49 - Have you always been together?
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49 - Have you always been together?

In mid-January, Wei Ruxia’s first web drama was complete. On the day of the finale banquet, Luo Tang came to pick her up from the hotel. Everyone knew that Wei Ruxia’s boyfriend was the boss of LO, but their impression of him was just from what the media reported, that he was handsome and rich.

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In mid-January, Wei Ruxia’s first web drama was complete. On the day of the finale banquet, Luo Tang came to pick her up from the hotel.

Everyone knew that Wei Ruxia’s boyfriend was the boss of LO, but their impression of him was just from what the media reported, that he was handsome and rich. When they met the real person, they didn’t expect him to be so handsome.

The actors were all young, about 20 years old, and when they saw Luo Tang, they exclaimed and asked Wei Ruxia to bring him in to get to know him better. Wei Ruxia knew that Luo Tang didn't like this kind of occasion, so she refused and left with a smile, departing the banquet in advance.

It was Saturday, and Luo Tang didn't come over to wait for her before she finished. Wei Ruxia got in the car and asked him what he was up to.

"You were with my dad for his rehabilitation this morning, right? What did you do all afternoon?" Wei Ruxia asked.

"Play Go." Luo Tang replied while driving.

Her father liked to play Go, but he wasn't good at socializing. After returning home, he would at most go to the community by himself. Sometimes when he saw the old men who played Go get together, he just stood by and watched.

Unless it was during rehabilitation, Luo Tang was never alone with her father. But the two had a good relationship, and her father really liked Luo Tang. However, neither of them were talkative and when playing Go together, Wei Ruxia could imagine how silent they were.

Imagining it, Wei Ruxia laughed out loud.

When the car stopped at some traffic lights, Luo Tang glanced at the red light, then glanced at Wei Ruxia, and asked, "What are you laughing at?"

"You two have been playing Go?" Wei Ruxia smiled.

Luo Tang understood what Wei Ruxia meant. He didn't speak very much when he was alone with Wei Zishan. As soon as the green light came on, Luo Tang raised his eyes and said, "We had a chat."

Wei Ruxia was obviously surprised.  She looked at Luo Tang and asked, "What about?"

Luo Tang recalled what he said when he played Go with Wei Zishan in the afternoon but he didn't repeat it to Wei Ruxia. He changed the topic and asked, "Do you have work in the next few days?"

"No, they don't need me for the post-production and promotion. 'The Breeze Lifts the Moon' will start in February." Counting this, Wei Ruxia said, "It's almost the Spring Festival."

Unconsciously, another year had passed.

"When you get home, pack up your things. I'll pick you up tomorrow morning and take you to a place. We can stay there for about half a week." Luo Tang finished speaking and added, "I already told Uncle Wei."

"We're going away?" Wei Ruxia asked, and then she complained, "It's not high school anymore, you don't have to ask my dad whenever I go out."

Luo Tang smiled and said nothing.

She assumed Luo Tang was taking her for a holiday. She had been busy for a long time and hadn't relaxed at all. She would be back in half a week, not too long, and when she got home, her father also mentioned the trip, proving that Luo Tang had already told him.

Only half a week. Luo Tang considered that she would need to come back to accompany her father, so the time was set to be short. She therefore assumed that the location would be close, but when Wei Ruxia saw the location on the ticket, she looked up at Luo Tang.

He wanted to take her back to Dongzhen.

In mid-January, it was in the middle of winter and the temperature in Dongzhen had reached more than 30 degrees below zero. The two got off the plane, and someone came to pick them up as soon as they left the airport.

To be honest, it was still very difficult to come here during this season. But Wei Ruxia wasn't afraid of difficulties. She was sitting in the car, the blood in her body was restless, making her hot.

Outside, it looked like a bleak winter, which coincided with the scenes in Wei Ruxia's memories. Her only regret was that there hadn't been any snow in the past few days, and the ground was frozen hard.

Although the weather was cold, they didn't suffer as the car directly sent them to Wei Ruxia's home in Dongzhen. When they left, they also left a car for Wei Ruxia and Luo Tang.

Wei Ruxia got out of the car, and the biting cold wind blew in. Wei Ruxia breathed out. As soon as she opened the door, the heat from the fireplace burst out of the door, dispelling the cold around Wei Ruxia. Just like when she was a child, she felt it every time she came home from school.

The fireplace was burning hot, and the house was cleaned up, apparently Luo Tang had prepared it in advance. Wei Ruxia felt warm and walked in.

When she returned home as an adult, it felt very different from the last time she went home. Last time there was a lot of sentimentality, but this time it was more memories.

The two went up to the second floor with their suitcases. After placing the things down, the two of them nestled together for a brief rest, and then went to see her mother in the birch forest.

Roughly speaking, this year was the tenth year since her mother's death. Wei Ruxia brought the sacrificial objects. The head of the grave was full of leaves from the birch forest.

"I haven't come back for so many years." After clearing the birch leaves off the head of the grave, Wei Ruxia squatted on the ground, and burned the paper, murmuring something. Then she heard someone call her.


Wei Ruxia looked up and saw Wu Yu, who was wrapped in a huge coat. Wei Ruxia let out a "hey" and laughed. It wasn't convenient for Wu Yu to come over with his bicycle, so Wei Ruxia walked over.

In the past eight years, Wei Ruxia hadn't changed much, but Wu Yu had changed a lot. He had served as a soldier for six years, and was discharged only two years ago. Now he was a policeman in the city. Today, he was on shift, unexpectedly, he happened to meet Wei Ruxia who was back, and Wu Yu was very excited.

"Why did you come?" The last time she left, she didn't come back until two years later, and this time she only came back after eight years. Wu Yu also asked her the same question then.

Wei Ruxia didn't explain much, she just said, "Something happened at home. So I left the country. I just came back this year."

Wu Yu also spoke casually. After hearing her answer, he immediately laughed and said, "Let's go, come to my house for lunch."

"Okay." Wei Ruxia immediately agreed, and then asked, "Do you have frozen persimmons and pears?"

"Probably." Wu Yu said readily.

The two laughed. Wei Ruxia saw Luo Tang still standing by her mother's tomb. She ran over and pulled him and said, "Wu Yu wants us to eat at his house."

As soon as Wei Ruxia ran over, Wu Yu also looked over. Wei Ruxia grew up with him, and even after eight years, he could still recognise her at a glance. But Luo Tang he only met once, and he didn't recognize him for a while. In fact, he didn't recognize him until they got to his house for lunch.

Wu Yu was a little in awe. It had been ten years, and Wei Ruxia had said that she had just returned after going abroad for a while, yet the two were still together.

"Have you been together the whole time?" Wu Yu went outside and brought in the frozen persimmons, handed one to Wei Ruxia, and asked with a smile.

Wei Ruxia handed the frozen persimmon in her hand to Luo Tang, looked up at Wu Yu, smiled and said, "Yeah, we've been together the whole time."

"Is that the boy who came with you last time?" When Wu Yu's mother heard them mention it, she glanced at Luo Tang again, patted her thigh and said, "Of course, I thought you felt very familiar. You've been together for so many years? Very good, very good."

Wu Yu's mother was very satisfied with Luo Tang, after all, no one didn't like Luo Tang's appearance. His eyes were clear, his temperament was elegant and noble, and he looked like an upright person, and Wei Ruxia wouldn't suffer with him.

As soon as Wu Yu's mother finished speaking, Wei Ruxia glanced at Luo Tang, Luo Tang also glanced at her, and the two looked at each other and smiled.

After talking about Luo Tang and Wei Ruxia, Wu Yu's mother began to complain about Wu Yu to Wei Ruxia, saying that Wu Yu was so old that he had never even talked about a relationship. She didn't expect anything when he was in the army, but now he had been a police officer for two years. She was getting worried.

Every time he went home, she would talk about this. Wu Yu let out a "Hey" and said, "I wanted to date someone in high school. But you wouldn't let me fall in love in high school, otherwise you would be holding my grandson now."

"You blame me?" Wu Yuma snorted, unwilling to show weakness, "I didn't delay going to school even when I fell in love. How about you?"

Wu Yu suffered a loss, took a frozen persimmon and handed it to his mother, he said twice, "Stop talking, eat a persimmon."

Everyone laughed again.

In the winter in the north, it got dark early, especially in Dongzhen which was located in the northernmost part of the country. After lunch, they chatted for a while, then at 3:30, Wei Ruxia and Luo Tang went home. At this time, the sun had already dropped and was setting.

The weather in Dongzhen was dry, and the sky looked clean and clear, with a round red sun hanging there, drawing long shadows on the ground. Wei Ruxia had just eaten, and her body was hot. She stepped on the long shadow of Luo Tang and reintroduced him to the places where she grew up when she was a child.

She introduced them to Luo Tang last time, but that was in summer, and Dongzhen in winter was where the most fun was had.

The two of them walked along the path, and Luo Tang suddenly stopped in front of her. Wei Ruxia looked at his back and asked, "What's the matter?"

Luo Tang turned around, looked at her, and said, "Where did you go skating?"

Last time it was summer, the river wasn't frozen, so the two of them went to the skating rink. After he mentioned it, Wei Ruxia also remembered, she said excitedly, "Yes, I'll take you there."

In fact, they weren't far from the small river where she used to skate before. At this time, there was no one on the river. The children were more enthusiastic about watching TV at home at this time.

The small river wasn't wide. It flowed from the head of the town to the end of the town. In winter it was bare and the ice was very frozen. After Wei Ruxia got there, she stepped on it and looked back at Luo Tang and said regretfully, "I didn't bring ice skates."

Standing on the ice, Wei Ruxia was wearing a black down jacket and a pair of maroon snow boots. Despite this, she still appeared slender and tall. She looked at him facing south, and the red sunset to the west reflected on her cheeks, making her whole body glow.

Luo Tang's heart moved. Under Wei Ruxia's gaze, he walked onto the ice and stood in front of Wei Ruxia. Wei Ruxia noticed something wrong with him, and when she was about to ask, her lips were blocked by Luo Tang's.

The air was dry, cold and thin, but their lips were very hot, gently kissing, feeling each other's breath and body temperature. By the end, even their turbulent heartbeats seemed to be in time.

Luo Tang’s kiss was soft and long, like a silk scarf, across her lips. Finally, the man’s lips left her lips. Wei Ruxia looked up, his eyes were like spring water under the ice, clear and bright.

Every action of two people in love was particularly heart-warming. Wei Ruxia remembered that Luo Tang kissed her like this when he confessed to her back then.

At that time, they were young and ignorant, kissing each other's teeth and lips, feeling each other's heartbeat, beautiful and sweet.

Wei Ruxia laughed. The corners of her eyes were bent, and the light of the red sun reflected in her light brown eyes. When she spoke, her voice was as clear as ice.

"Do you want to confess again?"

When she had just finished saying this, the man's thick eyelashes swept down his eyelids slightly, he smiled faintly, and knelt down on one knee.

Wei Ruxia was taken aback, her breathing was a little unsteady, she opened her mouth slightly when she watched Luo Tang take out the ring.

She was obviously stunned. Luo Tang wasn't. He had rehearsed it many times in his heart, but what actually happened was different from what he thought. His hand holding the ring box shook a little, and he raised his eyes to look at Wei Ruxia, and Luo Tang pressed his lips slightly.

"I asked Uncle Wei yesterday afternoon whether I could marry his daughter, and he agreed. Today, I also told your mother at her grave, and for the time being she agreed. In the end, the only one left to ask is you."

Luo Tang smiled, his dark eyes were full of sunlight, and Wei Ruxia was in the shadows.

"Wei Ruxia, will you marry me?"

LO's official blog and its games released a common Weibo announcement once before, today, they all dropped the same post again.

The picture was a photo of a woman's hand wearing a diamond ring, and beneath the picture was — She's his fiancée.

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Tangtang: I broke something in the last chapter.

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