45 - Their hearts can't wait, their bodies can't wait
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45 - Their hearts can't wait, their bodies can't wait

In early August, Wei Ruxia returned to the UK after shooting the commercial. The advertisement was completed, LO’s new game entered the release stage, and Luo Tang also became busy. When Wei Ruxia went back, Luo Tang took time to send her off.

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In early August, Wei Ruxia returned to the UK after shooting the commercial. The advertisement was completed, LO’s new game entered the release stage, and Luo Tang also became busy. When Wei Ruxia went back, Luo Tang took time to send her off.

She was gradually shifting her focus to China and after rehearsals for the play in September, she’d also lined up a short-film to be filmed in November. Speaking of this short-film, it was an opportunity she got after Song Meng attacked her and she fought back. In the entertainment industry, as long as there was exposure and traffic, there was no shortage of work.

Wei Ruxia had basically entered a pattern of working in China for two months and returning to the UK to stay with her father for one month. During the two months she was absent, Alan helped her father to rehabilitate mostly and Wei Ruxia was very grateful to him.

Opening her suitcase, Wei Ruxia tucked her hair behind her ears and took out a few gifts. She always packed light, and the few gifts accounted for most of her luggage, most of which were for Alan.

Alan was naturally happy when he received the gifts. He excitedly fiddled with the paper fan on his hand, and said to Wei Zishan, "There is a scene in ‘Wind and Sand’, Mr. Wei, can you take this fan and perform it, it's magnificent."

Wei Zishan was addicted to theatre and he naturally remembered his last role. He took the paper fan and opened it with his left hand. His expression changed, and he opened his mouth to perform the scene for Alan.

Wei Ruxia had always felt that her father was an artist. Theatre actors were different from stars in the entertainment industry. They were willing to patiently refine themselves in the dark, and they always thought about how to integrate their roles into their flesh and blood and then express it. In her heart, she was very proud that her father was a real actor.

After his rehabilitation, the right side of Wei Zishan's body has still shrunk, and even the right half of his face hadn’t yet returned to normal. But when he played this scene, people forgot his face and were brought into the play by him. After he finished reciting the lines, Wei Ruxia and Alan applauded in unison.

He was still unaccustomed to acting again and Wei Zishan felt a little awkward. After smiling, he handed the fan to Alan and asked Wei Ruxia, "When is the drama you’re directing in September?"

Closing her suitcase, Wei Ruxia put her things aside, looked at Wei Zishan and said, "The day before the Mid-Autumn Festival, on the 14th of the lunar calendar, it’s a charity show organized by the theatre and the Ancheng Welfare Institute."

Every year there was a charity show in the theatre with different themes. Wei Zishan had a general idea from his memories. Seeing that he was silent, Wei Ruxia smiled and said, "I’ll come back after the performance and bring you mooncakes."

During the Mid-Autumn Festival in previous years, they always went to Chinatown to buy mooncakes. This time she happened to be in China and wanted to bring back more.

As soon as she finished talking with Wei Zishan, Alan was about to move. Wei Ruxia patted his shoulder with something in her hand. She  raised her eyebrows and smiled, and said, "I couldn't do this without you. Have lunch with us, I brought back soup base for hot pot."

The hot pot was easy to make at home and everyone laughed and busied themselves preparing lunch.

There weren’t many vegetables at home, so Wei Ruxia and Alan went to the supermarket to buy vegetables. Wei Ruxia's next work was linked to the theatre, and coupled with the experience of being with her father, she and Alan still had many shared interests.

The two chatted and laughed and went to the supermarket. After arriving at the supermarket, the two of them worked together. Wei Ruxia bought the vegetables, and Alan bought red wine and yogurt.

Wei Ruxia picked a few vegetables and put them in the shopping cart. When she was about to find Alan, she received a call from Luo Tang. After she arrived in the UK, she only sent him WeChat messages. Luo Tang seemed to have just finished his work, and his voice was tired and hoarse.

In fact, it was normal for Luo Tang to call, to ask if she had arrived yet and what she was doing now.

"I’m buying groceries in the supermarket, we’re going to eat hot pot at noon. I’m using the hot pot base that Auntie Yang gave me.”

Since Wei Ruxia visited the Luo family’s house, Yang Shuru had called Wei Ruxia to have dinner there almost every weekend and Wei Ruxia would go when she wasn’t busy at work.

"Selina~" After Wei Ruxia finished speaking, Alan walked over with a bottle of red wine and two boxes of yogurt. He folded his slender arms and held everything bundled together, knocking the shelves when he walked over. The boy's body and expression were fresh and invigorating. Luo Tang's voice was in her ears, and Wei Ruxia was in a daze, almost seeing Alan as Luo Tang.

"Get everything?" Wei Ruxia asked with a smile as she watched Alan put the things in the shopping cart.

Alan lowered his head to check the contents of the shopping cart. He leaned forward slightly, his boney fingers weaving among the green vegetables. Taking advantage of his time spent counting, Wei Ruxia explained to Luo Tang, "It's my dad's student, Alan, I mentioned him to you."

On the other end of the phone, there was half a second of silence, then he said, "I picked that English name for you."

Wei Ruxia was taken aback. Then she remembered what had happened in high school. It was their last semester and the English teacher had asked them to prepare a play. Wei Ruxia and Luo Tang were in a group with Hu Yinyin and Han Junsong. At the time, Wei Ruxia didn't have something like an English name, so Luo Tang made up one for her.

She had been using the same name since she came to England. She remembered that Luo Tang's English was very good, with a British accent. When she was in college, every time someone called her Selina, she felt like Luo Tang was calling her.

Wei Ruxia was stunned slightly, then said with a smile, "Yes, you gave it to me."

Hanging up the call with Luo Tang, Wei Ruxia went home with Alan after shopping. Alan was holding a kraft paper bag in his hand with everything that had bought today. He heard the end of the conversation between Wei Ruxia and Luo Tang. He had some regret in his tone, as he said, "I called your name on purpose, I was hoping your boyfriend would be jealous. I didn't expect your English name was given to you by him."

The two of them were walking downhill. It had just rained and now that the weather had cleared, the roses in their neighbours gardens stuck out from their fences, and the flowers were fragrant. Wei Ruxia picked a flowering branch, looked back at Alan, and smiled, "He won't be jealous and he isn’t my boyfriend, yet."

"Then you are single now, can I chase you?" Alan said.

Wei Ruxia laughed, then seriously shook her finger at Alan, and said, "NO!"

"Is it because of your dad?" Alan asked.

Wei Ruxia stepped on the clean road, smiled and didn’t answer.

Alan didn't ask again. He’d heard a few words from when she was on the phone with Luo Tang and from the man's tone, he had a hunch that that man would do something.

Although Alan was only nineteen years old, he had an amazing intuition.

The day Wei Ruxia came back was a Saturday and he went back to school on Monday and just finished class in the afternoon. He and his classmates discussed the lesson as they walked out of the building and under a tree outside he saw a man standing there.

The man was dressed in a suit, was tall and had long legs, good temperament, and an overall exquisite appearance. He seemed to have just come back from a meeting and was still holding a briefcase in his hand.

As soon as he got out of the building, the man raised his eyes and looked over. He looked at Alan and said to him in English, "Are you Alan? I have something to ask you."

It was the voice of the man who called Wei Ruxia that day, Alan still remembered it.

Wei Ruxia returned to Ancheng at the end of August. Wei Ruxia had strong memories of Ancheng at the end of August. The first time she saw Luo Tang that year was at the end of August.

The theatre arranged a place for her to stay. It was in the Ancheng Hotel next to the theatre, where she celebrated her father's birthday back then. She called Luo Tang when she got off the plane. Luo Tang was busy due to the release of ‘Ice War’ and he didn't even have the time to pick her up.

She wasn’t a little princess, however and she could just take a taxi to the hotel. She called Luo Tang because she wanted to see him, and was a little eager.

"Then you’re busy. I’ll go back to the hotel to unpack my luggage." Wei Ruxia said with a smile.

"Yeah." Luo Tang paused for a while, as if he didn't want to hang up, but Don called him, and he said to Wei Ruxia, "I have a meeting."

"Okay." Wei Ruxia readily agreed, and then hung up.

After hanging up the call, Wei Ruxia put away her phone. The air-conditioning in the airport made her gradually forget herself and she felt that she was like a little girl in love.

This feeling was too foreign. Wei Ruxia smiled, and pulled the suitcase out of the airport.

Dean Wang had arranged an assistant for her, but Wei Ruxia didn't let her pick her up because it was too hot. The assistant, named Xiaoying, was Cai Xinpei's apprentice. Cai Xinpei asked her to take good care of Wei Ruxia so she naturally did her best.

After checking in for Wei Ruxia, Xiaoying told Wei Ruxia about her arrangements for the next few days. The rehearsals of the drama ‘Reunion’ would start tomorrow. After the rehearsal tomorrow afternoon, the actors and the creator would have a meal together to get to know each other better.

"Mrs. Cai wants to invite you to her house for dinner. Do you have time?" Xiaoying asked Wei Ruxia.

Wei Ruxia paused, and she replied regretfully, "I have an appointment tonight."

"That's fine." Xiaoying smiled and said, "Then I’ll tell Mrs. Cai."

"Let me tell her." After Wei Ruxia finished speaking, she looked up at the room number and asked, "Is this the one?"

"Yes." Holding the room card, Xiaoying opened the door, and the two went in together.

Wei Ruxia took a shower first, and packed her luggage after she showered. She still didn't bring many things, after all, anything she really needed could be bought in China.

When she woke up after a night of sleep, it was already four o'clock in the afternoon. Wei Ruxia called Cai Xinpei to tell her of her plans. Cai Xinpei said she didn't mind and after hanging up the phone, Wei Ruxia got up and put on clothes. After leaving the hotel, she took a taxi and went to the LO company.

She wanted to have dinner with Luo Tang.

It wasn’t only Luo Tang, but all employees at LO were busy working overtime to release their new game. After Wei Ruxia arrived at the company, she saw a familiar receptionist at the front desk who called out ‘Director Wei’ with a smile.

She filmed the commercial over two months, and the reception staff basically all knew her. When the receptionist asked if she would like to speak with Chen Peini, Wei Ruxia smiled and pointed to the elevator and said, "I'm here to meet Mr. Luo."

After speaking, Wei Ruxia got on the elevator and pressed the floor where Luo Tang's office was located.

Luo Tang liked the number 23. Not only was there a 23 in his game ID, even his office was located on the 23rd floor.

The receptionist seemed to have called Don as once Wei Ruxia got off the elevator, she saw Don waiting for her at the door of Luo Tang's office.

Wei Ruxia spoke often with Don. Although she thought Don was a fox in her heart, she actually likes dealing with him and the two were now friends who liked to play small jokes on each other.

"I'm looking for Mr. Luo." Wei Ruxia said with a smile, "I don’t have an appointment."

Don smiled helplessly and opened the door and said, "No appointment is needed, but Mr. Luo has just finished a meeting and is still busy now."

Wei Ruxia understood, her hands lightened, and after turning the doorknob to Luo Tang's office, she walked in.

Luo Tang had started LO after developing games by himself. In theory, he was actually a technician and every time she came to his office, Wei Ruxia could hear the crisp sound of the keyboard.

But today she didn’t hear the keyboard. Wei Ruxia walked in and found Luo Tang asleep on his desk. The setting sun at four o'clock illuminated the entire office and the windows inside the office were bright and clean, a bit like in their high school classroom.

The space in the room was cut into squares of light and shadow by the sunlight. Wei Ruxia walked to the desk, and looked at the man who was lying on the desk, his face resting on his arm. His brows frowned slightly, and there was fatigue in his expression.

The air was very cold, hitting Wei Ruxia's slightly heated face without blowing away the warmth. She put her hand on the table and looked at Luo Tang for a while, then looked back at the window. She got up, and carefully moved a chair and placed it next to Luo Tang and sat down.

After sitting down, Wei Ruxia, like Luo Tang, she lay down beside him with her chin on her arms.

Wei Ruxia felt like she had relapsed after rehabilitating. She had survived her eight years of abstinence, but when she saw Luo Tang again, she relapsed, and she was even more addicted than before.

And so, even though she ran to LO directly to find Luo Tang, she didn't need him to do anything, she only needed to watch him quietly for a while and she would be satisfied.

The two were very close, their breaths and heartbeats were entangled together. Luo Tang seemed to feel her breathing, and just after she sunk down, he opened his eyes.

As soon as he opened his eyes, Wei Ruxia saw her flustered expression reflected in Luo Tang's ink-colored eyes. She was like a thief caught in a bag. She was a little at a loss but as soon as she was about to speak, Luo Tang spoke first.

"If you have any questions, wake me."

The man's voice was low and hoarse, with the haziness of just waking up. It completely overlapped with the clear juvenile voice from her memories.

Wei Ruxia's heart was instantly stilled.

Luo Tang thought they were back in high school, at the same table. When they were in school, Luo Tang would say this to her every time he lay down on the table before going to sleep.

Her stuffy blood flowed through her body as her heart exploded, and the corners of Wei Ruxia's eyes became hot. She looked at Luo Tang's closed eyes as he opened them again.

Luo Tang looked at Wei Ruxia and watched her light brown eyes gradually become wet and shiny. He asked Wei Ruxia the same question he had asked countless times in his dreams.

"Am I dreaming?"

The woman next to him smiled, her eyes curled slightly, and her voice was as nice as it was eight years ago.


As his throat moved slightly, Luo Tang put his hand on the back of Wei Ruxia's head and kissed her.

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