50 - She loved him more deeply
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50 - She loved him more deeply

'The Breeze Lifts the Moon' was the first film Wei Ruxia had ever directed. She devoted a lot of herself, not only in the film, but she also got to know the actors well. The starring actors of this movie were both popular starlets, and Li Wen was also in it. She played the second female lead.

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'The Breeze Lifts the Moon' was the first film Wei Ruxia had ever directed. She devoted a lot of herself, not only in the film, but she also got to know the actors well.

The starring actors of this movie were both popular starlets, and Li Wen was also in it. She played the second female lead. Li Wen and Wei Ruxia had known each other in high school, and although their relationship in high school wasn't very good, Li Wen now had a much better personality and the two had become sort of friends.

The film was shot over more than two months, and was finished in mid-April. After Wei Ruxia shouted the last 'cut', she rubbed her neck and sighed with relief.

Li Wen came over, pulled up a chair and sat next to her, and said with a smile, "Finally the filming is over."

"Yeah." Wei Ruxia squeezed the back of her neck twice, blinked her dry eyes, and replied, "It's not the end, I haven't taken enough shots yet."

Before Wei Ruxia began production, she gradually found the feeling she wanted to bring out, but now she was still a little bit unsatisfied.

"We can shoot more." The other actors standing behind Wei Ruxia said with a smile.

They had been filming in the north, even for the summer scenes and the actors wore very little and suffered a lot. Wei Ruxia smiled, clapped her hands and said, "Thank you, everyone for your hard work!"

The actors laughed and replied, "Thanks to the director, too~"

At the shooting location, there was a lot of laughter.

After they laughed, Wei Ruxia was a little sad. After all, her first movie ever had a special feeling to it. Next to her, Li Wen could tell, she said, "There will be another one. Your career has just begun."

Wei Ruxia looked up and smiled with Li Wen.

She hasn't signed a film contract yet. Although Luo Tang could always invest in her, she didn't want to spend so much money. The cost of a movie could easily reach hundreds of millions.

For now she could only wait for the film’s response. If the box office sales were good, a follow-up film was assured, but if the box office sales were poor... Wei Ruxia had never thought about it, she was actually quite confident.

"By the way, you must come to the break up party tonight." Li Wen looked at Wei Ruxia and said to her.

Putting the script together, Wei Ruxia looked up at Li Wen and asked, "What are you planning?"

Li Wen laughed, patted her on the shoulder and smiled, "It's nothing, aren't you getting married at the end of the month, we'll have a bachelorette party for you, and by the way, give you some red envelopes."

Wei Ruxia was stunned for a moment, then smiled again after a while.

Seeing her reaction, Li Wen raised her eyebrows and said, "Why such a reaction?"

The producer in the back called her over and Wei Ruxia took the script and stood up, then turned back and said to Li Wen, "I just remembered I was getting married."

After speaking, she left with a smile.

She was with Luo Tang now, and every day was sweet, it would probably be the same after marriage. Li Wen smiled and shook her head, a little envious in her heart.

After Wei Ruxia returned to Ancheng, Luo Tang took her back and they rested for a day. The next day, Hu Yinyin took her to try on the wedding dress. Wei Ruxia's wedding dress was made-to-order, and was just shipped back from abroad the other day. Wei Ruxia was busy putting the finishing touches on 'The Breeze Lifts the Moon', and there was no time to come back and try it.

The style of the wedding dress was decided by Luo Tang together with her, but Luo Tang didn't come with her to try it out. This was Hu Yinyin's idea. Luo Tang had to wait for the wedding to see Wei Ruxia in the wedding dress, she wanted to see his expression.

The wedding dress was tried on in a hotel. At the end of the month, Luo Tang and Wei Ruxia would hold their wedding there, so the wedding dress was left there first. Hu Yinyin was sitting outside, while Wei Ruxia was being fitted and the two were chatting across the curtain.

"How do you feel now?" Hu Yinyin didn't listen to Wei Ruxia's movement inside, got up and walked to the curtain to ask.

There was a lot of space behind the curtain. Wei Ruxia stood on a platform and let the staff put on her wedding dress. In the mirror, she still wore a basic bun on her head and plain makeup. Many people have asked her this question, lately. Wei Ruxia held her waist while listening to the staff words, and asked with a smile, "You were also in love for a long time, how did you feel when you got married?"

"Hm~" Hu Yinyin grinned. She reviewed the little things about Han Junsong and the wedding day, and replied, "The was no particular feeling, no expectation, no excitement, but it's very sweet. Just life but usually a little sweeter. You should be different from me though, you were separated for so many years."

Inside the curtain, Wei Ruxia was silent for a long while, then replied: "I think all of this is hard-won, and now I get to stay with him."

"Oh." Hu Yinyin raised her head.

Wei Ruxia smiled and asked, "What's the matter?"

Hu Yinyin’s eyes were a little red. She pressed against the curtain and said in a crying voice, "Ah, I don’t know, why am I crying when you two are the ones who worked so hard. When you broke up, I still thought you would be together, so I didn't worry. But did you know? On the day you left, Luo Tang chased you to the airport."

Wei Ruxia's face was stunned, and a layer of sourness surged in her heart. Without her even asking, Hu Yinyin began to babble outside.

"It was during the class reunion, Luo Tang went by himself. While we all played, he just sat there without saying a word. I don't know how long he sat there, when he left suddenly.

"Han Junsong and I were worried about him, so we went out with him. He took a taxi to the airport, and then walked back and forth in the airport looking for people. You know his temperament, he just looked for someone quietly. We asked but he didn't say anything. Then he heard the radio and looked up at the sky. The flight to the UK just took off. He looked up and watched the plane fly away, then left the airport without saying a word and took the subway back home."

Hu Yinyin had never said this to Wei Ruxia before, and she was afraid that it would be even more sad to say it. But now that the two were together, these things were also a kind of memory.

Wei Ruxia's chest was filled with something, then became empty, and filled with something else. She blinked, her chest was strangled with some pain, and she lowered her head and smiled. She said, "Don't be so emotional, you're going to be a mother."

Hu Yinyin was happy again.

"It's ready, Miss Wei." The woman inside smiled and opened the curtain.

Wei Ruxia was wearing a wedding dress. Looking back, she saw Hu Yinyin's eyes widening little by little. In the end, she clutched her belly and said, "It's over, I'm going to be emotional again."

Wei Ruxia laughed.

After trying on the wedding dress, Wei Ruxia went to LO to pick up Luo Tang from work.  They went directly to Luo Tang's house. Wei Ruxia made dinner, and after the two of them had eaten, Wei Ruxia walked to the wine cabinet, took a bottle of red wine, raised her eyebrows and asked Luo Tang, "I have been coveting this for a long time. Can we open it today?"

She was wearing a shirt today, with two of the buttons unbuttoned, revealing her delicate collarbone. When she returned home, she didn't tie her hair after her shower, with her long hair draped over her shoulders, with the sensuality and laziness of a French woman.

There was no answer, Luo Tang took some glasses and put them on the bar, and said helplessly, "How is it that you like drinking so much?"

She laughed, Wei Ruxia handed the red wine to Luo Tang, and watched Luo Tang remove the cork, and said, "I like it a lot. So, after we get married, will the wine in this wine cabinet move to our house?"

Opening the cork, Luo Tang looked up at Wei Ruxia and smiled faintly. The red wine was gradually poured into the glass. He nodded and said, "Yes."

The two went to the balcony with the wine, and there was a bench on the balcony, and a cool breeze in the air. Looking at the starry sky and the sea from a distance, a full moon was hanging high, and the night sky wasn't stained with dust.

Wei Ruxia liked this quiet feeling, listening to the breathing and heartbeat of people around her, but also the sound of distant ocean waves. Wei Ruxia took a sip of red wine. Luo Tang's arm was resting on the back of the chair, so she leaned on his arm, and the two chatted.

"What would you do if you caught up with me?" Wei Ruxia mentioned the past first.

Today he knew she went with Hu Yinyin to try on her wedding dress. When she asked, Luo Tang knew that she was talking about things from the past. His heartbeat was a little slow, some things could be talked about as if they were only yesterday.

"Say goodbye and tell you I'd wait for you." Luo Tang said truthfully.

The answer was not only reasonable but also unexpected. Wei Ruxia smiled, turned her head to look at him, and asked, "You didn't hate me?"

Wei Ruxia asked this question for the first time. After the two were together, they rarely mentioned anything about what happened nine years ago. Unexpectedly, they would only bring it up right before their marriage.

"We all have our own families, I have to accompany my parents, you have to accompany yours, and neither of us will leave our family. That's our only conflict." Luo Tang said.

Wei Ruxia smiled, nodded, and said, "True."

"You knew this, so you broke up with me, because if you weren't the 'bad guy' in this relationship, I would have to face the pain of making the decision, even the final decision would be the same as yours. Especially after my mother had a miscarriage back then. At that time, I was thinking about what I would do if I went abroad to accompany you."

From an outsiders' eyes, Wei Ruxia chose her father without hesitation back then, chose to leave Ancheng and break up with him because she didn't love him deeply enough, so she was able to cut her love off quickly.

But in reality, Wei Ruxia was thoughtful and rational, she thought more than others and for exactly the reasons he mentioned, Wei Ruxia would categorically separate from him.

She didn't want him to make this choice, so she did it in advance, which showed that she loved him.

In fact, it was easy for two people to fall in love. It was nothing more than a hormonal collision between men and women. Knowing each other was the most difficult, but she and Luo Tang could do it.

Wei Ruxia leaned her head on Luo Tang's shoulder. The man lowered his head and kissed her. The warm temperature passed through her hair and gradually passed to the bottom of her heart. Wei Ruxia closed her eyes.

The past was over, and she was about to marry this man.

In the second half of April, they held a Western-style wedding, and Luo Shian was the flower girl for their wedding. Although others helped at the wedding, Yang Shuru did much of it herself. She rushed back and forth, and finally reached the dressing room with Luo Shian. Wei Ruxia had just put on her veil, and Luo Shian let out a "wow" as soon as she entered the door.

"She had to come over and take a look for her brother first." Yang Shuru put Luo Shian down, raised her head and smiled at Wei Ruxia.

Wei Ruxia opened her hands and Luo Shian ran over. She was wearing a white skirt today with a wreath on her head, like a little doll.

"You're so beautiful, my brother will cry beautifully when he sees you." Luo Shian looked at Wei Ruxia and gave her evaluation.

The people in the dressing room laughed together.

Picking up Luo Shian, Wei Ruxia smiled and asked, "Anan will have a beautiful day like this in the future."

Looking down and smiling, Luo Shian nodded to express her belief. She looked around, carefully separated Wei Ruxia's veil, hugged her neck, and whispered in her ear, "Ruxia, I like you so much. Because of me,  my brother is really happy to be with you, and you're happy too. I like to see you happy."

Her voice was very small, as if it was specifically said to her. Children's words were innocent, and often easily moved people.  Wei Ruxia's eyes were a little hot, she hugged Luo Shian and said softly, "Thank you Anan."

"The bride is ready to enter!" Hu Yinyin trotted over outside and patted the door to remind them.

Luo Shian hurriedly got off Wei Ruxia, and everyone in the dressing room lifted her skirt, opened the door, and walked her towards the auditorium.

Wei Ruxia, who was originally in a calm mood, suddenly became excited as she walked toward the auditorium. Marriage was something she had never done before and she took a long breath.

Luo Tang was standing on the carpet at the front of the auditorium. He looked back at the door when he heard Han Junsong say,  "The bride is here," and the auditorium door was opened.

Wei Ruxia was wearing a wedding dress, with the daylight behind her, and a faint halo around her. Wei Ruxia looked up at him, with her light brown eyes, heroic eyebrows, slightly curled lips, everything was like a scene from his dreams.

He waited for her for eight years and spent many lonely nights, and so did she. But now, she walked towards him with a halo, and they would be together forever in the future. Just as he said, every moment they'd be together and never would they taste the dark of loneliness again.

After the wedding, the official blog of LO company and its game official blogs posted a final identical set of messages to Weibo. The picture showed Luo Tang in a suit and Wei Ruxia in a wedding dress. The two stood together with their backs to the camera.

Above the picture, the accompanying text said — She's his wife.

The author has something to say:   

Tangtang: Thank you everyone for watching me grow up and watching me marry my wife. The rest depends on my show of affection.

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