Feed You Sweets [Complete]
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Feed You Sweets [Complete]

Feed You Sweets [Complete]


Very shoujo-manga-esque (the kind with the bubbles and flower screen-tones), school life romance between country girl and city boy. It begins in their senior year of high school and then transitions to when they are adults. There's a little drama and a lot of sweetness, death comes up a lot but nothing too melodramatic just a little memento mori in places.

The title is in reference to the male lead's name, Luò Táng. The 'Táng' 瑭 in his name sounds exactly like 'táng' 糖 which means candy/lolly/sweets.

ShittyMTLer's review (no spoilers):

Sickly sweet but I kind of love it, FL and ML really don't mince words. It's an easy read but there is some family drama to keep momentum in the story. There's no dogblooded drama or painful misunderstandings. The female lead and male lead have personalities and interests and friends!

It gets a bit CEO/Entertainment world at the end which is not my usual preference but its still super sweet so I still enjoyed it.

If I were to say anything bad about it: the author really doubles down on describing how beautiful Luo Tang is. Not game breaking but as an adult it feels awkward for me to be reading about how beautiful a seventeen year old is every time he appears...also Luo Tang has so much money, which is established very early in the novel, that it does make a lot of the drama less dramatic, since, ya'know, he can just throw money at it and it goes away.

But...I don't really like melodrama so I don't mind Luo Tang being stupid rich hahaha.

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