46 - I don't want to miss you again
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46 - I don't want to miss you again

Wei Ruxia lied but Luo Tang's body reacted in an instant. When his fingers placed on Wei Ruxia's head connected, the joints became white, and the two were separated.

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Wei Ruxia lied but Luo Tang's body noticed in an instant. When his fingers placed on Wei Ruxia's head connected, the joints became white, and the two were separated.

In the air-conditioned space, Wei Ruxia felt like a flaming fireball, ignited by Luo Tang. She had a fever in her brain. She looked at Luo Tang, who was restrained, and licked her lower lip slightly, covering up her disordered heartbeat as she chuckled.

Luo Tang remembered what she said and kept his promise, and he was waiting. Thinking of the first words Luo Tang had just said to her, Wei Ruxia thought she was truly cruel.

She had dinner with Luo Tang, then Wei Ruxia returned to the hotel. This was her first day back in Ancheng and she anticipated being unable to fall asleep due to jet lag. However, against her expectations, after she took a bath and went to bed, she fell asleep quickly.

She also dreamed. It was of the first time Luo Tang kissed her at the skating rink. The relationship between her and Luo Tang had come naturally without being rushed, just ordinary and warm. This was also the kind of relationship Wei Ruxia wanted most.

Wei Ruxia slept soundly that night and she woke up refreshed the next day. Xiaoying was surprised at her ability to adjust the jet lag. Wei Ruxia explained with a smile, "I’ve been in China more frequently recently. When I return to China, I can readjust to my previous lifestyle here."

Xiaoying laughed and said, "Just rest. I’m only worried that if you didn’t rest well, you’d be tired today.

She went to the restaurant for breakfast while chatting with Xiaoying, then she took Wei Ruxia to the theatre. The rehearsal venue for ‘Reunion’ was in the theatre and when Wei Ruxia arrived, in addition to the creators, Dean Wang and Cai Xinpei were also there.

In eight years, some of the actors in the theatre troupe had been replaced, and Wei Ruxia only knew a few. The hero and heroine of this play were both played by young actors, and Wei Ruxia had never seen them before. The hero was played by Li Han, and the heroine was played by Jiang Qiu.

As soon as Wei Ruxia entered the door, Jiang Qiu raised her eyes and looked over. Wei Ruxia looked back, and she moved her gaze to the side lightly, smiling and continuing to talk with Li Han.

Theatre actors were somewhat forward and arrogant. Those who were as old as her fathers would gradually become more introverted, but young actors, especially those who could take leading roles at such a young age, were often arrogant and lazy.

And in the end, she wasn’t a regular theatre director and had nothing to do with the theatre scene, so the actors didn’t need to flatter her.

It would be difficult for Wei Ruxia to not understand that she was hostile from her eyes and movements. When she went by, she shook hands with the creators and introduced herself.

Li Han was a young man with a refined temperament and an easy-going personality. He smiled and shook hands with Wei Ruxia and said, "I heard that you’re Wei Zishan’s daughter. That's amazing."

With such big shoes to fill, Wei Ruxia felt a little embarrassed. Next to her, Cai Xinpei introduced him, "Li Han was a student of your dad. When you came to Ancheng, he had gone to his province to attend his college entrance exams. After it was over, he went to Ancheng Drama Academy, and got a job here after graduation."

It was no wonder that she felt that he was very kind to her, it turned out that this was where he got his start. When Wei Ruxia had finished greeting him, Cai Xinpei pulled Jiang Qiu over as well, "This is Jiang Qiu. It's a coincidence, but she also went back to her school in the province when you were here. When you and your father went to the UK, she came back again."

Jiang Qiu was quite tall, dignified and majestic. She was 1.65 metres tall and had a calm and lonely temperament.

"Hello." Jiang Qiu's expression didn’t change, and she reached out to shake Wei Ruxia's hand.

Wei Ruxia smiled, shook hands with her, and said, "Hello."

She could feel something was wrong, but what was wrong in particular, Wei Ruxia didn’t think too hard about it. Jiang Qiu was an actor and she was a director. As long as she didn't affect her work, she wouldn't bother to deal with inexplicable little contradictions.

As soon as the rehearsals for ‘Reunion’ began, Wei Ruxia was busy everyday, and Luo Tang was even busier than her. She still found time to go to the Luo mansion to eat, but Luo Tang didn’t even have time to join them.

Wei Ruxia hugged Luo Shian and asked her while washing her hands, "Gege hasn't come back for a long time?"

"Yeah." Luo Shian was well-behaved, and she said to Wei Ruxia, "My brother said he was busy building a playground for me, so he doesn't have time to come home for dinner."

When she thought of Luo Tang not coming, she also thought of such a reason to bluff Luo Shian, otherwise Luo Shian would have gone to him long ago.

He should be busy with his game, right?

Wei Ruxia had downloaded 'Ice War' and tried several games. It felt like the game was designed and developed by Luo Tang. The levels and plot were clean and neat, and the graphics were very beautiful. It was suitable for all ages and was sure to be a big hit.

After washing Luo Shian's hands, they both went to the table together. As soon as she sat down, Wei Ruxia glanced at the people at the table.

Luo Tang's father had been on a business trip to Northern Europe these days, and Luo Tang was busy with his new game, but what about Luo Tang's grandfather?

"Where is Grandpa?" Wei Ruxia was quite at home in Luo Tang's house. The Luo family was very welcoming, so she felt like it was her own home, and asked about him like she would her own grandfather.

Grandma settled into her own seat and laughed, and said, "Ancheng Hospital is about to start a new project, and they thought that Grandpa should be there to help."

Luo Tang's grandfather was the dean of Ancheng Hospital. He was a well-known surgical expert in China and before retiring, he traveled around the world and met many famous doctors and experts. The project that was starting up this time should be a very interesting project, and his grandfather probably went to accompany the experts.

"It's only us at home." Yang Shuru picked up her wine glass and said with a smile, "Come on, let's celebrate a girls only dinner."

The people at the table laughed, and clinked glasses together. Luo Shian was holding a small strawberry milk cup and quickly moved to clink her cup as well. Wei Ruxia touched her cup, and the little girl happily drank her large glass of milk.

After dinner, Wei Ruxia gave grandma the tickets for 'Reunion'. Luo Shian held the tickets and counted them. Her voice was very cute.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5...Grandpa, grandma, father, mother, me...Oh, no ticket for gege."

Wei Ruxia was drinking water, and when she heard Luo Shian's words, her face turned red.

Yang Shuru chuckled, glances at Wei Ruxia's reddish ears, then smiled and said to Luo Shian, "Your gege has one, Xiaxia will give it to him in person."

Wei Ruxia blushed even harder.

She really wanted to give Luo Tang's ticket to him personally, but she didn't know when Luo Tang was free. She dragged it out until a week before the show, when Luo Tang called her.

In the end, the two hadn't seen each other for three weeks. Although they were in the same city, they weren't guaranteed to see each other every day, but as long as he was in the same city, Wei Ruxia felt at ease.

After receiving the ticket from Wei Ruxia, Luo Tang glanced at it and asked Wei Ruxia, "My mother said you went to my house, why didn't you give her my ticket?"

To Luo Tang's knowing question, Wei Ruxia's earlobes were red, and after taking a sip of juice, she frankly replied, "I just wanted to see you."

Luo Tang relaxed his eyebrows and smiled softly.

Wei Ruxia smiled when she lowered her head. Then she looked at Luo Tang and asked, "September 27 at eight o'clock in the evening, do you have time?"

"Yeah." Luo Tang flicked the ticket and said lightly, "It should be almost dome by that day."

Looking at Luo Tang's tired eyebrows, Wei Ruxia felt distressed and sighed. Starting a company was really exhausting. Compared to Luo Tang, Wei Ruxia felt that her tiredness was nothing at all.

After a week of nervousness and busyness, the play finally kicked off. On the first day of the performance, the last rehearsal was held in the morning. When the rehearsal was over, the actors dispersed, and Wei Ruxia and the screenwriter finalized the final parts.

"This line should be left out, I also think it's too cumbersome." The screenwriter and Wei Ruxia confirmed.

This was originally the opinion of Wei Ruxia's father after she sent the script to him. After she talked to the screenwriter, the screenwriter was still deciding, but before the first act, they finally gave their reply.

"Okay." Wei Ruxia made a mark on the script, holding it while walking back to the stage and said, "I'll talk to Li Han."

The performance started at 8 pm, and the actors’ costumes and props were already piled up backstage. This morning was a dress rehearsal with makeup and costume changes, and backstage was now a bit messy.

The backstage of the theatre was very large. As the protagonists had several sets of clothes, the hero and heroine had separate dressing rooms. Li Han and Jiang Qiu’s dressing rooms were next to each other. When Wei Ruxia walked over, she saw that the door was not closed. She was about to push the door in when she heard the conversation inside.

It was about her.

Jiang Qiu had finished changing, so she came over to ask Li Han about where they would go out tomorrow. The two were good friends and after every performance, they would go out to play.

"Hey, let's go out tomorrow. Let's take Director Wei with us." After a month of getting along, Li Han liked Wei Ruxia very much. He said: "Director Wei is our teacher's daughter, we should treat her to dinner at some point."

"Forget it, I'm not going." Jiang Qiu's tone changed.

Li Han naturally heard her tone. He looked at Jiang Qiu and said helplessly, "Why don't you like Director Wei?"

In fact, Jiang Qiu was quite indifferent to everyone, unless she was very good friends with them. She usually treated Wei Ruxia the same as she treated most people and if he wasn't close to her, he might not have noticed that she disliked Wei Ruxia.

Jiang Qiu put down the things in her hand, and said, "I just felt that Mr. Wei didn't like her, so I don't like her either."

She didn't say anything more ugly, because in her impression, Wei Zishan dedicated himself to acting, and she took him as her idol. She was very uncomfortable when she heard that the teacher had a daughter.

As soon as Jiang Qiu finished speaking, the door was pushed open. The two were in sync and looked at the door together, Wei Ruxia stood outside the door holding the script. She didn't deliberately disguise her expression, she just let Jiang Qiu know that she had heard everything just now.

Li Han naturally noticed Wei Ruxia's look and was a little embarrassed. He said, "Director Wei..."

"The screenwriter just told me, we're cutting this line." Wei Ruxia handed the script to Li Han and explained her business first. After her explanation, she raised her eyes to look at Jiang Qiu.

Jiang Qiu didn't feel any shame for talking badly behind her back. She still looked at Wei Ruxia with a cold expression.

Sometimes, the unhappiness of others was really inexplicable. How did she know that her father didn't like her, and what did it have to do with her?

Wei Ruxia looked at Jiang Qiu and suddenly smiled. She lifted her chin slightly and said to Jiang Qiu, "My dad said that since this is my first time as a theatre director he asked me to record it and send it to him. Miss Jiang acted well, my dad will definitely be able to see you, don’t embarrass him."

Her remarks seemed to be plain and unrelated, but she smashed the breath out of Jiang Qiu. No matter how disliked she was, Wei Ruxia was still better liked than her. Jiang Qiu's expression changed after hearing her, but Wei Ruxia didn't continue to talk with them, and went out to continue working.

How many people thought that she had a bad relationship with her father, and that her father didn't like her? Could it be that only when it was over, and her father came up on stage and offered her flowers in front of everyone, telling her that she was his pride, that they would believe it?

Wei Ru Xia felt a little ridiculous.

She had nothing to say about Jiang Qiu's professionalism. Despite the unpleasant troubles, her emotions were well controlled throughout the day. At 7:00 in the afternoon, the audience entered the venue one after another. Wei Ruxia saw the people from the Luo family at a glance. Looking over, Luo Tang was sitting on the outside, while Yang Shuru and Luo Shian next to him were waving at her. Wei Ruxia laughed and felt herself relax.

The theatre wasn't the same as the screen, a film could be reshot, but a theatre show was a one-off. At the beginning of the performance, Wei Ruxia stood in the audience watching, still feeling sweat on the palms of her hands.

But the performance was very smooth, and when it was over, the audience thundered in applause. Wei Ruxia breathed a sigh of relief. Just as she was about to look for Luo Tang, she was urged to come to the stage for the curtain call.

As soon as she took the stage, Li Han dragged her between her and Jiang Qiu.  Jiang Qiu's expression wasn't too good, but Wei Ruxia was at ease and stood there. She listened to the applause below, it was really a very fulfilling thing.

The audience came to the stage to present flowers, starting from the far right side of the team, the people with flowers filed up. This scene was inexplicably familiar, Wei Ruxia suddenly had a hunch, and she glanced at the audience.

There was no one in Luo Tang's seat.

When Wei Ruxia was looking around, Jiang Qiu next to her suddenly exclaimed, "Laoshi."

Wei Ruxia returned to her senses, looked at her side, and her brain exploded.

Luo Tang was pushing a wheelchair and Wei Zishan was sitting in the wheelchair. He held a bunch of flowers in his hand and was smiling at Wei Ruxia. Wei Ruxia's applauding hands hung in the air, and Wei Zishan smiled and passed the flowers in his hands to her.

"Congratulations, your first play has come to a successful conclusion."

Time seemed to be repeating. Back then, she went to watch her father's performance for the first time. She pretended to be a flower presenter and offered him flowers. He took her hand and introduced to everyone that she was his daughter. Now, the first play she had ever directed was over, and he hid in the fans like an old naughty boy and presented flowers to her.

For a moment, Wei Ruxia thought of a lot of things, and she had a hundred things to say, but she was stuck on the spot.

The other flower-presenters left, and only Wei Zishan was still on stage. Wei Zishan laughed and reached out to hug Wei Ruxia.  Her father held the flowers in his left hand, his right hand was still a little weak, but he still tried to pat Wei Ruxia's back, and said in her ear.

"My girl, you're my pride."

Wei Ruxia felt her stiff heart gradually eased, there was thunderous applause in her ears, and her mind buzzed, thinking it was a dream. She raised her head and glanced at Luo Tang, who looked down at her, his eyes bright and dark.

It wasn't a dream.

Wei Zishan realized that not only Wei Ruxia, but the entire theatre was overwhelming. After eight years, Wei Zishan had returned to China for the first time. When old friends met again, it was natural to be emotional.

Her father was surrounded by herself, his former colleagues and his students in the theatre, and he seemed to be alive again.  After Wei Ruxia reminded her father to call her if he felt unwell, she straightened up and went out.

Outside the door, Luo Tang was waiting for her.

There were windows in the corridor, and through the glass windows you could see the bright night sky and a full moon. The cold moonlight poured onto the walkway, outlining the man's facial features more clearly and exquisitely.

Obviously, Luo Tang had planned her father's return to China. She didn't know how Luo Tang found her father, nor how he persuaded him to return to China, but she knew that this was a surprise Luo Tang gave her.

However, the price of this surprise was so great that she was terrified.

The reason why her father couldn't return to China was because he had to use special equipment for rehabilitation under the guidance of specialised doctors every other day. He returned to China today, but even if he went back now, he wouldn't be able to make it back to England in time. What's more, there wouldn't be any flights back to the UK at this time.

Wei Ruxia's body felt a little cold for the first time, but she forced herself to calm down. She thought of a solution, looked up at Luo Tang, bit her lip and stared at him for a long time. Finally, she asked, "How can I get my dad back as soon as possible?"

She didn't want to blame Luo Tang, it was useless to blame, she could only solve the problem quickly.

Luo Tang looked at her and said seriously, "He doesn't need to go back to England."

Wei Ruxia looked up at him, confused for a while, and her heart palpitations were anxious. She closed her eyes and calmed her mind. But before Wei Ruxia spoke, Luo Tang spoke first.

"I have brought Uncle Wei's rehabilitation team and equipment to Ancheng Central Hospital, and he'll be able to continue his rehabilitation in Ancheng in the future."

Wei Ruxia eyes suddenly widened, as if she had heard it wrong. She took a moment to understand his words, and her eyes felt dry. Wei Ruxia asked, "Have you been busy with this lately?"

Not only himself, he also asked his grandfather to help...

"Yeah." Luo Tang replied, "Before you didn't believe me. So I didn't say anything this time, and just showed you. Now I want to see how you can leave me.

"I have missed you for eight years, every minute, every second. From now on, I don't want to miss you again."

The author has something to say:

Tangtang: I want to see how you can escape this time.

Sorry to leave you hanging on the kiss! 'A bit late' turned into 'not at all'.

What problem can't be solved by the stupidly large amount of money Luo Tang has~ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I noticed when uploading that I seem to randomly change between gege and brother and teacher and laoshi. The reason is obviously I keep the Chinese when it's used as a proper noun...uhh, bullshit, I translate this mostly on my morning commute, sorry it's probably a bit random. I'm sure I've been doing it this whole time I only just noticed today hahahaha...haaaa

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