47 - Sure enough, it's the general demeanor
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47 - Sure enough, it's the general demeanor

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Wei Zishan had arrived that morning after Luo Tang had personally picked him up from the UK. After arriving he went directly to Ancheng Hospital for his first session there. The rehabilitation process went smoothly.

Luo Tang was more thoughtful than Wei Ruxia, and he had also bought a return ticket. If Wei Zishan's rehabilitation wasn't effective the first time, he would send him back to the UK in time without delaying his rehabilitation.

After the meeting with his theatre friends was over, Luo Tang sent Wei Zishan and Wei Ruxia home. He bought an apartment near the hospital to facilitate Wei Zishan's rehabilitation, with three bedrooms. The decoration style was similar to that of their previous home, which showed that he had put in a lot of work.

When they got home, it was already ten o'clock in the evening. Wei Zishan was exhausted from the journey and in addition to going to the show that night, he was a little weak. Luo Tang told them to have a good rest and then left first.

"I'll send you off." Wei Ruxia said.

Luo Tang looked up at her and nodded in agreement.

After her father finished washing, Wei Ruxia sent him back to his room. He looked more lively today than he used to be, and getting into bed was easier than usual. The doctor once said that being in a good mood would make the rehabilitation more effective and she could see how happy her father was after returning to China.

After pouring a glass of water for her father and placing it by the bed, Wei Ruxia said goodnight to him and prepared to go out. Before she left, her father grabbed her hand and asked, "You and Luo Tang were together in high school, right?"

He grabbed her with his right hand, which didn't have much strength and would slip off quickly. Wei Ruxia held the back of her father's hand. When she was in the theatre, she didn't talk to Luo Tang too much, but listening to what her father said, Luo Tang probably only told him that the two of them were together now.

Luo Tang understood her. If he had said that they were together after graduation from high school, but because of his illness had been separated for eight years, then it may be difficult for her father to let go.

However, her father was her father after all, he had experienced many things, and he still guessed it.

Holding her father's hand, Wei Ruxia didn't lie to him anymore, and said with a smile, "Yeah, we liked each other when we were in high school, but didn't get together until we graduated from high school, so it wasn't a high school romance."

Wei Ruxia made a small joke, but Wei Zishan couldn't laugh. His hand was held by Wei Ruxia, and he could feel the strength of his daughter holding on to him.

He knew the weight he had in her heart. No matter how much he thought about the past, it wouldn't help, and he didn't want to think about it anymore. He decided instead to think only of the future.

"Go." Wei Zishan let go of Wei Ruxia's hand and smiled.

Wei Ruxia had been on edge over the past few years, but today, her father, her life, and her future seemed to have been settled by Luo Tang. She didn't need to think about the bad things anymore, life was no longer precarious, and she felt as if she had rooted in Ancheng again.

The apartment Luo Tang had bought was in a high-rise residential area, surrounded by other residential areas. It was very clean and quiet, suitable for Wei Zishan to rest. At night, the autumn breeze in the community was low, and the leaves of the maples occasionally fell on the ground with a soft sound.

"When did you start preparing?" Wei Ruxia and Luo Tang walked slowly in the community, chatting about what they hadn't finished talking about in the theatre.

Luo Tang walked beside Wei Ruxia and replied, "The day you told me you'd go back to England."

It was the day when Luo Tang talked to her about the commercial for his new game. She told him at his house that she was going back to the UK. The two separated and in the evening Luo Tang told her that he would see her again next month.

When she said that she was going back to the UK, until Luo Tang had sent her that WeChat message to say that he would see her next month, Wei Ruxia didn't know what kind of psychological process Luo Tang had gone through at the time. But now she knew. It was precisely because he knew that she was only temporarily staying when she returned to China, so Luo Tang seized the opportunity and launched a fierce attack on her. In the end, their showdown ended when she told him about her father's suicide. Luo Tang said he would wait, but he didn't wait.

Because he had the ability to keep her from leaving.

When Wei Ruxia returned to England last time, he had already figured out where she and Wei Zishan lived. After he went to Wei Zishan’s hospital to discuss the introduction of the technology and equipment to China, he found Alan. When Alan took Wei Zishan to his rehabilitation without Wei Ruxia, he met with him and told him about his affairs with Wei Ruxia.

Of course, he only told half the truth, saying that he and Wei Ruxia had fallen in love with each other after she returned to China this time, and then discussed with Wei Zishan about his plans for this surprise.

Knowing everything, Wei Ruxia chuckled. She raised her head and looked at the starry sky, as if trying to imprint the starry sky into her eyes. When she looked at Luo Tang again, her eyes were filled with bright stars.

"Is the technology and equipment all integrated into the hospital?" It hadn't been available in China before. For one thing, the disease was too rare and the rehabilitation took a long time. Secondly, it was really expensive. Wei Ruxia waited for eight years, but there had been no domestic plans to introduce it to Ancheng.

The two of them had already reached the door of Luo Tang's car. He stood still, looked at Wei Ruxia and said, "I bought it."

Wei Ruxia, "..."

With a sore throat, Wei Ruxia remembered the playground that Luo Tang had built for Luo Shian. Although Luo Tang had money, the cost of such a thing was by no means small, and his money wasn't all brought in by a strong wind. Hearing that he did so much for her, Wei Ruxia didn't know what to feel.

He did things regardless of the consequences, only thinking about his goal, and his goal was to be with her every minute and every second.

Wei Ruxia's eyes itched, she rubbed them with the back of her hand, and joked, "It was a lot of money, right?"

They stood under a street lamp, the light illuminated them in yellow, but the corners of Wei Ruxia's eyes could be seen to be red.  Luo Tang's eyes drooped slightly, his eyelashes cast a half circle of shadow on his lower eyelid, and he said faintly, "These are things outside of the body, but you are in my heart."

In fact, Luo Tang wasn't cold at all. When he talked about love, every time he made Wei Ruxia's heart beat. Her heart seemed to be covered, hot. She looked up at Luo Tang and said with a smile, "Then I'll always be in your heart."

Luo Tang grinned and nodded in agreement.  Wei Ruxia had a busy day today and he couldn't bear to delay her rest, so he turned around and opened the car door to leave.

When he was about to get in the car, Wei Ruxia called out, "Wait."

Luo Tang turned his head, and Wei Ruxia held his face with both hands, Luo Tang felt warmth on his lips. Then Wei Ruxia's kiss was gone.

"You're my boyfriend, you have to kiss me goodbye before you leave."

Wei Ruxia obviously knew what kind of physical reaction her kiss would bring to Luo Tang. But when she was about to run away, she was hugged by Luo Tang from behind. Wei Ruxia laughed and was completely imprisoned by Luo Tang in his arms.

With her back pressed against Luo Tang's chest, she could feel his fast and powerful heartbeat. At the same time, her ears were hot from the man's breathing.

"Your boyfriend should also do other things." Luo Tang's voice was a little low, with a smile in it.

"Not now." Wei Ruxia refused with a smile and began to struggle. She was 175cm in height, but she had no advantage in Luo Tang's arms when he was 190cm.

After she struggled twice, Luo Tang's arms tightened even more and he said softly in her ear, "Don't move."

His breath was hotter than before.

Both their bodies had changed, but Luo Tang's changes were much more obvious. Wei Ruxia's ears were buzzing, and her breathing was a little short. She put her face on Luo Tang's.

As soon as their skin touched, their bodies shifted at the same time.

"I'll accompany my dad to dinner with the theatre people tomorrow. The Mid-Autumn Festival will be celebrated that night, we can't tomorrow..."

"Yeah." Luo Tang replied in a deep voice.

Wei Ruxia smiled and asked, "Not going to protest?"

She still liked to tease him as before. Luo Tang smiled helplessly, hugged her harder, restrained his voice and said, "This may be the last Mid-Autumn Festival that you and Uncle Wei will spend alone. So I won't bother you."

Wei Ruxia knew what Luo Tang meant. They would get married in the future, no matter who they spent the Mid-Autumn Festival with, they wouldn't be separated.

Feeling a little sour in her heart, Wei Ruxia looked up at the round moon, kissed Luo Tang on the cheek, and responded softly, "Okay."

To meet everyone from the theatre, her father made an appointment on the first night. Everyone gathered in the theatre in the morning, had a meal at the Ancheng Hotel at noon, and then replayed the performance of 'Wind and Sand' in the performance hall of the theatre in the afternoon.

Wei Zishan loved acting, but he has been off the stage for eight years. This was the best gift the theatre could give him. Eight years later, Wei Zishan still remembered all his lines very well, and Wei Ruxia watched from the audience with a lot of emotions in her heart.

Today Jiang Qiu and Li Han also came. They didn't participate in the performance, and watched in the audience with Wei Ruxia. Li Han and Jiang Qiu were speaking about something and after a while, Jiang Qiu walked over to Wei Ruxia and sat down.

She was there to apologize and was very sincere.

Jiang Qiu was a very proud person, but she was willing to lower her head to apologise to her because of her respect for her father.  Even at this point, Wei Ruxia couldn't get angry at her either.

She smiled and said to Jiang Qiu, "Thank you."

She thanked Jiang Qiu for her respect of her father.

Jiang Qiu obviously didn't expect to get this answer. If people didn't know someone for long, they wouldn't know what they were like. At first, maybe because of how they acted or appeared, people wouldn't like them, but the more people got to know them, the more people liked them.

Wei Ruxia was like that.

Jiang Qiu also smiled. She now understood why Mr. Wei would recognise Wei Ruxia as his daughter even if she wasn't planned.  There was something in her that was hard to dislike.

"By the way, this is for you." Jiang Qiu handed a business card to Wei Ruxia.

Wei Ruxia glanced at it. It was a card from Huang Zhi, the manager of Xinyu Entertainment. Wei Ruxia blinked and looked up at Jiang Qiu.

"Uncle Huang and his company are currently preparing to make a new movie, which is adapted from an online novel. They haven't yet decided on a director. I heard from the dean that you want to be a screen director in the future. You should go and try it." Jiang Qiu smiled and said, "Tomorrow night there will be an event at the Qiuming Restaurant. I can take you there."

After she finished explaining, afraid that Wei Ruxia would misunderstand, Jiang Qiu added, "Uncle Huang is a friend of my dad. For this film, the second female requires a very high level of acting skills. Uncle Huang wanted to find a stage actor to perform it, so he came to me."

Jiang Qiu's words are very clear. This was a movie, Xinyu Entertainment was a big company, so it must be a big production.  Since an online novel was being adapted to a movie, there was already a fixed audience.  The leading actor would also be chosen to increase traffic, and the box office sales would certainly not be bad.

No matter how you think about it, it was a big piece of pie.

Since it was a big pie, there would be a lot of people watching for it, even if she has Jiang Qiu's relationship, she may not be able to win it. However, she could only try. Tomorrow's dinner would definitely be attended by investors. She could make some more connections to help her in the future.

"Thank you." Wei Ruxia thanked her sincerely. Jiang Qiu was really thorough in thinking about her.

She had originally planned to spend time with Luo Tang that night, but unexpectedly this had happened. She could accompany Luo Tang after the dinner, but in the end, they wouldn't eat dinner together. After Wei Ruxia accompanied her father to his rehabilitation session in the morning, she went to Luo Tang's company to be with him in the afternoon.

Luo Tang was finished with the hospital affairs, and had begun to deal with the work that had accumulated on his hands. Luo Tang was processing the documents on the desk, while Wei Ruxia sat and watched. When Luo Tang finished signing a document, she laughed.

With Wei Ruxia next to him, Luo Tang was also in a good mood. He raised his eyes and glanced at Wei Ruxia, opened another document, and asked, "What are you laughing at?"

"It's just like the questions you corrected for me in high school after I redid them." Wei Ruxia said brazenly, "So back then, I was already training you to be a president in the future."

"Yeah." After hearing her words, instead of refuting her, Luo Tang raised the corner of his lips and responded softly.

This was the charm of mature men. They didn't talk much, but every word they said was loaded and hard to ignore.

The office was very air-conditioned, but Wei Ruxia was a little hot.

She smiled and got up, went to pour a glass of lemonade for Luo Tang, and after sitting next to Luo Tang, she told him about the dinner.

"I'm going to dinner at Qiuming Restaurant in the evening, Xinyu Entertainment has a new movie to plug."

After listening to her, Luo Tang raised his eyes and glanced at her. Wei Ruxia met his gaze. She added and explained, "I'll be a screen director in the future. It's an opportunity. I want to try it. And it’s just dinner, and then I'll leave."

"Are you going there by yourself?" Luo Tang turned the pen in his hand and asked as he looked at Wei Ruxia.

She didn't seem to be angry when she heard what Luo Tang said. Wei Ruxia shook her head and said, "My dad's student is taking me. She was the heroine of the play, you saw her yesterday. Her dad is friends with a manager at Xinyu Entertainment."

This relationship also had a few twists and turns.

After she finished speaking, Luo Tang kept watching her silently. Wei Ruxia was a little guilty under his gaze but just as she was about to speak, Luo Tang looked back at his documents and said, "Okay, I'll pick you up when it's over."

Luo Tang was still very supportive of her work. Wei Ruxia laughed, and she teased Luo Tang, "Then what if I have to be there until late?"

"Then I'll go get you back." Luo Tang said without changing his face as he lowered his head and corrected the document.

Wei Ruxia laughed aloud.

Wei Ruxia thought that since she was recommended by Jiang Qiu, and coupled with Huang Zhi's relationship, she should be 50% in. However, after the dinner, her confidence was reduced to 10%.

This meal was hosted by Huang Zhi, not only were there actors but also a few investors.  Among them, a female investor in her 40s sat at the head, and she was accompanied by a young man in his 30s. He doesn't want to be an actor. Like Wei Ruxia, he also wanted to be the director of this movie.

Her relationship was only with Jiang Qiu, but the young man had a connection with the main investor. Not only actors needed contacts, but directors needed them too.

After putting away a few cups, Wei Ruxia felt a little apprehensive and she was about to withdraw after eating.

While several people were eating and chatting, Huang Zhi suddenly answered the phone. As soon as the call was hung up, Huang Zhi got up and said to the person next to him as he walked, "Mr. Xie, I'll pick someone up."

The manager Huang Zhi was just an ordinary manager of Xinyu Entertainment, who was in charge of picking up films. The 'Mr. Xie' he just spoke to was the general manager of Xinyu Entertainment.

Mr. Xie listened to him and asked casually, "Who?"

Huang Zhi leaned over and spoke in a low voice. Mr. Xie's expression changed, and he continued, "Go ahead."

Wei Ruxia sat at the bottom of the dining table, and as soon as Huang Zhi walked out, the female investor came over and asked with a smile.

"I heard that you haven't directed a movie?"

As soon as she finished speaking, most of the people's eyes at the dinner followed her.  Wei Ruxia was brought here by Jiang Qiu. When she first came in, Huang Zhi gave her a brief introduction.

Most of the investors were company bosses. To speak to her specifically, this sentence was particularly interesting to them. Wei Ruxia laughed and replied, "Yes, I used to be an advertising director. In November, I'll direct an online drama, which is also an adaptation of an online novel."

The female investor didn't seem to listen to what she said. She laughed, patted the young man next to her, and said to Mr. Xie next to him, "Lu Shuo gas directed a movie, have you watched 'Once Upon a Time'?"

"I've seen it." Mr. Xie said with a smile, "Director Lu is really a young talent."

The female investor spoke to her, firstly, to use Wei Ruxia shortcomings to elevate Lu Shuo, killing people without seeing blood.  Secondly, to say that the director of this movie was already decided, and that this was just to show that she didn't have a chance because she had no experience.

To be honest, after Jiang Qiu told her yesterday, she went to read the original novel. As long as you followed the screenwriter's outline, it would basically be a hit. After the explosion, the box office would boost the name of the director, and would be very helpful for any future development.

Wei Ruxia felt a little regretful for not being able to snatch the job, but she didn't show it.  Holding her wine glass, she smiled and congratulated Lu Shuo. When she was about to drink, the glass in her hand was taken.

"How many drinks have you had?" A man's voice came over.

Wei Ruxia thought she was drinking too much. When she looked up, she saw Luo Tang standing beside her and asked, "Why are you here?"

She hadn't called him yet.

"I thought it was over, so I came to pick you up." Luo Tang put down the wine glass and looked up at the people at the table. When seeing Mr. Xie standing up, Luo Tang asked, "Is it talking about the movie 'The Breeze Lifts the Moon'?"

"Right, right, right." Standing at the table, Mr. Xie asked in surprise, "Mr. Luo, I thought you didn't have time to come over?"

"Yes, I need to be here to pick up my girlfriend so I didn't have time to come over. Who knew she was also at this dinner." Luo Tang sat beside Wei Ruxia, changed her wine to lemonade, and then raised his head to ask, "Do you still need our company to invest?"

Wei Ruxia, "..."

The author has something to say:

Tangtang: Not only do I cover marriage, parents, but also work. Where can you find a husband like me?

I'm actually kinda annoyed Luo Tang showed up to invest, its a little obvious but also a litte boring to have Mr. Moneybags show up and solve everything. I think it's meant to be a 'face-slapping moment' but money is really not romantic to me...I guess because all the rich people in reality are arseholes. Between this and French windows you can probably tell I'm not a fan of CEO novels. XD le sigh~

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