03 - Do you eat dog food?
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03 - Do you eat dog food?

Listening to Curator Xiao's heart, Baiju was shocked.

Did, did he make the human cry? ? ? ? !

Could it be that Xiao Yao was unhappy because he said he was going to sleep on the sofa?
Baiju turned his outdated melon seed of a brain, the more he thought about it, the more he felt it. This poor human cub had lived by himself for so long, finally he came along to accompany him, but then he said that he would sleep on the sofa...…

The duplicity of the young human, asking him which room he wanted to sleep in, when actually he wanted him to sleep with him in his heart.

Baiju consciously understood Xiao Yao's thoughts, but had to be mindful of his self-esteem. He could only hesitantly and tentatively crane his neck, nudge Xiao Yao's neck lightly, and say in a low voice, "That...then, I won’t sleep on the sofa, can I sleep with you?"

Xiao Yao: …...
Xiao Yao's soul had flown off into the sky, and his exhausted mind was completely muddy. His voice was barely audible, "Okay..."

Baiju breathed a sigh of relief, grateful that Xiao Yao was easy to coax, otherwise he really didn't know what else to do.


He slept well all night.
When Xiao Yao woke up surrounded by warmth, he still couldn't recover.

It was spring, and at the end of March, Luocheng still had the taste of spring’s chill. Xiao Yao hadn't adjusted his thermostat and when he got up in the morning, it was still a bit chilly.
"Awake? It's still early, you can sleep a little longer." A low voice sounded in his head, jolting Xiao Yao completely awake.

The memory quickly returned, and Xiao Yao's whole person was uneasy.
Last night...he actually took the demon king Baiju’s offer and brought the ancient white king to his bed? He also nestled in Baiju's long, soft and fluffy fur, hugged his sturdy neck and slept soundly?

...Amitabha, well done.
Fuck, that's not right. What the hell was he thinking.

Xiao Yao moved his legs and found his knees were pressed against the White King's soft abdomen, making him shocked again.
Baiju's vitals were exposed to him like this, he didn't know whether this demon king was foolish or was actually confident enough to be this conceited.

Baiju didn't think so much. He hooked Xiao Yao's shoulders with his front paws, patted him comfortably, then lowered his head slightly. His low and gentle voice pressed against Xiao Yao's eardrums, "After you finished your bath last night... I secretly listened to your heart without your consent."

"I seemed to hear you cry..." Baiju tried to pick words that weren’t so affronting from his mind, and he coaxed Xiao Yao in a low voice, "Like a bird’s cry.

"Were you too tired? Or did something sad happen?"

Baiju had thought about how to approach this topic all night, but still felt that he had to be honest with this human; anyway, it wasn’t a secret that he could hear human’s hearts. Most little demons knew it, and if he explained it now, and would be able to communicate with this human better in the future.

Xiao Yao: ......
Xiao Yao gaped, and steam rushed to the tips of his ears, his complexion changed slightly, and in his heart he shouted, if you didn't lick my chin, would I have been stunned in place?

It was just...the power of the fluff was too strong.
Xiao Yao couldn't escape the condemnation of his conscience, buried his face at the base of Baiju's neck, and muttered, "No...nothing sad happened." It was just the power of the fluff, and that Baiju looked exactly like the dog of his dreams. It was just the feeling of being licked by a perfect score plush——ah, his life was complete.

Xiao Yao secretly stuck himself to the dog, running his five fingers through the fur on the back of Baiju's neck and rubbing. Many demons, especially dogs and cats, liked to be petted. As long as he wasn’t too rude or made any sudden movements, they won’t take offense.

Baiju narrowed his eyes and let him pet without moving.
The human’s hands were finely proportioned, his warm skin wrapped his joints making them soft, but unlike the boneless touch of a woman, the strength in his fingertips was just right.

Baiju felt that Xiao Yao was probably a good boy who had been quite obedient since he was a child.
When this human first returned to the villa, his image was neatly cleaned up and shrewd, in a navy blue windbreaker with lingering chill of spring rain. His fringe had been combed to the back of his head, his eyes were clear, and his face was cold and pale. He looked like a fine-tuned clock, with not a gear out of time.

But when this human walked out of the bathroom still damp and in a nightgown that was not loose but obviously not meticulously worn, Baiju felt that he was looking at a well-behaved young master.

The kind of very clever young master who had been studying obediently since he was a child and never had to worry about getting his clothes dirty when climbing a tree.

Baiju had lived for a long time, but he didn’t much like to study. After racking his brains, he couldn’t find a better adjective, he just thought that his appearance with wet hair was very good, and the way he squatted down to speak was very good, and the way he hugged his neck to sleep was also very good.

He was softer and seemed a few years younger.

Baiju's mind moved slowly, seeing that Xiao Yao didn't intend to sleep, he spoke about one thing after another and chatted with him.

It may be that the atmosphere was too close, but before they knew it, the two chatted for more than an hour. Baiju also understood the current state of the Demon Administration Bureau.

The Demon Management Bureau was established after China strengthened its administrative management. It was the first management system established in history.

In the past, the demons and ghosts that wandered among mortals were managed by various mysterious practitioners. As long as they weren’t malicious, many of them could live good lives, and many of them formed partnerships and lived together with humans. Indeed, there were even those who willingly pursued Buddhism and Taoism.

However, this kind of management system was too incongruous. Once there was fault, it would often lead to murder and most of the time, there would be more than one. The mysterious practitioners would investigate after the incident, but couldn’t save the lives of the people who had died in vain, nor would they necessarily ensure the offender was successfully captured.

With the development of science and technology, the traces of demons and ghosts walking on the world were becoming more and more difficult to conceal, but at the same time, the country and its people had higher and higher demands for public security. At this time, the Demon Administration Bureau was established.
The Demon Management Bureau was established for three main purposes. One was to count and manage the identity information of the demons and ghosts and keep record of them; the second was to provide shelter to the demons and ghosts who were lawful and good; the third was to contact the mysterious practitioners as a governing body and cooperate with them to manage the behavior of demons and ghosts in the world. Those who violated the laws would be held accountable, and if necessary, they would be captured and killed.

Baiju thought this kind of management system was quite necessary.
It was a system in which life could be guaranteed for both humans and demons; but at the same time, there were also drawbacks, namely, there were few demons who could live in towns.

There were indeed some powerful demons, but most of them were weird and naturally unwilling to find time to manage the little demons; management of the demon world by human warlocks was somewhat biased, and it was easy for them to find fault with the demons and ghosts, making the little demons lack any sense of security. All kinds of factors made it an unstable system.
It was no wonder that the Demon Management Bureau needed to spend a lot of effort to find big demons with good tempers and skills to come into towns, like Baiju.

Baiju lay lazily, chatting with Xiao Yao and feeling quite relaxed, he didn’t think that he said anything funny, yet, "Hm? Why are you laughing...there are many modern food types, I tried many new ones, and they don’t all taste bad."

Xiao Yao buried his face in the thick white hair, suffocating his smile so that his shoulders were shaking, "I didn't laugh."
Oh my god, the demon king, pretending to be a pet and acting cute for food, why do I feel he completely doesn't suit the veteran cadre temperament that his aura emits?

Baiju paused and thought about it a little bit. As if he could understand the human’s laughter, he explained in a low voice, "You humans may have misunderstood me as a demon king...I am not one of those noble beasts, nor some blessed spirit. Just a wild white dog graciously taken care of by the heavens. It was by luck that I became a demon king...I don't think so highly of myself, and I don't like to be exalted by humans.

"In the past, before I fell asleep, there were several villages under the mountain that were under my care. Playing with the urchins in the village, or begging for a pheasant from a passing hunter was normal." Baiju recalled, and gave an example, "The villagers who have seen me basically all handed me food, it’s nothing strange."

To put it bluntly, the way Baiju lived before, although there were villagers and believers who prayed to the ‘dog god’, when they really saw the true body of Baiju, they would think that Baiju was nothing but a mountain stray, or the messenger of the mountain god, and would often get closer to him and feed him some food. After all, in the minds of ordinary people, no mountain god would lie on the ground and let a naughty child climb up and down his back.

Baiju didn't explain himself to the believers either. Sometimes children would hear him talking, but the adults in the children's family often didn't believe it.

"That's because they didn't know that you were a demon king." Xiao Yao said, still unable to hold back a chuckle from his throat, and the airflow ran out tremblingly, causing the fluff on Baiju's neck to flicker. "If they knew you were the demon king who protected them. They would have set up an incense burner to give you prayers three times a day, or if they saw you from a distance, they’d think you were hungry, and would retreat with three prayers and nine knocks."

"..." Baiju choked. He imagined the scene Xiao Yao described, and felt that his entire dog-self was terrible. Is this a life for a dog? You don't have anyone to accompany you to chase or fight, or you have to soothed and appeased. Isn't this just torturing the dog?

Xiao Yao naturally hadn't experienced the things of Baiju's time, but he just followed Baiju's description and imagined a scene. There were no grounds to base it on.

Baiju pondered Xiao Yao's words and thought for a while, finally commenting, "You have a lot of things to say."

Xiao Yao gave a sullen laugh, and replied, "Because we must be fated."
He really didn’t like to talk very much on weekdays, but maybe because Baiju had the appearance he liked most, or maybe because the atmosphere between the two of them was too intimate at the moment, he ended up talking a lot before he knew it.

They were indeed fated.

Xiao Yao, as the curator of the Demon Management Bureau, was a practitioner himself; the state had arranged for him to be the temporary guardian of Baiju, not only because he was in the position of the curator, but also because of his extraordinary strength. The magic world was similar to the demon world, and the strong were respected. As long as they weren’t evil, whoever was the strongest was their father.

Curator Xiao, who could call upon the wind and rain, was their father's father's father...in short, he and Baiju could be regarded as peers in terms of status, and it was really not possible to determine how they would rank against each other in terms of seniority.

It was rare for Xiao Yao to take the initiative to get close to someone.

Baiju felt the sentiment had a subtle taste. He looked down at the human and spoke reservedly, "You shouldn’t speak lightly of fate." Dog demons had always valued restraint, and this human's flirtatious mention of fate had, in Baiju's eyes, almost elevated the situation to a blind date.

Too serious.

Baiju folded his ears, and thoughtfully searched through all the words he could muster. He was still brewing something to say, when he felt the human in his arms squeeze him and climb up.

Xiao Yao got out of bed, reached out and rubbed Baiju's dog's head, a teasing smile appeared on his cold face, "It's almost time, I'm going to make breakfast—what does the White King want to eat?"
Dog food or human food?

Baiju: ......

The author has something to say:

Dog food, thank you.

If it wasn't obvious the 'white king' thing is because Baiju's name is 'white' and his colouring is 'white', I left it in English because its more of a random title he was given as a white dog demon king rather than a name he uses himself.

I would probabaly never own a dog myself, too much work. But there is something about samoyeds that just makes me want to bury myself in their fur and live there forever.

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