Made on 2021.03.18 - just in-case they ever update their site.

A guide for setting up an account, purchasing chapters, and supporting the original authors on JJWXC.

What is JJWXC?

JJWXC is a web novel publishing site hosted in China. It specifically caters to serialised romance novels typically targeted at women/girls. There are no age restrictions on the website but it is covered by the blanket insanely strict censorship board in China. The Chinese novels on this website are basically English bootleg, most of the original material comes from websites like JJWXC. There is an app for this site...I've never been able to find it so I don't think it's available on Android.

Creating an account

You can get to the website here: jjwxc.net

You can translate the page in your browser but it does make the page look like dog shit and you can follow these instructions without doing so. My pics will all be in the Chinese versions of the pages.

Click the link above and you should end up on a page like below:

jjwxc on desktop
jjwxc on phone

To make a new account click here characters 注册  . Or you can click the same characters in the top-right of the homepage.

This is the Sign Up link, to the left of it is the Log In link and to the right is Retrieve Email and Retrieve Password.

After clicking the Sign Up link and you should get a page with two sign up options.

On the left is Sign Up via Mobile Number and on the right is Sign Up via Email. I have only ever used Sign Up via Email, I don't think using a mobile would be much different but you might actually need a Chinese number, I don't know.

So top to bottom, enter your email, a password (8-15 characters long), your password again, then answer the Captcha question (it'll either be simple math where you right the answer or funky letters where you just re-write the letters).

In the next field you need a code that will be emailed to you when you click the button that says 获取验证码 on the right. So, click the button and wait about 1min then check your email inbox. The code lasts 15min, my email arrived in about 30secs when I was testing this before, check your spam/junk mail if you don't see it.

The email should look like this:

The verification code is the 4-digits in the first line, in the pic it's 3361, obviously yours will be different.

Put this code in the text box next to the button but tick the checkbox below, finally click the green button that says 下一步.

You should now be on a congratulations page. Gratz, you now have a JJWXC account! Click the 登入 to login using your details.

Supporting authors on JJWXC

Now you have an account you can browse the site, there are thousands of books here some are even completely free! However JJWXC is ultimately a shop front, the publisher and the authors are trying to make a living, granted these books are super cheap so most authors work/study as well as write.

There are a few ways to support an author/novel you like, not all cost money!

On JJWXC you can:

  • Give fertilizer (I'll explain below)
  • Drop gifts (just like those esports cnovels!)
  • Buy chapters/whole books
  • Comment
  • Leave reviews

Buying chapters and gifts

Dropping gifts and buying chapters both cost money and will directly give money to authors (JJWXC will get a cut no doubt), chapters are very cheap, gifts are...well, there's a range. I don't use the gift functionality but I'll do my best to explain it.

JJWXC uses it's own currency system, if you've played any video game with paid elements you're probably familiar with this. Basically you purchase a lump of 'coins' and then spend the points on chapters. Apparently if you own the app you can get better deals and rewards for the 'coins', again I've had no luck finding the app to use it so I'm not positive.

Buying coins

This link 充值 is for 'recharging' your JJWXC coins and is on every page in the top banner in red. It will take you here:

You can buy coins using AliPay or WeChat scan codes, I don't use either of them so I go to the bottom link on the left in green that says 国际信用卡充值 which lets you buy using PayPal. (the censored email address isn't attached to a PayPal account there is nothing to steal here)

Unfortunately with the PayPal purchases there are only two options for purchasing amounts and the minimum is $17USD for 10k coins. This is a fairly large amount of coins I think, I guess for reference Feed You Sweets costs about $1.75USD of coins so you'd get about 10 full novels out of it. The prices vary between books and you may only purchase one or two chapters before deciding the novel isn't for you. I recharged my account for 10k coins two years ago and haven't topped up since (although I also read on POPO, a Taiwanese site).

I don't have much to say here in terms of instructions, just pick 17 or 34, then the big orange button above the VISA and Mastercard images is the Purchase button and it'll take you to PayPal which I think we all know how to use.

Buying chapters

Chapters marked with a red VIP symbol are paid chapters, when you click on them the site will prompt you to log in and purchase the chapters if you haven't already.

The purchasing page looks like this:

I put a link to these at the top of all VIP chapters on this site so you can easily jump over to purchase the chapter.

The above is from the SNWWW novel which I dropped so you can see the chapters I did buy are greyed out and the chapters that I can buy have check boxes. You can check the chapters you want to purchase, or click the grey button on the left that says 全 选 to tick all the boxes. The grey button next to it will un-tick everything.

Once you've picked your chapters scroll all the way to the bottom and click the grey button on the far left below the red VIP button. It says 确认订购.

There should be a confirmation pop-up telling you how many coins it will cost, click okay and you're done!

Buying gifts

I am literally doing this for the first time while writing this guide. So...basically it's just like an esports romance novel where some e-girl gets really popular while streaming and fans give them weirdly named gifts for example...deep-sea torpedoes...

At the bottom of every chapter page is the comments section and in the comments section you will see this:

So, above the comment box is a bunch of options you can select, these are all 'gifts' the intent is to 'explode the authors overlord card' which is...a good thing. So, from left to right, top to bottom we have: Landmines (100 coins), Grenades (500 coins), Rocket Launcher (1,000 coins), Water Mines (5,000 coins), Deep-sea Torpedoes (10,000 coins), finally there is a box where you can enter any number of Torpedoes (x * 10,000 coins).

People who give and gift will appear in the column with the names on the right, so other people who read the novel will see it. If you give a torpedo or more there is a banner at the top of the website that announces '[user] gave a torpedo to [author] on [novel]'.

Selecting any of the options will fill in some text in the comment box automatically then you can just click the Submit 确定 button in the bottom right.

Ways to support authors without spending money

There are a few ways to support an author without spending a penny! Novels are all ranked in JJWXC, higher ranked books are easier to find and are more featured on the site so helping the author improve their ranking will give them more views > more popularity > more money/opportunities for publishing deals.

The first and easiest is favouriting a novel, the button is on the front page of every novel and every chapter page. Just click the purple text [收藏此文章]:

A little popup will ask you to add it to a folder in you bookshelf, if you don't have a folder or want to make a new one just type in the name (English is fine) and it'll make a folder for you. Now you can easily organise and find any novels you are reading. Favourites list is here:

The second thing you can do is give fertilizer (or nutrient solution as Google translate tells me). All books on the site are represented as trees, thus the name fertilizer. They are basically a limited currency that you can gift to novels, so their scarcity gives them value. It's like saying "I like this one in particular".

NOTE: You only get 2 (iirc) when you sign up and then there are sometimes events that give more. Other than that I actually have no idea how to obtain more.

To give fertilizer click [灌溉营养液] the second last link in the same row as the purple link.

The third thing you can do is leave comments and reviews. I'm bundling these together for one reason - I don't recommend doing this unless you actually know a functional level of Chinese (in which case you probably wouldn't be here).

Why not comment in English?

  1. Most authors don't know English so they won't understand it.
  2. Commenting in English compromises the sites you are reading translations on.*

*Sites that host these novels in English (like here, or 90% of other sites) are basically providing you with bootleg. Without going into too much detail, 'translation rights' are a thing and should probably be purchased. (I've actually considered it, since I don't think it'd be that expensive, I might investigate it further when I can understand Chinese better and upgrade from a shittyMTLer to shittyTLer, hahahaha)

All that being said...I'm an advisory not the law, you can comment if you want. I'd suggest using simple Chinese phrases, write things like hahahaha 哈哈哈哈 or something, I think Google translate for short things is sufficient. You could even copy someone else's comment, just make sure you check what they are saying first! Either way commenting also improves a novel's ranking.

Reviewing requires a lot...a star rating plus comments, just...avoid it, don't do it unless you know Chinese.

I think that's all you need to know, if you get stuck or have a question you can hit me up on my contact page and I'll try my best to help.