06 - Finally leaving the house after milling around
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06 - Finally leaving the house after milling around

Baiju's ability to transform into shape wasn’t so bad that he couldn't even change his clothes.

Using Xiao Yao's wardrobe as a reference, Baiju transformed himself into a white shirt and a pair of off-white jeans, and then stepped barefoot on the floor and paused.

……Although his transformation skills weren’t that bad, Baiju couldn’t change his shoes, nor could he change the colour of his clothes; he was already at his limit slightly changing his white shirt to grey.

Xiao Yao held back his laugh and pushed Baiju onto the sofa, intending to tie his hair up.
The sun outside was quite bright, and the temperature wasn’t too low. Baiju was a long-haired dog with thick hair that draped behind him. He may get hot when he walks...I wonder if the human-shaped Baiju also uses his tongue to dissipate heat? Xiao Yao imagined the appearance of Baiju with his humanoid tongue sticking out, then felt that the imagery was a bit off-key.

As Xiao Yao wandered around the room looking for a comb, he thought maybe he was too idle lately and he was thinking about things a little too much.
There were no rubber bands in his home, so Xiao Yao thought for a moment, then removed a metal tag from a leather tie, and tied a ponytail for Baiju, fixing it with his fingers.

Realizing that his hair was tied up, Baiju pulled the bangs by his sideburns that remained and asked, "Shouldn’t this be tied up?"

Xiao Yao took the comb, walked around to Baiju to look at him, and shook his head when he heard the words, "Don't tie it up, it looks better down."
Baiju's features were actually very tough and aggressive, but his eyes were very mellow, pure and affectionate when he looked at you quietly, this contradictory temperament was too eye-catching, and too attractive.

Leaving some of his hair down...softened the lines, covered a little of the wildness, hiding his edges...so others couldn't see it.

Xiao Yao couldn't help but curl up the corners of his mouth, with a little joy in his scheming.

Baiju glanced at the cheery eyed young human being, but didn't care about what little schemes he was planning; instead, he tapped on the markings on his face and changed the subject, "This was from when I was injured by a demon in the past. The scars can’t be removed, nor can spells cover it...how can we hide it?"

Hearing Baiju's words, Xiao Yao was taken aback for a moment, and looked closely to observe seriously.
Now that the divinity of the earth had fallen, the demons were also less active. The Yin and the Yang cooperated in public order, and there were very few new demons appearing; Xiao Yao had really never touched an injury caused by a demon king.

Baiju leaned back on the sofa and looked down at the young human being who came closer.
The cunning look in his eye had disappeared, and the human who had gotten closer to observe his markings looked serious and calm, just like what Baiju saw when they first met.

Cold, shrewd, meticulous, unpredictable.
He didn't look alive...in short, he looked less vivid than before.

Xiao Yao carefully observed the markings on Baiju’s face. The rust-red lines were intertwined and spread from the end of his eye, slightly raised on the surface of his skin, and the entangled shapes looked like three or four roses connected together.

The devilish energy of the scar had long since dissipated, but for some reason the scar couldn't heal, maybe there was something deep-rooted in it that couldn't be removed. Baiju was a demon king, and half a mountain god, he must have received it a long time ago as the strength wasn’t high, but it wasn’t weak either, as such a big demon with countless merits couldn’t remove it. It was likely a true god would be required to get rid of it.

A demon that could leave such a scar was definitely not simple.
Baiju was injured in a very dangerous situation.
He didn’t even know if there was any one in the Warlock Association that could remove this scar.

Xiao Yao wondered about how to remove the marking, and didn't notice how close he was to Baiju.

When he got close enough, Baiju lowered his head slightly, then bumped their foreheads again.

Baiju reached out and pressed the back of Xiao Yao's head against his own head lightly. Their noses touched and they breathed each other’s breath. The old white dog didn't think there was any problem with touching noses with his little brother, and he bent his eyes to coax him, "Don’t worry...it's not a problem. If you can't cover it, you can't cover it. Don't be so serious; be happy."

Xiao Yao took a breath.
His body stiffened and he pushed away Baiju’s hand that was covering the back of his head, straightening up as calmly as he could.

Was there ever such a coaxing big brother? He almost coaxed his little brother's little brother hard.

Xiao Yao settled down, then turned around to find something, half-jokingly explaining, "Who said I couldn't cover it? Bai’ge, you have to trust me."

Although it couldn't be fixed by magic, the regular methods still worked.
Xiao Yao didn't own any concealer foundation or other cosmetics at home, but he had a few pairs of sunglasses in the drawer under the coffee table. Xiao Yao didn't like to wear sunglasses when he worked, but sometimes when he drove in the sun, he would wear them; now it happened that Baiju had a use for them.

They would also block those enchanting eyes. Xiao Yao felt quite satisfied.

With the black glasses in front of his eyes, Baiju took off the sunglasses with some novelty and touched them, then put them back on the bridge of his nose. He tilted his head to the side to express his feelings, "This thing is so useful...I can see you clearly, but you can't see me clearly."

Xiao Yao glanced at the two pointy teeth that Baiju revealed when he was speaking, and felt that Baiju wearing sunglasses seemed to have only changed the distribution of hormones.
It didn’t hide anything.

Completely stunning. Xiao Yao patted his forehead, feeling that it wasn’t right that he always felt a need to hide Baiju.

Baiju didn’t know the thoughts running through the young human’s heart. He looked around with the sunglasses on the bridge of his nose, still sitting on the sofa and not moving. After all, Xiao Yao asked him to sit there, so Baiju calmly accepted the arrangement, waiting for Xiao Yao to help him cover everything and take him out for a walk.

Xiao Yao was a good boy.
Baiju's gaze chased Xiao Yao as he ran to the west. Seeing that he quickly changed into a shirt and slacks and combed his hair with some gel to the back of his head, exposing his forehead, he couldn't help but ask, "Why are you combing your hair back?"

Baiju felt that he wasn't nosy, he just followed Xiao Yao's way of talking and said, "Don't comb it, it looks better down."

Xiao Yao's movement of putting on his windbreaker paused, and a helpless smile appeared on his meticulous face, "If I leave it down, I look a bit younger... I'm the curator, I have to be a bit more majestic."

Bai Ju nodded thoughtfully, "True, since ancient times, official robes were never easy to wear." Without a beard on their upper lips, they would feel embarrassed to lord over others.

Xiao Yao smiled, took out a pair of gold-rimmed glasses from the pocket of his windbreaker and put on them.
His eyesight was fine, and his glasses were fake; it was just that his own yin yang eyes weren’t very powerful, and he needed to look through the lenses to see ghosts that were too unformed.

Baiju glanced at Xiao Yao's glasses, a little curious, "What are those for?"

Xiao Yao understood Baiju’s question and replied, “They’re used to correct vision. Many modern people have myopia and hyperopia, they can’t see clearly, and have to use lenses to correct their vision. Mine don’t correct vision, they’re just to see ghosts. They make it easier to see ghosts and demons."

Baiju frowned slightly when he heard the words, "I know you have yin yang eyes... but do you always have your eyes open?"
The phenomenon of yin yang eyes wasn’t something that should be possessed by the people of the mortal world. Even if the people were born with yin yang eyes, they would usually choose to seal them and only use them when necessary. The reason being that yin yang eyes are from beyond death, and it was costly to use them. They brought with them a psychological and physical burden to the user, and the losses outweighed the gains of leaving them open all year round.

Xiao Yao turned his back to Baiju, squatted down and opened the shoe cabinet to find something, "It’s fine...I have a lot of merits, which offset the loss of using my yin yang eyes. Although I can perceive evil spirits without opening my eyes, it’s not as accurate and I’m mostly relying on intuition to see."

The corners of Baiju's mouth were drawn into a straight line.
To put it bluntly, the phrase "Official robes are never easy to wear" still applied. Xiao Yao, as the head of the Demon Administration Bureau, was also a notable practitioner himself, and the higher the position, the heavier the responsibility. Others could afford to ignore traces of demons and ghosts, but he had to pay full attention.

What kind of life was the life of this young human being?
Baiju couldn't sit still. He stood up and walked towards Xiao Yao.

However, Xiao Yao hadn't noticed that the well-behaved and silent Baiju was approaching as he was rummaging through the slippers stuffed in the corner of the shoe cabinet.
His feet were two sizes smaller than Baiju’s, so Baiju couldn't wear his shoes, he could only wear some flip-flops, and he would buy shoes for Baiju later.

Xiao Yao wasn’t to blame for not thinking about buying Baiju’s clothes, rather he never thought that Baiju, a demon king, wouldn’t be very good at transforming...The red fox that lived in number 27 was very skilled at transforming, and his clothes looked different every day.

Xiao Yao found the flip-flops, but before he could take them out, there was movement in front of him and an ivory hand came over across his cheek and took off his glasses.

"?" Xiao Yao was a little surprised, and turned his head to meet Baiju's face.

With a solemn expression, Baiju wiped Xiao Yao's eyelids with his finger, "When you take me around in the future...you can seal your yin yang eyes."
He was afraid that he wasn’t speaking clearly enough, so he cunningly directly sealed Xiao Yao's yin yang eyes himself, and explained, "I can see all of them, and I can distinguish good from evil."

Xiao Yao: "......"
Xiao Yao handed the flip-flops to Baiju with a blank expression, "...put these on, let's go out."

Baiju glanced at him twice, but didn't answer.

Xiao Yao sighed, and compromised, "I’ll try it for today."
The responsibility of the entire Demon Administration Bureau was on his shoulders. Although Baiju's words touched his heart, the fact was, Baiju didn’t have any experience with the affairs of the Demon Administration Bureau, so Xiao Yao naturally couldn’t just agree.

Baiju nodded in satisfaction, reached out his hand to take the flip-flops, and put them on.  A little uncomfortable, but overall they felt okay.

After messing around for the whole morning, the two men left the house.

Xiao Yao looked at Baiju's tall and straight figure, with a wry smile... He had never done things so inefficiently in his life.
He had milled around all morning, and his heart felt soft.

Baiju raised the sunglasses to his forehead, feeling that the sun was just right, bringing the slightly moist air from the south of the Yangtze River to his skin, warm and soft.

He stood at the door and waited for a while. Xiao Yao, who locked the door and activated the alarms, walked out.

In the warm sunshine, Baiju saw the shrewd young man smiled at him and then said, "Let's go."

The old white dog wagged his tail in a good mood and followed, and stretched out a hand and shook it, "Then you have to take me..."

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