05 - Sexy old dog, flirting online
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05 - Sexy old dog, flirting online

Xiao Yao was absolutely certain that Baiju had some kind of misunderstanding regarding his appearance.

If the incompletely normalised dog form looked good; then the incompletely transformed Baiju looked like an unattainable god.

His snow-white, slightly curly hair draped to the back of his waist, he had deep peach blossom eyes, and the lines of his lips were sharp and aggressive.
His bone structure and body were not out of shape, his features were refined and handsome, and his body was tall and straight, with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. He had slender and strong limbs, with strong muscles wrapped in ivory white skin, that was somewhat covered in a white fur waistcoat that had a luster to it like metal or jade.

Xiao Yao couldn't help but let his gaze move down along Baiju’s abdominal muscles between the gaps in the fur coat, stopping at his waistband of his off-white leather pants.
Fortunately, this old dog still remembered to wear pants, Xiao Yao thought nonchalantly, if he didn't, he would suspect that Baiju wasn’t a dog demon at all, but a fox.

Who'd especially run out to seduce the scholar.

The appearance of Baiju's human transformation was extremely in line with human aesthetics. If there was any characteristic that still retained the look of a dog demon, it would only be his hair colour and the rusty red markings that swept up from his cheekbone along the tail of his right eye.

The demon himself was low-key and overflowing with the divinity he’d accumulated from all his merits. Before his maddening allure could burst out, it was firmly suppressed by Baiju's clean and pure eyes. The contradiction was extreme, but also served to magnify his charm.

He was like a moving hormonal turret, attacking his surroundings indiscriminately.

Xiao Yao almost couldn't catch his breath.
Shame, shame, did he sleep with this demon last night? Holding his neck, rubbing his stomach, and petting his dog head? Why didn't he change places and feel some more?

No doubt it would need to be censored if he change into a human form.

Xiao Yao's mind was in turmoil, and after a while, only a continuous '!!!' was left.

To explain it plainly Xiao Yao was not a straight man, Baiju's appearance was too powerful, and poked his heart fiercely.

Perhaps Xiao Yao was stunned for too long, Baiju tilted his head slightly, then a panic that was visible to the naked eye appeared in his eyes; he approached Xiao Yao slightly, tentatively reached out his hand, touched his head, and whispered, "What's wrong...why are you crying again? Did I scare you?"

...and those pointy canines. After transforming into a human, his deep voice now rang directly in his ears.
Biu, a direct hit to the heart for the second time.

Xiao Yao, who had just regained his senses, was once again frozen in place.

Baiju tried to put his hand on top of Xiao Yao's head.
It's okay, it's okay, he let me touch his head, it seems that he’s not too scared.

The old dog's heart fell back into Baiju's chest, as he rubbed the soft hair of the young human.
When it came to his own appearance, the old dog was quite aware whether it was scary, and it was scary. The most important thing was to be a well-behaved dog. It didn't matter if his human appearance was scary, he could just turn into an ordinary white dog, which was quite likable.

"It's okay. If it can’t be covered, it can't be covered. I'm better at pretending to be a pet dog." Baiju felt that this human’s hair was quite touchable, and couldn't help rubbing it twice more. "I've scared many mountain people before. It’s already rather amazing for you not to run away...don’t take it to heart."

Xiao Yao returned to his senses, feeling the big hand on his head, he tilted his head helplessly and avoided Baiju's palm.
This old dog didn't have any awareness. Using a humanoid form and comforting him intimately, it was still a bit of a shock to him who was bent.

"White King..." Xiao Yao said dumbfoundedly, "You’re very good-looking, not scary."
He was not just good-looking, he was simply dazzling; if it wasn’t for the enchanting red markings on his cheeks, Baiju's appearance could be regarded as an Asian version of Apollo, and he could make his idol debut online with a single picture.
Xiao Yao could actually guess the reason why the villagers feared Baiju when they saw him. It was nothing more than that they had never seen a foreigner with red hair and green eyes, let alone a young man with deep features and white hair, like Baiju. The red marks on Baiju's face also looked particularly like a criminal who had been scarred. In short, no matter what his characteristics were, the villagers with little knowledge of the world would have thought Baiju was an alien.

Baiju raised his eyebrows and withdrew his hand. This human was quite honest towards himself.
But the old white dog still honestly questioned the words of the young human, "I look good? Just then I scared you to tears."

After a pause, Baiju added rationally, "I listened to your heart." Hearts never deceived him.

Xiao Yao tried to calm down, feeling that the old dog had either an aesthetic problem or had been misled, "White King, Bai’ge, why do you think you’re scary? You’re obviously handsome."

Baiju blinked slowly, thought for a moment, and then replied, "The mountain people who saw me transform before all ran away.

"They were always willing to feed the regular me, and get close to the regular me. Children would play with me, hunters and woodcutters would even hunt with me.

"But as soon as I transform into this form, they wouldn’t willingly approach me." Baiju was actually a little confused, and recalled the details with his arms folded, affirming, "Yes...when I transformed into this form, they wouldn't let me into the house and shouted nymph at me."

Throwing stones, smashing eggs, and releasing dogs. Although the released dogs all ran away with their tails between their legs.

Xiao Yao: …...

Right, so they called you a ‘nymph’ instead of a ‘demon’.

If they called you a demon it was because they thought you were ugly, and feared you would come after them. They called you a nymph because they thought you were too good-looking, and feared that their wives would run away with you.

Xiao Yao felt that it seemed a little difficult to explain this to Baiju.

Baiju looked at Xiao Yao thinking, and felt that it was quite good of him to worry about this matter for him.

So Baiju reached out and rubbed Xiao Yao's head again, and said casually, "It’s fine...I believe you."
Xiao Yao didn’t resist his contact, Baiju could at least understand this.

The aesthetics of modern people had changed. No one wore long robes, and even older girls could show their arms and legs; boys were also dressed smartly, and girls sometimes dressed in plainer clothes; there were not a few men with beards on the street; and on TV there were also many young people with white hair, purple hair and pink hair.

Baiju thought, maybe modern people really didn't find him scary. Even if going out really did scare humans, then he could still turn into a dog, and could out as long as he took a dog leash.

In short, there was no need to worry this young human.

Baiju lowered his head, tapping the human’s forehead lightly with his own, and smiled, "I'll go out with you like this, but you have to take me...don't cry, okay?"

Xiao Yao drew a sigh of relief.
Following Baiju's movement, wavy white hair brushed across his cheeks, almost trapping him in Baiju’s scent.

Xiao Yao’s heart: Ahhhhhhhh! Xiao Yao gripped the ground with his feet, and quickly raised his hand to push Baiju, "White King!" Too, too, too close! Ah!

Baiju was stunned. The human’s pushing force was like a tickle. He didn't feel any resistance at all, but he politely followed Xiao Yao's movements and backed away slightly, "What's wrong?"

Xiao Yao couldn't cover the thin layer of red that climbed up from the base of his neck. After adjusting himself for a while, he led with one or two key points, "I wasn't crying— I mean, White King, you cannot go out like this."

Baiju thought that the human was a bit unyielding, "I obviously heard you cry."

Xiao Yao: …...
Xiao Yao vaguely remembered the things they’d spoken about in the morning, and wiped his face unbearably. He decided to explain to the white king about pop culture, "That can't be called crying, or it can’t be called crying exactly."

"Modern young people who act like a baby or show affection will also use sounds like this."

Baiju pricked up his ears and grasped the key point keenly. The old dog's heart suddenly swelled a little, "Hmm... acting like a baby?"

Xiao Yao choked and felt that he should correct that it was because he liked Baiju's appearance; but when he thought of saying ‘like’ to Baiju's face...he dropped his head and nodded, "Yes, to act like... act like a baby." It's really hard to say.

The corners of Baiju's mouth couldn't stop rising, and the points of his white teeth came out, "Such a good boy."
The old white dog was delighted he couldn't find any fault. He squinted his eyes and smiled, then stretched out his hand and fished the human into his arms and rubbed his head vigorously, "Hey, you can always behave like a baby to me...I am many years older than you, though I dare not claim to be a father, I can recognise you as a brother; in the future, it is only natural for the elder brother to take care of the younger brother."

After meeting a temporary ward; Baiju had such a young master acting coquettishly with him, his whole body felt like it was floating. If he were in his original shape, his tail could lift him into the sky. What temporary ward, he could guard this human for a lifetime.

The old white dog had a desire to take care of others, otherwise he wouldn’t have become a demon king by taking care of a group of young men, and he wouldn’t have helped protect the villagers and become half a wild god.
It was a pity that the young men and villagers in the past had more than enough respect for him but rarely interacted with him. The children sometimes got close, but they didn't know him at all. The old white dog was so lonely that he even dreamed of having a brother or a child to grow up under him, rely on him, admire him, like him, and try to challenge him from time to time.

Xiao Yao's appearance didn’t quite line up with all the characteristics that Baiju imagined...but most of them were made up by Baiju's own imaginations.

In short, Baiju, the old white dog, wagging his tail, had dragged the human into his sphere, marked him, and unilaterally agreed to stay with him for a while.

Baiju held the young man contentedly, his sturdy arms were completely unaffected by Xiao Yao's struggle; he turned his head to rub against the human’s heart, and his voice was soft and spoiled, "If you have any troubles in the future, tell your brother. Don’t forget to tell me if there is anything...When I learn the modern lifestyle, I’ll be able to take good care of you."

After a few words, the old white dog felt that his poor vocabulary didn’t seem to describe his feelings well enough, so he concluded, "Either way, you can always act coquettishly with me in the future, so you don't have to live by yourself."

Xiao Yao’s hands that were frantically pushing against him froze halfway.
With all five of his fingers, he grabbed the fur waistcoat on Baiju's chest fiercely, the white fur spilling out from between his fingers, giving off a warm but foreign smell.

The old dog was too damn good at talking.

Xiao Yao slammed his head on Baiju's collarbone with a thud, as a burst of joy erupted in his eyes.

He sniffed, "Bai’ge..."

Baiju wagged his tail, "Hm? Are you happy?"

Xiao Yao, "...your clothes are so ugly."
Xiao Yao wiped his face on Baiju's clothes, "I’ll take you out to buy clothes." 

The author has something to say:

Old White Dog: Wagging tail gradually stopping.jpg

I kind of imagine Baiju's outfit is a bit like Sett from League of Legends who is incidentally also a dog man (I think, more furry though).

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