07 - Buy, buy, buy
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07 - Buy, buy, buy

In broad daylight, the sky was bright, two grown men walked together hand in hand, was it believable?

Xiao Yao thought it was quite believable.
At least, more believable  than putting a collar on Baiju and then pulling him on a leash.

In order to avoid the above interesting scene, and to avoid being hooked under Baiju’s arm while walking, Xiao Yao finally reached out and took Baiju's hand in compromise.

Baiju was very satisfied with this arrangement.
He had to look after the young human, and his dog-like nature also came up, he always liked to walk next to humans.

Xiao Yao felt very strange about this. He glanced at Baiju, who was sitting in the back seat of the car and still sticking next to him, and couldn't help but ask, "White King...I mean, Bai’ge, if you always stick to me like this, don't you think there’s a problem?"

Xiao Yao was puzzled. Ever since he met Baiju, this demon king always appeared to be very formal; when at other people's homes he didn’t touch or walk in other people's territories. Even when observing people, he paid special attention to what they paid attention to so as not to offend.
However, Xiao Yao didn't know what switch he had hit in Baiju, for him to become noticeably closer to him. He didn’t mind being taken care of, but the increasing physical contact made him a little overwhelmed... ah, if he changed back into a dog, the physical contact wouldn’t seem so absurd.

Baiju sat in the middle of the back seat of the car, looking through the gap between the two front seats to see where the car was going. Xiao Yao was on his left, with a large space on his right that could easily fit another grown adult.

Baiju heard Xiao Yao's question, turned his head slightly, and moved to the side a little thoughtfully, "Do you not have enough room? Tell me if you feel uncomfortable."

Xiao Yao: ......
No, I just wanted to ask, don’t you think we have too much physical contact?

Xiao Yao sighed slightly and felt that there was more than a generational gap when communicating with the old white dog, "No, it's not that... Bai’ge, I told you, don't you think it is unusual to be so close to someone who you have only known for a day?"
Xiao Yao thought he should elaborate so this old dog could understand, "Like hugging, touch someone’s head, or even holding hands."

When the monkey who was driving heard this, he really wanted to plug his ears. He really didn't want to know that Mr. Curator had been taken advantage of by the dog king and been touched from head to foot.

Baiju felt that there was a fundamental misunderstanding in what the young human said, and looked at him disapprovingly from the side of his sunglasses, "Of course it is inappropriate to be so close to a person I have only known for a day, but you are my ward, and one of my own."

After saying that, Baiju pondered for a while, and then lowered his voice to praise him gently, "And you are a good boy, you live a very hard life, and are very well-behaved. I like you very much." A good boy should be praised a lot, Baiju thought, so he decided to develop a good habit of praising Xiao Yao.

Xiao Yao: "..."
Xiao Yao looked at the two canines poking out of Baiju’s lips, they seemed to make his words pierce his heart. When the word "like" came from that mouth, it was like a nail in the coffin, irresistible.

Subtle thoughts were fermenting in his heart, and Xiao Yao was a little stunned. After a short while, he was about to speak, when he was shocked by a sudden sound.

It was the monkey driver, who was trembling, and had turned on the radio.
The vast horizon is my love, and the flowers are blooming at the foot of the green hills.

The monkey driver hurriedly turned down the excessively loud broadcast, and apologised without scruples, "Curator Xiao, my mistake!"

Xiao Yao rubbed his forehead, "...It's fine."
Xiao Yao didn't object to playing music in the car, but he really wished he could change the song they were listening to.

Baiju found it interesting, "What kind of song is this? It's nice."
The white old dog tapped along with the beat on his knees with his fingertips. He was quite interested. After listening to it, he commented, "The words are written very straightforwardly, it is rare for me to understand music."

Xiao Yao looked down at the tapping fingertips of the old white dog, and silently swallowed his request to change the channel.

The monkey wasn’t sure of Xiao Yao’s acceptance of the song but didn’t hear an order to change the channel. He glanced in the rearview mirror, and then made a silent screech as he was scared by the two close men, shoulder-to-shoulder, his scalp tingled and he let the broadcast continue.
I’ll never take the rabbit from the 19th villa’s shift again. The old rabbit set me up.

The low-key black car brought a burst of rhythmic music through the gates, and took a shortcut from the ancient town of Luoshan on the outskirts of the city to the centre of the city.

The Demon Management Bureau was located in the ancient town of Luoshan. If you took an ordinary route to drive from the bureau to the city center, it would take an hour and a half to two hours to reach your destination. The demonic population happened to include financial tycoons, civil servants and other members who work in the city centre, even the celebrity Xiao Xianrou, who needed to be called into the city from time to time. Such traffic conditions were obviously too inconvenient.
So Xiao Yao and the others chose some blind spots between the road cameras to set up shuttle gates, shortening the distance to less than 20 minutes, and they were very effective.

During the short drive, Baiju only had the time to speak a little with Xiao Yao about bits and pieces.

Xiao Yao led Baiju out of the car and asked the monkey to park the car, then took the hand of the old white dog and brought him straight to the men's clothing store.

Baiju had two long legs to walk on, but his walking speed was really underwhelming; Xiao Yao didn't use much effort to pull him along, so when such a big man dragged his feet behind him, he ended up just wandering around slowly as well.
There were so many things in the mall, and the lighting decorations were ingenious. Baiju was attracted, and deliberately dragged his footsteps. Seeing Xiao Yao slow down to walk with him, he shook his hand in a good mood.

Xiao Yao turned his head to see a smile at the corner of Baiju's lips, and shook his head helplessly. His ego couldn’t stand up... Baiju's image was too good, yet he still shook his hand like a child. Since they walked into the mall, the two had been keeping an eye on the other.

Baiju noticed a familiar eagerness around him, and was a little curious, so he lowered his head slightly and leaned into Xiao Yao's ear to speak, "Many people are watching us...what are they looking for?"

Xiao Yao tilted his head to hide from Baiju’s warm breath when he talked, feeling that he could never say ‘They think we’re queer couple’, as it would be troublesome if the old dog asked what ‘queer’ was.
So Xiao Yao could only change the facts to say, "They think you look handsome... See, they’re holding their phones in their hands and are secretly taking pictures of you."

Baiju was a little puzzled. He didn't realize that Xiao Yao was hiding something from him, and after a pause, he leaned into Xiao Yao's ear and asked, "I know about phones, but how do they take pictures? Can the phone spit out photos?"

The educational videos weren’t for nothing, Baiju now knew that the photos shown to him by the little macaque weren’t paintings, but the product of humans capturing light and shadow images through machines; however, Baiju’s knowledge of electronic products was still limited. On the surface, he didn't know how a photo could be put into the phone.

Xiao Yao didn’t know how to explain it to Baiju. He thought about how and he organized a piecemeal explanation of the process, “The mobile phones and computers used by modern humans use different images and sounds. They are stored in a different way; they aren’t physical objects, but information, which is converted and presented in a specific way when we need to watch and use them."

Baiju rubbed his chin with one hand and nodded thoughtfully, "Oh, I think I understand."
In ancient times, there were no information conversion methods, but it wasn’t uncommon to use interlaced patterns on paper to compile encrypted maps. More skilled craftsmen made decoding methods, and could obtain corresponding information by fiddling with the encryption according to the password. They aren’t dissimilar in nature.

Baiju wasn’t good at articulating things, but his brain was quite good. If he watched carefully and thought about it, could understand most things.

As the two slowly walked along, Baiju kept asking various small questions, and Xiao Yao gradually got used to the pattern and no longer stiffened his neck to create distance from him.

After wandering in the underground parking lot for more than a dozen laps before finally finding a parking space, the monkey spirit entered the mall. It didn't take much effort to find the two big guys who were walking and talking in each other’s ears. He was stunned by the scene in the mall.

The two men walked slowly, followed by a dozen or so onlookers three or four metres behind them. Most of the girls walked grasping each other's hands; there were also a few people who tried to come forward to get an autograph.
The monkey had very good ears, and he heard the several girls whispering and discussing whether Baiju was a star or not. He was wearing sunglasses indoors.

Oh boy, this is interesting. The monkey thought with a grimace. The two men whispered to each other in front, while a group of little girls also whispered and followed behind. Those who didn't know would think that whispering was on discount today.

The two in front naturally knew about the grand parade behind them, but they had no idea what to do about it, so they could only ignore it. Baiju leaned close to Xiao Yao's ear and asked in a low voice, "The little monkey is here, shall we take him along?"

The corner of Xiao Yao's eyes swept to the little golden-haired man on the periphery of the crowd, and then withdrew his gaze, "Don't worry about him, he can walk around by himself, we’ll just call him when we go back."

The monkey spirit with very good ears: "..."
He felt that he smelled of lemon.

Seeing Baiju's attention had drifted from the dazzling array of gadgets around them, Xiao Yao gently pulled his palm and suggested, "Let go and I'll pick some clothes for you."
Having seen almost enough, Baiju nodded contentedly, and followed Xiao Yao onto the elevator.

There are many shopping malls in downtown Luocheng,1 the location that Xiao Yao brought Baiju to wasn’t very high-end, but had a large variety of things. Here they could find different styles to dress Baiju from head to toe.

Baiju was a standard clothes hanger, with clear muscles that weren’t too exaggerated, and beautiful skin colour. Xiao Yao wasn’t worried about not being able to pick the right clothes. He just didn't know what type of clothes Baiju liked, so he let the old white dog patrol outside the rows of men's clothing stores, letting him see what kind he liked before going in and picking it up.

Then the old white dog stopped outside a men's clothing store with a toned down luxury style as its signature. He looked at the suits on the models, and felt very satisfied. He leaned over to Xiao Yao and laughed, "Have you seen these? You must wear one, it would suit you." With Xiao Yao's elite style and young master-like exquisiteness, he would definitely be able to wear this style of clothes very well.

Xiao Yao: "..."
Xiao Yao's ears were a little red, and he pulled Baiju into the store, muttering in a low voice, "You must wear one, too." He would turn the luxury into live erotica.

The author has something to say:
Xiao Yao: I was caught off guard by the old white dog.
The old dog forgot that he was meant to be choosing clothes for himself, and wanted to choose clothes for the young man = =

I saw someone tagged the novel with 'dense protag' when I put the chapter on NU today. I feel like that's bit unfair, Baiju hasn't interacted with humans for hundreds of years and he was always a dog when he did so. He's a fast learner, this novel might be even shorter if Xiao Yao didn't deliberately ofuscate information from him. hahahahaha

Oh, also, thanks for the reviews, they're very nice!

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