door to her and said, "Miss Song is already inside."

After thanking Don, Wei Ruxia walked in. When she was still in the hallway, she heard Song Meng talking to Luo Tang about Wei Ruxia’s 'ten sins'.

Wei Ruxia listened to it for a while, she listed them in such a clean manner. She wrote such a great novel in such a short period of time, she really deserved a position in a public relations team.

"Come in." Luo Tang said.

When Song Meng had spoken, she didn't deliberately try to please him with her tone, but in a tone as if she really had been wronged. She accused the advertising department of various problems to Luo Tang.

Typically the company would wrestle with her company in terms of its true responsibilities and interests, but since she came in directly they should attempt to first appease her. Naturally, she didn't really want to ruin her relationship with LO, she just wanted to see Luo Tang, and make Wei Ruxia apologize to her. Also, letting her know her relationship with Luo Tang, and frustrating her.

After hearing Luo Tang's voice, Song Meng raised her head and glanced at Luo Tang. Wei Ruxia walked in from behind the door and smiled at him, and twisted Song Meng's brows.

Naturally, Song Meng wouldn't say hello to Wei Ruxia, but Zhang Xue, as the messenger, had to maintain an outward appearance of harmony with Wei Ruxia. Artists could play big cards and raise the price, she couldn't, she just had to do everything she could to save face.

"Director Wei." Zhang Xue said with a smile, raised her head and said to Luo Tang, "It's just that there was a little friction between us, Song Meng and Director Wei. We came to find Mr. Luo, and want Mr. Luo to adjust..."

As Zhang Xue was talking, Luo Tang, who had been sitting behind his desk, got up. He glanced at Wei Ruxia and asked, "Want a drink?"

Wei Ruxia sat down on a sofa, laughed and said, "You don't have anything here. I can only drink strawberry milk."

The two asked and answered, short and common, but Zhang Xue and Song Meng were stunned.  Hearing Wei Ruxia's answer, she seemed to be a frequent visitor to Luo Tang's office. Just when they thought that Luo Taolng would ask the assistant to come in and pour milk for Wei Ruxia, Luo Tang got up and went to the bar, then after a moment, he brought a glass of strawberry milk and placed it in front of Wei Ruxia.

Song Meng and Zhang Xue, "......"

Zhang Xue was the first to recover. She watched Wei Ruxia pick up the glass of milk and take a sip. She instantly understood why Wei Ruxia was such a young director to be chosen for the new LO game commercial.

She was a little thrown, and raised her head and said to Luo Tang, "Mr. Luo, we..."

Luo Tang stood next to Wei Ruxia and watched her drink the milk. He raised his eyes and glanced at Zhang Xue and Song Meng, then pressed the corner of his lips and said, "I know what you said.  I'll check with Director Wei later."

Song Meng said so much, but only after Wei Ruxia came did Luo Tang speak his first words to them. The perfunctory treatment was evident.

He had a calm tone, and no one could tell that he was chasing someone. Both Zhang Xue and Song Meng initially relied on Song Meng being familiar with Luo Tang, but now they obviously lost compared with Wei Ruxia. People always favoured those they were more acquainted with, and things definitely wouldn't end well for her if she continued to make trouble. She had been filming for many years and knew that the investor was the real boss. She can offend the director, but not the one who pays the bills.

"That's okay, then, we'll go back first." Zhang Xue pulled Song Meng up and smiled at Wei Ruxia, "Director Wei, if Song Meng's filming fails to achieve the effect you requested, can we trouble you to give the crew members an extra shift. That is, Song Meng will take a break first, and I'm sure you'll be satisfied with her work when her condition has recovered."

Wei Ruxia smiled and said, "It's natural for me to work overtime. I only wonder if Miss Song can manage?"

Just as Song Meng was about to speak, Zhang Xue pulled her and said, "Yes. We won't let everyone work overtime in vain. Song Meng will invite everyone to dinner afterwards, and provide some compensation.  "

"That would be a little awkward." Wei Ruxia smiled awkwardly.

Sometimes, Wei Ruxia was really easy-going. Seeing her consent, Zhang Xue heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Then we'll go to the advertising department and wait for you."

"Okay." Wei Ruxia nodded and agreed.

The two left after speaking, and the matter was naturally resolved. Wei Ruxia wasn't in a hurry to leave. She estimated that Song Meng would have to rest for a while, so she could at least finish drinking this glass of milk.

Luo Tang watched her drinking milk and sat down beside her. As soon as he sat down, he pulled off his tie with his hand. When Song Meng and the others were there, he behaved seriously, but as soon as they left, he pulled off his tie, and revealed his delicate collarbone. Was he tempting her?

Wei Ruxia diverted her attention and took a sip of the milk, the faint strawberry scent filled her mouth, it was very sweet. She also felt very sweet in her heart, because Luo Tang was obviously biased towards her this time. However, Song Meng came to Luo Tang so directly and Luo Tang actually let them in.

Wasn't he busy?

"That was a bit disruptive. It could have been solved by the advertising department." Wei Ruxia smiled and said, "Why did you spend the time taking care of it?"

After Luo Tang finished loosening his tie, he leaned back on the sofa. He held the back of his neck with his right hand, and there was some fatigue between his eyebrows. He was really busy today, and had been looking at documents and data from the technical department.

After Wei Ruxia asked, Luo Tang turned his head slightly, his eyes were slightly narrowed, and his eyes were dark and shiny under his thick eyelashes.

"If I took care of it, then you would come to my office."

I wanted to see you.

After Song Meng's loss in the morning, she rested for half an hour, then finished filming the rest with renewed energy. There were still some shots that were subpar and Wei Ruxia asked for a reshoot.  Song Meng fully cooperated with her this time and never complained again.

After shooting Song Meng's part, it was already nine o'clock in the evening. Song Meng did what she said and gave everyone in the advertising department five hundred red envelopes and booked a cafeteria for them to eat supper.

As soon as everything was resolved Zhang Xue took Song Meng and left. After they left, the advertising department cheered, not only because they got a big meal, but also because they successfully completed today's work.

Wei Ruxia and Lao Wai did a final lens check. After confirming that it was correct, she closed the script, pinched her neck and turned her head in a circle. Her bones creaked, a little sore.

Xiaoyuan stood beside Wei Ruxia, snickering secretly. Wei Ruxia noticed her smirk, glanced at her, and smiled, "Why are you so happy?"

When Wei Ruxia was with Song Meng, she was very upright, but she was actually very nice and easy-going. What happened today was too surreal. She couldn't help her curiosity and asked Wei Ruxia, "Director Wei, what happened to you in the office with President Luo? We thought..."

"I knew you would be fine. A few people even came to my office to find me." Chen Peini said with a smile.

This group of colleagues really cared about her.

After listening to Chen Peini, Xiaoyuan nodded quickly, and then asked, "Mr. Luo always favours you, right?"

"It wasn't partiality." Wei Ruxia looked at her assistant and smiled, "I said at the beginning that Mr. Luo would definitely handle this matter fairly. Wasn't Song Meng in the wrong?"

Xiaoyuan nodded and said, "That's true."

Beside her, Chen Peini smiled, Wei Ruxia also smiled when she met her gaze. She packed her bags and said, "I'm a little tired, so I won't eat with you."

"Then what will you eat?" Chen Peini asked with concern.

"I'll go back to the hotel and order takeaway." After packing everything away, Wei Ruxia neatly put her bags on her back and waved goodbye to everyone.

She had to hurry to the underground parking lot, otherwise she would catch Song Meng.

Song Meng suffered a big loss today. She had just finished filming, and after a day of sming, she fell apart in an instant. She took it out on Wei Ruxia, exhausting all the swear words she knew, and cursed Wei Ruxia as a miserable creature.

While cursing in a low tone, she received a call from Li Wen. She was working all night and was going to a private party with Li Wen and some others tonight. Since the party was private, those who went were naturally rich or expensive. Song Meng knew that she was a female star and had a limited flowering period. The safest thing for her future would be to marry into a good family.

However, tonight this party was disturbed by Wei Ruxia.

"Dumb bitch!" Song Meng didn't forget to scold Wei Ruxia when she answered the phone. After swearing, she quickly explained to Li Wen that she wasn't talking about her, then said that she might not be able to go to the private party today, because she finished work too late.

"You filmed so late today?" Li Wen laughed, she knew that Song Meng was going to shoot the commercial for 'Ice War'. Song Meng always made commercials quickly. She was born to be a model and was quite good at advertising.

When it came to the commercial, Song Meng swore again. She recalled the scene in Luo Tang's office today. She knew Li Wen and Luo Tang were high school classmates, Luo Tang knew Wei Ruxia, maybe Li Wen also knew her.

"Do you know Wei Ruxia? What is her relationship with Luo Tang?"

When Li Wen heard the name Wei Ruxia, knowing that Song Meng had always had illusions about Luo Tang, she instantly understood who she was just cursing. Li Wen gave Song Meng a piece of advice and said, "You better not mess with her."

Song Meng lifted her eyes and asked, "Why, she really has something with Luo Tang?"

Li Wen listened to Song Meng’s tone, and was 80% sure she wanted to get Wei Ruxia back. She said, “Whether they have something or not, let’s not talk about it. She can pinch you to death by herself. Seriously. She's stubborn, don't bully her even if you think she seems polite, you will definitely suffer in the end."

After hearing Li Wen's words, Song Meng sneered. After she finished laughing, Zhang Xue's car door that had just been closed was suddenly opened.

"Ah!" Song Meng was shocked.

At the door of the car, Wei Ruxia was standing there. She saw Song Meng was frightened and turned her lips slightly, and said, "Don't be afraid, I just came to talk to you."

Song Meng breathed anxiously and asked, "What?"

Song Meng was obviously afraid of her, but seeing the fear in her eyes, Wei Ruxia laughed outright.

"You had sang 'Want to Sing, Me to You' to Mr. Luo several times, or so it was rumored, right? Do you know why Mr. Luo asked you to sing it?"

Wei Ruxia looked at Song Meng, and her smile deepened and her brows raising slightly.

"Because he wanted to remember me who sang this song to him. So, stay away from him in the future."

After teaching Song Meng a lesson, she watched her RV quickly disappear from the parking lot. Wei Ruxia seemed to be fine, and later realized how hot it was in the underground parking lot.

She was about to turn around and take the elevator to leave. Unexpectedly, the window of the car that was parked next to Song Meng's RV opened.  As soon as the car window opened, Wei Ruxia saw Don's fox-like face.

"Director Wei, what a coincidence." Don said hello with a smile.

Wei Ruxia, "..."

Wei Ruxia turned away and smiled helplessly, knowing that the old fox had just heard everything. It would be impossible for him not to tell Luo Tang so she could only think about how to deal afterwards.

"What a coincidence." Wei Ruxia smiled and waved.

"Would you like me to take you back to the hotel?" Don asked with a smile.

"No need." Wei Ruxia refused. She said, "I'll just get a car by myself."

It was only a matter of time before Don told Luo Tang about what had happened in the parking lot, but she didn't expect he would be so fast. As soon as Wei Ruxia got back to the hotel to take a shower, Luo Tang called.

On the way back, Wei Ruxia had already figured out what to say to Luo Tang, so after receiving Luo Tang's call, she took the lead and explained, "I bluffed Song Meng."

Actually, there was indeed a reason why Wei Ruxia looked for Song Meng tonight. Song Meng treated her respectfully in front of Luo Tang, but she wasn't certain whether she would attempt to stab her in the back later. Although she was in a good position now, she still needed to be respectful and prepare for jobs later. Song Meng was in the entertainment industry. If she wanted to make a movie in the future then they would be in the same circle and would have to deal with each other. Obviously, Song Meng had a lot of friends in the circle, and Wei Ruxia didn't know if she would suffer in the future.

After she finished speaking, a few water droplets from her hair dripped into her eyes. She raised her hand and rubbed them away and heard Luo Tang's answer.

"Why bluff?" Luo Tang said solemnly, "What you said is true."

The author has something to say:

Tangtang: What you said is true. At that time, I just thought of you who used to sing for me.

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