48 - We've been together since high school, almost 10 years
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48 - We've been together since high school, almost 10 years

As soon as Luo Tang came over, the air at the dinner seemed to change. He seemed to seldom attend such a dinner, and didn't stay long. After talking to Mr. Xie for a while, he took Wei Ruxia away.

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As soon as Luo Tang came over, the air at the dinner seemed to change. He seemed to seldom attend such a dinner, and didn't stay long. After talking to Mr. Xie for a while, he took Wei Ruxia away.

Wei Ruxia had drunk some wine today, so her face was a little warm, she blushed and fastened her seat belt, and asked Luo Tang, "When I told you this afternoon that I was coming to dinner, why didn't you tell me you also got an invitation. You really want to..."

When she drank, she was a little bit talkative, but before she finished speaking, she was stopped by Luo Tang’s kiss. Wei Ruxia smelled the mint scent on Luo Tang’s body. It was cool and refreshing, but her body was getting hotter.

Luo Tang's kiss was only a taste, although he changed her drink to lemonade later, he could still taste the aroma of red wine. Luo Tang's lips left Wei Ruxia, and his forehead was placed against her, but he was hotter even without drinking.

With her head slightly lowered, Wei Ruxia's eyes met Luo Tang's, watching his dark black eyes become deeper than before, concealing a deep fire. Wei Ruxia laughed, her breath brushing against Luo Tang's cheeks, soft and humid. She had a muffled voice and asked softly, "What are you doing?"

She seemed to be drunk, with a tone and movement that seemed to be groundless, but every time she stroked his heart. Luo Tang pursed his lips slightly, moved his body away from her, and leaned back on the driver's seat to calm down. He replied, "Remuneration."

Wei Ruxia put her dream of being a director on hold because of Wei Zishan's illness. Now that Wei Zishan had settled down in Ancheng, she could also start to busy herself with her career.  She was capable, but she lacked opportunities. Luo Tang, as her backing, could provide her with all the opportunities she wanted.

As soon as Luo Tang left, Wei Ruxia also leaned back on her seat. She looked at Luo Tang's face, her heart beating wildly, as if she could hear it echo in this narrow space.

"Is it enough?" Wei Ruxia got up, the sound of her clothes shifting was a little ambiguous. She approached Luo Tang, with a small smile on her lips, "Come again."

Luo Tang looked back at her, looking at her light brown smiling eyes. Her eyes were dark, and she was about to kiss him when she moved but Wei Ruxia looked at his expression and noticed something was wrong. She bit her lower lip, raised her eyebrows and said, "There are people."

After she finished speaking, the sound of people talking and footsteps came from the elevator next to them. The ambiguous atmosphere inside the car dissipated, Luo Tang looked away, started the car and drove out of the underground garage.

Wei Ruxia retracted her gaze and opened the car window. October was about to come, and the wind had started to cool, blowing her hot face, and making her very comfortable.

The car sped along the road, and soon arrived in the southern district. The sea breeze was blowing with a slight salty taste. Wei Ruxia thought that Luo Tang was taking her to his house, but Luo Tang's car stopped behind a larger building and in front of three one-storey single-family villas.

As soon as the car stopped, Wei Ruxia looked towards the front yard of the villa, her eyelashes trembled, she opened the car door and got out of the car.

It was a villa complex. Like the community she grew up in, each villa has a yard in front of it, and the back directly overlooked the sea. The yards of the other houses were covered with lawn but the one in front of Wei Ruxia wasn't. It was a yard full of flowers and plants.

She had been to the old community when she returned to China for the first time, and the flowers and plants in the yard were gone. It wasn't that they were shoveled away by the new owner, but they were all transplanted to the yard of this house by Luo Tang.

In addition to the flowers and plants, the pear tree on the left side of the yard was already very big and the branches and leaves were luxuriant. It was obvious that it had been carefully pruned.

On the right side of the yard, there was an infinite flower tree. It was now in its flowering season and the tree was full of pink flowers.

After Wei Ruxia got out of the car, Luo Tang also opened the door and got out of the car. He stood behind Wei Ruxia and said to her, "Go in."

The flowers and plants in the yard contained all of Wei Ruxia's memories of family affection, her mother's pear tree, her grandma's vine rose, her father's camellia...

She thought she had lost everything, but Luo Tang had tidied it up for her and kept them for eight years, waiting for her to come back.

This was a surprise, she should have been moved, but when she thought that all this was done by Luo Tang, she felt that it was just natural. Of course he would do such a thing, what she cherished, he would always keep for her.

The yard was full of plants, and it was cooler than outside. Wei Ruxia walked to the pear tree, measured it with both hands, and smiled, "The pear tree is so big, is it already bearing pears?"

"Yeah. They're sweet." Luo Tang looked at the lush pear tree and said, "I wanted to kill it."

Wei Ruxia raised her eyes to look at him, Luo Tang smiled, and reached out to pat off the pear tree leaves on Wei Ruxia's shoulder, and said, "Because the meaning of pears is not good. But then think about it, if you come back, you'll notice it's gone and will be sad, so I let it stay."

When he said this, he said it lightly, and in one sentence, he took away his eight years of waiting.

Wei Ruxia laughed, and she hugged him.

The smell of her man was still the same, Wei Ruxia leaned her face in his arms and asked quietly, "Why don't you live here?"

Holding Wei Ruxia's back, Luo Tang rested his chin lightly on her head and said in a low voice, "This is home is mine and yours. It's boring to live here by myself."

Wei Ruxia looked up, looked at him with bright eyes, and asked, "Can I stay tonight?"

Luo Tang moved his chin back, looked at Wei Ruxia, and said, "As long as you are here, you can stay here."

Wei Ruxia smiled, took Luo Tang's hand, and said, "Let's go then."

It was the first time for both of them, so the sex wasn't particularly beautiful, but they were still moved. The best feeling was after waiting for your lover to return, they would still feel the same, and promise their bodies that they would spend the future together.

In November, Wei Ruxia joined the crew of the web drama 'Meeting for the First Time'. The web drama was very short, with only 24 episodes, and the shooting time was only one and a half months. After the filming, Wei Ruxia immediately entered the film crew of 'The Breeze Lifts the Moon'.

'Meeting for the First Time' was a high school love story set in the Republic of China. Most of the actors involved were students of the film academy, so the production cost wasn't high, and with the rise of broadcasting apps, web dramas had become popular. These days they had become a way to attract new actors and actresses.

The female lead in the web drama was called Cheng Meng, and she was the daughter of the production company executive of the drama. Her starting point was destined to be higher than the others in the same crew, but Cheng Meng didn't speak too much, so she didn't rebuff those around her. She was also serious when filming so Wei Ruxia also liked her.

Not only her, but Wei Ruxia also liked this group of students, they were full of vigour.  Although they often overthink things, it was the kind of careful overthinking that could be seen through at a glance. It was quite cute.

Wei Ruxia majored in photography at University. Her directing experience came later. Sometimes she would ask the students to show her textbooks from their school.  These little actors were very happy to help her, and sometimes brought her some class notes and course materials from the directing department.

Generally speaking, Wei Ruxia got along with them quite happily.

After filming the scene for the day, Wei Ruxia confirmed the shot with the cinematographer, then was ready to pack up and leave. Before leaving, she remembered that she had two books to return to the little guys, so she took the books and went straight to the dressing room.

The production of web dramas was quite rough, the dressing room was a temporarily built small shed, and the sound insulation was very poor. As soon as Wei Ruxia walked near the dressing room, she heard the discussion of several actors inside, discussing her.

"'The Breeze Lifts the Moon' officially announced that the director will be Wei'jie!" An actress held out her mobile phone and ran to other actors to spread the shocking news.

As soon as she finished speaking, some people were surprised and some couldn't believe it.

Those who didn’t believe it said, “This novel is super popular, and it’s a movie by Xinyu Entertainment. Wei'jie said that she was making a web drama for the first time and she used to do commercials. Will Xinyu Entertainment let her direct it?"

"But it's an official announcement." The little actress took back her phone and said, "The proof is bigger than a mountain."

By this time, a few of them had gotten together and were discussing it.

"That's amazing." Someone said, "In fact, I think Wei'jie is good, she'll definitely be able to make a good movie."

Hearing the praise, Wei Ruxia, who was listening outside, raised her eyebrows and smiled.

"But it's too amazing. Xinyu Entertainment can't just choose a new director to be the director of this drama." The actor who just questioned said, "For example, I've never acted in any drama before, but if there was an official announcement that I'm the female lead, would you believe it?"

The little actress hesitated and said, "I'd think you're like Cheng Meng, and assume your father is the president of Xinyu Entertainment."

Several people laughed.

"But Wei'jie told us that her father was a theatre actor, not an investor."

"What about her boyfriend?"

"Investors aren't so young anymore... Wei'jie looks to be only in her twenties."

Everyone rushed to join the discussion, and finally Cheng Meng stopped them with a single sentence.

"You guys should be more conscientious while filming, what are you doing talking about other people behind their backs?"

Cheng Meng was the female lead and her father was invested in the drama, so the other actors in the crew didn't dare to mess with her. After hearing her speak, everyone stopped talking, and someone murmured, "We didn't say anything bad about Wei'jie though."

The phone in Wei Ruxia's hand vibrated, it was Luo Tang who had just arrived. Since Cheng Meng had said that, if she wanted to go in, she would likely frighten them. Indeed, as they said, the actors didn't say any bad things about her, and Wei Ruxia didn't take it seriously.

But what they said reminded her that they were her actors, and they would have such thoughts. Today, with the official announcement, combined with the attack that Song Meng had made on her last time, it was possible that someone would come after her on the Internet again.

If she was attacked, it would most likely be the male director who was led by that female investor. In the entertainment circle, the actors in the actors circle attacked each other, and the directors also tripped each other up. In order to fight for a bite of the fat, everyone exhausted all means available.

Wei Ruxia had cut them off from this drama, but she didn't feel that she was very weak or very strong. After all, if Luo Tang didn't attend that night, she would have been the fish on the knife and had no right to speak.

Since Luo Tang used his investment to win this opportunity for her, she must seize it. This was the first steps of her career, and she must walk steadily.

"Hey, are you here?" After Wei Ruxia walked away, she answered Luo Tang's call. After getting a reply, Wei Ruxia became happy. She said, "I'll come out now. Wait for me in the usual place."

After hanging up the phone, Wei Ruxia hurried away.

The usual place for Wei Ruxia and Luo Tang was set after Wei Ruxia joined the crew and it was in the parking lot outside the film and television studios. As soon as he hung up with Wei Ruxia, his mother called.

After the relationship between Luo Tang and Wei Ruxia was confirmed, his mother started calling more often, and after each call, she always said the same thing.

"When will you two start planning? Why are you completely silent, don't you plan to propose?" Yang Shuru asked worryingly.

"Gege, gege, hurry up and get married, or she'll run away!" Luo Shian was also helping out.

"Yeah." Luo Tang replied. He saw Wei Ruxia coming over, and said to the other two on the phone, "I'm hanging up first."

"When are you proposing!?" Yang Shuru rushed to ask again with emphasis.

Before she could finish the question, her son hung up the phone.

Yang Shuru, "..."

Luo Tang hung up the phone and opened his arms naturally. Wei Ruxia smiled, ran over and ran into Luo Tang's arms. They hugged each other, she raised her head, and he lowered his head to kiss her.

There was some coolness in the air, but their lips were hot, and their breathing was warm, with a hint of sweetness. After kissing, Wei Ruxia hugged Luo Tang a little tiredly, and said with a long sigh, "I miss you."

The two hadn’t seen each other for a week. Wei Ruxia’s filming schedule ended late, and sometimes her meetings were held ever later. The studio was far away from Luo Tang’s company and Wei Ruxia didn’t want him running back and forth. But when she wasn't busy she would call him, and he would come over.

After hearing Wei Ruxia's words, Luo Tang felt sweet, bowed her head and kissed her on the forehead. He took her hand and walked her to the car, and asked, "How long will it take to finish?"

"Half a month." Wei Ruxia was held by him. Her body had never been afraid of the cold, but Luo Tang's hands were hotter than hers. "It's winter."

After speaking, Wei Ruxia smiled suddenly and said to Luo Tang, "We filmed the snow scene today. There's no snow here, so we used some artificial snow."

Ancheng was too hot. It hadn't snowed there in nearly a hundred years. Speaking of which, Wei Ruxia hadn't seen snow for a long time. The city she lived in in the UK had a hot and humid climate, and it never snowed.

"I've almost forgotten what real snow is like." Wei Ruxia said with emotion, "It usually starts snowing in Dongzhen by New Year's Day."

Luo Tang listened to her quietly. The two got in the car, and Luo Tang asked Wei Ruxia, "Are you going to film another one immediately after finishing this film?"

Wei Ruxia said "Ah" and then asked incredulously, "You don't know when the movie you invested in will start shooting?"

There was a dedicated person in his company responsible for investment matters, and Luo Tang didn't personally take care of them. After hearing Wei Ruxia ask, Luo Tang said, "I only invested for you."

Wei Ruxia remembered what the actors had just said in the dressing room. She touched her nose and said, "That is the unspoken rule and it's quite right."

Luo Tang's eyes moved, and a layer of happiness appeared, and he said in a deep voice, "Where am I driving?"

Looking at Luo Tang's face, Wei Ruxia's heartbeat was a little chaotic. She smiled and said, "Let's sleep together tonight."

When the car started, Luo Tang held the steering wheel and said indifferently, "You probably won't be able to sleep tonight."

Luo Tang's words weren't serious, but their bodies had been longing for each other for a week, and the two found the pleasure of connection. It was already midnight when it really ended. After washing Wei Ruxia in his arms, she fell asleep. When Luo Tang was about to sleep, he received a message from Don.

They were currently in a suite he opened in a nearby hotel. Luo Tang took his mobile phone and got up to go to the balcony beside the bedroom. He didn't wear a shirt, but only a pair of cotton trousers. In the dark, the man's skin was white and his figure was handsome.

"What's the matter?" Luo Tang called Don back.

On the other end of the phone, Don spoke briefly.

Luo Tang turned his head and glanced at Wei Ruxia, who was sleeping on the bed in the room. The wind on the balcony was a bit cold. He pursed his lips slightly, and said, "Suppress the rumours. Also, let LO's official blog and LO's Weibo post all the games under its umbrella..."

After playing for too long last night, Wei Ruxia got up and ate breakfast prepared by Luo Tang, and was sent to the studio by him.  As soon as she arrived on set, Wei Ruxia was ready to start work, and all the actors who were ready were watching her.

They couldn't hide their thoughts well but Wei Ruxia didn't care. After an hour of filming, when they were resting, she asked them, "What's the matter?"

The subject of the gossip started the topic, and the actors were instantly refreshed. Cheng Meng asked, "Wei'jie, don't you read Weibo?"

After speaking, Cheng Meng found the Weibo posts and handed the phone to Wei Ruxia. Wei Ruxia was busy all morning and didn't really read Weibo. She took a look at the Weibo interface and raised her eyebrows lightly.

The official blog of LO company posted last night, and it also liked a post on all the games under LO. The interface of the official blog was very neat, because they all posted the same message.

【She's his girlfriend.】

There was a picture from Wei Ruxia when she was shooting for 'Ice War'.

After she and Luo Tang got together, they really never showed their affection like this in public, which caused some people to doubt the relationship between the two of them.  Luo Tang's move shattered all suspicions.

To say she wasn't nervous was a lie, but Wei Ruxia relaxed her expression. She returned her phone to Cheng Meng, smiled and said, "Yes, Luo Tang is my boyfriend. We have been together since high school for almost ten years."

The actors all took a deep breath.

Wei Ruxia looked at their expressions, pretending to be unaware, then she asked quietly, "Otherwise, how else do you think I can be the director of the movie 'The Breeze Lifts the Moon'? Do you also think I'm sleeping around?"

All the actors, "..."

The author has something to say:

Tangtang: There was real potential last night.

Google is playing the pronoun game with Luo Tang again, Wei Ruxia really has the sweetest girlfirend.

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