44 - The thing I'm best at is waiting for you
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44 - The thing I'm best at is waiting for you

Luo Tang was busy at work on weekdays, and had things to do even on weekends, so he didn't spend at lot of time at home. When Luo Shian missed him, he would ask the driver to send her over to find him.

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Luo Tang was busy at work on weekdays, and had things to do even on weekends, so he didn't spend at lot of time at home. When Luo Shian missed him, he would ask the driver to send her over to find him.

After Wei Ruxia and Luo Tang had talked about things, and she was about to call a taxi to go back to the hotel, they heard the sound of a car pulling up at the door. Luo Tang got up and went out, and she went out with him out of politeness. A black phantom stopped at the door. The driver was a middle-aged man in his fifties. Wei Ruxia recognized him as soon as she saw him.

When her grandmother passed away, Luo Tang rushed to the funeral to find her, it was this driver who sent him there. Wei Ruxia remembered that Luo Tang called him Uncle Li at the time, and he seemed to have work for Luo Tang's grandmother's household for many years.

As soon as Luo Tang and Wei Ruxia left the house, Uncle Li looked over with a smile. When he saw Wei Ruxia, he was surprised, and then he smiled at Wei Ruxia.

When Wei Ruxia looked at him, she remembered many things. She remembered her grandma's death, her father's treatment abroad during her third year of high school, and the glutinous rice balls she made during the Spring Festival at Luo Tang's house. For a moment, memories flooded forth, and Wei Ruxia's heart was mixed, as she returned Uncle Li's smile.

While she was smiling at Uncle Li, Luo Tang walked to the car and opened the door after saying something to Uncle Li. Then, Wei Ruxia heard a little girl's milky voice.

"Gege, who is the beautiful girl next to you?"

The first time they met, she praised her beauty before she'd even said anything. She didn't need to be told they were brother and sister, both their mouths were very sweet.

The memories of the past were dispelled by the little girl's strawberry milk-flavored compliment. Wei Ruxia glanced at Luo Shian who had been picked up by Luo Tang and taken out of the car.  Luo Shian obviously liked Luo Tang very much. Luo Tang was going to put her down, but she coquettishly hugged his neck. Luo Tang smiled helplessly, and simply picked her up and came over.

After being hugged by her elder brother, Luo Shian turned her attention to Wei Ruxia and called out, "Hello, jiejie~"

"Hello." When Luo Tang brought her over, Wei Ruxia took a close look at Luo Shian. Although she was young, she could already seen that she was going to be beautiful, her eyes looked like Luo Tang's and were as black and clear. The siblings had a large age difference, others must think they were father and daughter.

"Let's go in, it's hot outside." Luo Tang lowered his eyes and said to Wei Ruxia.

"Ah, I'm going to..." Wei Ruxia was about to call a car and leave.

Before she finished speaking, Luo Shian took her arm and said with a smile, "Jiejie, it's the first time I've a pretty lady with my brother. Have fun with me, let's eat ice cream."

A request made by a child was harder to refuse than a request made by an adult, especially such a cute child.

Wei Ruxia raised her eyes and glanced at Luo Tang, then laughed and said, "Okay."

When she followed the siblings in the door, Wei Ruxia heard Luo Tang ask Luo Shian in a low voice, "Have you seen an unbeautiful girl with your brother?"

"No." Luo Shian shook her head. She smiled and lay on Luo Tang's shoulder, looking at Wei Ruxia with big eyes and said, "I haven't seen any other girls with my brother."

Why did she feel that Luo Shian was saying this to her. Wei Ruxia's lips curled up.

After Luo Shian arrived at her brother's house, she quickly got off Luo Tang. She wasn't afraid of acting spoilt. She held Luo Tang with one hand, and Wei Ruxia with the other, and went to the dollhouse at Luo Tang's house, which was exclusively for her.

The dollhouse was very large, with more than one hundred parts, and all pastel pink. The girl's heart was bursting, after all, she was a child. Luo Shian went to slide down a slide after she entered the door. After sliding, she reached out and lifted his hair to one side, and said, “Gege, can you get us ice cream? I haven’t eaten any today. I want to eat one here."

Originally, while Luo Shian was playing inside, but she and Luo Tang were a little embarrassed and just she stood there. After hearing Luo Shian's arrangement, Luo Tang went out in response, and Wei Ruxia breathed a sigh of relief.

After Luo Tang went out, Luo Shian enthusiastically said to Wei Ruxia, "Jiejie, come and play with me."

Luo Shian's personality was very similar to Yang Shuru, lively and cheerful, and a little playful, which made Wei Ruxia feel more relaxed. She smiled and walked over to play ball with Luo Shian.

Luo Shian has long hair, a small lock was tied into a bun on the top of her head, and the rest was scattered behind her, making it particularly inconvenient to play.

"Do you want to tie your hair up?" Wei Ruxia asked Luo Shian.

When Luo Shian heard her, she nodded immediately. She took a pink kitten hairband out of her small bag and asked Wei Ruxia in a pleased tone, "Jiejie, can you help me?"

"Of course." Wei Ruxia agreed with pleasure.

When Luo Tang returned with ice cream and walked in, he happened to see Wei Ruxia tying Luo Shian's hair.

Luo Shian's hair was soft and could be easily pulled if she wasn't careful. When Wei Ruxia tied her hair, she could still control her strength, but it was the first time she had tied the hair of a child.  She had tried twice to tie her hair and was already sweating.

In her latest attempt she didn't tie it well enough. She was about to take it apart and tie it again, when her face was touched by something icy. Wei Ruxia was so excited when she smelled the ice cream.

She looked up at Luo Tang and was just about to speak when Luo Tang motioned to her to hold the ice cream, then handed one to Luo Shian, and said, "I'll do it."

The ice cream was very cute. The wrapping had already been peeled off. Wei Ruxia sat next to Luo Tang, and Luo Shian sat in Luo Tang's arms. The two took a bite of the ice cream at the same time.

Luo Tang sat behind Luo Shian, and the height difference between the brother and sister was a bit cute. Luo Tang was already tall, with long legs and slender legs. In his arms, Luo Shian was tiny, like Luo Tang was holding a baby.

His hands were also big. Luo Shian's hair was in his hands, and Wei Ruxia was afraid that her hair would break if he was too rough. But obviously, Luo Tang had experience tying Luo Shian's hair, and after three tries, he gave the little girl a clean bun on her head.

After finishing the bun, Luo Tang glanced at Wei Ruxia. Wei Ruxia held the ice cream, applauded him, and smiled, "With this craftsmanship, you can tie your daughter's hair in the future."

Luo Shian, who was in Luo Tang's arms, looked back at Wei Ruxia, sighed helplessly, and said, "What daughter, he doesn't even have a girlfriend."

The little girl was so worried and so immature it was cute. Biting the tip of the ice cream, her tongue was sweet, and her heart was sweet, Wei Ruxia laughed again.

Luo Shian's character was really good. She had her own small temper, but she could also act like a baby without being unreasonable. She was crazy when playing, but she would worry about the feelings of others. Wei Ruxia played with her and soon forgot the time.

While Wei Ruxia was playing with Luo Shian, Luo Tang had work matters to deal with, so he went out to work. When he was finished, he raised his eyes and looked out the window. The sky was already dark, and it was seven o'clock.

Luo Tang turned on the light in the living room, turned off the computer, and went to Luo Shian's play room.  Luo Shian had implemented a plan, and she was now asleep lying in Wei Ruxia's arms.

And Wei Ruxia, holding Luo Shian with a blank face, didn't understand how she could fall asleep in seconds. When she saw Luo Tang enter the door, she breathed a sigh of relief and whispered, "What do I do?"

"Get up first." Luo Tang went to Wei Ruxia.

Wei Ruxia was afraid to wake up Luo Shian, so she didn't move. Luo Tang went over to pull her, Wei Ruxia asked, "Will she wake up?"

"No." Luo Tang pulled her up, looked down at his sister's sleeping face, and said, "She sleeps very heavily."

Wei Ruxia had just been sitting on the ground and her legs were numb. She staggered and almost couldn't stand firmly. She hugged Luo Shian and tipped into Luo Tang's arms, and Luo Tang hugged them both.

As Luo Tang said, Luo Shian really slept very deeply. She didn't wake up even after such a big movement, leaving her and Luo Tang facing each other. Wei Ruxia's face was hot.

She was wrapped in Luo Tang's arms, and Luo Tang looked at her with low eyes, his throat moving slightly.

"You can hold her." Wei Ruxia broke the ambiguous silence between the two of them, and put Luo Shian into Luo Tang's arms. It wasn't early, she should go back to the hotel.

However, when she put Luo Shian into Luo Tang's arms, Luo Shian, who was 'sleeping heavily', grabbed her clothes with a small hand and grunted very reluctantly.

"Don't~" The little girl's sleeply voice sounded full of milk, and hit Wei Ruxia at once. She quickly hugged her back and stood firm.

Luo Tang glanced at her and said to Wei Ruxia, "Wake her up, she probably thinks you're my mother."

"Let her sleep." Wei Ruxia was overwhelmed with sudden motherhood, she couldn't bear it.

Luo Tang pursed his lips slightly, and said, "But we're going home for dinner."

Hearing Luo Tang's words, Wei Ruxia looked up at him, her eyelashes moved slightly, "Oh". She was about to pass Luo Shi'an into Luo Tang's arms but the little girl was completely unwilling, holding Wei Ruxia, and humming and crying.

While Luo Shian was crying, Luo Tang said to Wei Ruxia, "Come with us."

Luo Shian stopped moving in her arms. Wei Ruxia raised her head to look at Luo Tang, and Luo Tang said, "You can have dinner when you go back."

Wei Ruxia hugged Luo Shian and sat behind the driver's seat, Luo Tang drove in front, and the car sped along the road under the street lights. Wei Ruxia didn't know why she agreed.

Luo Tang's house wasn't too close nor too far away from the Luo's estate. In less than an hour, the car drove into the estate. It was exactly as it was eight years ago, unchanged.

After Luo Tang drove in, Uncle Li greeted them outside. Luo Tang and Wei Ruxia, who was still holding Luo Shian, got out of the car. Uncle Li smiled and said, "Dinner is ready."

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Shuru's voice came from the door. Eight years later, her voice was still the same, gentle and pretty.

"Luo Tang and An'an are back?"

As soon as she left the house, she saw Wei Ruxia holding Luo Shian. Wei Ruxia smiled at Yang Shuru and called out, "Auntie Yang."

Yang Shuru was a very special woman to Wei Ruxia. Not only because she was Luo Tang's mother, but also because she lived in Luo Tang's house for two years, and Yang Shuru had always taken care of her food, clothing, housing and transportation. The two became close, like mother and daughter, like friends.

When she left, she came to Yang Shuru to say goodbye. Yang Shuru knew about her relationship with Luo Tang, but she didn't feel any disappointment with her, she just let her take care of herself.

Wei Ruxia felt that she was very lucky, and the people she met were all very kind. But when she saw Yang Shuru again, she was actually very guilty, after all, she was responsible for leaving Luo Tang.

Luo Shian woke up when Wei Ruxia and Yang Shuru greeted each other. Luo Tang took her from Wei Ruxia's arms. Yang Shuru smiled at Wei Ruxia and said, "Xiaxia, long time no see, come here and give me a hug."

She treated her just as before, as if she had never left. Wei Ruxia was very moved. She walked over and hugged Yang Shuru. Yang Shuru patted her on the back and pulled her into the house.

Not only Yang Shuru, but everyone in Luo Tang's family were as kind to her as before. Wei Ruxia returned to China twice. But in the two months, she felt at home again for the first time.

After eating, Yang Shuru didn't let Wei Ruxia go. She had already cleaned up the room Wei Ruxia lived in when she came over New Years and told Wei Ruxia to stay.

Wei Ruxia stayed so as not to refuse their hospitality.

The Luo estate was home to Luo Tang's parents and grandparents. They all had an impression of Wei Ruxia. Wei Ruxia stayed in the living room to play with Luo Shian. Yang Shuru asked her about her father's recovery, and she answered her questions one by one. Everyone chatted in the living room, and in such a leisurely and comfortable family atmosphere, Wei Ruxia seemed to have returned to the Spring Festival of her senior year of high school.

While everyone was chatting, Luo Tang answered the phone and went out of the living room. After playing with Wei Ruxia for a while, Luo Shian asked Wei Ruxia to help look for her brother. The two had known each other all afternoon, and now they had become extremely close. Wei Ruxia smiled and went to the corridor with Luo Shian in her arms.

Luo Tang was on the phone. When Wei Ruxia passed by, she heard something about the handling of the matter from this afternoon. Since it was related to her, she didn't go away, and Luo Tang let her listen.

When Wei Ruxia came over, Luo Shian was picked up by Luo Tang. She had carried Luo Shian most of the day and she should be exhausted.

Luo Shian patiently waited for Luo Tang to finish this phone call, and as soon as the call was over, Luo Shian hugged Luo Tang and asked, "Gege, don't forget what you promised me."

After speaking, Luo Shian gave Wei Ruxia a small look.

The corner of his lips raised and Luo Tang hugged her. He nodded and said, "I haven't forgotten, I'll let Don start on it tomorrow."

He had never lied to her, so with his assurance, Luo Shian eagerly got down from him. She was too excited, and said as she ran, "Yeah, I'm going to tell mummy!"

The child was very happy and when she was happy, her expressions, words, and body language were all happy. Wei Ruxia watched Luo Shian run away, she reminded her of when she was a child. After she returned to the living room, she smiled and asked Luo Tang, "What did you promise her?"

Luo Tang's expression remained unchanged, and he replied faintly, "To build a playground for her."

Wei Ruxia, "..."

Wei Ruxia smiled in surprise at Luo Tang's move, and she sincerely praised, "You're such a good brother."

"I'm a good boyfriend too." Luo Tang looked at Wei Ruxia and followed her. As soon as he finished speaking, the smile on Wei Ruxia's face froze.

"Although everyone knows I'm a good brother, only you know I'm a good boyfriend."

The air fell silent for a moment.

Luo Tang wasn't the same as before, and his offense was straightforward and fast, which made him hard to ignore. This wasn't the first time that he had clearly expressed his intentions. Standing face to face like this, Wei Ruxia was a little bit helpless. She lifted the hair from behind her ears. She didn't intend to smile like the previous few times and let the moment pass.

She was a little flustered, and she didn't know what to say or where to start to break the silence between the two of them. She moved her throat to suppress her discomfort, then Wei Ruxia looked at Luo Tang and opened her mouth.

"I know, I haven't forgotten you, I've been thinking of you, and I secretly wanted to return to China to see you four years ago."

Wei Ruxia hadn't mentioned this before, and he didn't know. Luo Tang looked at Wei Ruxia with dark eyes.

"Did you come back?"

"No." Wei Ruxia shook her head and smiled again, "I got a call from the hospital when I arrived at the airport, my dad attempted suicide."

It was already four years ago, but Wei Ruxia still felt a little horrified when she mentioned it. She pursed her lips and said frankly to Luo Tang, "Luo Tang, my mother has passed away, and my grandmother has also passed away. My dad is my only blood relative. I don't want him to make any mistakes."

"Rehabilitation is hard. It's hard enough to force my dad to want to commit suicide. But I'm very selfish, I want my dad to stay with me. If my mum didn't lie to him, he would be without children. Maybe he when it got too hard he would think it’s okay to die without worry. I wouldn't be there to make him live as good a life as he is now."

This was Wei Ruxia's scar and also her answer.  Luo Tang listened quietly, and he understood.

She wasn't the kind of person that exposed their scars to others, nor did she do things that would delay others for her own sake. This was what Luo Tang knew about Wei Ruxia eight years ago, but now, Wei Ruxia had changed. She would speak out her difficulties and tell him what she wanted.

She just gave him these words, and he knew enough.

"After completing the film this time, when will you return to China next?" Luo Tang asked while looking at Wei Ruxia.

Wei Ruxia replied, "September."

"I'll wait for you." Luo Tang said, his eyebrows drooped, and his eyes were soft and watery. He smiled and said to Wei Ruxia, "The thing I'm best at is waiting for you."

The author has something to say:

Tangtang: When I become a father, you'll have one more blood relative in the world...or two... three...
Xiaxia: How many am I giving birth to!!

Xiaxia has changed as she grows up, and so has Tangtang, so he won’t wait obediently. Hehehehe

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