02 - Eeep!!!
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02 - Eeep!!!

Baiju sat on the sofa and looked at the TV in front of him absently.

The TV series was specially tailored by the Demon Management Bureau for demons who were out of touch with the times...an enlightenment and education show.

An owl was standing in front of a picture of a traffic light, pointing and introducing it, "Don't cross the road on this signal, it's a red light..."

Baiju was a dog demon, however, he was also a powerful demon that could transform. He wasn’t limited by colour blindness nor did he need to rely on the shape and position to distinguish signal lights.
This enlightenment and education show made him sleepy.

Baiju had only just come down from his mountain after waking up, but it had been more than half a year since he woke up. During that period, he took a nap on the mountain, basking in the sun and doing nothing. He occasionally heard the little macaques chattering and had heard of many things in the world. He also recognised many of the modern simplified characters and numbers; although he didn’t have a deep understanding of modern common sense, he didn’t need this ‘starting from scratch’ educational film to guide him.

Alas, in the end, it was shown to him by the kindness of a little human being, so he had to bear it.
Baiju personally felt that since the Demon Administration Bureau called him down from his mountain to discipline the little demons, it was normal to have him take care of the curator and test the waters first...in return, the human being taken care of by him would teach him how to live in this world. This basic common sense could be regarded as part of his ward’s good intentions, so he couldn't disregard all of them, just pretend to watch them a little bit.

Baiju tried to persuade himself to stay on the sofa and not move, but involuntarily folded his ears back and listened to the rustle of the human cub turning the pages of his papers. He secretly began to ponder:

This human looks like he’s only twenty-four or five years old, but he studies the classics so diligently every night, is he still thinking about going to Beijing to try the exam?
No, this human is already an official, so he doesn't need to pass the exam... maybe there is another exam? What is his position now? Why does he need to do so much by himself? The former county government wasn’t this busy. When the world was not at war, most of them would rest at sunset and sleep until the sky was bright.

Recalling Xiao Yao as he stepped into the house and looked at him silently, Baiju felt that this young man didn’t have an easy life, in short, he didn’t seem to be an official.

Baiju glanced at the Arabic numerals in the corner of the TV screen. It was already past ten o'clock in the evening. Seeing that half a night was about to pass, Baiju felt a little sorry for this young man.
He’s only in his twenties, he should sleep more at night, maybe he can grow taller.
Every night, he deals with business as soon as he gets home. As busy as the emperor's old man, but can't even live in a three-jin courtyard.
How sad, it must be because he’s too busy, he hasn’t even got a wife at this age.

With his thoughts turning in his mind, Baiju hadn't been paying attention to what was on the TV for a long time.
Stepping off the sofa lightly, Baiju simply put the TV aside, and followed the fine rustling sound into the study—he decided he was going to take care of this human being.

Xiao Yao’s villa only housed himself, and he had no habit of closing the door of his study at home; now there was a guest in his house, but its appearance was too soft and its temperament seemed to be a bit old-fashioned. In particular, its body carried a lot of good merits—in short, Baiju didn't give Xiao Yao any sense of danger, but rather made him want to pet the good dog's head.

At this moment, Xiao Yao had calmed down to read through and deal with some odds and ends. After working for a while, he’d forgotten about Baiju, who was obediently watching TV behind him; so, when a low voice suddenly sounded in his mind——

The coffee cup in Xiao Yao's hand was turned over.

Baiju: ……
Xiao Yao: …...

Bai Ju, "...apologies." He had just said, "It's getting late, you should go to bed", but he didn't expect to surprise this human being.

Xiao Yao glanced at the coffee stains on his clothes. He was somewhat thankful that there wasn't much coffee left and it didn’t spill onto the table.

He turned his head and saw Baiju standing in the doorway of his study, only poking his head in, he was watched by those clean and deep black eyes.
This dog demon was as polite as a gentleman...although there were occasional improprieties in his behavior, he was so obedient that he really wanted to rub the dog's head crazily.

He is a demon king, a demon king, a demon king.
Taking a deep breath, Xiao Yao dismissed the disrespectful thoughts, shook his head plainly, then got up and opened the study door, and said warmly, "It's okay...it’s my fault, I didn't pay attention to the white king." Of course he couldn't put the blame on the white fellow who walked silently.

Baiju raised his eyebrows.
Xiao Yao didn't know how to read his expression, he moved his fingers uncomfortably, and compromised, "I'll take a shower and sleep in a while."

Baiju backed up two steps, leaving the doorway open, looked at Xiao Yao thoughtfully, and walked alongside him.
This young human man had a good temper and was willing to let him take care of him. He also behaved calmly and politely... It seemed that he could succeed in a perfect cooperative relationship with this human in the future and discipline the little demons together.

Upon meeting a partner who didn’t need to learn to adjust, the old dog with little brains wagged his tail happily.

There were two bathrooms in the villa, one was in the guest room on the first floor, and the other was in the master bedroom on the second floor. The one on the first floor hadn't been used much, so Xiao Yao was going to go back to his own room to wash; but before he realised it, Baiju was following him. He paused again then turned in a different direction. Baiju, who was following him step by step, was introduced to the layout of the villa.

The villa was divided into three floors. The first floor had the living room, kitchen, guest room and study. There was no separate dining room but the kitchen wasn’t small and there was enough room for a dining table. The second floor was Xiao Yao's place to rest and relax on weekdays. The layout wasn’t as compact as the first floor, it had only the two bedrooms, a gym and a large balcony which served as a tea room. As for the third floor, the attic was divided into two rooms, the shaded one was for sundries and things commonly used by practitioners, and the bright one had a glass roof, and was a greenhouse.

"Do you like to plant flowers?" The stairs weren’t very wide, but Baiju followed Xiao Yao by his side and walked up, rubbing against Xiao Yao's legs with his long fur.

Xiao Yao was hooked by the feeling of his white fur and was in a daze, his brain had to buffer before he replied, "No, I don't have much time to take care of flowers...The plants in the greenhouse are only mystical flowers and grasses. They don’t require much care; it’s just that they are easily stolen outside, so I grow them in my house, it’s safer.” Also the flowers and grasses that were mid-bloom were quite pretty, and sometimes he would pick some flowers for decoration or put leaves in his tea.

Baiju thoughtfully raised his nose and sniffed, there was a faint smell of spiritual soil in the air.
This human was understating the facts, he had certainly used a lot of power for the cultivation of these unopened little spirits.

Duplicitous human cub.
Baiju lowered his head and grinned. He felt that Curator Xiao Yao was really pleasing to the eyes the more he looked at him—a good boy.

Xiao Yao didn't know what the demon king beside him was thinking, but he had finished the tour of the villa and was about to go back to the bedroom to take a shower, and Baiju still followed.

Xiao Yao: …...
Xiao Yao stopped outside his bedroom door, and said softly, "White King, I'm going to take a shower."

Baiju looked up at him, motionless.

Xiao Yao hesitated, then opened the bedroom door.
Baiju sniffed the scent in the air, and without setting foot on this human’s private domain, he raised his head and urged, "You go and wash, this king...I will guard here."

Xiao Yao was a little surprised.
Although this White King was a dog demon, he was still a demon king, yet he looked after him so honourably...it didn't seem like something a demon king would do.

Seeing that Xiao Yao wasn’t moving, Baiju stepped forward a little bit, put his nose against the back of Xiao Yao's waist, and pushed the human forward, "Go ahead, rest assured, I will stay here, if you need anything, you can just yell."

Xiao Yao went into the bathroom confused.
This White King seems to have some misunderstanding about the word warden...rather than being taken care of, the White King seemed to have put himself in the position of taking care of him. Explaining it directly to him seemed like it would damage the demon king's pride, but if he didn't explain it clearly, Xiao Yao was worried there may be some other misunderstandings.

Xiao Yao took a shower absent-mindedly, remembering his clothes were stained by the coffee, he sighed and beckoned. A cleansing charm flew out of the sink drawer, flashed slightly, and disappeared into the laundry basket.

Baiju was lying at the door of Xiao Yao's bedroom, listening to the sound of water inside with his ears erect. He didn’t dare to take his job lightly.

In the past, when he was guarding the mountains, he had seen many children who drowned while playing in the water and bathing, and even the self-proclaimed hunters were often buried at the bottom of the river. Although he was a demon king at the time, he wasn’t a real mountain god after all. Even if he wanted to save people, he couldn't always prevent accidents.
These modern facilities were very convenient and safe, but when Baiju heard the word ‘bath’, there were still some humans he would worry about staying alone in the bathroom.

Even a bathtub was deep enough to drown people.
Even if you didn’t take a bath and just showered under the water, it was still dangerous if you slipped.
Even if you only had a shower, and the ground wasn’t slippery. What if there was a problem with the water temperature and it burnt the human?

Baiju felt that he was worrying a little bit too much, but still couldn't help thinking about it.
Maybe he was too nervous. Baiju reflected that perhaps the world had changed so much that he himself was unable to adapt, and it made him nervous, and uneasy. So in turn, he was also nervous and anxious for Xiao Yao.

Approaching the humans was still the best plan.
Baiju thought, in his current state, he was indeed not suitable to begin disciplining the little demons. No wonder Curator Xiao wanted to personally let him try to guard him.

Baiju didn't wait for long. About ten minutes later, Xiao Yao stepped out of the mist into the room, wiping his hair dry.

Seeing that Baiju was still lying on his stomach in front of his bedroom, Xiao Yao casually put a towel around his neck to prevent his collar from getting wet and he squatted down. Maybe because he had just gotten out of the shower, his exhaustion appeared more visible and his voice became softer, "White King, shall I take you to the guest room? Do you want to sleep upstairs or downstairs?"

Baiju sniffed, smelling the scent of soap on Xiao Yao's body he fell into a daze, and immediately folded his ears.
This human being seemed a little too close to him. After taking a shower, he squatted down to talk, and got so close... it was an overly undefended posture no matter how he looked at it.

Baiju was a little flattered.
He flicked his ears, he could still feel the sound of Xiao Yao's clear voice in his ears, crawling from his head all the way down his spine to his tail.

His tail wagged involuntarily. Baiju raised his head slightly, curled the tip of his tongue, and hooked off the droplets of water on Xiao Yao's chin, replying with some joy, "This king can sleep wherever he is. That sofa looks pretty good."

Xiao Yao: "..."
Xiao Yao's whole body froze in place, maintaining the squat, but from the tip of his hair to the soles of his feet, he was frozen into a sculpture.

Baiju: ? ? ?
Baiju didn't quite understand what had happened to this human being. He thought about it carefully, and then probed into Xiao Yao’s heart.

Xiao Yao's heart: "...eep!!!"

It was deafening.

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Xiao Yao: I was licked by the dog of my dreams...
Vicissitudes of an old dog, brain damage is online
Baiju seems to fall into an old father's style of thinking = =

Is it confusing to go between the old dog's thoughts and the standard 3rd person narration? I'm just using the same formatting as the original text but I can italise their thoughts if it's confusing.

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